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Tan Cheng Bock: I refuse to compromise

June 22
06:30 2011

by: Jewel Philemon/

Jovial, open and down to earth. These are the words that immediately come to mind when one tries to describe Dr Tan Cheng Bock, prospective Presidential Election Candidate.

For our team, which included youths who are not as familiar with Dr Tan, the interview which we had come to conduct and it’s equally interesting pre-interview conversation proved to be an eye-opener into the man who spoke up for his convictions and dared to stand by them.

Doc, as he is fondly called, regaled us with stories of his “enriching” childhood at the Ama Keng Kampong. He recalls his time as a scoutmaster and says that those were some of his best years in life.

He later named his clinic in Jurong East after his beloved neighbourhood: Ama Keng Clinic. He recalls times when his patients offered him fresh eggs or even pigs in lieu of money for medical fees. He adamantly states that he refuses to let go of his medical practice after all these years as he has too many old friends who insist that he be their doctor.

Dr Tan was full of laughter when we reminded him of a comment made by his childhood friend, Ms Joan Fong, in which she said, “he (Dr Tan) is not an intellectual like George (George Yeo). But he is a medical doctor.” Dr Tan candidly says, “I never said I am an intellectual. But I am a practical man. I can solve problems. If I see a problem, I can zero in on it and solve it. No need intellectual. Just common sense.”

He also shared anecdotes of his time as a Member of Parliament for Ayer Rajah constituency. Dr Tan was one of the few PAP members who was considered ‘his own man’ in Parliament. He most notably spoke up against Singaporean hospitals becoming more profit-oriented and the shortage of hospital beds during the re-emergence of dengue in 2005. Dr Tan also famously butted heads with the then Minister for Labour, Dr Lee Yock Suan, when he suggested that the government consider extending CPF’s Extended Investment Scheme to include education, which the latter opposed.

When asked what he thinks were his major contributions to his party, Dr Tan says, “I tried to soften the image of the PAP.” He shared an interesting analogy with us where he compared the PAP with himself and his son, “I remember I took my son to the Botanical Gardens and when we got there, I was so excited to see the flowers that I rushed ahead. When I turned back, there was my son sitting on a rock asking me, ‘Dad, why did you leave me behind?’ This is what I think the PAP is facing now. In their haste to make progress, they are leaving the ordinary citizens behind.”

It is extremely heartening to see that Dr Tan is very much in touch with the sentiments on the ground with his spot-on analogy of the current situation between the government and the people of Singapore. Many Singaporeans will surely agree with his vivid imagery depicting how the Singapore government is on a speeding train which many ordinary Singaporeans fail to catch or simply fall off from.

Despite his many celebrated achievements in Parliament, Dr Tan seem to have recently earned the netizens’ ire because he supported the preventive detention of the alleged Marxist conspirators in 1987.

During the interview, he explained why he ‘supported’ the infamous detention, “I believed the information that was given to me from the government at that time. I saw that the people believed that they were conspirators as well. As Feedback Unit Chief, I could not let my own feelings dilute the general consensus, which I presented in Parliament.”

When asked whether he still feels the ‘Marxist conspirators’ are guilty, Dr Tan says with a tone of sincerity, “I really feel they are innocent. They are all social workers and they meant well but unfortunately…(trails off)”

He adds, “I saw the ex-detainees and I really do feel for them. But at that time I believed the information that was given to me.”

So will he continue to be his own man, if elected as President?

Dr Tan says, “I would like to be a unifying figure for all Singaporeans. I think I have that independent streak. You must have checks and balances. If not, Singaporeans will be very unhappy. One thing I see is a hunger for fairness. I can give an assurance that there will be more transparency in government. I refuse to compromise. I won’t compromise on things I don’t believe in.”

Throughout the interview, Dr Tan came across as ‘ballsy’ man.  A ‘ballsy’ man who is under no illusions about the powers vested on the  Elected President.

  • Mel

    Judging from the recent comments (or warning) by the law minister & others “reminding” citizens what is the actual role of the presidency;
    It’s obvious the Ruling party sees a “disconnect” between expectations of the citizens on the presidency & what the ruling party defines as “presidency”.

