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Picking up where Ong Teng Cheong left off

May 29
11:22 2011

Ravi Philemon /

I said on my Facebook page a few days ago that “I am one of the many Singaporeans who urged him (Dr Tan Cheng Bock) to stand for the upcoming Presidential Election.”

I think that it is important to say why I support Dr Tan’s bid for the elected presidency.

Let me start by saying that I am not very young (neither am I that old), so I have followed Dr Tan’s work as a backbencher in Parliament and he has always struck me as an MP who speaks from his heart.

For example, in 1988, Dr Tan who then headed the Government Parliamentary Committee for Education, suggested that the government consider extending CPF’s Extended Investment scheme to include education. He argued that education should be considered an investment in human resources which would result in a better educated, better skilled and better quality workforce.

Then Minister for Labour, Dr Lee Yock Suan, opposed it because he feared that CPF savings of members may be squandered in expensive studies at unknown foreign universities. The then MP for Kebun Baru, Mr Lim Boon Heng, objected to Dr Tan’s proposal on the basis that it was a populist move.

Dr Tan rebutted Mr Lim then by saying, “The MP for Kebun Baru called this a popular move, a popular issue.  Is it because you think it is popular, you think it is wrong to bring it up? Or are popular decisions wrong decisions?”

Dr Tan also spoke up against Singapore hospitals becoming more profit-oriented.  This he believes will alter the practice of medicine and the values of some doctors, leaving the door open to abuse. Noting that the 1993 White Paper on Affordable Health Care used the term ‘industry’ to describe medicine, Dr Tan lamented, “Medicine is (now) treated less as a profession and more as an industry.”

In 2005, during the re-emergence of dengue in Singapore, Dr Tan spoke up against the shortage of hospital beds.  He said, “If you say you have no choice but to turn away patients because of lack of beds and other resources, you haven’t planned enough.”

In 1993, when the government of Singapore, went on an overdrive on upgrading, Dr Tan urged restraint in basic areas like housing, education and health.  The government, he said, must continue to provide three-room apartments and ensure that there are sufficient ‘C’ class and ‘B2′ beds in public hospitals.

As far back as 1999, Dr Tan highlighted the growing resentment of Singaporeans towards ‘foreign talent’ in Parliament.  He urged the Government to tone down its insistence on the value of attracting foreign talent, “in order to protect our citizens and give them a better chance”.

In July 2002, when the Minister for Transport decided to hike public transportation fares, Dr Tan was one of the few in Parliament who urged a review of the price hike.

Yes, in 1987 Dr Tan seemed to have supported the detention of the alleged ‘Marxist conspirators’, but I believe that like most Singaporeans (including me) at that time, he believed the misinformation that was fed to him by the government of Singapore.  But what’s notable is that even then, Dr Tan did not brush aside those that detracted from his views (and the views of most Singaporeans at that time) by labelling them ‘Marxist sympathisers’, but instead acknowledged them as “solid citizens”.

More importantly, I urged Dr Tan to consider standing for the Presidential Election and intend to support him in his bid because as MP Inderjit Singh rightly said, “For Presidential Elections, there’s always been a candidate that the Government supports … it’s quite clear that we will be fully behind this person so it will be very awkward (to have Dr Tan in the contest).” This makes it even more important for ordinary Singaporeans like me to support Dr Tan in the contest.

In a culture where it is natural for any backbencher not to criticise the policies of their bosses aggressively (perhaps with an eye on the front bench and their own career path), Dr Tan is a rarity. His ears are on the ground, he is intellectual, he speaks his mind and he has won the respect of many Singaporeans.

The late President Ong Teng Cheong said in an interview, “Even in my last year as president, I was still not being informed about some ministerial procedures.”  I hope that Dr Tan, if elected, will finish this unfinished job of President Ong.

Why I support Dr Tan’s bid to be the Elected President of Singapore is because I believe what Dr Tan recently said, that he will be a “unifying figure for all Singaporeans of whatever political affiliation, race or religion.”


  • Fairplay

    Do you think it is wise for a President of Singapore hopeful to comment on Malaysian politics as `gutter politics’?

    For that matter, to make any comments on our neighbours’ politics?

    What kind of a President would he be? What would be next? Comments on other races?

    Don’t get me wrong. I sincerely support his frank feedback to the PAP on what ails Singapore. But, with such strong support, has he become proud and arrogant just like some of our leaders?

