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How to relax? The people’s story of the public transport

How to relax? The people’s story of the public transport
July 24
08:55 2011

On 20 July 2011, The Online Citizen (TOC) put out a call on our Facebook page asking people to send in photographs and accounts of their experience of using Singapore’s public transport.

On 23 July 2011, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that the Public Transport Council is currently doing its work and urged Singaporeans to relax (see HERE). Are Singaporeans able to relax in Singapore’s public transports?

The people tell their story in pictures.

“Taking 174. I will be damn late if I miss this bus. And most of the bus waiting time is longer than 10mins.”

24 Jul 2011 at Dunearn Rd bus stop after Adam Food Centre.

19 July 2011, 6.30pm Choa Chu Kang LRT. “It’s only a matter of time someone gets pushed onto the tracks. How to relax like that?

Tanjong Pagar MRT station.

Bukit Panjang LRT, 22 July 2011 at 9pm -Air con is not working,

21 July 2011, 6.30pm at Choa Chu Kang MRT

Journey from Dover to Jurong East.

Jurong East MRT

Journey from Jurong to Woodlands.

“I live in bukit batok St 25 and this is the daily scene that residents have to deal with before going to work. Commuters often have to miss 5 106 buses before they get a chance to board a bus to their destinations.”

July 18, 2011, from Jurong East to Pasir Ris at 9.10am.

Appalling waiting time for services 174 and 175.

Going up the escalator at Bugis MRT on 21 July 2011

21 July 2011, 11.30pm at City Hall

Tiong Bahru MRT 4pm, 21 July 2011

Morning at the bus stop in Buona Vista outside the MOE building. Only a luck few will get on their bus.

Waiting times so long that they have exceed the official posted frequency stated in the TransitLink Guide.

A crowded MRT cabin.

Long waiting times for the bus.

Here’s the situation while boarding at Jurong East station yesterday at around 6.10pm.

Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew said on his Facebook yesterday that, “While we ponder over the fare adjustment, let me share that it is the Quality of Service delivered by the two operators that I am paying the most attention to. Improving capacity, addressing crowdedness on buses and trains, frequency and reliability of service – these are among the key aspects. I have experienced the discomfort and frustrations that commuters faced because of the congestion and the sometimes unreliable service and I share your desire to see improvements to our public transport.”

TOC asks, “what possible justification for fare adjustments could there be when capacity has not improved, crowdedness on buses and trains are not addressed, and when frequency and reliability of service are suspect?”

Thank you Minister Lui for sharing Singaporeans desire to see improvements to our public transport.

This post was last edited on 26 July 2011 at 1.00pm after it was first published.

  • Joseph C Pereira

    Why pretend that our transport system is adequate when the pictures show otherwise ? What is the justification for raising prices now when each price increase in the past brought no corresponding increase in benefit or service. What is the role of the PTC then ? A rubber stamp agency.

  • georgia tong

    These information sign board on bus arrive time cannot be trusted. Often the timing is off. The word ‘Arr’ only cause confusion as there is no bus in sight.

    Do not know if the sign board is not updated. Or the bus is early or late.

  • Edwin

    1. MRT train being crowded during peak hours is perhaps unavoidable. But we can do better by improving the ride, such as staggering the stops of the trains so that commuters from the “in-between” stations have a chance to get a seat. Also better design of the carriage will help. Currently,many people play balancing acts in the train because after they squeeze in, they find there are not enough handles to hold on to. The air-conditioning also needs to improve. Overall, if the ride can be made more comfortable, there will be less complaints.

    2. Park-n-Ride scheme should also be improved. Currently, there are limited park-n-ride carparks which are not very close to the stations. Furthermore, there is a ridiculous rule that park-n-ride ezlink cards cannot be topped up! Why?? So, one has to get another card to use after the park n ride one has no more value.

  • balanced..

    The price increase will NEVER be justified when the service level is still so poor and bad.. Earning more than $200 million a year and still want price increase.. Crazy!…

  • Steven Kho

    First of all, the overcrowding of buses and trains is prevalent in EVERY city, especially so if it’s a glboal city like New York, london, Paris & Tokyo. Singapore is no exception. In London, people are lucky if they can even board the train. Those that do have their faces squeezed against the door. Singapore situation is stil much better than that.

    Secondly, the overcrowding of buses & trains shown in the pictures above happen only in certain areas, like in Buona Vista, City Hall, Raffles Place etc – areas close to town. You won’t see this scenario in estates like Sengkang, Punggol, Pasir Ris, Jurong, Choa Chu Kang, Sembawang etc – heartland estates that are far from the city. So the pictures here are not reflective.

    Finally, many people here have got their logic all wrong. Our transport fares are among the cheapest in the world. If people want more frequent services, better air-conditioning etc, the only way is to increase fares. How else are you going to finance this?

  • Nice to See

    These information sign board is added pressure and cost to the workers/transport system. Can do without it. It don’t add value.

  • CrazyBum

    “Secondly, the overcrowding of buses & trains shown in the pictures above happen only in certain areas, like in Buona Vista, City Hall, Raffles Place etc – areas close to town. You won’t see this scenario in estates like Sengkang, Punggol, Pasir Ris, Jurong, Choa Chu Kang, Sembawang etc – heartland estates that are far from the city. So the pictures here are not reflective.”

  • CrazyBum

    “Secondly, the overcrowding of buses & trains shown in the pictures above happen only in certain areas, like in Buona Vista, City Hall, Raffles Place etc – areas close to town. You won’t see this scenario in estates like Sengkang, Punggol, Pasir Ris, Jurong, Choa Chu Kang, Sembawang etc – heartland estates that are far from the city. So the pictures here are not reflective.”

    Are you sure?

  • concerned sporean

    @Steven Kho

    Again you are comparing our tiny red dot with london, paris.. could you please get onto all threads and post similar posting on how much u support the fare increase.. your posting are all similar in nature.. stop being a clown!.. (from Class 3 to sustain and now Steven Kho)..

    and by the way.. how do you know that mrt stations at the heartlands are not crowded?!.. if i am not wrong.. u stayed in bishan.. in choa chu kang and yew tee..the situation is much worse than what the pictures showed.. i m sure because i took trains at the 2 places..

  • Teh Tar Lek

    @Steven Kho

    It may be true that our “transport fares are among the cheapest” but that’s not a reason to allow increase. This is something we don’t need to “catch up” with others.

    Secondly, the operators are already highly profitable even with our fares being among the cheapest. So why increase?

    Thirdly, our income has not been increasing while utilities, food cost etc have been going northwards…..

    Lastly, why should we accept lower standard and quality of service just because it is “prevalent in EVERY city” ? Why can’t we expect the operators to improve service without increase in fares when they are making huge profits? We can’t we strive to be better than every other city?

  • Steven Kho

    @concerned sporean

    Sorry, but you got your facts wrong. I live in Tiong Bahru. But I have taken the train to Choa Chu Kang many times during peak hours, so I know. Tiong Bahru is very crowded, Choa Chu Kang not so.

  • concerned sporean

    @steven kho

    so u been to paris and london as well? the trains there are full of vomit and urine, right?
    so u agreed that trains at tiong bahru is very crowded.. well.. everyday i took the train so i am sure the trains are crowded.. before the election, the situation is much worse.. u can never get onto the first train that arrive.. u are lucky if u managed to squeeze second train.. ususallt i manage to get onto the 3rd train that arrive.. now it’s getting better but still undesirable.. how to justify the fare increase?

    why do we need to compare with other countries?.. i am very sure there are places where the fare is lower and the services are far better than ours.. it’s a waste of time for me to do a research of data to rebute your point.. so what’s your basis of comparisons?

    i may not know why u seems to be favorable of the fare increase.. or rather very supportive of whatever our government throws at us.. i suppose to many.. it’s not the fare increase that piss them off.. it’s the way our government treat it’s people.. this transport issue is just a tipping point.. more to come..

  • Nice to see

    Pass the cost of the information system by adding more buses/drivers or partime peak hours drivers.
    No point telling the commuters the est. bus arrival. You can’t never meet their expectation which is getting higher and higher. Be Practical will be better.

  • http://Website(optional) iworkhardsometimes

    @Steven Kho

    i quote u: “many people here have got their logic all wrong.”

    yes, and u r one of these people.

    try taking mrt during peak hours at Choa Chu Kang or Jurong East MRT stations, these are heartland estates like u claimed.

    empirical data on the ground proves that u don’t know what u are talking about.

  • agony

    The information system is the brainy works of the our top educational scholars system. As long as my woe is solved, that is not my problem. The information system is there for you to see (fullstop). Be mentally prepared to wait for the buses, and good luck to you.

  • concerned sporean

    about 10 years ago.. during peak hours.. when taking the public transport like buses and trains.. the first thing i do is to look for empty seats to sit.. fast forward to NOW.. i no longer dream of having a seat.. i just pray that i MANAGED to board the next arriving train/bus!!.. if i am not mistaken.. our transport minister mentuoned that the frequency of the trains are already at it’s maximum capacity according to the some safety conditions.. so what is he trying to tell us?.. Sorry.. we cannot do anything more, just bear with us while we still increase the population? and increase the fare simply because people got no other alternatives.. sad but true.. do you expect me to walk or cycle from choa chu kang to thomson?

  • Nice to see

    The increase the population should be a reduced on the fares of the buses, and not an increase.

  • Deatheater

    Steven Kho, overcrowding is prevalent in every city is a justification that we also have to put up with being treated like cattle? I don’t recall this state of overcrowding in Sydney when i was there. And how much do we pay these PAP ministers? Raymond Lim and Lui have been ministers for 5 years and would have collected at least $ 10 million each. Surely we expect them to give us fair return on that obscene salary?

  • Steven Kho

    @concerned sporean

    To clarify some facts: I don’t know who is this “Class 3″ or “Sustain” you talk about. I never been to London or Paris, but I only hear from those who been. And from what they tell me, the public transport there is much worse than Singapore.

    As for us, I take the train from Tiong Bahru to Tanjong Pagar everyday at 8am. At that time, the train is not crowded but if I take at 830, then it becomes very crowded. I start work at 9, but I choose to take the 8am train, I get to work early and avoid the crowd. If you find your station crowded, then the best solution is to catch an earlier train. Then you won’t have to worry about not getting a seat or not getting up the train. Nothing wrong with going to work early.

  • Paris

    Who says buses and trains at heartlands are not overcrowded?I stay is pasir ris and almost everyday I stand either beside the bus driver or at the front door on my way to work and going back home.


    Steven Kho 21 July 2011
    @concerned sporean

    Sorry, but you got your facts wrong. I live in Tiong Bahru
    so you are a china ger pimp….
    no wondored you carried the pap balls liked hell…
    ear that ALL pimps must be wutee/undercover5 and ballslicker in order not to get harrash by vice squad…
    which pimp do you ever see take the mrt?
    imagined this brin 3 chinager to hotel take mrt?

  • Imeanu

    Why dun we cycle to work? The problem with us, is we are not united. That is why we got bullied. If only we have one voice and move hand in hand like brothers and sisters.

  • Redemption

    @Steven koh

    You are just one of the PAP lackey, Simi policies they wanna implement , you always support GAO GAO and carry their balls as high as possible.

    From COE, ERP, CPF,MEDIASAVE , High ministerial pay, ridiculous pension and so much more. All you support steady steady.

    Btw most the bus drivers all from PRC , no standard; dont understand English and CHEAP.
    Where The high standard?

  • Steven Kho


    I have been to Sydney and this I can comment. Sydney urban land area is about 2,000 square km (3 times bigger than Singapore), and urban population is 3.6 million. Also in Sydney, many people who live in suburbs will either drive to their nearest train station and take the train to work, or choose to drive directly into the CBD from their suburb homes. So smaller population, bigger land area than Singapore, and more choice, so of course it is less crowded, but it don’t mean their transport system is good. Ours is still better.

    Also, Australia government is extremely inefficient and incompetent, compared to our government. And overall, you will realise that quality of life in Sydney is poor compared to Singapore.

  • ha

    @Steven Kho

    I agree when u say that Singapore have one of the lowest public transport cost. But Singaporeans is one of the few country with the widest income gap in a rich nation.

    Do a proper comparision with mean and media income vs transport cost, before you come comment that transport cost is low.

    And you are a joke if you say Choa Chu Kang is not crowded! I LIVE HERE! and there is only ONE bus service in many areas here.


