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What is the spirit of democracy?

April 29
15:15 2011

credit: ST

The front page of Straits Times today quoted PAP’s candidate George Yeo as saying “Workers Party is forcing an “emotional dilemma” on the Aljunied GRC’s voters who have to choose between “enlightened self-interest” and the opposition’s interest. He further added that many people have written on his Facebook saying that they feel uncomfortable about this.

I found what he said incredulous and was incensed to read further that he said in reference to this supposed dilemma: “I find that it’s against the spirit of democracy”.

What Mr Yeo said and the way he said it was insidiously misleading and it reminded me of the saying “Beware the smiling tiger”. With his gentle style of speech, and the benign way he said those lines above, it is easy to be lulled into thinking he is right to the unthinking and to his supporters.

As a citizen with a stake in my country, I am affronted by what he said. First of all, we are thinking citizens and are not led by the nose by any party. Let’s get this right – the opposition parties’ cause IS OUR cause. We the people of Singapore want accountability and integrity in our government. We want a government who puts the people’s concerns before the GDP.

As for the so called sugar-coated “enlightened self-interest” that Mr Yeo refers to, is he referring to the PAP’s ‘incentive” of estate upgrading or is he implying that without PAP, the people will be bereft of benefits and the country is doomed to ruin? On the latter, it is a fallacy perpetuated by them and their hard-core believers. No one and no party is indispensable so long as there are talented and able people in the country. And to those who ask who replace Mr Yeo will should he get voted out, we need look no further than the amply qualified “dealmaker of the year” Chen Show Mao of Workers Party.

I find it ironic that Mr Yeo says that by giving people choices and getting them to think about the choices, “’it is against the spirit of democracy.”   I will like to ask him: “Is it democratic to gerrymander to eliminate the opposition and deprive us of our voting rights? Is it in the spirit of democracy to use upgrading as a tool to scare people into voting for PAP? In a democratic country like ours, why is there a pervasive atmosphere of fear that has muzzled the people from speaking up over the years against the party’s policies and arrogance?”

If we go by what the PAP has been doing and saying all this while, it seems their definition of democracy is akin to a master saying to the servants: “I feed you and clothe you. so you have no right to question me as to what I do. And if you do, you are ungrateful.” Well, we are not servants and they are not our masters. They will do well to remember that Parliament members are elected to do a job.

Many of us are put off by the increasingly arrogance displayed by the ruling party and their lack of transparency and accountability. We are sick of their attempts at brainwashing us into compliance and docility.

We want changes which is why so many people are supporting opposition parties. Without our desire for change, the opposition would not survive, without our call for change, they would not have attempted to contest all constituencies. They are here because they have heeded our call for change.

What Singaporeans are facing now is not an emotional dilemma but a moral one. We need to think carefully if we want Singapore to continue the way it is. Do we continue building a shell of shining towers and gilded walkways which we have plenty already? Or do we now focus on building a soul – a real nation where the people have a true sense of ownership and belonging?

Singapore’s hardware is well in place and should continue to progress well economically and we should not fear change. Now the time is ripe to vote with our conscience in the spirit of democracy. We are not looking to replace PAP but we are seeking to vote in some different alternative voices to provide the needed checks and balance.  A vote for change now is a vote for a better government, one that truly represents the views of the people and which will do what is right by the people, for the people.

  • crap

    Our so called intellectual George Yeo is spouting crap so fast? In fact GY has been in politics since 1988. The last ten years, he has really been a mediocre. The reason people do not hate him so much is that he hardly do anything that touches on people lives.

  • unclesam2011

    The last thing people of singapore want to hear is we cannot survive without PAP.

    Hey, they are paid to perform, they are not volunteers. we don’t owe them a living.

    I just can’t help to think that they wanted ALL the credits go to PAP ONLY.

    MCP !

  • iPUSHleekingyouwheelchair

    I find that it’s against the spirit of democracy”.

    What Mr Yeo said and the way he said it was insidiously misleading and it reminded me of the saying “Beware the smiling tiger”.
    looked at your SMILE..unfortunately you ain’t even closed of bein a tiger..
    not even the esso mascot…
    so sirgeorgeyeo you also admit defeat @ lowthiakiang.. he is 1 hell of a fiery tiger..right? did he withdraw into the liangsan mountains when being obstructed in every challenges
    yes no or maybe?

  • Thomas Tan

    I really dont see an issue here Jen. What an imbalanced and one sided partial article here. Disappointed.

    -NSP supporter in Whampoa

  • George

    “The reason people do not hate him so much is that he hardly do anything that touches on people lives”

    This is also the reason why WP will lose in Aljunied. George Yeo is a very likeable person.

  • eaglefly






  • lim

    Please rah. What do you expect GY to say? Parliamentary democracy will be achieved at his expense what. If WP get in, he loses his multi-million $ job. Of course he thinks what WP is doing is not democratic. Is it true not paying PAP ministers their salary = not democratic?

    Whatever is said, all Singaporeans who can vote in Aljunied GRC got 1 vote. Once the hammer got 71,575 crosses next to their logo on 71,575 voting slips, that’s all that matters.

    -1 from me. Only 71,574 to go…

  • Titiana

    The PAP murdered democracy since assuming power in 1959. Mass arrests and detention with trial, law suits, gerrymandering and pork barrel politics were used against political foes. This is synonymous with a Third World country. So a First World Parliament makes sense.

    Mr Low TK had asked Mr George Yeo to declare openly whether upgrading will be carried out even if the PAP is booted out. This will let the voters know how sincere PAP is.

  • Citizen

    Leaders are elected to represent the country. Second, they use taxpayers money to finance the upgrading of the estates. Maintenance of the country is the promise candidates made five years ago to gain office. So, we Singaporeans will still be paying our taxes and who we elect to govern needs to utilise these funds. Politicians do not pay for the country’s expenses from their pocket. So, why is democracy failing? We just want to change contractors for our projects in the next five years.

  • iPUSHleekingyouwheelchair

    George 29 April 2011
    “The reason people do not hate him so much is that he hardly do anything that touches on people lives”

    This is also the reason why WP will lose in Aljunied. George Yeo is a very likeable person.
    you do SOUND liked an IDIOT…
    people do not hate him simply because he did nothin much @ all
    yet on the other hands you proclaimed sirgeorgeyeo is a very likeable person?
    why? is he GAY also…

  • onepeople

    People of the Book should have the conscience of not to make misleading statements, much less drowning them into trickery. Even a blind and a leper would sincerely throw their one and only dime in the cause of helping the poor and the needy. Do more groundwork and feel for it. With the head above the clouds, the feet can hardly touch the ground and sincere hearts can never be found.

  • bORN tHIS wAY

    oh… BGY

    1)Please take back U “莲花指” (lotus sign on the fingeron GuanYin ). it waste u time. nobody saw yours sign .. buddism never bias based on religion. thanks.

    2)How Much have u donated to build ” nalanda university” since 2006 ?
    ->Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao contributed US$ 1 million dollars on On December 16, 2010.

  • Pro-SG

    today’s straits times first page report of George Yeo on WP placing “emotional dilemma on aljunied voters” is twisted. lots of flawed arguments and twisted half-truths.

    GY trying to play up voters’ emotions by blaming WP for putting voters in this “dilemma”. on the contrary, the GRC system puts voters in such a dilemma in the first place.

    like Mr Chiam See Tong said, “you want to take the credit, you must take the fall too.” GRC system is a flaw. PAP should have seen this coming. maybe they had never foreseen the days of formidable high calibre opposition come so soon.

  • burongkaka

    The newspapers said he is the best foreign minister of Singapore……he is the best of the worst!
    He cannot even control the loose cannons around him that make insulting remarks about our neighbours (that lead to a crisis!).
    And as for his foreign talents, even the Roumanians ignore him!
    All George is interested in is himself….he is as egoistic as … know who!
    Its time for him to move to another constituency and leave Aljunied to the WP!

  • Smudger

    I find that a party polluting to the electorate the notion of fear, failure, uncertainty, loss, instability, recklessness, and whatever negatives it imbibes (as a result of another party in government), is in itself a party engulfed in those very experiences it is faced with.

    Please vote with courage and objectivity. Vote for positive change.

    “Many of today’s problems come from yesterday’s solutions, and many of today’s solutions will be tomorrow’s problems.” – Peter Senge

  • Rodolfo

    Well, what is the spirit of democracy if the ruling party can redraw boundaries such that opposition supporters in the former Aljunied GRC can be transferred to Pasir Ris GRC and Ang Mo Kio GRC?

    PAP guilty of the pot calling the kettle black again?

  • Poor Citizens

    “against the spirit of democracy” – Coming out of papaya’s mouth.

    Isn’t GRCs designed “against the spirit of democracy”?

    This time round, the double-edged sword of GRCs will lead to the demise of the papayas.

  • Fugazi

    Democracy presupposes a free independent media, an independent judiciary,an independent Ombudsman. As long as there is govt control and influence democracy is just empty talk. To the discerning there is no need to go and think, espouse, elucidate.

    As for these so-called upgrading (aka window-dressing) taxpayers” money is being used to buy votes. It is pure deception.

    As long as sleep-walking Singaporeans are entrhalled with ONLY material comforts and stupidly equate quantity with quality, the incumbents exploit this misconception, this weakness and benefit unfairly.

    Singaporeans have painted themselves to a corner (by acquisceing to a one-party rule) and now are paying a very high price economically and socially for many …. Undeniably and irrefutably it is a consequence of this insidious one-party rule which in Singapore is bereft of transparency, accountability.

    GIC losses has never been accounted for, No one was made responsible. It is public money. HDB purports to be public housing but it operates on the basis of profits, never mind the negative and social impacts. Never head of any country allowing PRs to partake of public housing so very easily. The latter seems to hiding some un-nice truths. One can add on … and it is cos there is no one to query and question for such unaccountable governance.

    If LHL had made this statement which he did to Singaporeans or sth to this effect – “”Foreigners creat jobs for …”‘ ELSEWHERE, he would have lost his position as PM sooner. His ”Singaporeans come first” was empty of meaning. Now this peanuts of a progress package just to elicit votes. singaporeans must be fools.

    The PAP fears this (questioning,accounting,checking n balancing) and it came up with the GRC and NCMP scheme and it is scheming to hold on to power as long as it can. Hence, the anathematization of anything, anyone that bears the semblance of transparency, accountability n so on so forth.

    As long as fools abide, rascals get voted in.

  • min

    In 2007/2008, inflation was very high too, but there wasnt much been done. Only this year, there were feeble attempts by government to ‘keep prices unchanged’ , and simply because it is election year. Only this year, there are more BTO flats been built, because it is election year. Having been through a few elections, the mode of operation seem unchanged eg. danggling upgrading carrots, instilling fear tactics, etc. remain unchanged. From the orchard road floods, hdb affordability, foreign talent influx, town council losses in toxic investments, mas selamat, and now steve tan’s dropping out debacle, the attitude of the ruling party has been ‘we know what we are doing, stop asking us so many questions, what do u know?!’

  • anonymous

    CHINESE WISDOM SAYING – cutting up voters’ rectum to balance pimples on their faces. Upgrading money belong to taxpayers, not private money of the former incumbents to bait or buy votes.THAT IS THE REASON WHY DEMOCRACY FAILS.

  • yeoman


    why do i keep getting my posts rejected with commenst that i am posting too quickly when i see i am not as quickas others here.

    i am puzzled by this and would sincerely apprecuite your frank advice.


  • Ken

    1963 – Independence from British Rule.
    1965 – Independence from Malaysia Federation.
    2011 – Independence from PAP Rule.

  • Michael

    GY just referred to the WP team as ‘worthy opponents’ during Nomination Day. How fast he changes his spots by slandering that WP is forcing the residents of Aljunied…etc.