    With the recent pull out of George Yeo after all his “deliberation” & (probably) sincere seeking for wisdom on whether or not to stand for presidency; the cynic in me cannot help but assume that GY was probably “convinced” by his former bosses not to run for presidency…

    Seeing the high expectations of the citizens especially after this landmark elections, AND the fact that GY publicly promised to change the PAP from within – u add this to the euphoria IF GY actually wins the presidency.. This is a recipe for disaster going by PAP’s track record of crushing opponents.

    With such an outstanding politcal career thus far, why rock the boat at the end? We have seen how that has turned out for previous presidents who thought they could do more..

    Sad but true & pragmatic…

  • mr. misty

    the doc if elected will create jitters for the ruling pap. they may have sleepless nights too. no longer can they implement anything or just shoot their mouths off, at will [esp lim swee say].tan kin lian can also cause havoc to the pap.

  • sustain

    Tan Cheng Bock said he “refuse to compromise”. That is a recipe for disaster. The president has to listen to all sides and offer a compromise. He can’t be a stubborn ass. Also, as a doctor, Tan Cheng Bock is not financially astute.

    In this aspect, Nathan is more suitable. Nathan is rational & diplomatic, very important attributes for president. He also has better financial acumen in managing the reserves.

  • sustain


    The elected president should have a cool & rational demeanor. Tan Cheng Bock & Tan Kin Lian come across as being a little hot-headed & stubborn. Do you want such people representing Singapore at diplomatic function? Nathan is a much better choice, being cool & much more dignified.

  • worry4u

    This doc should now start to be very careful …he is causing “jitters” to the other “Oldman & his gang”.

    Be forewarn…those People can be so “underhanded” as to maybe “poison you”.

    However, you oso hve my support !

  • Vivian Hypocrisy

    “I remember I took my son to the Botanical Gardens and when we got there, I was so excited to see the flowers that I rushed ahead. When I turned back, there was my son sitting on a rock asking me, ‘Dad, why did you leave me behind?’

    I tend to accept this analogy by TCB better cos it sounds more real. I am referring to similar father/son analogy given by Vivian Balakrishnan where he asked his son whether he will die for Singapore and bla bla bla…. I am inclined to believe this is another of VB make-up story to convince people with his argument. Such is the ultimate hypocrisy of VB.

  • Sesame Street


    You again! Still on LSD and pot,obviously!

  • Brendan

    TCB is still better then TCM (Talk C- Ministers)

  • PT

    “Enemy of my enemy is my friend”

    Use this to decide your vote.

  • Libran

    Speak out against the out-of-the-world payouts for ministers and president before you could even come across as sincere. Match TKL’s challenge of donating the bulk of the jackpot to charity first, before you could even come across as sincere. It’s totally unfair and unethical to fill the pockets of one man with so much taxpayers’ money, rather than use the more than $20 million dollars (over a 5 year term) to help lower the cost of healthcare, housing, transport, etc.

    There’s no need to wait for the wayang of the salary review committee, as it is obvious that even after a 50 pct cut, the salary of the president will still be out of proportion to that paid in other major nations whose presidents carry much more responsibility and accountability

  • Donation??

    Libran, does matching TKL challenge of donating part of the salary makes one a better prez?

    You must be naive to believe that!

    Whether it is TKL or TCB or for that matter TT, this whole prez election is a wayang wayang isn’t it? By the way, $20 million cannot lower the cost of healthcare much, let alone together with housing and transport. Come on, be realistic, wake up!

    The problem lies in the policies by the govt.

    I will nullify my vote for this election, serves no purpose. I quietly hope many will do likewise and make the eventual message clear to the people who design this prez position.

  • Libran


    Little things tell a lot about a person. Since you agree that the post of president is a wayang, so why pay him so much? What is better? Lining the pocket of one man with more than $20 million or using it to help the poor? Every bit counts, when one is in need of help. And who says $20 million dollars is small change? Only the PAP millionaire ministers and rich people like you? Remember, we have one of the highest income gaps in the world, no thanks to PAP policy.