  • Steven Kho


    You are digressing by talking about PRC bus drivers but let me ask you: You want higher wage Singaporean bus drivers to be recruited instead of PRC drivers, but that will drive SBS cost even higher, and your bus fare will eventuall be higher. Aren’t you contradicting yourself?

  • concerned sporean

    hahaha.. took you so long to rebute this point.. Class 3 and Sustain are your fellow comrades.. why bring out arguments that you never personally experienced?.. so in other words, your argument that the public transport elsewhere is worse than spore does not stand..

    as for waking up earlier or spending lesser time with my kids and family so as to get on a public transport to work.. i think it’s laughable.. why do i have to bear the grunt because of some poor government policies?.. on one hand, encourage it’s citizen to have more babies, at the other side, keeps making things difficult for us.. don’t u think it’s ridiculous?!..

    whether or not u are the “twins” of “tripulets” of Class 3 and sustain is not of my concern.. just that the three of you (so far) is like a black spot in a sea of whites (users threading in the enjoy expressing ur views..

    to me on the issue on the fare increase is simple.. so long the service standard doesn’t inprove, no justification of price increase.. as i mentioned.. this transport thing is just a tipping point.. there’s still our healthcare system, the education system, the immigration issue, the housing issue and many more.. clearly which way our government takes shows how much the 39.9% who voted against them meant to them..

  • concerned sporean

    @Class 3 opps.. @ steven kho instead

    You are digressing by talking about PRC bus drivers but let me ask you: You want higher wage Singaporean bus drivers to be recruited instead of PRC drivers, but that will drive SBS cost even higher, and your bus fare will eventuall be higher. Aren’t you contradicting yourself?

    how strongly u feel for this comment are the same as your comrade Class 3.. hahaha.. GET A LIFE!!!! if you are wearing a “lightning” t-shirt among a pool of “hammer” or other logos.. u are easily indentified!!

  • hahaha

    What has changed about our transport system before and after Minister Lui takes office? Nothing!
    So it is clear that Raymond Lim has failed big time.
    And the whole LTA Public Transport division are sleeping on the job! Why?
    Because such obvious problems require Minister Lui himself (No. 1 man in LTA) to find out, what the hell do we need the rest of the LTA staffs for?
    I tend to like the Japanese system, where they do not show the timings because it is simply inaccurate and impossible to measure. The japs showed only the locations, such as the number of bus stops away from the current one. It is a simple system and yet helps commuters decide their options.
    We need more of HK’s feeder bus services (small buses with 20 pax capacity) as they are mobile, regular, and disperse crowd in a very efficient manner.
    Larger buses can therefore go for longer haul routes, and possibly make fewer stops.
    In fact, I boldy propose a high speed rail in Singapore for East West and North South directions, similar to the Airport Express in HK where only 2 to 3 stops are made along the way. This is another way to send loads of commuters to regional bus interchanges quickly and disperse crowdedness.
    So many ways to do it, but atlas, when we pay millions, most prefer to sit on the millions than to do the right thing.

  • abc

    Hope to see one day that the PUBLIC transport profits are break even (without sacrifice the comfort of the commuters)in order to justify the millions pay to the brainy government and ministers.

  • iworkhardsometimes

    @ Steven Kho

    well, u can go to work earlier all u want, in the same spirit, one can also go back from work much later to avoid evening peak hour, 7? 8? 10? well, the possibilities are endless.

    u can say that there is nothing wrong, as long as u can justify doing so for your own private consumption and practice.

    there is nothing right abt recommending or expecting others to go to work eariler and going home later either.

  • 2nd Gen Singaporean

    @Steven Kho

    Steven, we’re not sure what you are up to in yr posts. Are you one of the PAP ball bearers?

    Maybe trying to be smart Alec. But sorry your arguments are all very shallow & idiotic! Giving comments based on yr limited personal encounters & hearsay.

    Please don’t distract our forum main issue.

    If you don’t have any facts & figures to substantiate or support, please don’t comment unnecessary. Keep yr mouth shut.

    You are very distracting and upsetting in yr shallow comments!

    Go and fly a kite or something.

  • biggie

    Steven kho, seriously i dun mind paying more for singapore drivers if they are driving safer, more polite, and more importantly, SPEAK ENGLISH!!

    Stop making a fool of yrself. Haven’t been to London or Paris and using them as a base for arguments.

    I have BEEN to paris and happily to say, the trains there arrives 1 every 2 mins, flat. To the dismay and disbelieve of your confused face eh??

    So wat shd we do now steven kho, buy smrt shares to soften the pain?

  • xxx

    Our Present Gov; A case of of roll-royce prices with susuki performances.

  • biggie

    And steven, Allow my humble self to bring u back to the point of increasing price of public transport. We are not here discussing which gov is more efficient, though i believe that we all have a stone cast answer in our heart already…either tat or u can bugger off…

  • concerned sporean

    i have many unpleasant experiences with PRC bus drivers.. either in public or private transports.. i suppose many had such experiences.. to me.. the salary and benefits of the getting sporeans bus drivers is the main issue.. dun just says no sporeans wants to be bus driver.. just like how the government like to tell us that sporeans not getting married and having babies.. just like how the government tell us how much they needed the cheap foreigners to take over the jobs that sporeans shun. instead of making the situation favourable for sporeans, the government chose the other way, mass import of cheap-labour foreigners to boost the GDP.. so many sad news recently on teachers beating 8 yrs old student, elderly dying away from spore, problems arising from the 2 IRs..

    hope things will get better.. :)

  • Steven kho

    @biggie but you do not get what i am saying, basically i find the issue is not with the government, it’s up to us to make do with the situation not complain about it

  • xxx

    @ Steven Kho,

    You are a nice guy. U are complaining on behalf of the other country transportation?

  • nitegazer


    Actually, although I don’t agree with many of the other things Steven Kho mentioned, I have to say that there is nothing wrong with recommending more flexible working hours to stagger times of going to work and coming off work. I feel that alternative solutions need to be thought of to solve the transport problem, breaking out of the constraints we are so used to. There is only so far increasing the number of buses and trains can get you.

    One good suggestion in this thread is the proposal of the express line. I have personally always been in support of such a system as I have seen how it increases efficiency in crowded cities, for example, in New York. I’m not arguing that the subway system in New York is perfect or even very good, but the express train system is certainly one of its good points.

    Other cross-domain solutions are possible as well. For example, developing the heartland areas into regional centres (a suggestion that was raised in the past, but somehow forgotten), and having more offices in those areas such as Tampines, Yishun and Boon Lay will encourage traffic towards these areas instead of towards the city centre, thus spreading out the traffic load. Allowing for more flexible working hours such that you can work 8-5 or 10.30-7.30 instead of the usual 9-6 will also spread out the traffic so that they would not all be concentrated in the same time. This has to be implemeted at the company level.

  • biggie

    Steven, fundamentally wrong again. Didnt our PM said he is willing to hear our voices, voices of Singaporeans???

    We are not living under dictatorship. If u still get wat i mean…

  • boo!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have waited for a bus for up to 30 mins,mind you and most of the time 20 mins,you called that efficiency.
    we can’t afford a car thats why we take public transport and everytime you have to squeeze or be ungracious to be able to board,yet we have to bear the increases in fare,i have never gone out with my family on weekends,you give up when you see the crowds,now even on weekdays its crowded,and the cause of this”THE INFLUX OF FOREIGNERS”.
    why have so many foreigners when we do not have the infrastructure to support them,in the end we poor citizens have to pay for their stupid policies,is it fair,the meat they take,the bones we gnaw.we really are daft are’nt we..hell what to do??????????

  • Teh Tar Lek

    @ Steven Kho

    Why are you so supportive of increasing fares to the extend that you think commuters (who are paying for the service) should bend their backs to accomodate the operators?

    So we should allow let the operators make tons of money and it’s ok that they do not improve on the quality of service?

    Instead, the commuters should follow your lead to :

    ” I get to work early and avoid the crowd. If you find your station crowded, then the best solution is to catch an earlier train. Then you won’t have to worry about not getting a seat or not getting up the train. Nothing wrong with going to work early.”

    So that’s your way of solving the service quality for the operators and anyway, allow them to increase the fare as and when they like ?

    What kind of logic is that ??

    I hope your boss will cut your pay and since you have lesser pay, you just eat less and nothing wrong with eating less and not growing fat…..

  • Teh Tar Lek

    @Steven Kho

    Never been to Sydney so cannot comment. Your experience there lead you to conclude :

    “Also, Australia government is extremely inefficient and incompetent, compared to our government. And overall, you will realise that quality of life in Sydney is poor compared to Singapore.”

    Perhaps, you should go to Perth (I had) and they offer FREE bus service within the city area….

    So how does that make your comparison of the Australian and Singapore government?

    Again, I think your logic and reasoning is not sound….

  • iworkhardsometimes

    @ nitegazer

    i have no quarrel with staggered working hours as long as a system (that actually works) can be worked out and implemented on a national-industry-company level.

    if all my co-workers start work at 6am on the company level, no problem, i’ll be more than happy to do that.

    that is different from self-hypnotizing approach advocated Steven Kho that the government’s problem is now our problem and we’ll have to help them solve it by making sacrifices at our own expense as if we owe it to them.

  • ha

    @Steven Kho
    so should we not support the price hike?

  • yeoman

    oil price increase has been cited as the main reason for the fare increase.

    now,the question to ask by the erudite members of the PTC should really be ‘has the NETT EFFECTIVE ‘UNIT’ COST OF OPERATIONS’ been increased,even after taking into ccount the cost of oil increase?

    WHAT about the HEFTY INCREASE IN PASSENGER TRAFFIC due to the HEAVY INFLUX OF FTs etc into our crowded-out republic who are now rushing and jostling with singaporeans for the same bus,the same MRT train that are now sardine-packed???

    has this increase in PASSENGER TRAFFIC not MORE THAN OFF-SET the tiny increae in cost brought about by oil price which has actually been locked in a relatively tight range in recent times?

    is it a quest for more profits or a quest to provide better service to the public?

  • iworkhardsometimes

    @ Teh Tar Lek

    lol, yes, i agree generally.

    the logic is flawed, lets say 30% of the ppl wake up 1hour earlier,

    the transport operators and officials and immigration office will peep out from their ivory towers and conclude:

    “lo and behold all is good and well, we r in paradise, efficiency is 100%, our management is superb and we r genius”

    left the infrastructure as it is n proceed to increase the population to 6.5million

    by then, these 30% of the ppl wake up 2hours earlier to go to work,

    the transport operators and officials and immigration office will peep out from their ivory towers again and conclude:

    “lo and behold all is good and well, we r in paradise, efficiency is still 100%, commuter flow is smoother than hot butter on teflon, our management is superb and we r genius”

    left the infrastructure as it is n proceed to increase the population to 10.5million

    by then, these 30% of the ppl wake up 3 hours earlier to go to work?,

    as we can see, this is a joke, when the population is 15million, if i wake up 4 hours earlier to go to work and leave work 4 hours later to go home, the hours do not add up,

    if Steven Kho is the PM we might have to consider spending a lot of money in scientific research so that we might be able to discover a way to stretch the very fabric of space and time so that everybody can have say…well, 50hours a day?

  • Teh Tar Lek


    Agreed with you. There is obviously a problem and the operators and LTA must work to solve the problem.

    Any increase in fare with improvement with service quality will be met with lesser resistance…..I think Singaporeans are reasonable. As long as the fare increase is justifiable, it will be accepted.

    But if they are forced down the throats, then it will be sad….

    It will be sadder if we are all brain-wash to think “basically i find the issue is not with the government, it’s up to us to make do with the situation not complain about it”

    If Steven Kho is the PM, it will doom day….

  • Redemption

    @steven kho

    Last year alone the 2 bus companies have exceed $200mil.
    So HOW MUCH is enough?

    You claim iam contradicting myself when I said the bus drivers are most lyPRC and they are cheap.

    Since the 2 companies are already making so much profit with these bloody cheap PRC.
    Whats wrong with hiring locals for the job?
    Singapore bus service driven by singaporeans.
    The local bus driver can tell us where to alight and where to change bus. Drive with pride for ferry local people.
    Speak our language.

    Iam pretty sure hiring local won’t take out even $10 million from the profit margin.

    If it so, we can always take it out from RIDICULOUS ministerial pay and their god-like pension scheme

  • nitegazer


    Ah yes, I agree with your aversion towards Steven Kho’s mentality that we have to bend over backwards to fit the system forced on us. I disagreed initially with your wording that there was “nothing right” about his suggestion. I feel that there are both right and wrong things.