    I think you have already lost Aljunied, judging from last night’s incredible turnout for WP’s rally and the anger among voters about the cost of HDB, foreign worker influx, cost of living…etc.

  • ss

    GY mentioned he and his teammates will resign if lost GE, meaning he have a loser mentality, not a winner mentality. He only treats this as a job, not as a mean to serve people. anyway, if he loses then he can still go into statutory board, or companies related..

    if pappies wont even take them when GY loses then it shows pappies are ruthless.. REMEMBER MBT also lost and now still a minister, so are those from GRCs and walkover SMCs, waste taxpayer money if untested.

    Also, GY mentioned will lose some minister cabinet calibre and foreign minister, come on there are also other people of capabilities and also much cheaper, he is simply more senior and overpaid, so is the other minister… or they can use foreign talents, pay them a salary to be able to hold minister job since they are so pro-pr and pro-foreign / worker..

    GY is not dispensable(no one is please wake up singapore voters as no one can guarantee he would live to next day physically)… why he mentioned WP put aljunied voters into a difficult spot, because simple as that is that we need a bigger picture of not being dictated, controlled and monopolize in our lives, our national industries, our freedom, ourselves and our next generations to have freedom from the mounting debts…

    They are using same old tactics years after years after years to manipulate the situation..

    Even opposition leaders and teammates did not quit and resign when there was walkovers.. oh yes, the sitoh yipin of potong pasir did.. are they losers or was it conspiracy for these people to quit??

    Also, on the bigger picture, if upgrading so important, then people will be chasing for false glory while struggling to maintain high cost of living, housing, bills and debts. Some upgrading as mentioned are also loss of money, and aljunied is in/near the heart of city, the pap would not upgrade??

    if no opposition wins, then the rates of cancer in singapore politics and people’s livelihood is like no white blood cells, die even faster and die more violent eventually when we are sucked dry, overworked and still cant retire well and have to pay debts and bills..

    on another note, there are reallocation of GRC areas, these areas will suffer indigestions for those voters that are non pro pappies, cos in life there is only surprise elements.. bear that in mind pappies…

    If you have really gave people a good like, all these should not have happened…. that so many smcs and grcs are contested…

    conclusion, Reap what you Sow…

    the opposition now needs is not proud, and not belittle themselves, with some good solutions and also human touches not to lose in this election, be humble is important though

  • Michael

    Oh, BTW, all PAP sites and FB pages have their comments disabled. They are so afraid of facing the truth that they will are unpopular and will be booted out soon.

  • ss

    btw, foriegn talent / worker is not say no good on the fair side. but the balance and timing was lost as they introduced too many and too fast at one time, just like housing prices.

    it is good to have foreign talents/workers as our countries needs 6.5million or more to simulate the market, but the rates and pace and conditions created to bring in these people are having great balancing problem, also the type of people to bring in like businessman, engineers, etc needs to be considered properly, aust and canada will see each year what are the type of people they need……

    I was told in other countries like USA, if foreign talent/workers want a certain job, the company must advertise and within certain period to let locals see if they want and are qualified to take up the job… if the local was not qualified then the foreign talents / worker can take, this one if implemented at least local wont complain that of same merits and based on same pay as local was given priority.. the pay and remuneration should not be biased also..

    of course this system got a bit of flaw as people can be biased, but at least it gives some added advantages…

    also quota of introducing pr and locals for each sectors should be clear cut..

    there should be incentives to provide more housing grants for our youngsters and also top up money for our cpf and even to reduce our housing debts since we got so much “reserve”… and every year we get small goodies and not big ones…

    erp should be reduce significantly and make some adjustments..

    also, for housing rental and sales and transport and relocation, the pr and the foreign talents should be more well allocated to make sure the congestion is less and living space more orderly…

    etc etc re-solution we can think of and out of the box…

  • Robert Teh

    Just to share with all my letter written to MPs and ministers on the subject of democracy dated 9.12.2005 as reproduced below:-



    The current constitution (Singapore) being adapted from the Westminster Model of Parliamentary Democracy is too general and vague. There exist many grey areas e.g. the framework of government and their interrelated working relationship or hierachy not sufficiently defined with clarity. Hence, such a constitution allows the governing party a lot of leeway to govern the country to suit its own purposes and narrow interests.

    It is therefore essential to re-examine the current constitution with a view to improving the current system of government and overcome all shortcomings and if necessary overhaul it to provide the necessary changes to bring about certainty and prevent any manipulations or tweaking of the constitution by any parties in power in future to serve their own hidden agendas or interests.

    First let us review whether the constitution should clearly spell out the rights and duties of citizens’ rights or the integrity of respective components of system or the safeguarding of the one-man-one-vote election process.

    In the present form of the constitution, the ruling party has been able to amend the election process and tweak it into a GRC to enable any ruling party to control the election so that individual best candidates of quality or leadership abilities are no longer free to stand for election and who have financial resources like than acquired by the ruling party over time has the capacity to put up candidates for election.

    All the components of government – the executive, judiciary and military and legislature – are now under the current vaguely defined constitution are being subjected to control by the over-powered Executive.

    The Executive has acquired too much power to the extent that the ministers without morality or support of the people can proceed using fallacies and hypocrisy like “need to attract and retain talents and avoid corruption” write their own pay cheques paying themselves millions of salaries or life pensions without any basis or consent of the people.

    The government can use their own officers or judges to interpret the laws and persist in passing any laws as they please taking advantage of the grey areas in the constitutions to circumvent loopholes to do all its biddings.

    There is no tolerance of criticisms of government with most of the government resorting to fixing of political oppositions or alternative shadow government.

    Even if there is some forms of tolerances they will be exceptions or hypocrisy in dealing with people’s feedbacks of problems.

    The answer is obvious: under the above-stated circumstance, the Westminster Model of democracy no longer works for the largest benefits of the people, produces a government which is capable of governing by the people.

    To such an extent the government is working only for the benefits of the ruling power to stay in power and do as it likes to serve its own narrow or hidden agenda, people must now take actions to ask for change through peaceful and constitutional means to change for the better.

    The constitution is the basic document of nation building and as such it must clearly establish the fundamental roles, duties and responsibilities of election process, rights and privileges of being citizens so as to enable them to play their ultimate roles and duties to secure the integrity of the election process and governing of the country with accountability based on proper check and balance seen in all democratic systems of government.

    With such a democratic framework as stated in the foregoing set up in the constitution, it should then enable the whole constitution to be the final source of law to which all will revert to safeguard social, cultural and economic vibrancy particularly in the following areas:-

    (1) One Man One Vote election process to ensure that all who are eligible are able to enter his name for nomination to be a candidate for election.

    (2) To ensure multi-racial representation, a certain number of seats of parliaments can be reserved for contest among minority candidates.

    (3) The rights and duties of citizens are spelled out as inviolable with suitable protection irrespective of race, culture, religion or tenets including freedoms of speech, political beliefs, right to stand for election or right to make criticisms of policies or practices of government in power without fear of being sued for remarks or criticisms of government in the course of election.

    (4) The roles and duties and responsibilities of components of governments i.e. executives, legislature, judiciary and civil service are spelled out clearly to avoid conflict or usurpation of power by anyone to lay down a foundation for establishment of rule of law.

    (5) Establish Rule of law, justice, fairness and equity in conduct of laws without fear or favor to the government in power.

    (6) To Establish a low-cost independent panel open to observers from UN agencies to oversee election process and political participation by citizens.

    (7) To Establish powers in appropriate agencies under the supervision of an independent panel for indictment or Investigation and adjudication of conflicts of interests among members of the government.

    With such a constitution, the government will then respect the roles, duties and rights and privileges of being citizens and go about governing the country proactively including complying with the framework of roles and duties of government and encouraging and motivating citizens to take an active part in scrutiny of government performance and feedbacks of whatever policies or actions taken by the government to ensure that they would exercise their sacred votes during election without fear or favor or compromise.

    Such a constitution will then help to bring about greater possibilities to all citizens to have a country well run by the government which will truly serve as the government by the people and for the people in the widest perspective of nation building.

    All could then respect the constitution and work collectively towards bringing about true democracy and build a cohesive social and cultural and economic entity able to contribute to creativity, entrepreneurship or participations in election, giving feedbacks without fear or favor.

    Singapore’s democracy is still young so it must not falter and should have a larger perspective and vision to evolve and mature in its democracy.UNQUUOTE

    I have not received any replies from them except from three MPs Mr. Charles Chong, Ms. Penny Low who denied problems with our democracy.

    You can judge for yourself what Minister Goerge Yeo has said whether it is true he has an interest in democracy.

  • SgCapricorn

    Dear Minister Yeo,

    Your are one of the few Ministers that I used to respect. It is unfortunate that you are now facing biggest political battle of your life, not be design, but by default.

    A default from a flawed GRC system that should never have been there in the first place. And the gerrymandering that has been going on at each election to subvert a true democratic process.

    Such a battle will unfortunately incur causalities. And Minister sir, you will be the collateral damage of ruling party.

    All may not be lost from such a battle. You can still win the war – the elected President. I’m sure many Singaporeans, including those who choose to vote for the opposition in this GE, will vote for you as the elected President later this year.

  • Norm

    Democracy is about people being able to choose whom to govern them. This presupposes that there is choice.

    The PAP keeps saying that it is better for all the talent to be concentrated in one team. But if that happens, what real choice will people have?

    Effectively the PAP is saying that we should not be a democracy! That is the fundamental flaw in their logic.

  • Baby Boomer

    @ Fugazi 29 April 2011
    “The PAP fears this (questioning,accounting,checking n balancing)…”

    You are absolutely right, bro. There are many skeletons in the cupboard that will spill out, when the critical mass of Opposition get into parliament. They will ask the questions that the late President Ong Teng Cheong asked but never got an answer.

  • Disturbed

    By the way, who funds the publicity for PAP in this election? I have never heard about them canvassing or asking for sponsorship. But look at the amount and quality of flyers they printed, the decoration on their ´election mobile´, the no. of people they mobilized and etc, these must have cost a bomb. Can somebody enlighten me?

  • die die dun come to my constituency

    die die… dun come to my constituency… ayoyo… why dun all the opposition parties form a single party and challenge PAP lah… STUPID…

  • Towkays Party

    i think most of us attend rallies for the fun of it… Workers Party… join my party lah… Towkays Party… Workers Party will forever be enslaved… LOL

  • Fat, Dumb & Happy

    I felt annoyed some silly MIW must talk nonsense and I have to get up from my couch, put away my titbit to respond. Now, you have an election which rules are set by your own party. You put yourself up for election, despite all your stupid rules, another candidate put himself up for election. People go to vote, which part of this is “against the spirit of democracy”. Huh? BG GY, kindly “enlighten” us.

  • Can Tok Mah / Opp sure win

    The winning party must look pretty like Nicole and talk fluently like Vincent.. I think they should tie the knot and create the super leaders to replace take over the government… Indians can talk mah and Chinese beauties… wah perfect combination.

  • Sad

    George Yeo again use low class tactic to threaten residents at Aljunied GRC that he will withheld those upgrading programme if WP win.

    Singapore belongs to Singaporean and not to PAP. The money belongs to the people via paying taxes and not from PAP.

  • chanel

    The REAL people running the show at the various ministeries are the Permanent Secretaries and their staff. A minister is merely a non-executive chairman….a public face.

  • Charles Stewart Lee

    That’s rigth Chanel :)

  • political pundit

    We have an election going on, and the WP chaps have to turn up somewhere, which happens to be Aljunied.

    Will it be more democratic if they choose to go Nee Soon, Moulmein-Kallang or Tampines and put his colleagues in the hot seat instead? Or posing a challenge to the PM at AMK?