  • Angry voter

    Can’t be worse than Nathan. No TkL, pls. Opportunist, sick guy. Cannot trust him.

  • yamling

    I am not against Dr Tan, but I feel that the next elected president should not have had worked for the govt.

    We had elected presidents who were previously cabinet minister and head of govt company.

    Perhaps it is time someone from the private sector comes in to put himself or herself up for presidency.

    Just my thoughts.

  • Alan

    Perhap Chiam can stand in for EP as well!!!!!

  • No Ex “White”man

    Please no ex “White” man…TCB might have read some nice scripts in Parliament perhaps done for posterity as all PAP sycophants do…and now want his MP’s allowance of $15k be replaced by $5 million?

    They are all the same..we do not need any self-elevated person to be the next president as there is already a de facto key holder to our reserves which of itself be be an the reserves??

  • neutral

    I don’t feel comfortable with any ex PAP taking up this role except Mr Tan Soo Khoon. I feel Dr Tan is quite passive in comparison.

    I think that the candidate must be willing to voice out any problem in our society. Especially ex PAP people whom themselves are still quite influential and knows how to handle the government so that they will not get into any trouble. Yet I don’t see Dr Tan voice out on the common people’s problems that immediately affect them.

    For example, bringing up the case of the hospital name, does Singaporean really care more for the naming of a hospital when they are more affected by the policies that affects their rice bowl?

  • neutral

    Dr Tan could have done more by adding his influence to the opposition who addressed valid issues of deep concern to Singaporean during the election but he did not. Why? Loyalty to PAP?

  • Baboo

    If TCB was misinformed about the so called marxist conspiracy then he should say so and recant his comments during that period. His silence on the matter give us the impression that he has not changed his mind.

  • popcorn

    Much as we respect what he has done for his ward as an MP in Ayer Rajah, still have reservations he could be as independent of the PAP as he said.
    Prove us wrong, a niggling worry that he has an eye on the 4M $ pay tag, and he is as loyal as our faithful pet to his former political masters, adhering to the Chinese idiom, “Yin Shui Si Yuan”,
    Drinking water and remembering its source.

  • Honest

    Dr. TCB is a PAP man until early this month. He gives me the impression that he is under instruction to contest the president to pull away votes for Mr. TKL so that PAP nominated candidate can win.

  • Honest

    Why didn’t Dr. TCB contest in the last president election? Is it becuae he was not told to do so?

  • Daniel PS Goh

    Unless he publicly withdraws his support for the 1987 ‘conspiracy’ arrests and would consider calling for a commission to enquire and exonerate the detainees, I don’t see how I can support a man who gave his strong backing to the arrests. So what if he called those who don’t buy the information provided by the government and asked for court trials ‘solid citizens’? We don’t need patronizing, we KNOW we are solid citizens, that’s why we would defend our fellow citizens’ right to a fair trial. After all, he cautioned us not to be deceived by the ‘harmless’ disposition of the detainees and used Chin Peng’s ‘mild, smiling, meek and kind-looking face’ as an example. The same applies to him.

  • MayRulersBeRighteous

    May this coming Presidential Election result in a truly ELECTED President, not a proxy, or an “endorsed” President.

  • Shin

    I juz feel that whoever was part of pap will always be pro pap. There are gd men and women out there. We need a patriotic Singaporean for president that means patriotic to our country and not patriotic to the government

  • kan_cheong spider

    Singapore President no diff from a KOO (Key Operating Officer).

    LTK has once questioned whether when ah loong turns the key, his key also turn automatically.

    We need another co-driver to preserve our reserve. not another auto key pilot.

  • Singaporeana

    The person who would get my vote for President will be the likes of Mr. Tan Soo Khoon, and Mr. J.Y.M. Pillai. They won’t need the $5m tag that comes with the position. I hope that they will ask for a referendum about Presidential and Ministerial salaries, including benefits, pension at 55 years, directorships, etc. as the Ministerial Review committee has already preempted the outcome to one of discounts like in the Great Singapore Sale. As the President is to be elected, the candidates should also make known their manifesto for the next 5 years that will benefit the nation. That will help me to decide.

  • Jones

    Following on from yamling’s point, is there any reason why no private sector candidate has contested a presidential election in the past?

    Insufficient renumeration? Perceived lack of “real” power as President (as opposed to, say, Prime Minister)?