    As I mentioned, the idea itself has merits if implemented with the understanding that it addresses the limitations of simply adding additional units of train or bus onto the already crowded infrastructure, and its a good alternative solution, but ultimately the infrastructure must also be improved to cater for long term expansion.

    However, I understand your distaste with the way Steven has expressed it and I agree that “fighting within the system”, ie. trying to one-up other commuters to make the most of the limitations of the system is ultimately only a temporary solution and seeks benefit at the cost of other people. For example, it can be argued that one way to beat the crowd would be to take the train back several stops. But this solution only hurts everybody in the long run as everyone tries to outdo each other, as iworkhardsometimes correctly points out. What we need is to “fight the system” itself, to collectively disagree with what we feel should really be changed or improved.

  • andrew leung

    PAP should pay for the extra trains and buses needed for the current population needs. They are avoiding spending on public transport and subsidies. PTC should fine the transport companies for poor planning and lowering standards of service provided.

  • David

    With such a huge crowds and operating on monopoly mode, how can the operators claimed to be “unprofitable?”. The only suspect is that the shareholders wanted to milk the users to its maximum and than pay themseft hefty bonus and salaries end of the day. Didn’t the CEO got her 100% increment this year and Shit Times boasted about it too.

  • payandpray

    Are commuters expected to pay for being squeezed like sardines every day and then pray for improvements by the government/PTC/LTA?

    Transport ministers after ministers promise improvements every time we have a fare hike but we have been paying and praying for the last ten years but the public transport system seems to get worse and worse!

  • always crowded

    MRT trains r always crowded, even during off-peak hrs, cuz the interval bet each arrival is stretched to beyond 5 min!West bound trains r so packed, by the time they reach Aljunied Stnt, pessengers can barely squeeze in, and i talking abt these happening at abt 11.40am which is supposed to be off-peak hrs! What quality service are we talking abt? What justification for fare increase? LTY has to do a lot more to do than travelling on some buses and trains!

  • n.w.l

    @steven kho,

    U are being totally ridiculous. For myself in the past when i was working as an admin executive in raffles before my resignation last year, i had done exactly what u have suggested. However the trains and buses were still packed to the maximum due to the long waiting time!

    For your information, i work at 9am and lives in tampines. I will be waiting for my bus at my house to the interchange as early as 6.45am. Reason being, the arrival time of the bus piling the road between my house to the mrt station is never punctual even during peak hours. I have even waited up to 1 hour a few times only to see 2 to 3 buses arriving together, and by then the bus stop was so crowded that the journey was also extended.

    Usually by the time i arrived at the mrt station, it will be about 8am to 8.15am, and even when i am situated in the 2nd stop of the ew line, i could never ever get a seat and by then the trains will be packed to the doors. And so, i took the initiative to sit backwards to pasir ris from tampines and back again. Even then, u are not guaranteed a seat.

    The journey will be jerky and hot and jammed at stations like eunos whereby nobody is able to get on and the trains cannot shut their doors too, leading to delays in other trains whereby they will also be stuck in between mid stations.

    By the time i reached my office, most times i will be about 5 to 10 minutes late even though i had left my house 2.5hours earlier!

  • No benefits

    Privatisation on a small island? There is no real competition and the top priority is profit margins, using our forefather, present taxpayer’s money for the infrastructures. This also applied to our Singapore telecom. Return back to National transportation and telecom, least profit $$$ is not much of an issued. Gov is washing their hands.

  • concernedmum

    this is the result of not having such a big head to wear such a big hat. before you allow so many FTs, you should first check if your infrastructure of the country can cope. with not proper planning, the floodgates were opened and only the citizens suffer.

    i just returned from Japan. we all know their economic crisis, yet, their transportation system is running professionally and efficiently. really it has nothing to do with $$$ if the leader are willing to put welfare first! go visit Japan, mr lui.

  • La

    I really don’t see the point in comparing our public transport to the likes of London, New York or Chicago. These cities, while being huge economic centres, are notorious for less than optimal public transportation, whether in terms of cleanliness, service reliability or otherwise. Furthermore these are systems that transport far more passengers than our own, are many decades older and may operate under special constraints that are not applicable here (the New York Subway runs 24 hours a day).

    Better that we look to places like Taipei and Hong Kong, who have managed to do things right and are also more similar to our own Singaporean situation. If we can keep up with, or exceed, the performances of these systems, then we are on the right track.

  • Alvin Chua


    You may have a point, but maybe you quote the wrong example. Have you been to Taipei? Their MRT is a complete mess. Expensive, crowded, long distance to walk when changing lines, air-con not working etc. The problem is Taipei tries to cut corners by buying cheap trains and installing cheap systems that are all ineffective.

  • Robert Teh

    Again in order to divert attention of the real issue – whether transportation should be de-privatized as a public service – there will be a lot of deliberate posts through agents on service quality and other red herring like worse case scenarios.

    Just stay united as citizens and beware of such diversion tactics.

  • Take more photos weekly … Bus, mrt, jams on expressways

    A picture says a thousand words.

  • n.w.l


  • Xander

    “While we ponder over the fare adjustment, let me share that it is the Quality of Service delivered by the two operators that I am paying the most attention to”

    tuck yew ah, ppl talking abt fare now you divert their attention to service quality. when we complain abt crowded trains no doubt u’ll divert attention somewhere else again. when will u stop throwing smokebomb and do some real work tuck yew.

  • bobby

    The only way to esure Public Transport Companies really povide efficient service and not driven by profits alone is tolet the Minister know that We will vote against the PAP if the fares increase between now and 2016.

    And the Minister must take note that this is not a threat but a Promise…

    Achange of Government is overdue.

  • Quittor

    @ Steve Kho,

    So you think Australians have a low standard of living? Mate you are so wrong. Cost of living may be higher here but the quality of life is so much better. The time with family is sacred and everything is not just about work, but the enjoyment of life with people around you. Australians cities like Melbourne consistently ranked world’s top cities to live in.

    There may be grief about train network but at least the operators here are honest about their performance. One of the things they may learn from Singapore is getting people to pay for their trip. Fare evasion is possible because other than city stations and major stations, you can get into trains without paying at the gantries. In Singapore you cannot, no pay means no access.

    One of the things I like is the early bird where you get free ride in trains to anywhere if you board the train anytime between 1am to 7am. (ie arrive before 7 at your destination) this alleviates peak hour traffic and gives incentives to passengers to leave early for work. Also, during peak hours there are numerous express services that stop at selected stops and this helps to dispense quickly the huge volume of passengers.

    Singapore public transport is not so public-friendly but a very efficient and streamline service that aims at maximum profits more than customer satisfaction. The only “public” thing about it is for public use at a price of course.

    Obviously it is one of the best in the world however with increasing pressure in population growth it is clear it does not have the capacity now to accommodate that. What is real frustrating that it is a very profitable venture that still seeked to reek maximum gains without improving service and cutting operational cost to further increase margin. The imminent fare hike demonstrate a very corporate outlook for a system that claimed to be public (HDB housing is another) and that is what you get for a system that primarily aim for profit maximisation at the expense of the people, a very PAP governmental approach to evrything in life. Money first, people last.

  • This is so TRUE

    What is real frustrating that it is a very profitable venture that still seeked to reek maximum gains without improving service and cutting operational cost to further increase margin. The imminent fare hike demonstrate a very corporate outlook for a system that claimed to be public (HDB housing is another) and that is what you get for a system that primarily aim for profit maximisation at the expense of the people, a very PAP governmental approach to evrything in life.
    - Money first, people last.

  • GLK

    Franky speaking, during peak hours even if the train come at 1-2 minutes interval it is still fully packed most of the times. In another words, Singapore is overpopulated

  • Alex Xia

    Crowdedness at the train stations is just one issue. Its equally crowded in many cities…Shanghai, Hongkong. However in those places the human traffic doesn’t seem to criss-cross like they do here. Some attention wee probably given to the traffic flow when the stations are designed. Here its just a mess. I am so afraid that if someone mischievous was to let of a cracker..there would be a huge collision. Many people will get hurt…even die!

  • Hp

    Let’s look at the past ten years pap have introduce policies unhindered to their advantage, cuz there is no one in the parliament voted against their policies like immigration of foreigners, which cause Singapore to b over populated which in turn caused the overcrowdedness on public transport. The high price and with the short supply of HDB. Anyway to cut the sad story short. They are still not listening. They are very good at deviating (very good in Tai Chi) from the real issues. No choice must wait for 2016

  • Judy

    Poor planning, little coordination between different government departments to anticipate the capacity requirements needed to cater to an enlarged population due to opening the food gates to so many FT. A failure of leadership at the top. And yet we have to pay these unworthy ministers such absurd salaries.

  • js

    @Steven Koh:
    “……If you find your station crowded, then the best solution is to catch an earlier train. Then you won’t have to worry about not getting a seat or not getting up the train. Nothing wrong with going to work early.”

    What a brilliant idea!! I’ll up you further by suggesting that we should all live in our office cubicles. Problem solved! No more transport woes. SMRT and SBS can increase price all they want and it wouldn’t affect us a bit.

    Your other posts suggest that you are extremely content with the way things are in Singapore and you keep using other cities as justifications for your beliefs. Good for you!

    But I don’t think you have the right to degrade other countries’ government as ‘incompetent’ and ‘inefficient’. By whose benchmark are you comparing them to? The PAP government? Note that Singapore and Sydney and Taipei are extremely different places, each with their own sets of constraints. If you honestly think you can do a better job than the Australian or Taiwanese government, I suggest you do something more constructive, say by sending them your proposals on how you can make their cities more efficient and competent.

  • Incomprehensible!?

    I find it incomprehensible that on one hand MP for Bedok has put up a big banner declaring that the food stall owners would keep the price status quo while Minister of Transport admits for consideration the request of the transport operator for fare increase. Why the disparities? It will be comprehensible if the request is rejected in the same spirit as the MP with respect to Bedok Central food stall owners. Is it because the food stall owners of Bedok Central are very rich and can afford to reduce its profit margin to absorb the increases of their raw materials, utilities, transport (may or may not be public transport but fuel increase has the same effect).
    Incomprehensible because both are in direct service to the consumers. Perhaps I missed the rationality entailed and I am sure the netizens would appreciate if the Bedok MP (I have no notion whether this happens to other food hawkers in other estates) and Minister of Transport could share with Singaporeans their rationality of such differential approach to the problem of rising cost of living of ordinary wage earning citizens. Such an enlightenment is appropriate since food stalls in Bedok only affects those petronising them but public transport affects users across the whole nation!

  • Free bus in Perth

    This is the free buses in Perth someone has talk about

    gahment should implement free buses in CBD or else don’t claim 1st world transport

  • Iceman

    BTW, who are the majority share holders of these “public” transportation companies????
    See, they give you 2cts with their right-hand and then take back 20cts from you with their left hands!!! At times, they expect you to vomit out your blood too…
    How can you ever beat them in this game???
    They have over 32% invested in Singapore-based entities…..u know!

  • chou Ah Lian

    Let public transport be free in Singapore and also let companies like Raffles Hotel to operate because they truly understand how to make their customer comfortable. I think this way Singaporean will be very happy with the government otherwise they would just throw stone.

  • Talk logic

    It seem strange that Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew is taking action to improve the QOS of our transport system.
    Had not an exhaustive evaluation been done on the transport system before? Several millions were spent in the evaluation before the project was started. The ruling party lacks foresight when they allow the population to expand within a few yrs from 3.2M to 5.3M. And now the whole transport system is unable to cope.
    So what will the so called talented scholars in the PAP’s party going to solve the over-crowding problem?

  • Quittor

    It is surveyed that Australians don’t mind paying more for public transport that is punctual, comfortable and got wi-fi service.

    Do not forget in Australia cost of living is high, but wages are NOT depressed. You get cheap, you get low or no quality.

    Singapore is too small. Please, Singaporean First.

    Foreigners are welcomed but Singaporean come first.

  • Jacques

    Ratio of SMRT CEO’s pay ($1.6mil/yr) to lowest pay within co (say $24K/yr) is 66:1. According to UK experts, anything exceeding 20:1 is unhealthy for the business & society’s harmonious existence. I was skeptical about such a ratio but SMRT & SG ministers pay are proving the experts right. Everything is in a mess.

  • Robert Teh

    Let SMRT and SBS compete with private operators.

    Break the current monopoly or duopoly.