    And if each of the WP Big Three helm a GRC team, PAP could be at risk of losing more seats.

    To GY, his opponent paid him a high tribute by gathering all their heavyweights in this battle.

    The residents are not shortchanged either as WP is giving the best they have to offer, not any Tom, Dick or Harry.

    Some residents may be facing a dilemma but to say this is against the spirit of democracy will only anger the electorate.

  • Concerned citizen

    Eligible voters in Aljunied GRC should vote for the WP as they have fielded a good team to contest. There must be change and change it should be this GE2011. Not just for the sake of change but remember not to lose valuable men and women at this juncture.Vote wisely but not out of loyalty.The Opposition deserve a GRC to be theirs. The incumbent has nothing much to offer except to plead for loyalty votes.

  • Mohamed A Rashid

    Today is different after what I saw yesterday’s rally, its Singapore against the PAP. Either you are with us or you are with the PAP.

  • iworkhardsometimes

    The spirit of democracy has been redefined by the great philosopher George Yeo.

    i think this achievement is unprecedentedly monumental.

    an achievement worthy of recognition in the archives of the Jedi Order.

  • iworkhardsometimes

    Real Madrid look fierce but weak especially against strong teams, 外强中干, 华而不实

  • nay1

    Goof fren Jack Neo must have written the new script for this aspiring lousy actor.

    Money & NO work boring & not enuff when throw smoke with Demonic Persuasion Is more fun.

    Cry like LBH , Zorro Sway Sway or Jack Neo himself to DEMON-strate vulnerability.

    Consequences of backlash:
    Copy Paste like Viva the Diva & Call a TRUCE and let’s move on.

    This Shameless Sinner with all his cohort of white Animal Farm piglets will face their Creator soon for offending God, the nation and its citizens. There is NO escape ! Oink!

  • True heart

    Aljunied voters, do your Singapore brothers and sisters a favor. Look at the calibre of Chen SM, if you want good alternative voice in Parliament, George Yeo has to be voted OUT. Don’t worry for him, you will see him become a Director of so and so company the following week and still get to enjoy his million dollar income. But what about Chen SM and the rest? You know how our ruling party is capable of. You think you can regret and vote them in 5 years later ? They will be no longer seen in Singapore. Singaporeans, please, we cannot be voting because GY is not so hated, we got to help keep true democracy alive. We have no more next time. If this time PAP gets a clean sweep, they will make sure there will be no more alternative voice to challenge them next time !!!

  • Danny

    Dear BG Yeo,
    I understand your dilemma. You have to sing the same song as your comrades and at the same time, deep inside, you know that there is a big problem with our so called democratic process. You know very well it doesn’t exist based on the GRC system. I know this is not your fault. 人在江湖,身不由己。The GRC did not bring Singapore forward and with the GRC, many lousy and unworthy MPs and ministers got into parliament, without receiving any mandate. Actually, in the first place also not sure how these so-called elites got passed the stringent PAP evaluation process. I think the commoners, like us, can evaluate better. But we dont have a chance to reject them due to the GRC system and this is really not fair. If not for the GRC system, I am sure you will be able to make it into parliament.
    You are also aware WP will be good servants for us in the parliament. They will take care of not just Aljunied but also for the betterment of Singapore. As you said, they are credible.
    I like to thank you in advance for making way for WP in this election. You will remain a hero to many of us for making such selfless sacrifice to make Singapore a better place. Also rest assured, WP has sufficient talents and experience to run Aljunied. It is in good hands based on what I see in Hougang.
    And last but not least, I will definitely support you in your presidential race.

  • True heart

    I am not poor, neither am I super rich. I am not affected by the so call HDB debacle. It might be the case that more opposition seats taken and I end up having to pay more tax with the resolution of lower GST or other tax revenue. But my heart is with the Singapore majority, I will vote for the opposition. So what are you all out there waiting for ?

  • urbanknight

    It is like high stake poker and both sides have shown hand.

    It really is a tipping point. Should ALjunied go to WP, then the dominoes will fall.

    If Aljunied remains with PAP, then opposition will be set back heavy.

  • georgia tong

    PM threaten us with property price going down, now George Yeo talked about ‘enlightened self-interest’. So it is not about our country anymore – and they are appealing to our selfish interest ?

    They are speaking for themselves. They own care about their own party interest. The fox has reveal its tail.

  • JimmyCC

    PAP is saying as if there are more than 2 opp MPs in Parliament, the world will stop for Singapore.

    What kind of crap is that? Even if 20 opp MPs are voted in, PAP is still the majority and will form the next government.

  • concerned citizen

    @georgia – all along PAP has been cleverly controlling the people by the manipulating human beings’ basest instincts of self interest such as through the “money” and tangible benefits they throw at us such as upgrading bribes and Growth dividends just before elections. This is why this commentary’s metaphor of master feeding the servant and telling the servant don’t question him is so apt.

  • JS

    Chen Shao Mao will not be able to replace George Yeo – not literally. The foreign minister will still have to come from the party in power i.e. PAP.

  • Ex Singaporean

    Gratitude is NOT servitude

  • The spirit of democracy

    Utterly disappointed in Minister Yeo. I have lost the high level of respect that I used to have for him.

    Spirit of democracy? The very concept of GRC is anti-democracy. So what are we talking about here?

    By the way, I’m surprised that anyone even bothers to read the Straits Times now. It sure has the look and feel of a party newsletter. But maybe we should read it, so that the citizens of Singapore can stand up to, expose and rebutt the half-truths and their twisted logic.

  • Alex Xia

    I don’t know how people can write on his facebook when it is one of those, autocratic one way, talk down to people discussion that does not invite comments.

  • kimmy

    Here another view from the TOC mainstream

    The spirit of democracy is about making rational choices, chosing the team that brought tremendous progress to Singapore that is envy of neighbours, the team that has successfully navigated tricky situations and who is daring to make tough innovative choices.

    In HK democracy, the government is bogged down by endless debates and they now operate on “play safe” mode with a little risk taking as possible, catering to most tastes. The result is no major initiatives, no long term planning..

    In Thailand, robust rallies from red shirts/yellow shirts have paralysed the country and causing the country to regress.

    There is such thing as too much democarcy… go research the examples in other countries.

  • alitheia

    I think Mr George Yeo has misunderstood the meaning of the term “enlightened self-interest”.

    What enlightened self-interest means is this:

    that acting to further the interests of the LARGER GROUP to which we belong, will result in furthering our own interests.

    Voters of Aljunied GRC do belong to a larger group – the nation of Singapore.

  • hardertruths

    For what GY said, “I dunno what to say”
    If Aljunied voters still vote for him, “I dunno what to say”

  • wong

    frankly, i think what george yeo said is true. i am a aljunied resident and i feel conflicted. on one hand, i like to see some opposition present in parliament, on the other hand, i think highly of george yeo and the work he has done for the constituency. i do resent the fact that WP is causing me to make this choice. my vote will for george yeo and his team, he has shown to me that he is a good man. Sincere, trustworthy, intelligent and competent. All the best, George!

  • Spongeboob

    May I add one more? There are people who don’t smoke and still get cancer. So, why do we need to quit smoking? Want some more?

  • alitheia

    to Wong:

    Can one Singaporean man say to the other: “I support NS and defending Singapore, but I would prefer if you did the serving and defending for me…”?

    This is what the English thinker John Stuart Mill would say, if he were to reason with you:

    “A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”

    Your supposed conundrum has been expressed in various forms. The ST recently quoted a Singaporean voter as having said this: “Opposition is fine, but not in my own backyard.”

    The truth of the matter is this: we all have the same backyard.

  • Wong

    to altheia,
    if that is my choice, and it is, then George Yeo and his team will be it. he’s be tried, tested and proven to have what it takes. it’s a no-brainer for me. ultimately i want a team of capable leaders leading the country and meeting the needs of me, my family and country-men, and i i see George Yeo in that team.

  • CD

    Hi Wong, I am a resident here in Aljunied and seriously the transformation in the last 5 years is unbelieveable thanks to the hardwork of the PAP team. Now everyone online or friends are forcing us to support WP. I have not seen sylvia lim for the last 5 years so why should i bother support her team. I agree with you Minister George Yeo is just too important for Singapore to be voted out. He is in charge of the FTA (free trade agreement) and DTA (Double Tax Agreement) which had so much success and created so much foreign investment and jobs for Singaporean too. All the things opposition said so far have been very disappointing and no concrete plans or interesting ideas. So my vote is very straight forward as well.

  • alitheia

    to Wong:

    You have then to answer to your own heart – the flip side of your dilemma: “who will help you to put in the opposition members that you would like to see in parliament”?

    But I will respect your choice. That is what a GE and democracy is about.

  • perspective

    We are in Aljunied GRC.
    It did not cross our mind that we are facing a dilemma.
    We are supporting WP’s triple AAA team to address and influence national issues like housing, healthcare, cost of living, etc.

  • suggestion

    Actually the bit about how Chen Show Mao would/could take over George Yeo as FM in the event that the WP wins needs further clarification, as it’s not something automatic.

    Cabinet ministers are appointed by the President on the PM’s advice — ie, even if the WP wins any GRC, it doesn’t necessarily mean that any of them would get to be a minister.

    It’s almost certain that the PAP will win majority seats in the House, which means the PM will be from the party. And there’s little reason for him to want to appoint a MP from another party a minister.

    Further in order to be appointed minister, one doesn’t have to be an elected Member of Parliament. Even a NCMP or a NMP can be appointed a minister.

    Singaporeans really need to be educated on the political system, and I think TOC can write an article on this to educate voters on what the implications of likely scenarios.

    I laugh when I hear people say there will be an upheaval in government if the opposition “takes over” by winning a GRC.

  • angmokio

    Our Aljunied Voters!
    you will change the history of Singapore and will be remembered by all Singaporeans and many next generations,
    your deed will be recorded in our national history if you vote WP Low Thia Kiang and his team into the parliament in the coming GE.

    If WP Low Thia Kiang and his team are not voted in to the parliament in this GE no other opposition party will be voted into the parliament too.
    As the result there will be no opposition MP to check and balance the PAP,to protect our rights for the next 5 years(may be for another 30 years).
    The choices that was made by Low Thia Kiang and Chiam See Tong are right and supported.
    It is pointless to have 1 or 2 opposition MP and some NCMP in the parliament.
    All brothers and sisters of Aljunied,you must think carefully before you cast your votes. Remember there is no U-Turn for you! There may be no opposition MP in our
    parliament to check the PAP and to protect our rights for the next 5 years, may be for the next 30 years by making a wrong vote.

  • Cass

    It’s unfortunate that his words have been so arshly and negatively interpreted.
    In line with what PM Lee said, if youve been having a faithful, credible driver bring you places for the past 40 years, why ponder on throwing him out? At this stage do we need an alternative – an alternative that we cannot guarantee will work out as promised? Are we that sure that the opposition can deliver what PAP can’t? Remember how this nation was built in the first place.