  • Fellowsingaporean

    It is important our EP is a peoples’ president and not an establishment man. TCB is better off assisting the EP that being the EP himself That will serve the purpose of the people. JYM Pillai is a great administrator and can be a good choice but is he independent minded. I am not sure. If he is, then he could be a good choice. Tan Soo Khoon, I have doubts. But the issue is how do we attract those good men to step forward. From private sector, why not Ho Kwon Ping?

  • Josephine Chan

    Chinese has a beautiful saying “yuen yuen xiang bao he shi liao” meaning to say “why there is no end to revenge”

    It is not wise to “pick up where Ong Teng Cheong left off” afterall it is so long ago and SR Nathan has already served as the president for the longest term compared to the past presidents and I personally think he has done the right thing as to allow the government to use the country’s fund reserves to tie over our latest crisis. At least SR Nathan made Singaporeans aware of the usage of the country’s fund reserves.

    I think our next president should “pick up where SR Nathan left off”. Let’s say if you are employed as a director or CEO of an organisation, you usually pick up from where the last “dicto” has left because you want the company to continue to flourish and made higher profits then to waste energy to dig into something that cannot move the company forward or benefit anyone.

    If only I can find a qualified Eurasian or Caucasian to fit into the President’s role, someone who has a futuristic mind to lead the country “forward” and not “backward”. Does race matters? To a certain degree, “yes”.

  • alitheia

    Dr Tan Cheng Bock is a good man, but is there someone even better? We need an EP who is able to say “no” or “why not?”.

  • Best

    Sometime competition brings out the best.

  • the sting

    I think he is overrated. He was not only a pap man but a typical one at that.

    During the SARS crisis, TCB cried when making a speech in the parliament. Crying for what? For his fellow Singaporeans? No, he cried for his grandchildren when he faced the danger of epidemic.

    This is what I call typical pap whiteman style: selfish, self-righteous, like to wayang…

  • Tan Soo Khoon’s supporter
  • Honest

    My ideal presidential candidate is Mr. Ho Kwon Ping. Not sure he would run for the election though?

  • iPUSHleekingyouwheelschair

    ever since when the father/son team approved the pay increment of almost $900,000 per annum…
    EVERYBODY suddenly 1st 2 become the NEXT presidente..includin yeocho w tung or mrs helen yeo…
    i als 1st to replace the prataa presidente meself…butt some diehard pap fans might think if i assumed power..i would deport all those diehard fans of pap to north korea or siberia..
    and worst of all.. ieven approved the SWORIN 4 letters words…

    why don’t we polled the audiences ere..
    i norminate ahmeng of mandai zoo to be the forthcomin presidente..
    what says you all?

  • Samson

    A people’s President who is elected by the people, for the people. Contest must be fair and just.

  • reflections on a blessed day

    Based on the PAP imposed qualifications, it is almost 100%, that the humble honorable Mr. Chiam See Tong does not qualify to enter the President Election. Maybe Singaporeans should test this and see for ourselves how ridiculous and narrow the qualifications?

  • bad

    Why do we have almost nobody from teh private sector willing? Very simple – its definitely not about remuneration. Remember Andrew Kwan, this guy who just indicated his interest, was hit so hard by so many bad press which was orchestral- by who?

  • OpenB

    Thank you Mr. Ravi Philemon for writing this piece. It is fair, objective, and focused.

    May Dr Tan become the “unifying figure for all Singaporeans of whatever political affiliation, race or religion.”

  • Robert Teh

    There is no ideal candidate. A balance is found in Dr. Tan Cheng Bock. While he may be an ex-PAP man, he did come across as very PAP and did speak up his own mind from time to time. By rejecting use of Ng Teng Fong as name for Jurong Hospital, and resigning his position as chairman of the hospital, he has demonstrated to be a person of his own mind and sense of right which is important for this post.

  • ben

    PAP needs a yes man and they might not issue eligibility certificate to DR Tan or Tan Kin Lian.

  • yamling

    Perhaps Tan Kin Lian is a another suitable candidate for elected presidency.

    He strikes me as someone who dares to speak his mind. Based on his comments in the ST forum, he has also been very vocal against some govt policies. He was also invited as one of the speakers during the opposition rally in the GE.

  • red_dot

    Ideally someone like Aljunied MP SM Chen with very respectable qualifications and credentials come forward for the Elected President and not someone “appointed” by old Lee as in the past. That was sickening!

    Perhaps a female President?