    Private operators will quite likely use effective and experienced GM paying them less that 1/3 of existing SMRT/SBS CEO’s salaries (appointed from the elite club, a secret club obviously for government to reward high-pay jobs to own elites clique as CEO/GMs in GLCs)

    Bus/MRT fares will immediately come down with comparable service qualities.

    The only issue now is whether Lui Tuck Yew the gut to really work to serve people’s interest by departing from the elite-based set up to do it.

  • MayRulersBeRighteous

    This is a First World economy where service quality of public transports keeps dropping and fare keep increasing. This is simply because the GLC monopoly on public transport controlled the supply and demand mechanism and therefore worked towards maximizing profits to benefit the top Managers with big fat bonuses and profit incentives.

  • fareadjust

    The fare adjustment formula is now:
    “Maximum Fare Adjustment = 0.5 CPI + 0.5 WI – 1.5%”

    Our esteemed academics in the universities should give their two cents on how to improve this formula so as to benefit the commuters, instead of contributing to the inflation rate of the country.

  • Diana

    The TM, LTA and PTC should be ashamed of themselves.

    How dare u ask the commuters to pay more without improving the state of public transport?

    The PTC should hold off fare increases for the next few years until all these three parties and the PTOs iron out all the problems.

    The fare adjustment formula should be
    “Maximum Fare Adjustment = 0 for n number of years, until the public transport situation improve”.

    This will give all parties plenty of incentives (guided by the profit motive) to improve the situation rapidly!

  • jamestan

    one thing for sure. the ministers are getting paid for not working . they simply do not have the solution not only for transport but for the whole spectrum of problems faced by singaporeans on a daily basis. examples are traffic jams, red tape and long q in govt departments, prostitution everywhere and education frustrations and job prospects.

  • amir

    take a look at Jurong East MRT station every morning before incresing the fare!!!!

  • Keikyū

    Hahahahahaha…the troll is back? Anyway, whether ‘Steven Kho’ is another sock puppet of ‘Class 3′ or some faceless member of the establishment’s cyber-bully-boys isn’t important. The point is, he or she isn’t interested in having a decent, civilised and reasonable debate. By lacing his or her statements with unfounded assumptions and sweeping, intentionally offensive pronouncements, this character has shown that he or she is only interested in flame-baiting and unnecessary agitation. Just ignore this joker…there’s no point feeding a troll who has absolutely no intention of presenting a cogent countervailing viewpoint. The deterioration of public transport service standards in the past five years is something too serious to be brushed off so lightly. A profit-maximising neoliberal approach to public transport is demonstrably not an ideal arrangement. But surely the rot goes deeper than that in this case. It’s just amazing how the ultimate culprits behind the cascading series of policy lapses which resulted in this present mess will never be called to task. Anyone who still believes that there is something vaguely ‘world-class’ about the bullcrap that we have to put up with on a daily basis is either a self-blinded sycophant, a certified moron, or both.

  • Jane

    The photos speak a thousand words.

  • Jane

    There was a recent study shows that there are 1% of our population are now suffering from mental problem.

    Looking at the above horrible photos, will such a huge crowds of our public transport be one of the reaason that cause people feeling more stress???

  • Duh

    Reduce the number of Foreigners in the country and one can kill two birds with one stone – (i) reduce foreigners, and (ii) relief overcrowding in our public transport. But the Pappy heathen worshipers of the GDP God will be unhappy.

  • Jane

    Our govt. once said we can not reduce foreign workers if not our our economy can not growth………….

    Our govt. said we need to welcome foreigners……..

    Yes! ok…. but before you want to welcome so many foreigners, have you ask yourself :

    * is our public transport get ready to welcome so many people?

    *Is our HDB get ready to build enough houses?

    *Is our land big enough to let so many people come in to stay together?

  • Jane

    After PM lee had said sorry during the election on 7-5-2011. He had prmomised to look into the costs of living matter. He had also promised to care for those needy people.

    But, see what happend now??

    Public transport matters is a big matter in Singapore cos many people need to take public trnasport everyday.

    Don’t ignore any feedbacks from the ground.

  • Jane

    I just finisned reading clearly of one of the above msg wrote by n.w.l to share his/her real daily experience with the public transport.

    What is the feeling of our Minister and the public transport provider see such a real sharing article?

  • i understand, but….

    singporean first, but…..

  • Ah Nei

    i promise but i never said YES,
    i said YES, but I never promise

  • MAY

    i think our transport is the most proactive in the whole world, everytime they keep improving and cheap too.

  • yamataga

    Not asking for a lower fare price? Just to sustain the current fare nor profit driven by share holders etc..
    - by the way, where is sustain?

  • chou Ah Lian

    Have a Singaporean first policy for public transport, FT and tourist can only take public transport only during off peak hours.

  • chou Ah Lian

    Should copy Malaysia public transport policy and system, is cheaper.

  • chou Ah Lian

    Open up bus transport to JB operator so that they can come and service Singaporean and pay in Malaysia RM, is cheaper than S$ by 2.4 times.

  • Rglelin

    @ Jane
    I’m sincerely sorry to say that you are wasting your time when you ask the government to heed feedback from the ground. The government has already decided unapologetically that we are the “lunatic fringe” and would treat our feedback as such… So sad right?

    @ May
    Honestly, we’ll never know if WP would be able to do a better job unless they get into parliament right?

    On a related note though, based on the Transport Minister’s logic, we should privatize the entire Education, Utilities, Security and Medical sectors because nationalizing public services will “Over time, this will lead to higher costs … stagnation of service quality or efficiency over time.” Hmm… Is this the kind of top brass logical politician that my tax money is supposed hiring?

  • chou Ah Lian

    India has good transport system, very cheap so better copy and apply. The Bombay train system world famous and should replace all the MRT with Bombay train system, can also bring their lunch box delivery system together so that our office worker can eat home cooked food which is much healthier.

  • Alvin Chua


    Privatising education, utilities and medical sectors is actually the right step. People have been complaining about the education system so privatising it will bring more innovation. Utilites have also been inefficient in relying solely on fuel oil and privatising them will force them to rely more on natural gas. As for medical, the government are not the experts in diagnostics & treatment so privatisation will result in better medical care.

  • Tang Li

    I’ve blogged about this – basically I think WP is right to raise the issue but is misguided in thinking that we need more government control.

    Government is actually worse in that it pretends to champion private enterprise and innovation but truth is it controls the system via Temasek Holdings – it is quite happy to milk money from the public and against real competition and anything that might actually be good for the consumer

  • productivty

    so we pay more millions for pap and elite rotating around the top brass in the name of privatisation? Please, ministry must be multi-tasking to handle the jobs efficiency.

  • CPT

    It is too late.
    The increase in population has cause problem in our transport system.

  • wooden heads

    @alvin chua
    i really don know what the heck you are talking about,you really know what its all about or ur trying to be smart,so you know all about economics,so pls tell me how to lower our cost of living?i have been reading your post and you know what,i think you ur nuts!

  • teo soh lung

    Even the last train is packed. Sigh.. Senior citizens get free rides in England and Australia. In Singapore, we have to pay and stand all the way.

  • mirage

    The largest share holders of SMRT are Temasek Holdings with 54.28% holdings or more than 800m shares.The other government linked entities are DBSN Svs.with 5.08% and DBS Nominees 3.93%. Together they hold about 63.29% of all SMRT shares. Dividends paid for 2010 was 8.5% compared to 2.8% in 2002. Anybody who thinks the SMRT is going to be nationalized better think again.

  • JR

    Is the increase justifiable or is it to cater for the increase in FTs & FWs????

    99.9% of them foreigners uses Public Transport so who suffers and who benefits????

  • Jacques


    To add, anybody who thinks Govt is going to give a hoot about over crowding/immigration better think again. This chart of ridership per mth from 2003 to July shows increase in business(which explains the increase in dividends over the yrs):-


    Alvin Chua

    As for medical, the government are not the experts in diagnostics & treatment so privatisation will result in better medical care.
    the pap government is not expert?
    butt very very expert in controling/raisin the medicsaves ceilin
    if the government is not medically expert
    ow come mrs harrylee was in intensive cares for aroun 3 months or more?
    did you informed leekingyou on this matter? privatision of what? you meant after compulsory deduction of medicsaves to a $120,000 we still hav to buy privatised insurances?
    is your lampars insured? i am goin to cut it off…

  • Alvin Chua

    @wooden heads

    There is only 1 full-proof way to mitigate the rising cost of living: instead of depending on the government to subsidise this, subsidise that, we should upgrade our skills, get better jobs and earn higher income. Attend more courses, privately or those organised by the government. That way we won’t feel the pinch of rising living cost so much.

  • ibatawi

    Increase frequency / capacity & ALL method will not work. Simply ship away that extra 1,500,000 FT headcount will achieve instant result.

  • Robert Teh

    Alvin Chua

    May I ask you a question? Try to answer it honestly with a clear conscience. It will make a difference on your pro-government postings here.

    The question is: Is there a government in the whole world which taxes people, yet withold essential services by cooking up a privatization scheme in the name of avoiding welfarism to allow it to make all the profits and at the same time hoards all lands and assets that belong to people to squeeze people dry with profiteering scam for making of monies from people.

    Under such oppressive rule, do you honestly believe the government has the moral authority to rule or expect the people to work hard, and contribute their best to the elites and the rich who are the beneficiaries of all such greeds.

    If you reply is yes, kindly do tell me which is such a country.

    If your reply is no, I rest my case.

  • Alvin Chua

    @Robert Teh

    What you described is exactly what the Conservative government in UK is trying to do. In the name of cutting deficit, they are raising taxes, trying to privatise NHS, cut transport subsidies to elderly, raise univeristy tuition fees etc. The situtation in UK is much worse because they pay much higher taxes to begin with.

  • Robert Teh

    Dear Alvin Chua

    What you described is exactly what the Conservative government in UK is trying to do. In the name of cutting deficit, they are raising taxes, trying to privatise NHS, cut transport subsidies to elderly, raise univeristy tuition fees etc. The situtation in UK is much worse because they pay much higher taxes to begin with.

    To my mind, UK is contrary to the Singapore’s taxing and privatizing governing system, a welfare state. So it is not the same as the Singapore’s taxing and privatizing system which allow the government to hoard taxes for its own purposes and convenience.

    If I am not wrong, although under UK’s welfare system, working citizens are taxed at a certain percentage of income, government credits back certain substantial percentage for the contributing workers as reserve from which to pay for their needed healthcare serving as a provision to pay for citizens’ living expenses in the event of sickness, old age and unemployment.

    Although it has been negatively regarded as welfarism it ensure a proper balance of government’s responsibility that prevent government’s abuses in holding back spending on public services for the purpose of rewarding themselves and profiteering which impoverishes the citizens as is now happening to Singapore.

    The UK people are happier and more energetic and entrepreneurial. The people work hard because they are better treated and respected by the government. The fact that UK is making some finetuning to their public services in certain areas to check on abuse does not make it a lesser welfare system. So my reply to your is nope UK just the opposite a welfare system unlike ours where citizens pay taxes direct and indirect without getting equitable corresponding return from the taxes paid.

    Although our system does not come across as heavy on direct corporate/income taxing, the total when taking into account all the indirect taxes including corporate tax, personal income tax, GST, COEs, ERP, land sale levy charged on HDB purchases (S$70K – S$199K per HDB household) maid’s levies, IR fees, development charges, and all the stamp duties etc come to a much higher effective tax by comparison with that paid by even the advanced countries like the UK. An average middle income earner easily paid between S$500K – S$700K in his active working life time of 35 years.

    Although our government likes to use worse case scenarios for comparing with other countries in order to convince its citizens of its draconian rule, the UK system is not all that bad. It motivates people to work hard and be loyal to its country because of basic fairness in treatment of citizens.

    The UK system though not ideal is not totally negative or bad as painted by our leaders to justify their draconian rule. It produced many exceptional talented people. For example J K Rowling has relied on such a proactive pro-people system of subsistence for a no. of years prior to her final success with the Harry Potter blockbuster.

    By comparison Singapore government is totally self-centered and selfish aimed at making the job of government easy and free from responsibility. Based on one-man rule such a system from the start is designed to suck monies from the defenceless citizens creating a lose-lose unmotivated system? The reason for people’s resentments as unveiled in GE 2011 is not difficult to find – backfiring of the autocratic one-man rule.

  • minime

    subsidies transportation fares for Singaporeans. increase fares only for FTs.

  • Hodge

    Singaporeans are indeed biggest whinners.

    I don’t see anything wrong with these photos. These are nothing compared with Tokyo or New York.

    Of course it will be packed since everyone is going to work or returning to work.