  • theRBK

    “Singapore’s hardware is well in place and should continue to progress well economically and we should not fear change. Now the time is ripe to vote with our conscience in the spirit of democracy. We are not looking to replace PAP but we are seeking to vote in some different alternative voices to provide the needed checks and balance. A vote for change now is a vote for a better government, one that truly represents the views of the people and which will do what is right by the people, for the people.”(last paragraph of the article)

    so, now is the time to vote out some parts of the PAP, but not enough to replace the PAP… if people are so unhappy with the PAP, why not unseat them entirely?… if voting in the opposition can provide a “better government”, why not vote them into power and let them run Singapore?… are people afraid that they are not able to take up that task?… do they not have men and women willing and able to run Singapore?… are they only capable of raising issues with government policies but not forming their own policies and defending their own policies?… seems like the opposition wants the best of both worlds, to have their say but not take responsibility…

    so, if the electorate is to only vote in enough opposition members of parliament to form a strong opposition force in parliament, which ones are the ones to vote in, and which candidates are there to make up the numbers?… knowing this would help, just in case the electorate vote in too many opposition and not enough PAP…

  • iPUSHleekingyouwheelchair

    wong. i do resent the fact that WP is causing me to make this choice. my vote will for george yeo and his team
    why you resent the worker party?
    do you live in a democractic country?
    so just to please you and your family, the whole of singapoor die on your b1/2?
    in YOUR case…if singapoor were to be invaded and the conqueror says you hav to make a choice it either you or your wife
    you would had replied…
    you the conqueror is not FAIR…
    bloomin IDIOTIC thinker you are…
    ello ello KNOCK KNOCK..the frickin FOREIGNERS are ERE…soon they will be livin in 1 of YOUR bedroom if you suddenly ran out of CA$H…
    and we shall RESENT that or not?
    and aljunied is surrounded by WHOM?

  • Kevin Tang

    I am faced with a tough decision to make!
    Thanks to Low TK and his power team… If he had gone to some other GRC like the 4 members GRC or some single seats,or some GRCs with controversial candidates they could have easily beaten them with one arm!! Why force it on Aljunied GRC residents for your hidden agenda?? WP should know it better.
    LOWTK, Slyvia and Chen Show Mao you have forced us to a corner. I am kind of disappointed. Can someone help me so that I know how to decide???

  • Johnny

    Aljunied voters:

    Recognize which party have delivered the goods and brought prosperity to the nation even though the odds of city state propering is very low. Nobody owe us a living. Yes they make mistakes along the way but their contributions are far larger and widely acknowledged.

    To consume rhetoric like restricting FT or accept incessant polarising debates simply ebb our execution strength. we lose one of the only advantage that we have, the decline starts from that day.

    I live in Aljunied and I vote PAP. Game on.

  • Paul Lee

    Why so pathetic now?

    What happen to his “boh tua, boh suay” and “if you are not of a certain economic class, you should not even think of going there. You should confine yourself to 4D, Toto or horse racing” arrogance?


  • Gi

    I have one point to add. GY’s argument would apply wherever LTK goes, because wherever he goes, he would create an “emotional dilemma” for the voters there. Inevitably voters everywhere would have to make a choice between PAP and opposition.

    It follows that the only way the “emotional dilemma” can be avoided is that opposition parties be extinct in Singapore. Now that is “democracy”.

  • iworkhardsometimes

    good effort by all those who are pretending to be Aljunied residents here regardless of which side of the story you are trying to sell, but this is a very old and stale move, any new tricks to offer?

  • iworkhardsometimes

    there seems to be no way a candidate from PAP can make a speech without including either the word posion, a carrot, a stick, a punishment, a reward or a hard headed bargain.

    thats it? PAP?

    this is the best you got?

  • Wong

    To iworkhardsometimes:
    seriously grow up. not everyone in cyberspace have the time and energy to go about deceiving others.
    vote whatever you would like and i certainly hope you get what you deserve.

  • Kevin Tang

    To iworkhardsometimes:

    Eh please, you will never understand ??Cos you r not Aljunied residents!!

    BTW r u an ALJUNIED resident? I m quite sure you r not. You sure happy that this decision is force on Aljunied GRC and not your area where there are terrible PAP candidates right!

  • sk


  • Jiann

    I’m a resident in Aljunied GRC. I was struggling as well choosing between my beloved PAP MPs/Minister and the A-team from Workers’ Party. At first, I felt like most residents felt – a lose-lose vote for us in Aljunied. But after reading your interview, I feel that I should immediately vote for WP. We are a democratic country aren’t we? In a democracy we are suppose to make difficult and hopefully, wise decision for ourselves and our children with our only vote no matter the situation. We should feel bless but not “delimma” with this given chance of voting for two teams with the “best” candidates in this GE. BG Yeo you might be feeling tired from running the country foreign affairs and running this tough election. So my beloved Minister I wish you the best and may God bless you in this campaign.

  • concerned citizen

    to the PAP/George yeo supporters who have commented here- It seems like you guys “resent WP” for giving you a choice. That is ridiculous to hear the word resent. Hello, we live in a democracy in case you have forgotten. The system does not cater only to PAP die-hard supporters who want the status quo and willingly accept whatever the MIW do rightly or wrongly in return for economy and GDP. There are many other Singaporeans who are standing up for their rights now and who do not accept that with the economic benefits (which a good government should provide in the first place) must come a price of immoral acts of gerrymandering to stay in power and to allow them to use public funds for upgrading as a tool to scare people not to vote for opposition. As gor Mr Yeo, with due respect, he may have done a good job as a foreign minister but he is not indispensable. If we want change, we have to pay the price. but in turn the nation benefits so much more as we get a just and acccountable government.

  • CD

    To iworkhardsometimes:

    U should come to Aljunied and see what George Yeo and his team have done. I am under Cynthia Phua. We have everything upgraded here. from market to parks and even the drain is upgrade completely.

    Every weekend i pass by the old bus inter-change and now there is football competition and events to help the poor such as fund rising and programme for the old. I think it is really quiet nice place to stay. I really hope there will be no changes.

  • JimmyCC

    Dear GY, Please tell your PAP comrades to get the foreigners they brought in to vote for them, ok?

    The foreigners will create jobs for them as ministers.

  • iPUSHleekingyouwheelchair

    not everyone in cyberspace have the time and energy to go about deceiving others.
    and YOU let realives ministers deceive you over and over again?
    why you no pay gst/erp/levies?
    cheap mey?


    Kevin Tang
    If he had gone to some other GRC like the 4 members GRC

    CD 30 April 2011
    To iworkhardsometimes:

    U should come to Aljunied and see what George Yeo and his team have done.


    indeed very very kind of you
    when klingon attacked earth
    you would had replied..wiped out africa 1st..don’t touch us aljunians..we did nothin to you..for we are AFRAID..very very AFRAID…

    with the THREE of you above durin the nipponese kempati…limbohseng/tantockseng/sunyatseng would had die 1st in line…
    YOU 3 MOUSEshitTEARs would just ^AHEM^ and points your nimble tremblin fingers…

  • Think Singapore

    Alhunied residents- yes we know you have a nice estate to live in. But the point of this now is we are imploring Singaporeans to look at the bigger picture beyond your cosy estate. This is about what kind of government we want and what kind of nation we want. It’s is sad if everyone just says he is comfortable with his estate and doesn’t care what kind of government is running the country so long as they kepp your roads clean and parks pretty. Ask yourself if you really agree with all the immoral practices and abuses by the ruling party? Do they set a fine example for your children to follow? Can you live with your conscience?

  • iwokrhardsometimes

    your objections are merely verbal.

    prove that u r a Aljunied resident and i will issue an apology to you and concede my position.

    NPNT = no prove no talk

  • Kevin Tang

    To ipushleekingyouwheelchair

    Why force this tough decicison on us.This is autocratic man!! Is this really democracy ? There are definitely many opportunities to get opp into parliament this round?? Why want to make me decide between a proven track record good minister and Low TK. If Low TK spare a thought for the so many voters of Aljunied GRC his standing would rise..

  • iPUSHleekingyouwheelchair

    okrhardsometimes 30 April 2011
    your objections are merely verbal.

    prove that u r a Aljunied resident and i will issue an apology to you and concede my position.
    you don’t need to
    in time of cannot tell the GODS..where to hav that tornado blowin which directions..nobody is indispensable just liked the sar viruses
    we cannot control it…
    and many health workers includin doctor die in the lines of duties..leekingyou suffer no casuality amon his family..they were not even in singapoor soil…

  • iPUSHleekingyouwheelchair

    Kevin Tang 30 April 2011
    To ipushleekingyouwheelchair

    If Low TK spare a thought for the so many voters of Aljunied GRC his standing would rise..
    right tokyo would had tasunami
    we the nipponese didn’t offend you the weather GODs…why punised us? can’t you just blow towards the south and land in singapoor instead..right wrong or maybe?

  • iworkhardsometimes

    @ Wong

    i quote u: “not everyone in cyberspace have the time and energy to go about deceiving others.”

    define “not everyone”

  • Love & Humility

    The final verdict on May 7.
    YUE HWA meaning:
    Yeo u eliminated.
    The Parrot man at Bishan-Toa Payoh
    Portends trouble in the affairs
    of PAP.
    May 1 is Pope John Paul 2 declared
    Blessed. Of course, he is already
    a Saint in Heaven.
    I recall clearly on TV what Yeo said:
    ” Don’t listen to Papal orders ”
    doing stem-cell research – killing of
    Holy Innocents at the moment of conception to grow his Biomedical GDP
    i.e. selling Human DNA and foetus for
    research to make organs. He thinks he
    is GOD. Remember the sins of the Father
    is upon your son – Lukemia as a result
    of his actions.
    HIM. Too bad the Papies hold the election
    at EASTER SEASON – The Resurrection of Life where the Sun, Stars shines forth
    and Lightning ceases to spark.
    As the song says: Don’t let the Sun
    catch you crying and Mary our Mother

  • californian


    “I was told in other countries like USA, if foreign talent/workers want a certain job, the company must advertise and within certain period to let locals see if they want and are qualified to take up the job… if the local was not qualified then the foreign talents / worker can take, this one if implemented at least local wont complain that of same merits and based on same pay as local was given priority.. the pay and remuneration should not be biased also..”

    You know, this entire H1-B business is all wayang. I never know this until a few years ago. Yes, they are required to advertise for jobs to prove that there are no local people (i.e. citizens or PR) who can take up the job. Guess what companies actually do? They advertise in small local newspapers in neighboring counties instead of the county that the job is located in, or in counties where there are no such requisite skills. Of course, there will be no takers…. Once the required time is up, they now can submit proof that there is no one capable to take the jobs.

  • anonymous

    PAP Drivers reliable in the last 40 years? Ask LHL! He told CNN last October, his economic policy was caught off guard for the last 10 years at the pace of globalisation impact and SM Goh tod the Chinese Chamber of Commerce that our economic model based on influx of cheap foreign labour is UNSUSTAINABLE.

    The drivers in the last 10 years fell asleep on their wheel and global economies are all hitting dangerous turbulence including Singapore in the GFC when we sank deepest and fastest!

    Do you need reference proof of this?

  • Conservative

    I don’t see the ‘dilemma’. In other countries this would be called a choice. Only in Singapore is a strong Opposition slate called a ‘dilemma’. Aljunied voters and singaporeans in general must look beyond the local municipal issues. Our votes are more precious than a covered walkway, a new bus service or an exercise park. Our votes are for the future, for our children and for our country. The PAP should be judged based on their vision for the future and the only future I see is five years of the same. Anyway, the PAP can let one or two SMCs degenerate, but it cannot afford to ignore a whole GRC. The tactics to deal with an SMC are not the same as the GRC. I will not allow my vote to be held to ransom. There are greater things at stake for my future and my country than 3 ministers’ careers.

  • VOTING is for SPOREAN future

    Dear Citzen,

    I felt so sad whenever a Sporean mention that the MP help them when they are in trouble with their bills etc.

    Reason being they ask for it because the MP is part of the system that SUCK them to feed themselves for themselves.

    The MP may be sincere but the Party whom they represent is WORSE then robbers.
    They do it daily from the transport system to the daily supply.

    You are Voting the Party that stand for the people NOT the person but for the PEOPLE of SPore.

    We now entrust our fate in your VOTE for the future of Sporean and your children future or more jobs loss, no time for family and babies but plenty of Bills to pay and pay.