  • SameSame

    Come on, let admit this. Tan cheng bock has already got the approval of PAP committee to run for the president role.

    The election just another fixed game !

  • john

    Daniel PS Goh. Agree with your comments totally. Even the current Mr Tharman is of the view that the government has not make a solid case against the “conspirators”. The current administration should reopen the file on this matter and publicly put a closure to the case once and for all. Was there ever a “conspiracy”? Secondly if it is in fact proven that there was not, then Harry Lee should not be allowed to get away with his persecution of fellow Singaporeans so easily. Was he abusing his authority as a civil servant? His cronies who are involved should also be brought to trial and accordingly punished, if found guilty of abuse of power and possible human rights violations. Dr Tan C B must state his stand on this clearly.

  • Yam Ah Mee for president

    Yam Ah Mee will make a great president. He is popular amongst netizen. He is handsome. BTW is the president role simply ceremonial? Why need someone political? Why make the president job as something special? Its just an ego trip for people to argue about. Just choose someone handsome and popular. You can even ask Dick Lee if he is interested.

  • hamarr

    Dr Tan what is your view on minister and EP pay?
    If 125 mil is too little to name a hospital after a donor then is 4 x 6 mil too much to pay an EP ?

  • xlandjy

    Since u support Tan Cheng Bok as EP. May I request that you convey my questions below to him:

    (1) What is his comment on the current salary for EP?

    (2) If elected, will be consider accepting a nominal salary of $10,000 a month?

  • O M G

    I was surprised he commented about neighbour Malaysia. That’s rather unbecoming for a presidential hopeful.

  • notanotherspinstory

    Amazing, Dr Tan Cheng Bock has a sharp mind and a kind heart. No wonder he does not quite fit the PAP mold of yes-men.

  • Not to be cheated

    @ Robert Teh

    Quote “…. By rejecting use of Ng Teng Fong as name for Jurong Hospital, and resigning his position as chairman of the hospital, he has demonstrated to be a person of his own mind and sense of right which is important for this post.” end quote.

    It could be at that point of time, he had already harboured the idea of running for president. These words could be part of the grand strategy.

    Besides, the objection has on direct bearing on men in the street who are having difficulty in having their means met daily.

    His strong support for the high ministerial salaries could not and cannot be glossed over lightly. He pretended not to be aware of the fact that PM Lee earns nearly $10,000 per day while the poor old folks under public assistance scheme receive only $11 per day. Where is his empathy and compassion for ordinary Singaporeans ?

  • Honest

    Dr. Tan CB was director of more than 20 companies when he was a MP. Plus his strong support for high ministerial pay give me the impression of money not enough for him.

  • hamarr

    Some may find the headline of this discussion “Picking up where Ong Teng Cheong left off ” a bit presumptuous
    Just like Dr Tan’s assertion that
    he will be a “unifying figure for all Singaporeans of whatever political affiliation, race or religion.” a whole lot of presumptuous.
    A quick look at posts in this discussion will indicate that not all Singaporeans will urge Dr Tan to stand for the upcoming Presidential Election.

  • Pro-Singapore

    Yam Ah Mee – In case people forget, he was LTA CEO a few years before. Look at the land transport mess we are in now!

  • yeoman

    actually,it may be better for all singaporeans if we have a lesser mortal or an oppo as our next EP.

    WE NEED PPL WITH DIFFERENT MINDSET from that of the ruling party and who was never part of the system,someone form outside to tell those inside what he sees wrong,prhaps/

    i am not aginast DR TAN, i think he is the among the more outspoken backbenchers laong iwth augustine tan during those days but in the end,he is still a chip from the saem block,isn’t he?


    just my 2 cents.

  • Mickey

    “Dr. Tan CB was director of more than 20 companies when he was a MP. Plus his strong support for high ministerial pay give me the impression of money not enough for him.”

    Honest, can you give us the source of your statement that he was director of 20 companies? This is different from what is stated in his blog below:

    Present Occupation/Corporate Appointments

    * Medical Director – Ama Keng Medical Clinic (1971)

    * Chairman – Chuan Hup Holding Ltd (12 Feb 1991)

    * Chairman – Dredging International Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


    * Director – PCI (18 Mar 1992)

    * President – Jurong Country Club (2006).