    Read my post carefully. I said offering to donate the bulk of the payout would represent the first step towards judging him.

  • Libran


    Nullifying our votes would only mean that a PAP man gets the post, and another 5 years of baby kissing and hand shaking at dinners and concerts. Between TKL and TCB, we have to choose between the lesser of two evils. TCB is too close to the PAP, and will pose a serious conflict of interest situation to our reserves.

    Remember what OTC said. When they sold POSB to DBS, a publicly listed company with fat cat individual shareholders, they didn’t even bother to inform him about the sale, let alone seek his concurrence.

  • xlandjy

    Mr/Ms Donation??

    I noted your points.

  • muzzle

    Nullifying your vote is a very stupid thing to do. Why muzzle yourself? In ‘democratic’ parlance, you are making yourself irrelevant or ‘eunuch’.

  • Objective

    @Sustain – on what basis do you deem Nathan to be rational and has better financial acumen?? I have nothing against Nathan but from the reports (even in the straits times which is skewed) and TV, I have not seen any display of financial acumen other than his smile and hand shaking.. as for rational, how do you come to this conclusion?? Please enlighten..

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  • imo

    Dear Mr Tan CB,

    By now, everyone already knew that the EP cannot do much. Even the so called 2nd “key” veto power to safe guard our national reserves and appointments to key public offices can be overriden by a government that has 2/3 parliamentary majority. The EP also cannot push his/her own policy agenda.

    If you truly wish to make a difference, I suggest that you take another route. Don’t waste time and money on this EP exercise.

  • emo

    Dear Mr Tan CB,

    Where there’s a position, to server others, you should go for it. There is no where in which ruling party can veto your decision as yours remains final.

    Don’t be taken in by the disinformation above. Thank you.

  • kingman

    @imo, emo is right. EP can still be a moral figure who has conscience. Ex-PAP means he knows how they work and know their strong and weakness. That is a good advantage he has.

  • JR

    For his remorse on the sinful and cruel way the supposedly “Marxists conspirators” were treated, I sincerely believe him that as at that time the clouded facts were forcefully bulldozed through by LKY & GCT on the innocent.

    Retribution is in the hands of the LORD.

  • yeoman

    if DR TAN had stood for GE recently on an independaent or OPPO ticket,it would certainly have been easier to believe that he truly ‘cares for the poeple’?

    DR TAN,ALBEIT HIS AGE,still looks healthy n hale,more so than LKY or LHL,and there would have been no problem at all for him to have stood in the GE like he is now standing or the EP?

    I WONDER IF DR TAN is not elected as EP to ‘ care for the people’,would he stand up as an OPPO come GE 2016 if he still stays healthy by then?

    LIKE HE SAID IN THE INTERVIEW,the only way to enhance the role fo the EP is via Parliament and it is indeed a waste to singaporeans if DT TAN’s talents nad skillful experise as an MP,an OPPO MP,is incosiderately thrown away?

  • hock

    @Libran, I have been reading your comments. They are sound and clear. Thank you. Have a nice day, Sir.

  • sustain


    Nathan considered all angles before releasing the funds from the reserves to tide over the economic crisis. He understood how much needed to be used, the impact of such spending, and how & when these reserves should be replenished, although he isn’t a trained economist. He never for once got flustered or confused. This shows he is rational & financially savvy.

  • What does he mean by “unify”?

    Be careful of this guy. He said he wants to be “unifying figure for all Singaporeans”. What does he really mean? Does “unify” mean try to convince Singaporeans to accept PAP policies? What Singapore needs is a confrontation (between Singaporeans and the government/PAP) not unifying. We don’t need another “nice guy”. Remember the “nice guys finish last” – more important to be a winner.