  • iworkhardsometimes

    most of the ppl who make a lot of noise about being “forced” has in fact already made a decision to vote for PAP,

    they are just here to exploit this “forced theme” n to sell their justifications for voting PAP.

    the best thing is, they may not even live in Aljunied to start with.

  • Reasonable Citizen

    This man I remember was in one of those FTA talks at Cancun or Doha or one of those places.

    The delegates from countries like India had simply refused agree to some of the terms for opening up their economy. The obvious reason was that they would be unfairly compromising the economic conditions of their citizens. Such was the steadfast protection the leaders of these countries were giving to their own people. Then this GY went on to lamenting for these countries as if a major opportunity had been let to slip through their fingers.

    Now we are allowing these same foreigners, the ones who were protected by their political leaders, into our country by the plane loads to take over our jobs. Many Singaporeans have suffered job losses in one form or another over the past decade. Who is responsible?

    And when this millionister is about to loose his own job, he goes begging for votes. Analyse carefully what he is saying. HE IS ADVOCATING THAT NO ONE SHOULD COMPROMISE HIS INTEREST FOR WIDER NATIONAL INTEREST – IN OTHER WORDS – BE SELFISH.

  • losing minster dilema crap

    losing 3 ministers is a big deal? why only can PAP groom good ministers? opposition cant groom good minsiters? if only good sch like raffles will only be the place to produce good students, then why there are still people make it big in neighbourhood schools. this dilema of losing good minsiters is crap. and anyway the minsiters become the wellknown minsiters over the years becos of walkover. this means that they never even took the exam and are recognised as good students…. if this dilema reasoning is true, must well recruit all mps from raffles school….this is crap

  • Love & Humility

    Yeo portends ” Yeo eliminated Officialy ”
    May 7.
    My soul doth magnify the Lord.
    And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.
    Because he hath regarded the humility of his handmaid;
    for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.
    Because he that is mighty,
    hath done great things to me;
    and holy is his name.
    And his mercy is from generation unto generations,
    to them that fear him.
    He hath shewed might in his arm:
    he hath scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart.
    He hath put down the mighty from their seat,
    and hath exalted the humble.
    He hath filled the hungry with good things;
    and the rich he hath sent empty away.
    He hath received Israel his servant,
    being mindful of his mercy:
    As he spoke to our fathers,
    to Abraham and to his seed for ever.

  • CLY

    While I can understand how some people in Aljunied feel because of the transformation they have seen over the 5 years. But to be fair, the incumbent party is able to do that simply because they are the elected government with the support of the entire PUBLIC SERVICE and the PUBLIC FUNDS (from taxes, fees & charges). And not because they are better than the opposition or that they care more for you than the opposition.

    I have been listening to the speeches and rallies and I find the arrogance of the incumbent to be tasteless. Do the people of Singapore seriously want them to continue to be our political MASTERS or do we want someone strong enough in parliament to impose some checks and balance?

    And yes… the creation of GRCs is the single, most undemoractic thing in the world and the words coming out from George Yeo’s mouth is simply hypocritical.

  • CD

    To iPUSHleekingyouwheelchair:
    Sorry i dont fully understand what you have reply other than the fact that you are not too happy about my decision. I dont wish to have a long debate and getting too personal. Thks.

    To Think Singapore:

    Since you talk about the big picture, Let’s look at the big picture. The Marco view. We are actually in a very interesting point in world geopolitics where power is shiting from West to East. This is very exciting time and yet very dangerous times as well. Normally power does not change hand without bloodshed , but so far everything seem fine. Just to cut the long story short, We (Singapore) is facing alot of new competition from the new emerging economics which can be very cheap and gradually move up the value chain. Singapore have to be very competitive to survive or very soon our beloved country will be a thing of the past. Remember no city state actually lasted for more than a century. I hope Singapore can make History. Our democracy have to be different from other countries, i dont think that two party system can work in Singapore, in the past i thought it is a good idea since if the ruiling party fails then the next goverment can take over but after thinking further and alittle bit deeper, i dont think that is the case because Singapore a small tiny island have only 5-6million people (including foreign talent) will not have the talent to go against the number of smart people in China and India. So if we dont have a best people to run Singapore we will be at the mercy of the Bigger nations. That is why Minister George Yeo (FA) and PAP is very impt. One example they started the “Asean Charter” hoping to create a free trade zone to counter the rising of china influence in the region. If we dont make the other Asean nations work with us, singapore will have nothing to counter against China or India in the negotiation table. Once that happened our industry and jobs will disappear then Singaporean will feel the pain. We Singaporeans cant have everything we need to take short term pain for long term gain there is always a “trade-off” We need the foreigners(smart ones) to stay and make them our team members and Singapore birth rates is now 1.16 so we cant replace ourself and we have to take care of older citizen who cant produce as much (no offence) It will be very tough on the society if we let that happen. Inflation is other issue which Opposition talks about but cant give concrete solution. We Singapore have to import stuff such as food / steel / power and etc and right now world food prices are increasing it is not just in Singapore. We now have 1.4 billion chinese and 1 billion Indians. They are moving into middle income and they need more food / steel / power. Every country is fighting for resources at the moment , that is y we see all time high in oil and other commodities. Inflation will be there and it will becomes worse. America is printing money like no tommorrow and this leads to money inflow to Asia. Singapore being a open economy will feel the impact but seriously our goverment is doing a very good job just look at the other open economies in Asia (eg. Hongkong) their housing is the ones that are crazy. I want to vote for a party that have a good track record on the international stage, work for Singaporeans and create result from marco to mirco perpective. Guys rem Singapore is a very small country, we need to counter the outside changes so internally we cant fight with each other we must stay united. Thks.

  • CLY

    To add on, GRCs in itself imposes an “emotional dilemma” on every voter in the GRC. Why? Each GRC is helmed by some heavyweight minister(s) and a group of people whom we may or may not like. Yet, in order not to lose the “valued” minister, the voter has to undergo the dillema of giving his/her vote and send the whole team in.

    In doing so, has the incumbent ever given consideration of the dillema that voters have to go thru? Do they not feel, even for a second, that this is no different from holding the voters at ransom as well? So why should WP be at the receiving end of such accusations?

    My fellow Singaporeans, I think it is time we tell the incumbent to start taking us, the citizens, seriously.

  • theRBK

    “I don’t see the ‘dilemma’. In other countries this would be called a choice. Only in Singapore is a strong Opposition slate called a ‘dilemma’. Aljunied voters and singaporeans in general must look beyond the local municipal issues. Our votes are more precious than a covered walkway, a new bus service or an exercise park. Our votes are for the future, for our children and for our country.”


    In other countries, the opposition runs to unseat the ruling party so that they can implement their own policies which they believe would better suit their country… that is a choice…

    In Singapore, the opposition runs to gets some seats, but says that they are not ready to form government… that is not a choice… what if the electorate really votes the PAP out?… should the PAP try to form a coalition government with the only opposition party that has declared themselves ready to form a government, the SPP?…

  • totalitarian

    If WP team is not elected in Aljunied, we will move back to a totalitarian state. What a pity!!!People in Aljunied, you are blessed to be able to make the choice!

  • iPUSHleekingyouwheelchair

    CD 30 April 2011
    To iPUSHleekingyouwheelchair:
    Sorry i dont fully understand what you have reply other than the fact that you are not too happy about my decision. I dont wish to have a long debate and getting too personal.

    Guys rem Singapore is a very small country, we need to counter the outside changes so internally we cant fight with each other we must stay united. Thks.

    and this erections is not personal..
    it just another holiday right?

    stay united?
    by askin worker party to go elsewhere but aljunied…
    indeed..bettin against the united football team is suredwin as well…


    In other countries, the opposition runs to unseat the ruling party so that they can implement their own policies which they believe would better suit their country… that is a choice…
    other country that is a choice as lon as it not ajunied estate where ^outsiders^ hav no choice
    bravo clap clap clapped…

  • CLY

    Dear CD

    No one is indispensible and it doesn’t mean that without George Yeo, our FTAs and DTAs start falling apart.

    More likely than not, the PAP will return to power come 7th May. However, the point is whether it is in the interest of Singaporeans to have a greater representation of opposition in the parliament to scrutinise their actions and ensure greater accountability. Or do we prefer to give them a blanket mandate to run this country as they please.

    This is indeed a serious matter.

  • lim

    I liked Sylvia Lim’s suggestion to give GY an early retirement and boost him into a cushy post-ministerial job.

    Nothing more democratic than Singaporeans voting to give the guy an opportunity in the private sector (and possibly with a pay raise).

  • theRBK


    why should there be an assumption that the PAP will return to power in this election… if people are truly dissatisfied with the PAP, why not just vote them out?… why retain them?… the vote count runs in tandem; is it not possible that enough people vote for the opposition so that the PAP does not have a majority… why not the opposition stand up and take power and form government?

  • CD

    To CLY:

    Well i am not stupit to not know the fact that the MPs are working so hard because they are facing very tough competitors. So for the past 5years, my family in Aljunied is the benefitary of the result from the last GE. That is the main reason why the goverment did so much on the ground. But u see even if WP dont get voted into the parliment,they would still be the NCMP which can say something. As a Singaporean, i dont want people which are not proven to be serving my GRC. I know that if the Opposition were to be able to get in, most likely our property prices would go down. There are so many factors to consider and all lead to one direction.
    Yes i agree no one is indispensible, so i am making a choice to get minister GY since opposition should be indispensible as well.

    Btw i really dont like the WP slogan of “Towards a first world parliment” because currently the First World (America, Britian, Australia, Belgium) all have so much problem with their parliment, they are all the time fighting against one another without making any progress… is a scary thought that Singapore will be like them.

  • No3No4

    George Yeo is a good minister, but If he got kick out, it’s PAP to blame for implementing the GRC.

  • iPUSHleekingyouwheelchair

    theRBK 30 April 2011

    why should there be an assumption that the PAP will return to power in this election… if people are truly dissatisfied with the PAP, why not just vote them out?… why retain them?…
    indeed vote them out as lon as the pap party in aljunied is UNTOUCHED…
    right wrong or maybe?
    still aroun repeatin the same song?

  • theRBK


    when I say vote them out, I include Aljunied… nowhere on this site have I said to vote the PAP out everwhere or anywhere except Aljunied…

  • Conservative

    The WP has been nothing but honest about not being prepared to form a government. With that, it’s made it’s motives clear and the votes should be based on that, it is not looking to unseat the PAP but it is looking to be the safety net for singaporeans if and when the PAP goes astray. Therefore our votes should be geared towards that. This is not a choice between a PAP government and a WP government, it is a choice between a PAP-dominated parliament and a PAP government that is held accountable through a strong opposition. That the WP has declared its stand shows that it has not tried to mislead singaporeans into thinking that it can gain power. In any case I guess my vote goes to the party that is willing to listen to my concerns and daringly reflect those in the highest forum in the land. I don’t want an MP that is too vested in the system to actively oppose a government that has gone wrong. I want my MP to demand a full explanation about why the Orchard Rd floods happened, why the YOG budget overran 3X, how Mas Selamat could have dressed up like a woman and stayed overnight in tampines, why housing prices have skyrocketed over the last five years, why hasn’t the transport infrastructure grown in tandem with the influx of foreigners, how Temasek and GIC lost their billions in bad investments and many other issues. I want my MP to press the ministers until I receive a satisfactory explanation or an apology for a mistake made. That’s what I’m looking for in an MP.

    I might also add that only in Singapore is an opposition win a ‘freak result’, in other countries it’s known as the ‘will of the people’.