  • svc

    i hate whiners…please have a thought for me.

  • Deatheater

    Steven Kho, what sweeping statements you make! Australian govt is extremely incompetent??? The last I checked:

    1. House prices are rising.
    2. Incomes are rising.
    3. Inflation remains under control.
    4. Iron ore and coal prices are rising.
    5. The population continues to grow at records levels but the economy is able to keep creating jobs in order to keep unemployment low.
    6. Taxes have not been raised.
    7. Government spending has been kept in check.

  • popcorn


    Whiners? We are whiners? If given the chance, we will prefer to protest on the streets with banners and loudspeakers.
    Right now, can’t even stand on the street to make a one-man protest stand.
    Don’t talk cock here, allow us our democratic rights to protest in the open, then you won’t consider us whiners.
    Bloody bastards you.

  • Sa

    Sack lui the mini-ster…greedy obedient and incompetent.. Looks like nerdy fool in photo.

    Sack lhl or lky or rather pappies who is not far sighted and greed of power and money to the core and monopolies and manipulate us like puppets, appoints presidents as puppets..

    Free ourselves singaporeans from mentally and financially debt slavery, biased of foreign talent. Locking of cpf..

    Poor next generations


    Hodge 22 July 2011
    Of course it will be packed since everyone is going to work or returning to work
    nd when you find its packed?
    what should you do?
    just liked your bedroom
    if you see 6 bangala with your wife donnin a leather bikini…
    1) you light the candles
    2) you offer the 6 bangala with a 6 pack?
    3) you go to 7/11 buy a packet of condom
    (b4 you leave 7/11 buy 2 packet because in 1 PACK only hav 3 rubbers)

    now be a smart hencork and shared with us your idea? yah yah we all know that you got no bloomin idea @ all…
    comon polled the bangala in serangoon..

  • blacktryst

    I like to remind all commenters to remain on topic. Our transport system is actually one of the better systems in the world already but it does need an expansion program for sure and higher fares may be needed. BUT the transport companies Need to be very transparent on how their revenues are being used for. If there is no expansion and improvement in the commuter system to ease congestion, what then is the purpose of raising fares? Has the transport companies been making profits lately? If so, why have they not re-invested the profits into expanding the system or are they just hoarding the profits as cash reserves?

  • Hodge


    Reading your childish comments and you know why Singapore has no real freedom of speech.

    Because you cannot form any intelligent rebuttal without using some stupidity in your argument.

    You are an example of the average Singapore whinners.

  • John Tan

    Wait till another million people flood into Singapore and the population hits 6.5 million people, then everybody is pressed and squeezed like a tuna sandwich.

  • Ex-Sgn

    Sg has hope thanks to whiners. If Sgns remain zombies & take everything lying down, Sg will really be wiped out within the next 5 yrs.

  • Hypocrites In White

    Where is that pap nut lui tuck ***?Put up an act to show concern and took mrt and buses to eperience how pack it is only to tell us fares can be raised even more and sardines can be packed even more.

  • The Caste System

    All indian foreigners, please FO from Singapore. You have contaminated and polluting Singapore with your culture. We don’t welcome you, PLEASE GET OUT ASAP.

  • Robert Teh


    Singaporeans are indeed biggest whinners.

    I don’t see anything wrong with these photos. These are nothing compared with Tokyo or New York.

    Of course it will be packed since everyone is going to work or returning to work.


    Which picture did you look at? Did you look at those you wanted to look?

    Without the whiners, will the problems be noticed or solved? What is a government for?

  • -E_

    Come to think of it..has any higher management from SMRT came out to talk about this? Since SMRT is privatised, why is LTY doing the talking? Shouldn’t the higher management of SMRT be doing the talking and trying to convince the public the reasons for raising the fares?

    So easy work hor, want to raise fares, then got some Minister auto come out and talk for you and your company. Makes me wonder what’s in it for the Minister to talk for a private company. (and taking all the flak too)

  • hob

    @Alvin Chua
    Have you studied economics? If there is no competition, what do you think privatisation will do? Let me educate you. Public listed companies’ first fiduciary duty is to their shareholders, to maximise profits. If transport is nationalised, then the government bears all costs but aims to break even to meet current and future operating costs. If there were 5-6 different companies vying for the huge public transport pie, then we will see improvement because they will be hungry enough to fight for their slice of pie. Now it is a merely duopoly, with each serving a distinct sector. In case you don’t understand, let me make it even easier. If you want to travel from Dhoby Ghaut to Punggol, you have to take the NE line, period. Or would you rather take the East West line to Pasir Ris and then change to a bus? In reality, what competition? So in this sense, privatisation simply adds on more entities demanding shareholder return (aka profit) at the expense of the commuter who has no other reasonable choice.

  • Lee Shing Shong socks market

    I pitty singaporeans.
    I pitty you because here you all are, KPKB everyday here knowing that you cannot change the system approved by the 60%.


    Lee L L

  • Vanginus Lee Shiin Shyong

    After listening to the video by LKY found in the TOC TV section of this blog, I have this to tell all my fellow citizens who have not secured their future.


    There is no way he would change this decision.

  • Ah Gong

    What Lui was driving at about service level and quality was that if the operators increase their fare, the service level will be better. Are you sure Mr Lui when for the past how many year, where fare increased, service level was getting worst.

  • Sad

    I am already given up on PAP.

    The only thing they are doing is to milk money from the people !!!

    I am looking forward to 2016 so that more opposition can take their place

  • Be Realistic Leh

    Oh, Oh, be realistic leh. We are yet to push passengers into the train. Perhaps, increasing ministers’ pay and CEO pay by a few more millions per year could help. Better still, increase population straingt up to 6.5 million immediately. It is easy. Just open the flood gate. The whole world is the immediate source.

  • Robert Teh

    Ah Gong

    Lui’s salaries and bonuses is about S$2,500,000.00 per year. What is the percentage monthly increase in bus/train fares by comparison with his salaries? 2.8 x S$150 /2,500,000.00 /12 (%) assuming 2.8% fare hikes and monthly bus/train fare of S$150.00

    To 1/3 of population earning S$1,500.00 pm, the monthly percentage increase will be 2.8 x S$150 / 1,500 (%) what is thebus/fare increases.

    This is the rising cost of living people are talking about for which PM LHL promised to look into after GE2011.

    Honestly, is PM Lee likely to fulfill his promise to lessen the rising costs of living?

    Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do.” Albert Einstein advised “A leader’s duty is to serve not to rule”

    What is PM Lee doing with his GE promise to change?

  • Rodolfo

    With govt influenced GLCs running public transport and asking the PTC for fare increases and with transport ministers who suggest they give instructions to the PTC, it all looks like the decisions have been made behind the scenes. One way or other, it’s all the same people in charge.

    Who cares what or how Singaporeans feel? If they need more money or if they think they deserve more, the operators just bill us more. Life is as such for monopolies.

    Can’t bill us more this time, wait for things to cool off a bit, make things look a bit better and come round and try again.

    Either way, we pay.

  • How could they say they surprised by the level resentment only during the elections?

    Feedback is given all over the internet.
    Why did they say they surprised by the level of resentment?

    Such an extensive and deep network of RC and grassroots people. Still can say surprised?

    Or was it because people have been so scared to voice up that they did not know because people dare not voice up?

    Whose fault?

  • tiredsingaporean

    #Alvin Chua

    You talk cock, how come our GIC and TH are not privatised???

  • Nothing Has Changed Pre- and Post- GE2011

    Seriously, I don’t think anything has changed since May GE2011. The only change is that now the government is giving us a false sense that they are listening, and false sense that they are more careful in rolling out any new policies. HDB is still as expensive and no transparency, transport fare is still slate to go up, health care is still as expensive as pre-election, so actually what has changed or improved??? I only know one of one change post GE2011, there are more talks by the ministers that they are listening, question is that are they really listening with their heart or even listening??? and maybe they are, but have absolute no clue how to improve our well being after so long of don’t care or deaf frog approach.

  • May

    Life is either we make it better or it will remain worse. I think both people and gov must get together to resolve this. In the first place, we are a place limited in resources, we should constraint the number of foreigners imported until our transport system can support the needs.
    We do not need any accidents or bad image of Singapore printed onto everybody before we can face the truth. We should stop importing more population which we cannot support by our transport immediately. Only one mistake can do a lot of damage. This is for the good of all Singaporeans

  • J.S.

    I weep for Singaporeans.

    Remember, 60.1% thinks this is acceptable. And GE is 5 years from now. Until then, we are under the mercy of this “meritocratic” system.

    To the 60.1%, thanks to you, we’re GG-ed for the next 5.

    To the 39.9%, press on. Meanwhile, GL, HF.

  • A man who leave in Zhenghua for more than a decade.

    I really cannot tolerate it when the Bukit Panjang LRT do not have aircon… come on we are paying for the maintainence fees right aren’t we? Somemore the train i step on that do not have aircon is always about 12pm to 3pm the hottest of the day yet the train do not have aircon and we are paying for it.
    The stations already do not have any fans further more the lrt is travelling so slowly, is like 15mins from e nearest station from my house to Chua Chu Kang.If i cycle to Yew Tee it could be lesser than 15 mins(via woodlands road to stagmont ring road).
    We still have to tolerate the crowds during peak hours, i have tried waiting for 3 trains yet i still stuck at the station. Furthermore the LRT system always crash, everytime i heard the Public annonce system saying the train will delayed by 10 mins, 10 mins later i will hear them saying the same thing, if they do not have the confident to repair within the time they say just ask us to get down of the train. Off peak weekend if i want to go out with my parent i still have to 6 to 7 mins for a train to come, which is full of people and sometimes with no aircon.
    Seriously if places like i have no choice but to take train i will then take LRT to Chua Chu Kang then change to MRT, Places like jurong east i have no other options but to take the LRT.

    Overall i really think that the service of LRT have to buck up, this is totally unreasonable that they want to increase the price of public transport when the service of the public transport is not up to standard, we also nv heard of LRT buying new trains.I have live here for more than a decade, i saw how the terrible lrt system was built, along my area there is only 1 bus and it comes in a interval of 20mins, we go no choice but to take the LRT.

    Ps:pardon me for my bad english.

  • Robert Teh

    Obama found out that the CEOs of banking and investment corporations have screwed up their clients by over-paying themselves by the millions after the US Sub-prime crisis.

    He has the courage to shake up and change these banking institutions same type of self-gratification practices as our ministers have been doing.

    This brings up back to the basic principle of government. People elected leaders to run the country and to check on the institutions. Who will check the ministers and the government?

    If the ministers decided to pai-kat with the GLCs’ CEOs in “you scratch my back I scratch yours” groupthink, what can we the citizens do? Do we wait till some whistleblowers come and blow off the gold-plated taps before we could get another NKF expose?

  • singapore girl

    Post elections, the ministers have kept up with their shows and pretended to listen to the ppl. u got the blogging, facebooking and what have u. but when ppl lie the covers get blown sooner or later, and how long can this be kept up? our bus drivers are paid peanuts (not the Mrs goh kind), and its a no brainer where the profits go to.

  • Hodge

    People posting these racist comments should be arrested under the Sedition Act.

    Start looking up IP addresses already.

  • wind of change

    after reading all the comments here on so many different issues affecting us,i have come to the conclusion that nothing is gonna change by our present govt.
    sad but true they still don’t care about the peasants hue and cry,we are not asking for the moon,just that we want a more decent living enviroment and a little bit more space,is that too much to ask for?
    all the issues that have been raised so far,up till today still no action taken, indeed they are deaf to all our noise and noise it is to them,so at the end of the day what can we do?
    to all singaporeans who really cares about your future generations,especially your children and grand children this generation is already gone, pls do the only thing that is legitimate for us to do and that is a change of governance.
    there are still people who are selfish,thinking only for themselves because they are not directly affected,think for your childrens future if theres any, when its too late,never think your children is immune to all this,unless you are of them millionaires.
    its still not too late 2016 is not far away,you decide?

  • Robert Teh

    @wind of change

    What you said is very true. The promises to change is nothing but empty promises.

    The promised change was not sincerely made. They were made by the party to tilt the votes at the crucial moment. This is because at that point when rallies at Aljunied showed clear sign of huge GRC defeat, the party leaders have to do something drastic to win over fence-sitters and doubters.

    Once the party saw they have secured the win with the “expected contained loss of only one GRC and some seats”, as Lim Boon Heng has stated in the retiring ministers’ honour speech, the party would heck care about the change promises ever made. (what is “expected” is also deliberately anticipated and cultivated)

    We the people have been duped one more time with false promises at the highest level. Such is the state of quality of our talent.