  • leehsientow

    I totally support Dr Tan Cheng Bock. He had already shown he could serve the people well when he was MP for Ayer Rajah where he was a very good MP. Not just talk and wayang like Tan Kin Lian, who has been mere talk and talk without commitment. We also don’t quite know who he is or what he represents. It’s quite risky to have him as EP. With today’s intense and deep anti-PAP sentiment, it would be foolish for the government to come out with its own candidate and openly endorse him, it would be as good as giving him the kiss of death. So I suspect Dr Tony Tan would not stand and the PAP would not endorse anyone as it tries to portray itself as above the fray.

  • Alan Wong

    “I really feel they are innocent.”

    Isn’t this the same as saying “I really feel someone is guilty of accusing them”.

    And why has he not called for a full investigation to investigate & charge those responsible ?

  • notanotherspinstory

    If it was only Tan Cheng bock vs Tony Tan, definitely Tan Cheng Bock is the people’s President. The latter is only a yes-man.

  • The Pariah

    All 3 Tan-Tan-Tan are too tainted by their whiteness.

    Why didn’t Tan Cheng Bock resign from PAP cadre membership if he does NOT share with the general direction and vision of the PAP over the past decade or so?

    What about Michael Hwang – Former Managing Partner of the law firm of Allen & Gledhill and former President of Law Society?

    Maybe we need a “Hwang” to show those yaya-PAPayas who is really king when we have a People’s President once again!

  • fpc

    TCB also didn’t think the pay of 4 m for president is too much since he didn’t make any statements on that.

    Is he not a pro PAP guy?

  • Beat Me

    Beat me, the last qualifying EP who throw his hat into the ring at the very last moment will be the PRESIDENT.

  • That’s All

    Just as I thought it was going alrightI find out I’m wrong, when I thought I was rightIt’s always the same, it’s just a shame, that’s allI could say day, you’d say nightTell me it’s black when I know that it’s whiteIt’s always the same, it’s just a shame, that’s allI could leave but I won’t goThough my heart might tell me soI can’t feel a thing from my head down to my toesSo why does it always seem to beMe looking at you, you looking at meIt’s always the same, it’s just a shame, that’s allTurning me on, turning me offMaking me feel like I want too muchLiving with you’s just putting me through it all of the timeRunning around, staying out all nightTaking it all instead of taking one biteLiving with you’s just putting me through it all of the timeI could leave but I won’t goIt’d be easier I knowI can’t feel a thing from my head down to my toes. But why does it always seem to beMe looking at you, you looking at meIt’s always the same, it’s just a shame, that’s allTruth is I love youMore that I wanted toThere’s no point in trying to pretendThere’s been no-one whoMakes me feel like you doSay we’ll be together till the endI could leave but I won’t goIt’d be easier I knowI can’t feel a thing from my head down to my toesBut why does it always seem to beMe looking at you, you looking at meIt’s always the same, it’s just a shame, that’s allJust as I thought it was going alrightI find out I’m wrong, when I thought I was rightIt’s always the same, it’s just a shame, that’s allI could say day, you’d say nightTell me it’s black when I know that it’s whiteIt’s always the same, it’s just a shame, that’s all – that’s all

  • pay

    Cheng Bock, you are already so rich, do you really need that 4 Million dollars? Prove us wrong and donate your salary to charity.

    If you are in to serve, as you proclaimed, then it should not be a problem.

  • TKL is dumb

    Tan Cheng Bock will never donate his salary because that will put pressure on PAP ministers pay. Tan Cheng Bock is not that dumb.

    Tan Kin Lian is dumb. But he is sincere. He now has an uphill task.

  • donwastemytime

    voting for the prez,don waste my precious time,tell me anyone whats in it for you,you its not going to change anything,is he going to make your life better or can he make any changes to the stupid policies?you want to know what happen to the reserves don bother,as long as they are in power nothing gonna change,we have been asking about our cpf,till now still still blur blur,don have any answer??????,who cares who is the prez,i am not the least interested.

  • moral leadership of president

    Whoever gives all or almost all his pay to poor Singaporeans will achieve the following:
    1. Lead by example not words only
    2. Set good example for public service
    3. Put lots of pressure on grossly over-paid ministers to work in humility for next 5 years
    4. Turn the bad tone of greed into sacrifice in political leadership which is so much needed in Singapore.