  • iPUSHleekingyouwheelchair

    CD 30 April 2011
    To CLY:

    Well i am not stupit to not know the fact that the MPs are working so hard because they are facing very tough competitors
    you also ere as well..also prayin to the same god as theRBK bloke…
    tough competitors? and all this while durin the last 5 ears..easy money earned
    no competition @ all…
    you are not stupid?
    aljunied mps worked hard
    tell that to the romanian government in romania..where in their country..they just sleep with draculas’ daughters till sirgeorgeyeo act blind dumb and stupid to let go 1 manslaughtered drunk driver home to romania…

    so who is more stupid ere?
    you or theRBK
    ha ha ha…

  • theRBK


    and I appreciate that honesty from the WP… but even if they are not trying to unseating the PAP, there are enough opposition candidates out there to offer the electorate the choice of unseating the PAP… if that happens, would not the opposition have to form the government?… and why should they not try to unseat the PAP?… they are offering candidates with good qualifications and saying they are committed to serving the people, why should the people not vote for them?… so if the “will of the people” is exerted, would the opposition not find themselves in a tangle if they are not ready to form government?…

  • yeoman

    the true spirit of ‘DEMOCRACY’ is to be ‘CHEAPER’ like the “ones ” we ask to be ‘CHEAPER’ in order for our country to be competitive.

    it is surely not paying oneself MILLIONS more with EXTRA SERVINGS of BIG FATTY BONUSES while cajoling others to be austere.

  • Crossroad

    Firstly, You cannot “check and balance” a fallen house. If a house is meant to fall, it will fall whether there are “checks and balances” or not ( btw, it is a farce under the current system. more form than substance). So the question you should be asking is whether the structure of this house is sound or not. If not sound, why?

    Secondly, where most of the problems seem to lie – have you put the cart before the horse?

    Thirdly, you can’t talk about the kind of democracy you hope to have when there is disorder or wrong order in the house.

    Fourthly, haven’t you realized by now that you have been SOLD to SIN Inc.(that’s your social contract)? Your rights in exchange for dividends?The deal here is, if you take Caesar’s coin, you bear his image. That’s western democracy.

    Fourthly, when you have come to the point of revolt, you know you are at the crossroad. Where you turn at this point will decide your fate.

    Lastly, PAP had it coming to them. When you exhort yourself, be prepared to be humbled by your people.

  • fpc

    LKY himself came down to Yishun to help the Yishun MP – a relative of his – to help cover up a mess created by the MP.

    Where was GY then when he saw that during the elections in the late 90s?

    GY is behaving like a guy who knows his job and pay is shaky.

    Nothing exceptional.

  • curious citizen


    “Every country is fighting for resources at the moment , that is y we see all time high in oil and other commodities.”

    Brilliant and incisive comment. But I wonder if there were other reasons for the high prices, e.g. the civil unrest in Libya or that oil is a commodity that is prone to speculation would be much more acceptable.

    “Our democracy have to be different from other countries, i dont think that two party system can work in Singapore,… Singapore a small tiny island have only 5-6million people (including foreign talent) will not have the talent to go against the number of smart people in China and India”

    The above comment was shortened, but again I am curious as to whether a similar form of another country’s democracy was practiced so as to be able to determine that it the two party system is unsuitable for us. Since in the absence of testing it, it could have been determined arbitrarily. i.e. I could have just made that decision based solely on my own personal whims.

    In addition to that, of the comment that we are in direct competition with China and India, I am still curious to know how are we to compete? Should we lower our production costs to a level below that of both China and India? And or by importing cheaper labor from these countries thereby displacing our own workers? Why are certain industries more susceptible to competition from China and India?

    There are many more legitimate concerns that you have brought up, most of them are shared perspectives with a lot of other citizens. But I find it curious that you are able to find a unifying solution; that is to be cautious and not have internal strife, and to finally choose a political party that has a proven international track record.

    Please forgive me for asking, as I only know I do not know, the underlying question I have is what is the necessary condition for a political party to resolve all the concerns, when it has left it so late for it to be addressed?

    Dear CD, you have instilled within my psyche the fear that the opposition might raid the coffers. But at least if the coffers were emptied out, we can seek solace that we can always vote in the incumbent to replenish it easily.

  • sgge

    Dear Adjunied Residents:

    WP A-Team not being in Parliament is a HUGE LOSS for whole S’pore progress. George Yeo not being in Parliament, Govt will still put him in other important post like Tommy Koh and Philip Yeo.

    Heaven has sent us courageous and passionate souls in Chen Show Mao, Dr Vincent etc. If S’poreans dunno how to vote, no one can help us.

    WP A-Team will not disappoint you I am sure.

    Please vote with bigger picture in your mind. National issues vs GRC issues, is like big vs small waves.

    Please vote with your conscience.
    Not only is S’pore and Sporeans future in at stake, many voiceless poor wagers’ lives are also in hour hands.

  • californian

    If the PAP gets voted out, then there will be no majority party, and therefore it will have to go to a coalition govt. In order of size (i.e. no of elected MPs), it will probably be PAP, WP/SDP, SPP/RP, etc. So, the largest party (which most likely will still be PAP) will be “invited” by the President to form the coalition govt. And if they fail, then it will be the next largest, and so on.

    Imagine if PAP capsizes badly, then LKY gets to be PM again (since he has walkover)? Whoa, that’s got to be the freakiest thing I have thought of recently.

  • fpc

    if GY respects himself, he should withdraw from this election.

    The PAP will not lose the majority.

    But the opposition may become nullified.

    And this is a team that is worthy opponents implying that they can do a good job as mps.

    Therefore if he respects diversity of ideas, democracy, he should withdraw.

    The country doesn’t lose since there are now at least 5 oppositions in parliament with voting powers.

    The people of his constituency doesn’t lose since they are in good hands because CSM and gang are worthy opponents.

    He doesn’t lose much as well since he has been in cabinet for a long time. i.e. pension monies in place.

    All in all, what other ideas does he have for Singapore that he could possibly see through in LHL cabinet that he hasn’t proposed?

  • Lelong

    I cannot find the piece of news I was looking for. The one about this PAP Liew saying that he or someone in his family bought a flat and cheap and sold high and say its because government good … so on so forth.
    I know it is not relevant to the piece here …. I am not a tech user and this is my first time posting anything on the net. But I cannot take it anymore I have to say something to counter this kind of utter gutter nonsence.

    1) A property does not create employment or add value
    2) Speculation in public housing is like taking money from one citizen to the next and the only “value add” are the duties and fees. On the whole, Singapore gain nothing. Our GDP does not improve because of rising housing cost.
    3) The ones who lose are the younger ones who pick up the cost of the “profit” made from the selling
    4) Anyway, you sell, you have to buy. The notion of buying 2nd time from HDB no longer exist and that is good. Else where does the profit oome from? Your fellow citizens. It is cannibalism. Back to sell, you have to buy. Unless you downgrade or you money bags and own more than one, who gains? Even if you gain, at whose expense?
    5) Upgrade your estate, your value go up. Again … whose money used to upgrade? …. you sell … whose expense?

    It is so obvious …. !!!! and I have to put up with this ding dong arguments in the media for decades (i am in my early forties). We are a nation. We should try to earn overseas money like the good maids that work here. Don’t suck each others’ blood. Or worse, be dumb enough to let the foreigners earn our money by selling the properties back to us. It is a free market and it has to be for things to work. Of course it can be tweaked a bit. But as citizens, we have to stop being so self centred (unlike what BG suggests) or what kind of country are we leaving for our kids?

  • amk

    If you repeat a lie many, many times, it becomes the truth.

    Democracy is you giving me your money and I getting to eat steak and eat ice cream all day!

  • sgge

    I would like to ask the following issues
    1) Has GY spoken up for Sporeans on housing, healtcare, wages, foriegners etc etc?

    2) I read GY suggested Casinos. Does it not contradict with his religion? Or has he gone GDP obsessed as his salary is pegged to it?

    3) Wrt the Diplomat hit-and-run case, why was he allowed to leave so easily? The guy had already gone beyond his role of a diplomat when he committed a crime. What do u think will happen if the victim was a Sporean?

    4) As much as GY claimed to be gentlemen, he is using the using the usual “fear and bribery”-based gutter politics. What difference does it make him vs other pap grcs/mps?

  • Sad

    You see, in all MRT station, you can see posters mentioning that 8,000 eldery needs you

    So the current govt is pushing the problem to the people !!!!

  • I very honest , trust me. No need question me. Just Trust me. I so educated look. you know you can trust me. now hand me your trust.

    Now is the chance for him to SERVE the Country by being a DIRECTOR of 10 to 20 or 50 companies and quit politics.

    Else he should still work as Opposition MP to continue serve the People , IF he is really SERIOUS about SERVING the PEOPLE. Why serve as Ruling party MP only? SERVE as Opposition MP which is badly needed in Singapore. This is called SERVING the People as a Public Servant.

  • CLY

    @theRBK and CD

    I am not assuming that the PAP will return to power (overall), I am really just being practical. The ground is “less sweet” this time round, but there are many, like CD, who will still vote for the PAP. The critical thing then, is how much ground will PAP lose this time round and not so much losing the majority to form the Govt.

    As for CD, the funny thing is you talk about the need to vote for “proven” people. If you don’t vote the WP in, how would you EVER know they can do a better job for the residents of Aljunied!!!

    Like I mentioned, its not about GY doing a better job. Its just that they are govt with access to public funds (controlling agencies like HDB and URA). They are using OUR money in the first place! You think the WP has the same resources to do the same thing? Only if you give them the chance to!

    The PAP all along has been either “buying” votes by throwing OUR money around or “threathening” us with talk of falling property values. Is that for real? Or are these more “half-truths” and “lies”?

  • bORN tHIS wAY

    U face book nothing at all !no keen to post comment to u, because the supporter are yourself, pls lah ” balik kampung” with u fake democracy !

  • Love & Humility

    The Judas of Aljunied.
    Some people feel George Yeo is a
    good minister or a good Judas Iscariot.
    Betray Jesus for 30pieces of silver.
    Aljunied is a Holy Place in the past.
    by missionary priest who brought about
    people’s welfare and love to Malay
    kampongs and Teochew speaking chinese
    villages. Built Schools-CHIJ Nativity,
    Holy Innocents School – founded by
    Chinese business teochew faithful.
    The Judas of Aljunied has to go because
    he continues to pierce the 2 hearts of
    Jesus and Mary and steep in Mortal sin.
    1. Yeo for stem-cell research – killing
    of HOLY INNOCENTS at the moment of Conception. ( Holy Innocents School )
    His notorious words: ” Don’t listen to
    Papal Orders ” He told Singaporeans.
    Is he the Archbishop of Singapore or
    represents Vatican? May 1, Pope John
    Paul 2 declare BLESSED on earth as it
    is in Heaven. Elections held in the
    LIFE where the Sun and Stars shines
    forth in glory. Where Lightning ceases
    to exist.
    2. 30pieces of Silver Yeo will favour
    the golden calf of Casino then to the
    wooden beads of the Rosary.


    Yeo! Do you take the MRT to work? Have you? Do you know how it taste like?

    Do you have to apply for WORK over the last 5 years?

    Have you earned less than 3 thousand in your life?

    Then, how do you know the plight of citizens?

    Impress us with your answers.

  • theRBK


    I think the idea of PAP returning to power is not a given… look at the size of the opposition rallies, look at the comments on the web… like you mentioned, the ground is “less sweet”… the thing is, with so much dissatisfaction at the PAP, why would the people not vote the PAP out?… if that is the case, should not the opposition be prepared to form government?… should not the people look at the opposition and see who is willing and able to offer a real alternative?…

    as californian has pointed out, “the largest party (which most likely will still be PAP) will be “invited” by the President to form the coalition govt. And if they fail, then it will be the next largest, and so on.”… who would the PAP form a coalition with if they do not have a majority but is the party with the most seats?… if the responsibility falls on the next party, with the 2nd most seats, who amongst the opposition is ready to take up the mantle, and so forth… the opposition should seriously look at the possibility of forming government and declare their willingness to form government…

  • Lovbe & Humility

    A Love Poem for the Holy Innocents
    with Yeo, Yes to abortion, killing of
    innocents children. Is this the
    Barabas or Judas Iscariot of Aljunied
    you want???