  • Alvin Chua

    To: A man who leave in Zhenghua for more than a decade.

    U r simply spoilt rotten. So what if LRT no air-con? Wont’ die right? Just a little discomfort, what’s the big deal? As long as our trains get us to our destination safely, who cares about air-con? Train delays are also no big deal, if delay only for 10-15 minutes. If u in such a big rush, you can find alternative ways to your destination. just think out of the box a little.

  • Tony

    Our govt is blind to their minister salary is too high, and feel there are room to further increase for years. so they also feel that transport company multi-million profit is reasonable, and can allow further increase.


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    Get it up
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    Higher higher


  • Shit hit the Fence

    Guys, the shit is hitting the fence again looking at the stout defence of the current transport system given by LTY and Josephine Teo. These two are parasites who are not thinking or capable of thinking on his to advance the people daily life. On top of that, our multimillion salaried LHL is asking us to to relax despite transport being acknowledge as a burning issue in elections 2011!

    If you do not need to discuss burning issue but are relax about it, then is basically tell you what is PAP thinking.


    Hodge 24 July 2011
    People posting these racist comments should be arrested under the Sedition Act.

    Start looking up IP addresses already.

    brilliant i sapport u on tiz 1…
    did u hav isd arrest leekingyou?
    u 1st his ip address?
    ry istana-temasekris-lodge
    orchard road

    today is sunday…a famiLLEE bbq brunch is bbq rght now in istana garden by the temasek kris lodge
    are you sendin in your wife to help?
    and is she travellin via mrt yes or no will do? from dhoby ghaut…are u sendin the istana golf cart to fetch her or the ahkong range rover bullet proof series(if u can applepolished your way thru)
    remember u said it yourself
    singapoor is just a tiny island..
    1 should walk from HOME to WHEREVER in singapoor
    i rest me ca$e even to you is a metal case

  • tony

    No big deal. I will have to miss 1 NELine train and follow by 2 EW Line Train in order to get to work. No productivity.

  • popcorn

    Sure, PM Lee can relax, he and cronies and families have big cars to move about.
    Easy talk, we can’t even afford to take taxis, dun talk about buying private cars.
    Bet he has not taken a bus before so far, and with his ridiculously high pay, a 10c
    increase in transport fare is less than a peanut for him.
    “Why can’t he and his pet Transport Minister think out of the Box”. Look towards Hongkong for inspiration to solve problem for Singapore. Have more vibrant competition by allowing private buses, like Hongkong’s minibuses to ply the streets.
    Why should SMRT and Delgro monopolize an essential service like transport. Because they are cash cows for the Govt coffers, so it’s self interest at stake.
    Alvin Chua
    You should educate this blockhead Govt ” to think out of the Box”, you dun need to educate us.

  • Packed like Sardines

    Private bus owners start going freelance & do routes that most packed buses/mrt go.

    Rather take a private transport than be late for work & risk getting fired.

    Government is dictating the bus companies market to maximize their profits so they can keep rising the prices with minimum effort to improve their standards. When there is competition in prices, its a whole new different thing.

  • Ashamed Citizen

    Hi Citizens,

    I am ashamed for being a citizen.

    The malls and mrts etc are packed everyday.

    The elite businessmen are benefiting from the influx. $$$

    The poorer have to take MRT, bus or walk or cycle to commute.

    The rich who benefitted from this system are not affected adversely by the ERP and COE, parking fees and cost of living, congestion (exclusive residence etc).

    Why would they voice up for the bottom 80%?

    I am really ashamed as a so-called 1st world citizen because these so-called well travelled and educated 1st world citizens appear modernised, they do not have the same 1st world mentality as true 1st world counterparts in terms of being responsible and vocal citizens.

    They face an extreme INFLUX situation and yet ACCEPT by way of not daring to voice up.

    I feel no sense of pride as a citizen.

    Happy national day.

  • Ganga Balaluka

    Put it this way, citizens do not like the congestion based on human nature.

    But unlike humans elsewhere , anywhere on the face of this planet, citizens here are kuai.

    They will pent up their frustrations.

    Many evolved with ugly traits.

    They have frustrations. All pent up.

    Their quality of life is poor.

    Their stress at work is higher than ever.

    Their job security is lesser than anytime in the history of singapore.

    Their weekends are mingling with congestion.

    Their lives are constant reminders of bills and 30 year loans.

    They are fuXXXXXX.

    They will Accept.

    As a minority voter of the 40% , I will also accept because I am a democratic citizen and we base on majority rulez, justice and equality. Now, what is equality?

    I must vote you out.

    I am not benefitting.


    Ashamed Citizen

    I feel no sense of pride as a citizen.

    Happy national day.

    2 days ago.. many rc volunteers had been sellin ur national flag to hdb heartlanders @ $2 each..sumore free flagraisin as well(the rc are good BLUFFER) in my hdb castle…they decided to hung it for FREE without even askin me whether i 1st or not?
    i removed the flag..fold it and slotin between the sewerage pipe (no disrespect to the flsg)
    i do not 1st the RC to assume that the flagraisin wasn’t properly done..
    i had to PLACE a stickers sayin


    no needs to ask whether i am celebratin happy national day or not?
    since ORD..never been to 1 either..let alone watch on tele LIVED…


    Alvin Chua 24 July 2011
    To: A man who leave in Zhenghua for more than a decade.

    U r simply spoilt rotten. So what if LRT no air-con? Wont’ die right? Just a little discomfort, what’s the big deal
    you paid for the aircon ride..
    and it don’t big deal?
    imagined this scenerio..
    your little willy needs to be nourished
    since you hav no free maid to ease..
    you go paid a market prize..
    the chinagirl stripped her panties butt not her bras..
    you asked her..why?
    she tell you if stripped bra strapped broken…
    if you whined..chinagirl said..our contracctual is based on my urinal hole rental nothin to do with naynays touchin
    this 1 is optional/mood mode…
    what do you do?
    pressed her bra?

  • Beijinger

    OMG, I am a singaporean stationed in beijing as a ‘foreign talent’. Looking at the situation back home, I am really horrified. It looks like Beijing! And here I am, in Beijing, bragging to my colleagues that the transportation situation in Singapore is world-class; where there is respect and room for personal space; that the air-conditioning in trains make the ride enjoyable. Please don’t make Singapore into another mini-china please. The situation in Beijing is such that one don’t have to hold on to anything and yet wouldn’t fall, whether in a bus or a train.

  • RIP pap

    We believe the 60% who voted for pap are those who either already own cars or already fully paid for their houses, or the pap darling FTs.
    The average singapore will only hope that pap also increase ERP, increase more road gantries, increase petro, so that they will also feel the pinch, and serve them right.

    We are already seeing a Class Divide in singapore , this time will be worsen- this created by the pap. Its a matter of time that it erupts, we only need a ‘catalyst’.

  • pokemon

    this current govt is good for nothing. they are not going to do what the ppl wants.
    the best way to stop overcrowding is to get rid of the FTs that not only steal our jobs but also create overcrowding, sky rocketing high property price.

  • Duh
  • Daft Sinkie

    “While the government ensures any transport fare hikes are reasonable, justifiable and not excessive, it will also improve public transport services year by year, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Saturday night.

    Speaking at a National Day celebration in his Teck Ghee Ward, he told residents that “from time to time, fare increases cannot be helped,” reported The Sunday Times (ST).”

    The phrases “cannot be helped” and “no choice”, so often said by the PAP, are and always will be complete and utter nonsense.

    Everyone always has a choice.

    It’s just that SBS, SMRT and the PAP have chosen to take the easy way out.

  • Relax?

    Huh? What a word to use. Relax?

  • Relax!

    Of course lah, election is just over so now LHL and company must relax. After all with their multi million paycheck, they do not need to take public transport on a daily basis except when LTY came out to wayang a bit. Even minion like YGK are getting by very comfortable milking hard on the system!

  • Early migrants

    Don’t know why but the photos reminded me of tv shows on the early days coolies travelled in hell ships to seek a living in Singapura/Temasek.

  • Sardine in SMRT & SBS

    The use of the word ‘Relax’ simply shows that the PM is callous to the flight of the public transport commuters.

  • Alvin Chua

    What PM means is train breakdowns & delays, non-functioning air-con, overcrowdedness, fare increases etc… these r all part & parcel of every single public transport system in the world, no exception. Nothing in life is perfect. PM also looking at the wider context, in terms of Singapore’s continued strong economic growth, job market remaining tight as it is an employees market with wages rising.


  • Alvin Chua

    What PM means is train breakdown & delay, air-con not working, overcrowdedness, fare increase etc…..all these part & parcel of every public transport system in the world, no exceptions. Nothing in life is perfect.

    PM also consider the wider context of strong Singapore economy, with job market remain tight as it is employees market, and wages increasing. So PM is actually looking at bigger picture, in whcih case he is right.

  • Sardines Means High Profits

    Why should the operators not pack U like sardines? Given the same number of trains but loaded more than double the passengers compared to couple of years ago makes them a lot more profits. Most critically, why are Singaporeans paying the same fares as the foreigners when citizens are supposed to be subsidised for public transport. Fares should be reduced now and without delay for citizens as they suffered lots of discomfort and higher risks to their lives everyday caused by foreigners and overloading of the trains. Independent body should check if it is still safe for the operators to operate the service under such heavy passenger loads.

  • PM Take Public Transport

    PM, U should bother at least to feel what the citizens and foreigners are put through in the public transport. Experience the risk yourself at the train station, and being jam-packed in the train like sardines and without air-conditioning. Only then would U know what to instruct the ministers and the ministry what they must do as U feel and fit the shoes of the commoner and without conflict of interests as those in the ministry are put in. Go without the body guards as they cause even more jams, and causethe people to miss their trains and their arrival time to their offices.

  • Alvin Chua

    @Sardines Means High Profits

    Understand if you say rate of increase in fares must take into account rate of increase of wages. In this case, if fares increae by 2.5%, this is still reasonable since we see wage increase of 5%.

    But to reduce fares in absolute terms is not reasonable, especially when people’s wages are increasing. This is dangerous populism.

  • Fare Reduction, Cannot be Helped

    It would have been fair and a lot better if the PM had said that he expects the operators to reduce the fares because for the same number of trains or just that small increase in numbers, in catering to a much increased numbe rof passengers, the operators should reduce fares fairly to the commuters. And not prices going up year in year out. The reduction in fares is to compensate for the great discomfrt and risks the commuters are put thru due inadequate buses, trains.

  • Sa

    Obsence profiteering..

    How much reserves in smrt and sbs and comfort?

    Since this is privatized and yet belong to national singaporeans then show us the cost of new infrastructure of new projects… Allow 3rd independent to audit.

    We are screwed.. I foresee more than 1million foreigners coming in and more converted to get votes… They mentioned sorry before Ge for nothing..

    It is not a matter of nationalization or privatization… The conscience of those implementing it including the fat paid CEOs, managements, authorities who will be accessing these websites actually know about our outrage..

    Our cpf reserves need to be checked. Smells a big rat when tt so comfortable already wants to run for ep election..

  • Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Cry,Cry, Cry

    Act 1 scene 1 – Pre GE 2011: Wasted tears and apologies.

    Act 2 scene 1 – Post GE 2011: Citizens payback time!

  • chou Ah Lian

    India has one of the best and cheapest transport system, very cheap so better copy and apply. The Bombay train system world famous and should replace all the MRT with Bombay train system, can also bring their lunch box delivery system together so that our office worker can eat home cooked food which is much healthier.

  • Sardines Means High Profits

    Hi Alvin,
    I do not like populism. When there are absolute costs reduction due high profits amortised over the higher number of passengers without significant absolute higher costs, there has to be passing on of savings to the passengers. I am just a layman, and thats what as a layman, I would expect of public transport. If this is completely privatised, and we have no choice because we are subject to the private making most money out of investment, ok…I submit. But not when it is supposed to be public service and owned more than 50% by the government machinery and where fairness is therefore expected in the treatment to citizens. Lets hope people are not going to be subject being shoved off the platforms to the tracks. It is very precarious as we still do not have the mentality of the west, and simply wait for the next train gracefully. Here, everyone simply push and shove to get onboard first to avoid being left behind.

  • well travelled

    It’s the same situation during peak rush hours in any big city in the world. It’ll be good for Singaporeans to travel more widely.