    4. Past Corporate Appointments

    * ING Asia Private Bank Ltd (15 Feb 2008 – 2009)

    * M&C Reit Management Ltd (22 May 2006 – 2010)

    * M&C Business Trust Management Ltd (22 May 2006 – 2010)

    * Jurong Health Services (up to Mar 2011)

    * Jurong Medical Centre (up to Mar 2011)

  • tuner

    looking at the way he comments on some issues recently, i can says his ties with PAP are period now.

  • Robert Teh

    @Not to be cheated,

    Agreed with you there is such a possibility that he has a certain wayang such as his strong support for heavenly lucky lottery ministerial pays and broad agreements with other major policies of government.

    TCB is not perfect. I agree to his nomination because there is no perfect man and he did speak out and showed a more independent mind.

    More nomination please. Anyone?

  • Honest


    Ask Dr, Tan CB to declare all his past directorship, big or small business. All those on his blog are just some but not all.

  • Honest


    Check up Wikipedia, you will be able to find more directorship he held that were not mentioned in his blog, like SMRT, LTA, Town Coucil etc.

  • junze

    My vote to TKL over TCB anytime. Seems suspicious that TCB is suddenly taking a higher profile just before the presidential elections. I also don’t like the fact that he is too close to GCT. Did GCK and the other PAP stalwarts asked him to run? What has he done prior to the upcoming presidential election? He may be more independent minded than most PAP colleagues but he is still part of them.
    I think TKL is more genuine and really has a heart for the common folks especially for the small guys in the streets.

  • Honest


    I agree qith you.

  • Aurvandil

    The PAP endorsed candidate is likely to be either a senior civil servant (PS and above) or Chairman/CEO of a large Singapore company (GLC?). It is unlikely to be a former PAP politician. I did a blog posting about this here:

  • Wlh

    TKL for president!

  • pokemon

    i dont mind Dr tan to step forward. as i dont believe how a former judge, lawyers, or 100million CEO, directors can do a better judge. just look at President nathan. Have he ever spoken on behalf of the singaporeans concern? If Dr Tan has voice out in parliament in the past, i urge him to step forward and follow the footsteps and legacy of Mr Ong teng cheong. singaporeans need a choice.

  • TCB is no Ong Teng Cheong

    TCB to announce his intention after the GE clearly shows he was nudged into the contest and the lure of thee $millions had certainly justified.

    Just because TCB read some scripted lines in parliament which had the tenor of public good does not make him a champion of liberty and please do not insult Ong Teng Cheong by comparing TCB to him. No TCB for me…never!

  • gilbert

    Cheng Bock is not qualified to take part………….period!

    He won’t dare ask how much in reserve just like Nat than!

  • Kumar for President!

    Why talk so much? They already choosen their new President, just that they need a majority of us to feel, well, its justified. Else people will bring rotten eggs to Istana open house.

    Myself I vote for Kumar the cross-dresser comedian. Imagine if he meets leaders from other country wearing a sari, people all over the world who hates Singapore will finally understand all of it is just a joke. Why so serious?

  • help is needed

    When the minibonds destroyed lives, Tan Kin Lian was there. Where was Tan Cheng Bock? He was not burnt so he did not step out to help? Or he did not help because he does not want to go against certain people? Why did you not help those helpless people, Dr Tan?

  • PM, Ministers, MPs & President demand astronomical salaries to maintain dignity

    Dr Tan, what is your motive to run for presidency?

  • LionRoar

    PAP Despots and Despotism, Tyrants and Tyranny, and it’s unintelligence should never be inclided in Presidency.

    Greed has been their God and lifestyle,
    the worse ever on Earth in history of man.

    they have twisted singapore history, meaning of politics, democracy, Freedom…………..
    The young Lions is showing the Truth of rejecting such men -

  • Mystique

    TKL has all the while harbour the hope to be EP. He even put up a survey in his blog about a year ago asking netizens view on his aspiration. Think it didn’t go too well.
    I beleve he has his agenda when he volunteered in the minibonds saga. It is to make himself known and also to advertise his new online business.
    To me he is a fake. Can’t believe that he stills maintain that having basic medishield is enough and discourage others to upgrade. I rather spoil my vote.

  • Collin

    At this point, besides knowing Dr Tan will be standing for elections, which i feel he is fully qualified & has stood up for Citizens on number of unpopulist policies, its still early days until we know who else is contesting….

    But personally, i hope he will be given a chance to serve & prove himself to Singaporeans as an EP.

  • niceguy22

    TKL for president, yes TKL go for it..

  • PAP Supporter?

    Can we have someone not related to PAP?