    Love Singaporeans above love money for the highest, most honorable public servant position.

  • bobby

    Tan Cheng Bok mus come clean on the following:

    1)When He was an MP what Bills did He opposed and registered his opposition to the Bill by voting gainst it?

    2) What in his opinion should the Ministers and Prime Ministers Salalry be…? Please Dr. let us have an unequivocal answer

    3)Will Dr.Tan donate ALL his President’s Salary to the poor of Singapore if He is elected?

  • imo

    @emo- plse read the Singapore Constitution.
    Articles; 22-(2), 22A-(1A), 22C-(1A)

  • Cheng Hu Bock aka once a d**g , always one

    TCB , sorry, after hearing 1st part of part 2 of the videos, I am more convinced than ever, you are more of a pro-PAP guy than not.

    You claim that you are independent-thinking individual. I question you. How independent can you be when most of your whole life is working for the PAP? How many policies have you played a part in ?

    I vote you out.

  • Point by point rebuttal to TCB

    You claim that people do not understand role of the Presidency.

    How transparent is the info about the role of the presidency?

    Lets say it is.

    How many do not understand? How do you know?

    What if only a small number of people do not understand? Why focus on the negative?

    You also used the word SANE to describe the voters during the election rallies.

    Why describe like this? I have never been more sane during election where we all given the chance to express how the ..#%% we feel about the policies.

    You claim you are independent-thinking. I really am not optimistic you can prove beyond reasonable doubt your claim.

    You seem to be suggesting to people that people do not understand what elected presidency is. Are you suggesting to Re-Define it? Or your understanding of Elected presidency is the correct one?

    Later in part 2, you said ‘Don’t expect too much of the Presidency…’.
    What do you mean? Is the EP salary not high enough for the people to expect more of the EP? What are you suggesting?

    You said “you cannot pressure the president to let you know all the reserves…”. So, are you saying that at the end of the day, the People will still not know ?

    So, what is the use of the EP?

    Back to square 1.

    I vote you out.

  • Was I born yesterday

    Ah Tan,

    I almost thought TCB was GY. Same style. Both PAP.

    There are many types of human.



    I respect my intelligence.

  • Honest

    With the non-PAP supporters’ votes split between TKL and TCB, TT will be voted in as EP by PAP supporters. TCB has achieved his goal.

  • Saycheese


    “Nathan considered all angles before releasing the funds from the reserves to tide over the economic crisis. He understood how much needed to be used, the impact of such spending, and how & when these reserves should be replenished, although he isn’t a trained economist. He never for once got flustered or confused. This shows he is rational & financially savvy.”

    He knows who butters his bread and won’t jeopardise it. Any delay or asking questions like OTC did will mean kissing goodbye to another term.

    Will he or even more financially savvy LKY be making a bid for the EP as Ho Ching is not stepping down from Temasek?

  • Purple Mist

    I read contradiction here: “I could not let my own feelings dilute the general consensus, which I presented in Parliament.”
    “I won’t compromise on things I don’t believe in.” Then why did he compromise his feelings?
    The general consensus was arrived also via the same report that he read and believed in at that time. So if he felt in his guts that something’s not quite right it was his duty to challenge the report for a fairer outcome, but he didn’t. He rubber stamped the report. Politicians, bah!

  • danny korber

    If TCB just believed what was prented to him as facts without doing any checks on his own as feedback chief, then how is he to be trusted? I’m sure Ms Teo Soh Lung, Dr Lim Hock Siew, Vincent Cheng, Michael Fernandez and others will share my sentiments. He surely does not come out as sincere and does not deserve my vote to be the next EP.
    All the others who have been named so far are also closely linked to PAP and definetly won’t get my vote either. Spoil the vote.

  • Better choice – TKL


    If it was only Tan Cheng bock vs Tony Tan, definitely Tan Cheng Bock is the people’s President. The latter is only a yes-man.

    There is no doubt that Dr Tan CB is better than Tony Tan who has no compassion as a human being and has the great satisfaction of making sure his political opponents go bankrupt and ruin their families.