    Alvin Chua
    So PM is actually looking at bigger picture
    TOC crews…please enlarged all your jpg files ley…
    primeister lee is 1/2 blind…must be his cancerous cells in his brain blockin his 3D helicopter views…

  • http://None Jonathan Wang

    It is comforting to note that the Transport Minister acknowledged and also shared the frustrations of commuters of the deteriorating service performance of the two public transport operators

    It is further reassuring that the PM has also come forward to assure the public that the woes of public transport will be addressed to make commuters happy.

    But the public should be patient because change will not come overnight.

    A nationalized pubic transport system may be the answer to improve service performance because the government has the funding needed to expand fleet size to cope with the explosion of travelers. It is, in my view, providing a satisfactory public transport is the responsibility of the state and not as a revenue stream for the state.

    An alternative is to de-regulate the system by removing the duopoly and to allow for more private players to compete in helping to provide better service and performance to ease the congestion.

    By the way, I believe that Josephine Teo was from Penang, Malaysia. We cannot really blame her mindset because she appear to perceive Singapore as a backwater suburb of Malaysia, not a developed global metropolitan city.

  • Smudger

    It is the same story and lies repeatedly told to the electorate and the 60% have made idiotic decisions by voting in their government. You dumb imbeciles have just yourself to blame for the many woes and continued empty promises. Transformation? A complete lie.

  • to be fair

    To be fair, as far as I can see, the situation in other global metropolis during peak rush hour is the same.

  • Incredulous

    Rising wages? Alvin Chua must be from another planet! The median wage in Singapore has stagnated over the last ten years despite high economic growth and inflation?

  • Fugazi

    It is so very apparent that all these posturing, committees and what-not is all bullshit. It was decided way before election to increase fares and there is worse to come. LHL is an incorrigble liar and so is the old fart.

    The influx of foreigners ( especially the dubious ones, with fake degrees,questionable so-called ”talents) seems to be still going on despite the assurance ( reality was simply lying to garner votes) and now it is back to the same again.

    I do not blame them but the 60% braid-dead Singapoeans who blindly gave them a black cheque to lord over us and milk us dry in any way, any form.

  • to be fair

    iVOTEahMENG 24 July 2011,

    Please read again. “the situation in other global metropolis during peak rush hour is the same.” However you described it, “sardine” or otherwise, I meant the situation is the same.

    Chill, ok? Just dropping a fair comment here.

  • hope

    How is one to understand the plight, suffering of the lower income group Singaporeans? Do not know about those who own cars but definitely we are not talking about one day, two, three but this has been going on for donkey years. Anyway, Singaporeans made their choice during the GE2011….


    to be fair
    Chill, ok? Just dropping a fair comment here.

    what fair comment are you mubblin?
    chill what? you meant as chill in sardine b4 shippin out?
    so situation is the SAME…
    rememdy? don’t hav the solution?
    try sendin a team of surveyors to london or tokyo..learnt from them
    what so difficult? singapoor inc hav no budget? 1st to hire me as adhoc consultants perhaps?
    far cheaper/better than the rest as good as gold………

  • chou Ah Lian

    Who has the best and cheapest transport system in the whole wide world? India’s is very cheap and good so better copy and apply. The Bombay train system is world famous and should replace all the MRT with Bombay train system, can also bring their lunch box delivery system together so that our office worker can eat home cooked food which is much healthier.

  • bongkinchen

    The best solution is possibly turn these transport operators into an NTUC Cooperative like Fairprice Supermaket. All the grouses will be eliminated and so will the sham justifications of price increases.

  • sa

    @bongkinchen 24 July 2011

    The best solution is possibly turn these transport operators into an NTUC Cooperative like Fairprice Supermaket. All the grouses will be eliminated and so will the sham justifications of price increases.


    Fairprice is also quite geographically monopolies in areas and making obsence profits, killing off very small stores in neighbourhoods…


    the best solutions is a very simple solutions
    used ALL the availiable SZ buses/jeeps/landrover/14 seaters as minbuses durin peak hours…
    let them charged whatever they feel its fair and right
    in this way..not only are we helpin the travellers..we are also helpin the kachanputeh buses owners fully ultilizin their investments
    meanwhile lta SHOULD STRAY out and don’t kaypo since lta cannot comes up with a solution…

    do you all know that our neighbour in johore..many moonshine minivan johoreans are pickip up singapooriums to their favourite haunts whther press naynays or eatin 25 sticks of satays and the local polis in shortpants don’t interfere nor seek kopi money in return..
    the johore mentri besar know his province
    need all the singapoor $$$$ that bein churned in daily…

  • sa

    can we petition online or through other means

    1) request to sack the mini-ster supporting the price increase
    2) vote for the stand of not increasing price
    3) requesting CEOs and top managements of smrt(185million pay) to have a conscience to drop their pays to not justify the fare increase..

    once the 1 more million foreigners come in we are still condemned as second class citizens

    like the hong lim park petition for the chinese sage some months ago

  • sa

    sorry ceo pay 1.85million not 185million… but still obscence… how much profits is made out of commuters..

  • to be fair

    iVOTEahMENG 24 July 2011

    Cool. Read again. Very carefully.

    “the situation in other global metropolis during peak rush hour is the same.”

    If you don’t understand, I don’t know what to say. It’s a very simple statement.

    To be fair, you may be fluent in other languages.

  • sa

    it comes again…

    the website T R is redirected to other search website, it seemed to be blocked…!! pappies sore loser?

    from my pc and handphone cant access…

    anyone knows what is happening..

  • Me too


    Me too! And I was wondering if it’s only me! Thanks for letting me know what happened :)

  • Sa

    Why pappies so stupid? This one definitely not domain or website down as it will have website down or under maintenance… Our hps under singtel mobile sometimes cant update our comments to t r.

    The more the repress the worse it becomes… Their greed and power have made them try to cover their ears while stealing the bell… It will cause them to lose more votes. Like the Temasek holdings website paying to get on top of t r websites..

    These marons and tyrants and scholars who don’t know the sufferings of people or choose to ignore and robbing via various means should be booted from offices immediately

  • singaporemum

    is anyone able to throw any light on the TRE website? unable to get thru at all.

  • abscond with money

    Sa 24 July 2011

    No lah, block means you can’t access at all. This looks like TR has given away its domain to someone else who’s using it.

    Don’t tell me TR absconded with all the donation money..

  • Sa

    Redirected is a form of block..

    If website down due to abscond it will be showing messages like website non accessible message

  • abscond with money

    Sa 24 July 2011,

    Tembalek lah. Opposite way. When it’s blocked, the browser will give a message to say it’s inaccessible. When the whole domain “” itself is given up to somebody else, you will see what you see now which what somebody else is showing you.

  • Sa

    Don’t think so…very unlikely… As redirected is intentional done… Website down is different symptom

    You seemed to sound like miw abscond with money.. Still can ping to t r and domain name see link above still there… Cheers

  • abscond with money

    Sa 24 July 2011

    Why not you ask your IT friends?

    Domain name is still there doesn’t mean domain is still owned by the original people. The domain can be given to others by the original people. It’s just a name.

  • Sa
    Is still up..

    U can check with your it friend also

  • to be fair

    iVOTEahMENG 25 July 2011,

    Don’t know why you’re so flustered over my innocent comments. It’s very awkward for you now but let me repeat – “the situation in other global metropolis during peak rush hour is the same” is a very simple statement. I don’t know what you’re reading into it. Maybe you think it’s Hebrew? Don’t be so frustrated.

    I’m telling you this because you asked me something unrelated to what I said. If not, I won’t be talking to you in the first place. Do you need that in Hebrew? Go to google.

  • abscond with money


    Of course, it’s still up. It’s the domain parking page you’re seeing now.


    to be fair 25 July 2011
    iVOTEahMENG 25 July 2011,

    Don’t know why you’re so flustered over my innocent comments.

  • to be fair

    iVOTEahMENG 25 July 2011,

    To be fair, you may be trying to read English thinking it’s Hebrew. Sorry, but this is A-B-C English, A-for-Apple English. This is not Hebrew. A. See it’s “A” – inverted V with a line across.

    So, don’t read English like it’s Hebrew. Don’t. English. You know English? English.

    (* Wow, no wonder this fellow is so frustrated *)

  • Life beyond politics

    Lui Tuck Yew can go be actor. He looked like a Hongkong actor, the quite ugly one who always acted as villain. Lui can go be his double. Does anyone know that actor’s name?

  • yeoman

    thought the PRC DRIVERS accept LOWER SALARY like what LSS asked Singaporeans to be content with $1000 or lose their jobs?

    so,why keep increasing the COST OF BASIC NECCESSITIES when at the same time,the govt wants already lowly-apid singaporeans to accept lower pay?

    how does that tie in?

    the only cuts we need here as a concerted national effort of ‘austerity’ is to reduce the indecently humongous ministers and top civil servants salaries.

    also the retired ministers’ hefty pensions like that of WKS,MBT,GY and others is surely an unfair ‘EXCESS BURDEN’ on society.

    evenas they lose ground support as seen in the last GE,the MIWs are still cocky and bent on doing more harm to citizens socio-economic wise.

    WHAT IS THE SUE OF HIGH GDP OR HIGH PROFITS when all our ‘elites’ could do is to ‘TAX’ on already impoverished citizens.

    does it any sense to ordinary citizens if our govt attempt to have ‘HIGH’ GDP by ‘sacrificing’ our own citizens as in tkaing awya their jobs and livelihoods and giving them to some FTs?
    and,in the process,claims ‘GOOD PERFORMANCE’ and os reward themselves like no politicians in FIRST WORLD ECONOMIES dare to think of?

    empty promises as usual just to gain votes.

    not only does the govt do not fulfill its promises,it constantly breaks them.

  • Quittor

    TR is accessible here from Australia.

  • Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Cry,Cry, Cry

    Wow, how did Singtel do it? I still can’t access TRE from yesterday till now from my iphone. However, I could access from my laptop which service provider is M1.

    Act 2 scene 2- post GE2011: draconian control of media within Sg to prevent citizens from finding out local news beyond Straits Times.

  • General Lee

    Wonder what he wuld say if you just ask him to spent 3 repeat visits and travel on the Mrt,LRt or bus on each and every location shown above ,same time, same place ?

    Probably his answer wuld be a “tearing” look and a “I don’t knw what to say” ,I am sorry ?

    Yes ? No ?

  • tiredman

    A situation of low quality of service, fare increase it is definately ok. A slap on the face of all Singaporeans who trusted the new government that will do somthing good to the general public.

  • Duh

    At Jurong East MRT today (approx 8.30am), I had to wait for the THIRD train towards Pasir Ris bcos the first two were packed to the DOOR. At Clementi station, I heard the announcement at the station that due to a ‘track fault’, trains towards Joo Koon has been slowed and that they were trying to restore the service.

  • Alvin Chua


    Trains arrive every 2 minutes, so no big deal even if u had to wait for 3rd train. Track faults are part & parcel of wear & tear, not right to blame anyone for this.

  • Sa

    Go tre facebook, the tre can be accessed by going to proxy server Singtel dns having problem

    Pls circulate cheers

  • Alvin Chua

    I am sorry for my comment.. I am a misguided child.. Please forgive me!

  • Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Cry,Cry, Cry

    Alvin, i believe you don’t take public tramsport. You drive a casket bus.

  • Alvin Chua Chu Kang

    @Alvin Chua,

    no, you are a good boy. The only problem is that you have come to the wrong website. You should go to website such as REACH, PAP, etcs. You will find like minded people like yourself over there. You will be happy there and we will be happier here without you also.

  • Alvin Chua

    “Alvin, i believe you don’t take public tramsport. You drive a casket bus.”

    Thank you all for guiding me to the right path. I am very naive in my previous postings. NO FARE HIKE! I am confused and dis-illusioned. I am pathetic.

  • SPP supporter

    @ Life beyond politics

    You are absolutely right! No wonder I was wondering why the minister looked like someone I had seen before.

  • ex-singaporean

    are the people in the photo are singaporean? They are so disgusting, arrogant bastards.
    Hardly see a smiling face and so poor in spirit.

  • FG

    Use to surf Temasek Review which is blocked.

  • Duh

    Alvin Chua 25 July 2011


    Trains arrive every 2 minutes, so no big deal even if u had to wait for 3rd train. Track faults are part & parcel of wear & tear, not right to blame anyone for this.
    Ah, so I guess SMRT is not responsible for the maintenance for its train system, which includes the trains AND tracks? So their job is just to rake in profits? Glad to know your limited knowledge in such matters.