    No Tan Kin Lian, No Tan Cheng Bock, No George Yeo.

  • lee dienasty

    Personally I feel that if Mr Chen SM of WP could run for president, he should.With his background, he is a perfect and more than qualified candidate.He put people(or,a puppet?) like nathan to shame.nathan was made president for his subservience to lky.nathan has no charisma or principles( what do you expect of an ex-ISD man?)

  • Twetty

    Now at present 3 is or are going to be EP,one still haven’t resign from Pap,hope there are more qualify ones coming forward, so hard to chose may be Tikam Tikam, if I have a choice I won’t vote,the last time we had Mr Ong Teng Chong whom I regards as people’s president is humble,since he is no longer with us I don’t think the new EP will dare do things as OTC does.All the above 3are frm the pap what do u think. You must think carefully and chose the correct one

  • sleepy

    i would ask myself where was TKL b4 the mini bonds incident… and IF it has been the ONLY incident that Singaporeans was that concerned about at that time….

    i would wonder HOW MUCH did he(TKL) lost during the mini bonds incident?

    All 3 candidates have flaws (not referring to their association with PAP) and sadly man are not perfect BUT which one is more humane? and would speak up for Singaporeans?

  • seetha

    President Nathan jokingly admitted S’poreans look at him as a PAP puppet, yesman and oldman desperate for money doing nothing. Looks like he himself hopes he does not run another term as could be forced by party and oldman LKY to prevent any repeat of Late Ong Teng Cheong reserve check incident.
    Look at the poor guy, he even said he even farts with a single sound other then the stench which will giveaway_that is how quietly he works. For last 12 years we did not even know whether he opened his mouth or he was President until we saw some photos-that quiet.He needs a constitutional law to lift a single finger but Billions of pay ok.
    So believe he should retire physically as he is human self has retired from existence years back as the “quiet” President of the Party.
    If tomorrow Istana is flooded, he would mistake it to be an extension of the swimming pool and yes he needs the constitutional law to criticise the repeat floods outside his Istana at orchard rd.
    Maybe we need ordinary “boxing ring” trained Elected President who farts loudly and opens his mouth to ask on anything affecting Singaporeans-least food digest better even if Billions.
    All the best in your retirement President and have fun with the Billions.Let the real President takeover and continue where President Ong left after 12 years of hibernation. Bye Bye.

  • doppelganger

    Wonder whether the President’s voluptous increase of salary of almost $900,000 in March 2011 soon after he was brought down by Justice Chong in the Yong Vui Kong case in August 2010 as having no powers for clemency is a perverse show of power by the PAP. For it has been clarified by the bigwigs that the power of clemency has always resided in the Cabinet of Ministers in Parliament. I wonder what other of his powers will be usurped when expedient to do so.I wonder why have a President at all, if you do not leave him with a modicum of self propulsion. Why pay 4 million dollars a year to a useless caricature of a President? I think the answer lies in the legitimization of the Acts of the PAP.In the last 10 years they have been doing great things for themselves: Appointing themselves to choice honey pots of the Land, paying themselves farcifically high salaries, bringing a million foreigners to work here,adding 120,000 new citizens per year for the last five years all to increase the GNP against which their own salaries are ultimatly calibrated and of course suing the life out of their opponents by means of a corrupt judiciary. If things turn bad, they could always recoil and have the President protect their acts. In fact he is assumed to listen to all proceedings in Parliament and demur to those he does not agree with. Characteristically he has in fact not demurred to anything, but that would not absolve him if a wrong is committed by the PAP. At the rate they go, the PAP is bound to overstep common decency very soon ( as in raising their own paychecks). The President is their steady lifeguard lolling in beaches of bright sand, intrinsically harmless, showing the benign face of a ju-ju. He also serves who only stands and wait, on the beaches of strategy. For the waiting he reaps millions of taxpayers’ money. But this is to ensure billions being paid to the PAP cohorts throughout the Land continue to flow.

    What good is a President? What good is his office as crafted by the PAP themselves? It is just adding layers of protection for the PAP and layers of mind blowing remuneration to more and more puppets.

  • Boring

    SGP should have better candidates… TKL, TCB, TT, Nathan, all si bei xian…

  • Abraham

    Maybe we should have more interesting choices…

    Can we have people like Abraham Lincoln, M Gandhi, Florence Nightingale kind of people to run?..

    They come with no vested personal interests… but with the common people at heart…