    ” I am conceived without Love in a dish;
    14days or more to live;
    Union of cells and Soul on earth;
    the voiceless child of Biomedical Reseach.
    Butchered for my Stem-cell they shall live;
    My poor argonised soul returns to God
    the Father where many of the little ones
    are there.
    ABBA FATHER cries for me;
    My poor child torn apart by brutal men;
    Mankind, what a terrible thing you have
    Remember what God join together, let no
    man put asunder. “

  • eaglefly





  • sggo

    WP has offered their best team and Aljunied voters are still undecided. What more for the lesser opposition candidates?

    PAP can take heart that Aljunied is going right down to the wire and Singaporeans, after listening to slogans and bravado, are ultimately careful with their votes and do not make decisions based on emotions.

    Everyone knows the importance of having more checks and balances to prevent important policies being bulldozed. This issue alone will garner votes but at some point, WP has to go local too…

    Tell residents what is in it for them to vote WP, what are the plans they have to make Aljunied even better than what PAP have done.

    It is tough when they are satisfied with the incumbent who has worked really hard to take care of them since the humbling 2006 election.

  • RO

    One Man One Vote. For the people by the people. The people will have decide no matter how hard it is. This is why it is an important time.
    Whether this is macro issues such as rising cost of living or constituency issue such as estate well being – the people of Singapore will have to find a balance to decide which is by far the most important. I think GY’s comments are derived from a group of people wanting change but rather some one be the driver for change. So they can have both at the same time. Fortunately Aljunied seems to be the key driver of change. That is why the dilemna.
    GY should be thankful that they still have a dilemna which means he still have done something right. But the desire to have opposition is strong. Nothing personal. Everyone has to play his role. One man one vote. Democracy at its best.

  • we the people


    The foreign minister does not take care of aljunied. your future elected MPs do ! the workers party team is competing with the incumbent to serve u and they will be able to do so better because unlike the ruling party (which is also managing so many other constituencies and competing within their party for resources) the workers party will give you their utmost attention since aljunied will likely be their 1st or 2nd GRCs ! so you will get the better care and service from a team of dedicated and spirited WP MPs than the current fat cats ! this election is not just about aljunied athou the importance of winning aljunied cannot be under emphasised as it will serve as a beachhead like in normandy. for too long, our fellow singaporeans of potong pasir and hougang has carried the light of democracy for the rest of us. i thank them for their unselfish and committed beliefs and it is time for all of us in the other constituencies to join and support them in removing the hegemony and bring change to a country we call home and love. singaporeans who cherish unity, prosperity, and progress cannot sit idly by and selfishly expect our fellow potong pasir and hougang citizens to do the heavy lifting ! we the people need to be the courageous singa and be not meek and weak ! give the power back to where it should always belong, the people of the rebulic of singapore ! vote for change

  • GY understands local issue?

    Ironic that George yeo says we should concentrate on local issues. I doubt he knows or understands about local issues like over immigration, cost and housing pressures since as Foriegn minister, he is not in singapore most of the time and his KPI is foreign relation issues. I don’t see him making much noise over the foreign diplomat who killed and then lied about his crime while in singapore?

  • poor-boy

    If PAP renewal is not Singapore renewal, I don’t see how the “Opposition Cause” is MY Cause.

    If WP wants to get into parliament, attack a weaker GRC with MBT or Raymond Lim.

  • buzzwil

    Don’t we all be fooled by this GY, smiling, grinning & blogging, etc.., I used to see that he seem to a good minister, how wrong I was when I experience his true-blue Ugly-S’porean attitude to commoner like us. He should be voted the best male actor in S’pore. All his public speeches are scripted and no sincerity at all. Too bad i am not in his voting GRC! Hope that all voters be aware, very aware of this GY.

  • Singapore Our Home Our Country

    The Spirit of Democracy is:

    1)Every elected member of parliament must be able to stand up and win the votes of Singaporean voters by himself/herself. No elected member should have a free ride and hide under the GRC system;

    2)Not redrawing the electoral boundaries time and time again at each general election to serve the interest of any particular political party;

    3)A first world parliament represented by credible parties representing the voices and interests of all Singaporeans; and not dominated by any single party;

    4)A spirit where if the opposition parties win 30% of the votes, they should adequately be represented in the parliament, and not just having only 2 out of 87 members, which is less than 3% represented, in the parliament.

  • biased

    New media has propelled a desire for political changes worldwide. Is Singapore like one of those countries, e.g. Libya?

    Are you just following blindly?

  • Fat, Dumb & Happy

    Well, well, well. Do I sense another cry baby here? First LBH, next Lim Beh Say Swee Swee, now GY is crying foul? Is he trying to say LTK “you play cheat, you put strongest team here, now Aljunied residents very headache”. What sort of rubbish is he talking? Isn’t it PAP’s frequent potshot at opposition that their candidates were weak. Now they put up a strong team, again you complain. If walk-over is what you are looking for, then please move to Tanjong Pagar. Otherwise fight like a man.

    Sometimes PAP asked citizens to look long term and broader national issues. Now GY is asking Aljunied residents to be selfish and take care of your own interest first. If this type of MP get voted in, whose interest will he look after first. This is utter nonsense.

    Now, people pls understand LTK & his WP team are responsible politicians. You have to work your ground first before you go contest. You cannot simply say MBT or Raymond Lim are weak so you just move over to target them. You have to be responsible to the residents you want to serve. That’s why WP is disguested that PAP just simply redrew the boundary as they wish.

  • Securing OUR FUTURE

    Dear Singaporeans,

    The PAP sensed the ground swell of unhappy ordinary Singaporeans and immediately Tharman said,


    We have to thank the opposition candidates of GE 2011.



    We have to thank the opposition candidates of GE 2011.



    The parliament was 98% PAP.


  • Aljunied voter

    I have great respect for GY as a nice guy until the Jack Neo scandal erupted.

    GY supported Jack Neo openly although He knew Jack was wrong morally. Jack misused his position as director to illegally practise ” old ox eating young grass ” on his subordinates under duress : a serious violation of The Women Charter. One of the misused girls was only 16 year-old then.

    By throwing his weight behind Jack Neo despite public outrage of Jack’s immorality, George has shown he is adamant and oblivious of public concerns and shows no empathy for the injured girls.

    Such open and unprincipled support for a wrong doer is a total disregard for the rule of propriety : of what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad.

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  • Bernard Chan

    These 3 GRC lead by the following PAP ministers will lose to the oppositions:

    1. Vivian Bala…highest losing votes.

    2. George Yeo…opposition’s team is too

    3. Wong Cunt Sing: Chiam is too loved
    by the people.

    At least 3 more SMC could be lost to the opposition…..thus making at least 15 new opposition into parliment this time around. If the PAP gets a clean swipe then Singaporeans deserved to be screwed by the PAP for another generation!

  • Daniel

    I Agree with CD, a very rational and reasonable point of view.

  • martin

    Please view this video so you know what rights do you have and what rights you should demand as Singaporeans. It is very educational.

  • Daniel

    It all boils down to the question: If you feel the opposition candidates or party can do a better job than the PAP ones, then by all means choose them. But touch your heart, do you think all of your problems will disappear when the opposition is elected? Are they of the Calibre to run the country, or even to provide a credible, alternative voice? I suspect only a tiny minority of them are. The rest are complainers akin to those you find in kopitiams. Anyone can do that. Till they reach the desired level, singaporeans will NOT choose them as our government.

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  • CD

    To curious citizen 30 April 2011

    “Brilliant and incisive comment. But I wonder if there were other reasons for the high prices, e.g. the civil unrest in Libya or that oil is a commodity that is prone to speculation would be much more acceptable”

    CD: There is always speculation in everything, and by the way i am in a similar sector as a trader as well, we like voliadity becos if the possible up-swing is high there will be much more money to be made.We have to think where is the depress market and put money in quickly. Therefore i would say the prices of commodities will keep increasing because there is not much our goverment can do, our goverment can only control prices on a quarterly or 6months basis. There is so much players now.In the past there is only the western trader, now the emerging enconomics are in this sector as well. And mind you they have huge funds to support their position. It is not that we like to make the prices high but all factors indicate a huge demand in food/steel/power and it is real growth whereas in western parts of the world there is no growth at all.
    Try asking the Americans to stop printing money then their fund would not have so much “cheap money” so the flow of money will slowly stop and inflation will reduce as well. But not possible, even their funds also want to come and invest in Asia because their is higher chances to make money. Singapore/Hongkong as the two most open economy will be the first to accept the funds. IT is PROS and CONS.

    “The above comment was shortened, but again I am curious as to whether a similar form of another country’s democracy was ……. I could have just made that decision based solely on my own personal whims.”

    CD: Singapore is a small country, and very fragile…I would give two possible outcome if our opposition becomes powerful. The Opposition becomes powerful and as good as PAP which had so much talent under its wing and at anypoint of time it could take over the goverment if PAP becomes weak and unable to perform. Then i would say we strike ToTo. The Opposition becomes powerful and fights with the goverment on every issue, we cant have any conclusion on the budget, spending and decision making. So what would happened? Well i think our parliament will be very exciting, you can see two minister or MP punching each other like in Taiwan or Korean which i think many people in the Forum wants to see. But at the same time the rating agency (Standard & Poor , Etc etc) will give us a downgrade so we need to pay more interest to other countries to borrow less. Which means our countries will hav slow growth. SO no growth no investment as investors wants to put money on things that have a return and it will leads to no jobs. However that is not all, education, medical care,transportation, food, etc etc cant be of the same anymore. All will be cut.
    Well i think one leads to another, sooner or later the opposition will force the goverment to release our reserve to “SAVE THE COUNTRY” but that is as well destroying it. Because of our size and position it does not takes very long for us to collaspe. Remember we wont have anyone to save us and we got no natural resources that buy us time for the right goverment to return.
    Tell me why do i have to take such a huge risk to support the opposition. We may all ends up becoming the “JEWS of the EAST” with no land to return to.

    In addition to that, of the comment that we are in direct competition with China and India, …… Why are certain industries more susceptible to competition from China and India?

    CD: This is a very good question, it is something i hope People of Singapore think carefully about. I was actually waiting for someone to ask this question in the Q&A session on TV with PM LHL. Just to give you a short input, I had a short conversation with a person working for IE Singapore and she is complaining that nowadays it is very tough to attrach foreign investors. Take for example a hard disk manufacturer(dont want to name)that wants to bulit a new plant and Singapore want the company to setup its operation here. IE Singapore are telling them that if they setup their factory here,they propose them 10 years Low tax or free tax(dont quiet remember) and they would provide jobs and spending here. But the harddisk manufacturer told her that China is offering 20years free tax and on top of that they will built the factory for them if they hire the chinese people and put their spending in China. That is Unbelievable but you can image how competitive it is out there.

    At this point of time we know what are our advantages in Singapore and what we can do and the others cant. But in 50-70years time….i am quiet sure that whatever we can do, others can do in fact be much better than us. Image if we get a lousy opposition in and we had to face other emerging player…what would happened?????

    Please forgive me for asking, as I only know I do not know, the …… left it so late for it to be addressed?

    CD: No one can solve everything and humans being will always have things to complaint about….Try living in other countries for afew years and return. It may help. I actually been to Germany to work for a short while and was amazing how dirty it is in the street and there are more beggers there than in Singapore.I dont expect it as germany is the richest and most powerful country in the Euro Zone. In fact The Turks and Local German dont like each other and i predict massive problems in europe in the near future.