    And as iVOTEahMENG said – working times are so flexible for one to wait for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th trains issit?

    Alvin Chua, if all you are doing is reiterate brainless and illogical rubbish just to garner Pappy support, then I suggest you save it. Contrary to what your fav leader LKY said, Singaporeans are not daft.

  • meritocratic practices?

    Quittor 25 July 2011
    TR is accessible here from Australia


    so,who is practising MERITOCRACY here in Singapore?

    tlak baout the best man for the most difficult job – DIASPORA conference?

    what a total disgrace.

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  • TR Friends

    Hello TR friends,
    Just wanna say thank you for sharing that you too could not access TR. I had thot i was blacklisted.
    Looks like its the making of some party.
    Dont panic, even if they close it, the next day another site will emerge- Thats the wonderful power of computer technology and internet.

  • David

    With another increase, will we see the CEO increased her salary by another million like she did this year? I don’t think she deserved more than a million dollar annual salary, something is so wrong with this government. Our tax monies have always been misused.

  • Glenn Oh

    Congestion is a real problem caused by influx.

    Citizens are eithet super cooperative , enduring or have gained ZEN like spiritual enlightenment that the congestion does not bother them.

    First world, well-educated, well- travelled.

  • http://Website(optional) iworkhardsometimes

    commuters frustrated?


    Let them eat cake.

  • HSI Trader

    from the pictures, the waiting time is quite reasonable as compared to most developed countries. As for congestion, i guess Singapore have it better than other countries as well. It is public transport not business class.


    HSI Trader 25 July 2011
    from the pictures, the waiting time is quite reasonable as compared to most developed countries
    from the picture, you might as well said..the passengers are aircon coolin while minglin/manglin @ a 5 stars waitin hall
    not a buisness class? when the fares is charged @ business class?

    compared to what countries may i DEMAND..

  • TR’s stupid blunder

    TR forgot to renew its domain, until the domain is expired and DNS around the world start to point to a placeholders. That’s such a stupid mistake.

    Captured on 25July2011 12:00am -

    TR’s domain expired on 24July2011 but somebody forgot. Now, TR is keeping mum. What accountability? Where is transparency? My small toe is laughing. Want to frame Singnet, M1 and Starhub? Want to sweep under the carpet? Despicable.

  • Lousy logic

    @ HSI trader:

    Why when we compare our system, we always compare with the worser ones? How to improve like that when we set our targets low? Only GDP we set high, other things for citizens all set low.

  • christine

    Actually, there was a report in the Today paper a few weeks back about the Canadian public transport system, and it mentioned that Singapore is ranked #18 in the world. Isn’t it time to set a KPI for our multi-million-dollar minister and top civil servant that we should aim to be number 1 – like everything else? Okay,we’ll settle for number 3, how about that?

  • christine

    Alternatively, let’s import the Canadian Transport Minister … foreign talent that’s better and (definitely) cheaper.

  • Quittor

    First, I want to make sure Transport minister has been paid enough DIGNITY so to talk to SMRT CEO. I think Lui should be okay, his million $$$ salary made him taller by an inch compared to that woman CEO.

    Congestion cannot cannot be helped. fare hikes cannot be helped due to rising costs.

    Since PAP cannot help, then who can? You mean all those paper generals and book scholars ministers cannot help despite being paid millions?

    My I add, those 60.1% voted for PAP, cannot be helped!!!

  • not worth the obscene pay

    Thanks to TOC, we can see the real hard truth of what is happening in transport.
    All this while the PAP has been getting the straits time to trumpet first class transportation. Now, their lies are being expose for all to see.

    Imagine paying $3 million a year PM, the highest in the world and millions more to all the so called “A-team” calibre ministers, not to mention the bogus roles like MM/SM and this is what singaporeans get?

    All the cabinets members should bow their heads in shame. GCT should eat his own words and get PAP to learn from the Japanese.

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  • HOPE



    People who drives and have no compassion for others also should leave this web. Good thing got Online Citizen for laymen to voice, if not suicide rate in Singapore sure shoot up from may 11 onwards!

  • n.w.l

    @ TR’s stupid blunder

    Not true. U can still access TR site through a proxy bypass, which means to say that the website has been blocked by the service provider.

  • Fed Up

    All these rich bastards have cars and they dont know the problems on public transport.

    All Ministers and MP’s should get on the road and take public transport than they will know if we are getting Quality Service.
    Dont sit in your airconditioned cars and office and pass comments.
    PAP MP’s why no comment on the tentative price increase.

  • DSQ

    Whats new? Public Transport Operators are slacking off because LTA is lax. You can get the full list of transit and bus heads in sgdi.

    Director CHAN Kwok Cheong, PBS

    Deputy Director, Bus & Vocational Licensing Ms Josephine TAN Gek Hua

    Manager, Bus Regulation Ms Alison SWEE Wee Leng

  • TR’s stupid blunder


    Don’t know then don’t act smart, ok? Take that –

    TR, automatic renewal after expiry, resulting in worldwide outage? What a “competent” and “organised” way of doing things. My god. Wonder what else is TR keeping to itself about past outages.

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  • Sa

    Tr stupid blunder, The tr website domain is still accessible via

    So the domain in this way still up…

    Let tr clarify or some other experts can give some other evidence, we are not totally sure, but suspicion is there as there are symptoms of blocked

  • sa

    fyi : Dear tr readers from tre

    Since 25th July 2011 morning, we have been receiving feedback and reports from our readers that they were unable to access our main domain, tr dot com with some reflecting that they were being redirected to a search engine page while some are seeing a “domain name expired” screen, other readers weren’t able to access our site at all, returning a blank page.

    After consulting our hosting provider, it was revealed that our doman name did expired for a few minutes but the automatic renewal process kicked in and renewed it. However, since most Domain Name Servers (DNS) around the world have already cached the expired status, the domain name although renewed, would appear lost depending on the Time-To-Live (TTL) of the respective DNS around the world.

    As of 26th July 2011 @ 1700 hours, most of Singapore’s ISP have already refreshed their DNS and is correctly resolving the domain name. However, we do have reports from SingNet users that our domain name is still inaccessible to them, which can only be attributed to a slow and unnecessary long TTL implemented on SingNet’s DNS.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do on our end to resolve this except to advise our readers affected to “sit it out” patiently and wait for SingNet’s DNS to refresh its cache.

    Proposed Alternative

    Readers with some IT knowledge can circumvent the resolving issue by changing their local DNS instead of using SingNet’s slow DNS to the following: and or and or a combination of any of the 2 listed. We would recommend taking 1 from each subnet, ie: and for example.

    Changing your local DNS to the above will not in anyway affect the performance of your local PC to resolve other domain names. It is not necessary to change it back to your local ISP’s provided DNS at all and will perform better due to the short TTL implemented by these providers.

    For readers with little IT knowledge, please follow the following step-by-step instructions to change your local DNS (at your own risk) for Windows XP:

    1. DOUBLE-CLICK on the connection icon (2 small blinking computers) located on the bottom-right of your screen (to the left of the time clock). You should see the following screen.

    … SCREEN …

    4. Click on the “Use The Following DNS” radio button and enter the DNS IP addresses provided above. Leave the settings page by Confirming it all the way until you are out of the settings panel.

    Normally, the Network Interface card (NIC) will reset itself and reconnect but if it doesn’t, please reboot your PC.

    Should you have any further issues accessing our site after you have tried the above, please contact us with our online webform or try accessing our site through a web proxy.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


    Andrew, In-House Tech

    for TRE

  • n.w.l

    @tr stupid blunder

    Well, at least they admit to it rather than find lame excuses in order to justify themselves. And they are not paid millions too. Lol.

    I’m glad to hear saying things as it is when they can push the blame to others. As per our brillant, obsencely paid, beloved ‘servants’:

    1. This happens once in every fifty years. No amount of engineering can prevent that.

    2. I don’t know what to say. *stomp* *stomp* *stomp*

    3. Relax.

    4. Singaporeans are DAFT.

    Will collate and post at a later time the numerous excuses and wayang shows i have heard from our million paid beloved ‘servants’ in response to the responsible and organised way they run our country. :)

  • n.w.l

    @tr stupid blunder

    And it really shows the competence of singtel a company under temasek holdings for the slow caching problem when subscribers under m1 and overseas are able to access yr without problem.

    The only trouble are those people under singtel and starhub, both companies under the LEE family. So, u r telling me that yr beloved ministers are very ‘competent’?

    I accept your comments. ;)

  • Mahendra

    @Hodge 24 July 2011
    People posting these racist comments should be arrested under the Sedition Act.

    Well said. Thank you for speaking on our behalf. TOC has been contaminated by TRE’s racism.

  • Ashok

    @Hodge 24 July 2011
    People posting these racist comments should be arrested under the Sedition Act.

    I second that.

  • Aida

    Dear ‘To be fair’, ‘Hodge’, ‘Robert Teh’, ‘Alvin Chua’ and other victims of IvoteAhMeng’s slanders.

    You may wish to ignore that incorrigible dropout IvoteAhMeng who is unemployable and has all the free time to regurgitate his venom at all and sundry, including making slanderous racist and downright defamatory remarks at various ethnic groups.

    He thinks he is important when you respond to his taunts. So why pander his ego? Just ignore him and let him rant.

  • TR’s stupid blunder


    Incompetence of Singnet?

    I’ll teach a basic thing or two about very basic internet to the so called tech of TR who speak of “TTL”.

    1. Is Singnet DNS the top level DNS? No.
    2. Singnet depends on upstream DNS for information? Yes. So, it’s Singnet’s TTL problem?
    3. You think every DNS list the entire worlds domain? No. Does Singnet DNS even hold information for TR domain? Maybe not. If domain not found, DNS will advise you to go next level DNS.

    Aiyoh! TR thinks it’s Singnet incompetence. End up TR looks like a fool who know nuts about DNS.

    Whose incompetence now?


    He thinks he is important when you respond to his taunts. So why pander his ego? Just ignore him and let him rant.


    you 1 smart woman
    i liked your tudang
    can you cook a meesoto..with bafadil thrown in?
    ow you know i am umployable?
    been sleepin with me perhaps?
    i am a TOWGAY status…a roofless TUAN
    wak boleh puki lapan kali satu tahun overseas..
    lu boleh puki bataam?

    now regardin the 2 india indians and the
    bluff angmor hodge
    you 3 cannot even smell me coconut oil hairstyle..
    salemat adil fitri

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  • mice is nice

    people who have little to add to the topic, who themselves do not want people to focus on the topic will try all sorts of ways to divert precise effort from focusing on the issue at hand.

    isn’t it any wonder why S’pore’s problems doesn’t get solved, but instead only seem to get worse & worse?

    no doubt the hardware has improved, but the software leaves much to be desired. hallmarks of the typical PAP/MIW.

    costs will always rise, in a certain way, does greed not grow if not kept in check?

  • Yoyo

    Thanks for the posting.. I hv not seen improvement after SMRT claimed tt they had increased the rides. I still needs to wait for at least the 3rd – 5 th rides board the train from Gombak station. Taking 30mins for a 2 stops rides!!!!!!

    I see no difference except seeing many commuters stopping at jurong east station frustrated over how to cross over to the right platform land on for a transfer. Making me wonder what are SMRT really doing????? MAD!!!

  • Robert Teh


    I think it is ok. I don’t think IVoteAhMeng has tickled me with his funny ways of expressing disagreements with views. Credible or not it is for all to judge with a certain give and take here.

    Just my personal view that in expressing views and opinions on this TOC our only channel of free (hopefully) expressions here, we can do so with conviction but without losing our cool.

    Of course it always take two to tango. Courtesy and tolerance level is something personal and a two way process. What is racist, xenophobic or rude is a matter of opinion.

    To those who have a lower level of tolerance for snide remarks, I suggest they be made aware of such free for all in the world-wide-net. The strict moral or ethical codes may not really apply here because many are disguised in nicks. When it comes to political views, any one may get a bit carried away when it comes to convictions and beliefs. Everyone seems to be more concerned with asserting his or her own points. Furthermore WWW is a dark space here where even government agents come to rebut criticisms with rather unseemingly provocative language. Even foreigners come to post here. All must be thick-skinned and prepared for give and take or even get flamed by anyone.

    Of course, as citizens I am not condoning racism, or threats including threats from authority’s cyberagents. I have no control over anyone and I wish them well be fair, objective and courteous. Should we be of different views, we may still be friends and agree to disagree. Have a good laugh even if we lose our face because this is life is best lived.

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