    But Tony Tan is much better than Nathan who pales terribly in front of Devan Nair.

    But for the long term interest of Singapore, I still prefer Tan Kin Lian who has shown great compassion for the common people and not interested in the dirty high pay of the office.

  • Deh Lam Pin

    TCB, you so HONEST, i think your father would be proud.

    So Honest and you work for PAP for many decades.

    You, have proven to be HONEST.

    I know who to vote now. I am not born yesterday. So, I know.

  • To Be Bluntly Honest

    To be blunt and honest, I want to declare that I have NO CONFIDENCE that singaporeans will be able to make the right CHOICE based on my decades of observation.



  • Hum Bocky

    TCB, are you suggesting that the EP will not need to prove why he think the reserves is in good health, IF the EP says so?

    If so, are you suggesting that again we fall back on TRUST?

    1st world.

    1st world Citizenry.

    Education system – A* or F9? Of course A* lah. What u expect?

    Well travelled. But got learnt from 1st world ? Of course have lah. What u expect?

    Well educated. But who is the leader who can unite the people? 60:40. Who is the ‘Gandhi’ who willing to sacrifice his self-interest for the Country’s interest?

    Lets say u have 10 PhDs.
    If information is hidden such that you cannot find it.
    Can your PhD know the answer?

    Without quality data, you cannot make quality decisions. At best its still a guess.

    Good luck to you all mere mortals.

    I now go and fart then bangsai.

  • To TCB and TT

    1 word for you. HUMANITY.

  • aladdin

    TCB is simply trying to put things in order. From this speech, he is also implying SR Nathan is compromising. I choose him over Tony Tan and Tan Kin Lian for sure.

  • To aladdin

    I would not choose anyone other than TKL / TJS / AYG.

    Too bad, Leong is not running.

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  • Fong lam pat

    Is it true tt born to a rich family?

  • Eric Howdy

    Tan Cheng Bock says he will NEVER compromise. But he already has, way back in 1987, when he stood up in parliament to supported the arrest and detention without trial of the so-called Marxist conspirators when there was not a shred of evidence that could be used against them. His only justification is that the government said so, so he accepted it as so. This shows a definite weakness in his character.

    For the purpose of getting this $4million plus job as Singapore’s President he is now keeping the PAP at arm’s length to show his “independence”. Just how independent he really is is for us to judge as he has refused to point the guilty finger at the PAP for the injustice, harm and pain that have been inflicted and to call for restitution and compensation for the unfortunate victims of that dark and lawless episode in our history.

  • icedwater

    At 3:03 of the third video, Elliott Aruldoss asks about the President-Elect. This is something entirely different from the Elected President as I understand it:

    The President-Elect is the one who is either technically already the President barring a formality, e.g. having won the vote but not having taken over as President because the term has not officially begun or the predecessor has not stepped down, or someone who is a strong favourite to win the vote and become President even before the actual election has taken place.

    The Elected President, on the other hand, is the official title of the Singapore President, for one reason or another. This should refer to the person who is already elected as the President and not someone who hasn’t been confirmed as President yet.

    This distinction is pretty important even though it may seem like a minor one. It may have been an honest mistake, or a Freudian slip, but let’s not call anyone President-Elect because that would be jumping the gun.

    Why the title of the Singapore President needs the emphasis of ‘Elected’ is beyond me. I suppose EP is a better abbreviation than PS or P? But it should be dropped from the title anyway. I see no need for the ‘electedness’ of the position to be further emphasised.

  • http://yahoo rickymatin

    The arrest of so called marxist consprisy is no longer true. The govt should apologize to the group and make conpensations.

  • jeannette chong-aruldoss

    @rickymatin – I agree.

    Teo Soh Lung has written a book “Beyond the Blue Gate” telling about her ordeal at being detained for 2.5 years without trial despite having done no wrong to deserve it. No one has challenged her account. It was a miscarriage of justice. It was a misuse of the ISA. The ISA has been exposed as being without sufficient safeguards to protect it from being used against innocents.