    Dear CD, you have instilled within my psyche the……..we can always vote in the incumbent to replenish it easily.

    CD: IT is not so easy to replace, once the things are gone it will take so much more time and effort to built it back. in Recent years we lost afew petrochemcial and port terminals to malaysia and these hard ware will be in malaysia for the many years to come. So Think carefully before voting.

  • CD

    To we the people 30 April 2011

    Hi There, yes i know that WP does not have the funds or not in line with the first to secure funds for any upgrading. It is unfair but as a resident for the past 5years in the Aljunied GRC i get upgrading and i get upmost attention from my MP. So why do i want to change that? It is quiet nice to stay in Aljunied, whereas everytime i drive home from my friends place in Sengkang i had to pass by the Hougang SMC…….and
    that place is so lousy and dirty compared to Aljuned GRC. What would happened to me if i choose WP.

    I dont want to take that risk, my parents are getting older , and in the future i will have childern i have to spare a thought for them as well. I think that is fair.

  • Johnny

    Agree with CD. Inflation is a worldwide phenomenon. Can’t just blame the government but everyone needs to try find ways to alleviate it esp for lowest 10%. Singapore is an international city and noone owe us a living. They are waiting for us to screw up and adopt polarising politics or socialism so that they could hold on to their own talent. Restricting FTs if taken to the extreme is just playing to their hands.

    Just look at our streets… is it safer in Singapore than Jarkarta, KL, Delhi ? Congestion on roads.. is it worse than Bangkok, Taipei, KL.

    Vote PAP so that we continue to keep our unique strength and not let populist mode of politics take its root. I really hate to see the democracy in India, Thailand, Taiwan, HK happening here. Endless quarrels, endless squabbles, lots of showmanship but no substance, government basically operate on “make the least mistake approach” – no courage for long term planning.

  • complacency

    A question I really love to ask all PAP ministers:

    When did you last took the public transport during rush hours?

    I wont be surprised if none of them took any during the last decade. Enough to prove that they have lost touch with the ground. At least I know CSM did even though he is easily a millionaire.

  • rovk

    To CD and Johnny. The threat of the use of government funds for the PAP’s purposes is an abuse of power. Thats just one of many abuses the PAP is guilty of. It’s an empty threat. Things are changing. If you exercise your vote wisely, the PAP will no longer be able to abuse its power in this way, and your estate will be taken care of.

    But most of your life isn’t in your estate anyway. it’s at work. Without a job, and wages that increase at a higher rate than inflation, all the playgrounds in the world, all the sweepers that Bangladesh can provide, will mean nothing.

  • Asam Laksa

    What has George Yeo done for you and me?
    Does G Y know how much is left in the reserves?

    If not what has he done to find out?
    Not important to find out?

    What is the basis for him to support his party?

    I mean, maybe he can impress us with his answer?

  • Concerned citizen

    In 2006 GE, the signal from the electorate has already been sounded by the returns. It was not so good a result. Yet the Minister was happy to be returned to power. He did not do anything to check the slide in votes garnered.Continued to do what he thinks is enough and routine. This is when WP spotted the ground for them.Minister took the electorate for granted.He thinks that lift upgrading and new walkways is enough. He is wrong. The voters now are more well educated.Now he complains that it is a battlefield. Of course, it is a political battlefield.It is a GE.He is expecting pushovers as opponents.Not so. That is why he looked concerned and sad.It is late. There is now talk of the ruling party losing the Aljunied GRC.So vote according to your decision and not be threatened or warned.

  • anonymous

    Spirits of democracy in your Goverment? That “ghostly” spirit haunted us recently, isn;t it true? The Australians Federal Treasurer, Wayne Swan, did NOT mince his word – it is a “no brainer” easy decision in his rejection of SGX merger with ASX – the “Singapore Government” factor in the takeover equation made the Aussie parliamentarians very uncomfortable with our “reputable” CRASS political institutions and politics.

    When the merger idea became public, I knew exactly what the outcome would be immediately. The differential of “spirits of democracy” is STARKLY OBVIOUS OF CONTRAST.


  • Robert Teh


    Inflation is a worldwide phenomenon, agreed.

    However, what are people trying to tell the government which is so far not listening to its people?

    Incomes of median earners are rising only 1.2 – 2.7% per year over the past 5 years (Read reports at theonelinecitizens) whereas property prices rose 11.1% per year over the same period.

    The essential government services like water, electricity, gas, medical, schooling, transportation are all privatised with government collecting the sale profits from privatization leaving the GLC to charge for assets and infrastures paid for out of taxes all over again.

    The tax and privatise system is a form of double taxing the people.

    Lands were paid for out of people’s taxes and yet the lands were charged all over again for sale of HDB flats at market prices.

    So it is not normal worldwide inflation at issue.

    It is a system of collecting taxes and holding back taxes and charging essential services all over again that is the problem.

    The people cannot retire because at 65 most people have only enough monthly retirement pay-out of S$200-500 pm not enough to pay for utility and transportation not to mention food, childrean schooling expenses.

    This is the extent of overcharging the people that is the issue. Worldwide inflation only makes it worse and intolerable.

  • think singapore

    CD – what you said about Hougang being dirty n lousy is unwarranted. I visited it recently and it looks well maintained and clean. As to why it is not as posh as Aljunied GRC, u shold ask PAP what right do they have to abuse their power and our public funds by withholding upgrading for Hougang. Are u not at all bothered that our government is doing this? Are those who live in their comfortable PAP constituencies going to ignore all this abuse??? what kind of nation and people r we becoming if all we care about is our own kampong so to speak?

  • Poor Citizens

    Dear Voters

    There is only one way for a better future: Give yourself choices.

    If voters are still not convinced to vote for alternative parties, one day we may not have a choice. All alternative parties will simply disappear from a battle that cannot be won.

    For Aljunied, Holland and Tampines, the alternative parties are sufficiently strong to make it if there is no scare mongering and under-the-belt tactics by the ruling party.

    Please exercise your vote wisely. It’s now or maybe never again.

    Do you want to see your CPF gone?
    Do you want to retire comfortably?
    Do you want FTs to flood in and take-over locals?
    Do you want to see your children unable to afford HDB flats?

    There are endless consequences ans social costs to pay if we maintain status quo.

    We must vote wisely.
    Vote for change.

  • CD

    It is really tough to debate here.

    I am doing my best to explain and type the little pieces to explain the issues on inflation, housing cost, foreign talent etc etc but it is tough for people to understand. Is it true that the more we are educated the more unclear we would become?

    I always believe that true democracy is to enable your fellow people to earn the right to work and put food on the table. That is the basic but most goverment in the world cant managed that and looking from where Singapore started, where else can you find such Goverment.

  • thinker

    food, electricity, education all has to rise because the richer people pays a much higher sum for it, though you may argue it’s a smaller percentage of their income.. Richer people eat more expensive food, goes to better school and they pay more. So, wouldn’t it be better to take it from them anyway and redistribute it via U-save or other schemes?

    FT is a necessary evil, no doubt about that. And indeed, the govt has let them in too fast. But it seems they are already listening and addressing the issue, prior to election. Whenever opposition brings this up, i wonder if they could have foreseen the problem to begin with? Now, they are regurgitating & sensationalizing whatever the people feel. Wouldn’t they have done the same and let FT in, given that it’s for the benefit of the people? If they don’t, then they don’t deserve to be in…obviously, now they claim they would control the rate, but are we even sure they can anticipate right from the start? Do they have the experience? well, they can learn, but are we going to take the chance? what if they make noise for the sake of doing it, slows down policy implementation, and then when policy is out, the environment has changed?

    Anw, the problem of poor people are always there regardless of how advance we are. You can be rich in developing country and deemed as poor in developed country, what is the benchmark? does owning a flat and being unemployed qualifies as being poor? what about the homeless and jobless? but in any case, assistance schemes are around, it’s just that these people are usually unaware of the scheme. so why don’t we just let these people know? and yes, opposition definitely can help because they make very good social worker – understanding the needs of the poor.

  • foreignministersays

    Democracy? The GRC was a double edged sword – PAP’s weapon to marginalise opposition unable to form a multiracial team, but at the same time, it may cause it’s downfall. With all due respect to GY, the job well done as fm and mp. Feel sorry and understand your desperation facing “worthy opponents”. But this is GRC democracy, so let the best men/women/team win.

  • metha

    @ Johnny: I fully agreed with you that Singapore road is better than Jakarta. But remember one thing? You don’t eat tar or concrete building to feet your stomach, your beatiful house won’t be pretty anymore when you don’t have money to buy food. your good road, no congestion with no house to stay and money to pay all your bills, you just eat the tar and sleep in the road ;-) I fully agree that Indonesia isn’t better than Singapore. Singapore always looks good from out side but rotten from inside. At the end, not better than anybody.
    No crime in Singapore? Who said that? My friend died get killed in Singapore, isn’t it crime? But the Singaporean said he was suicided. That was so bad!!! But the fact shown that somebody killed him…!!! Too bad, isn’t it? Not fair for his parents. They couldn’t find any justice for his son.

  • 99yearsonly

    Just remember this, your flat is worth 99 years only. May last you 1.5 generation before the govt take it back. Well, enbloc will only drive you into another 25-30yrs loan? Or sell to another Singaporean at double the price, which by then who would be able to buy? HDB our assets? Che…

  • 99yearsonly

    and, Aussies are laughing at Singaporeans, paying over-the-head for public housings, which do not belong to the owners. 99 years only! can’t imagine those who pay millions for 99-years condos, or worst, landed properties. Good luck to you!

  • CD
  • Singaporean

    An election should be an expression of democracy. There should be no warnings, threatening of consequences and even teach the electorate on how to vote. Might as well not have an election. Do away with GRCs as the scheme may turn out to be a double-edged sword.Vote wisely according to what you want,what you see and read.Be an informed voter.Cut out all the mud-slinging.

  • JP

    There is a lot of hype on democracy and its good points. Much as I support this system I believe in Singapore, there are some flaws in it due to the uninformed or biased voter and lack of representation for minority views. Here are my thoughts:

  • Words

    Smile an everlasting smile, a smile can bring you near to me.
    Don’t ever let me find you gone, cause that would bring a tear to me.
    This world has lost its glory, let’s start a brand new story now, my love.
    Right now, there’ll be no other time and I can show you how, MY LOVE.

    Talk in everlasting words, and dedicate them all to me.
    And I will give you all my life, I’m here if you should call to me.
    You think that I don’t even mean a single word I say.
    It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away

  • simple

    As we draw closer to the voting day, I observe that PAP was either complacent or over-confident in planning their election campaign. Their campaign messages seems to be out-dated and disjointed.

    Dishing out goody bags to an increasingly cynical electorate did not work. Mud slinging, did not stick but instead backfired. Bringing LKY to the picture is simply like rubbing salt to the wound. Making apologies at the 11th hour reinforces the opposition position and lend credence to what they have been saying. Lastly, the profoundly biased local media has unwittingly push more Singaporeans to the new media which seems to favor the opposition.

  • Dummy

    Well said.

    GY’s words are simply psychological manipulation of voters by playing with words.

    GY said LTK put Aljunied GRC voters in “emotional burden” having to chose between losing an indispensable PAP superman like him or losing the best remaining opposition prospect in parliament, leaving not even a token opposition seat in parliament? The truth is that there is no emotional burden at all. GY is so full of himself, so arrogant, sounds as if residents cannot do without him.

    GY went on to say that WP forcing Aljunied GRC voters with “emotional dilemma” having to choose enlightened self-interest and the oppositions interests. The truth is that the GY wants voters to choose between PAP’s estate upgrading bribe, and MM Lee’s promised punishment to ruin Aljunied GRC.

    What Georgie Boy is trying to do is psychological manipulation.