    Besides Teo Soh Lung were a host of other innocents. In all 22 were detained without trial under the ISA under Operation Spectrum – “a security operation which saw 22 young Roman Catholic church and social activists and professionals detained, without trial, under the internal security law, accused of being members of an alleged Marxist conspiracy bent on subverting the PAP-ruled government by force, and replacing it with a Marxist state.”

    The 22 are still very much around and they can each testify to what they endured during their detention and the fact they were innocent of what they were being accused of.

    Operation Spectrum is an open wound in Singapore civil society. I wonder if Tan Cheng Bock is aware of how raw this open wound is. I note from this article that Tan Cheng Bock told TOC: “I really feel they are innocent. They are all social workers and they meant well but unfortunately…(trails off)”

    But venturing a short statement and then trailing off… this is not good enough for me. Perhaps I am expecting too much out of a Presidential Candidate …

    On the issue of Operation Spectrum, I want the truth to be out. I want justice for the 22. I want to see the formation of a Truth and Reconciliation Committee to investigate the truth and to vindicate those who had been victimised by false accusations by formal apology and compensation.

    In my ideal world, the President – because he is non partisan and independent – would be the ideal person to chair the Truth and Reconciliation Committee. In this way, he can serve to lead the way for healing and reconciliation to civil society and for Singaporeans.

  • Ravi Philemon

    @Jeannette: Why is it not good enough? Were you expecting an apology? If anyone should apologise, it should be the government of the day. And it would be fair to expect this apology from Tony Tan as he was part of the government then. But not Tan Cheng Bock. He was only a backbencher.

    The President cannot initiate anything, including the committee that you ask of. Only the parliament can initiate such a Committee. So yes, I think you are expecting too much from the Elected President.

  • Amran

    Ravi, for someone who are getting $4 mil. I think it’s fair enough for anyone to expect more from that person. But let’s put salary aside. I do expect more from him on this issue and many more issues. Honestly, if the reason of being just a backbencher justify his comment than I have to say it is not good enough.

    Anyway I think it would be better if TOC can highlight the work he has done for Singaporeans. Charity work, issues that matters to Singaporeans which he had stand up and fight for in parliament and whatever…

    I guess I can safely say that it takes more convincing for most Singaporeans to vote for him, someone who are in the highest level of the system.

  • My Story

    From TKL Facebook:

    “My name is Tan Kin Lian. I am standing for election as President of Singapore.

    Many people have told me that they want a President who can:

    Be a voice of the people
    Be independent of the PAP Government
    Safeguard their CPF money and the national reserves”

    Naive to think the the EP has something to do with CPF. Are you sure Mr, TKL? Do we need wool to cover our eyes?

  • Sobeit

    Hard to accept TCB is a serious contender! He is there to split votes against TT, more likely.
    Anyway, his stories of standing up against PAP boss and on principles are so inane and inconsequential, it is a laugh that he celebrates these incidences.

  • Issue/Procedure/Solutions – Healing Process

    It is disturbing that the three Tans having intention to stand for the forthcoming presidential election have said among other things that they have all felt strongly that they should come forward to contribute and to heal. To do so, they would serve the people, be fair to all political parties and a be good People President etc… No details of how they would serve the people and what imminent issues they have in mind that they would address immediately upon being elected or how they would knit and gel Singaporeans together or execute the healing process as was said. How they would show their fairness to all political parties with reference to again what issues are imminent for them to address and right (if any) if elected? Would there be any issues they have thought that they should take up and resolved and the fervent desire of putting these solutions in place? What is meant by being a PEOPLE PRESIDENT in thier context so that the ordinary Singaporeans know what kind of a GOOD PEOPLE PRESIDENT that he wants to become. To say that they feel strongly to to come forward and present themselves for the PE is not sufficient without revealing the causes for such strong feeling and all the things that they would like to do and the results they would like to see. The strong conviction surely imbibes that they know what have gone wrong and there are some or many imminent issues they would lie to resolve and the results they would like to see in the attempt of their healing process. Surely Singaporeans would like to know what they are and how they are going to resolve it and their conception of the ideal solutions for evaluation and QE.

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