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GE is about us, our future: Chen Show Mao

April 26
01:36 2011

Ko Siew Huey /

The Worker’s Party (WP) introduced its final slate of candidates on Monday for the upcoming elections, bringing the total tally to 23.

The final four are : top corporate lawyer Chen Show Mao, 50;  entrepreneur Yee Jenn Jong, 46; businesswoman Glenda Han, 35; and founder of online commentary syndicate Pritam Singh, 34

WP Secretary General Low Thia Khiang began the press conference by commenting on the episode on Sunday, when WP candidate Watson Chong broke down while relating how his family had strong objections to him joining the opposition.

Mr Low said that he considers himself lucky in that when he entered politics 30 years ago, his family supported his decision. However, he noted that this climate of fear that deters people from offering themselves as opposition candidates has persisted through the years.

“This is a legacy of the previous PAP government,” he said. “This is also the price, my friends, we have paid for our economic development, for a strong government. You want this to continue? You think moving forward this is going to be positive, going to be good for the country, for Singapore?”

WP candidate Mr Chen also made the point that this election is about the future of Singapore. “Do you give all of the power that affects your future to one party and hope for the best? Or do you keep that power for yourself and give yourself a choice. A choice of capable parties competing to give you a better future.

“But in order to have that choice tomorrow, you would need to support the opposition in Singapore today so that we will have the opportunity, the time and the means to grow and develop and become more seasoned in matters of government.”

During the press conference, much of the attention was focused on Mr Chen. Looking relaxed, he fielded questions with candour and humour.

Giving a glimpse into his family life, he revealed that he has three children, a 10-year-old boy and a seven-year-old girl. His middle child, a girl, passed away before her fourth birthday.  His wife, a homemaker, was born in Taiwan but grew up in Indonesia and is now a US citizen.

Addressing concerns that he may not be able to relate well to the concerns of Singaporeans after having lived overseas for many years, Mr Chen said, “I spent all this time abroad, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped being Singaporean.”

He went on to explain that after completing his national service, his choice of university, the availability of financial aid and scholarship and later, the professional opportunities that presented themselves, were factors that impacted his decision to base himself overseas.

He said that while abroad, he continued to keep in touch with what was happening in Singapore through his personal networks, regular home visits, local news publications as well as the internet.

As a parting shot, Mr Chen called for a refocusing of perspective “Don’t forget. I’m not standing for election on my own. I’m standing to be elected as a Worker’s Party candidate. We have a team. We have a party to serve the residents of our constituencies. And more importantly, this election is not about me only. It’s about us. It’s about our future. It’s about the direction in which we would like Singapore to go. And here I am, imperfect as I am, I offer myself to you so that you have a choice. You have a say in your future.”

Editor’s note: In the article, we had said Mr Chen’s second child passed away one and a half years ago. This is incorrect and we have removed that note. We apologise for the mistake.


Photos of the media conference by Boris Chan.




Video of the press con by Patrick Chng.

Part One:


Part Two:


Question & Answer Session:


  • iPUSHleekuanyewwheelchair

    businesswoman Glenda Han, 35
    yo! ms han welcome back…
    i missed are still as gorgeous as before…
    peeps… this ms han when 1st started to take on teckgheephuat, the lion’s den
    her grc team did very very well
    she captured 33% of the votes from the presnt primemister…
    on that fateful night durin the pollcounts..the pap party was so ashamed
    that the erection board dared NOT churned out in PERCENTAGE ow much techgheephuat lost to a group of newbies
    so techgheephuat voters the kiasu 66%..remembered ow much you are payin right now? so many erp poles thru and BACK… ow crowded the mrt trains is..even the primeister says he can see ow crowded the smrt is from the CTE(as though he got helicopter eyes) and yet he did NOTHIN!

  • Fugazi

    I urge Singaporeans to be wary of the so-called track record that has been harped ad nauseam by these self-serving avaricious lot. Yes, they delivered but it has come at a very HIGH ECONOMIC N SOCIAL COST. Singapreans are paying for these and as to the actual costs in terms of dollars is questionable.

    Who is checking whom? Who is balancing accounts? No independent source/body can attest to the authenticity of what is put out in terms of statistics or … Being enthralled on the icing on the cake is to miss the real cake.

    The incumbents know that their days in power is numbered. Now the gameplan is to hold on to power at any costs and ”milk” the coffers via any excuse that sounds ”true”. A giveaway is the CEO of GIC. Is it not a conflict of interests? Worse still, is that inspite of billions lost in so-called investments, no one for sure knows if it was really invested, siphoned off elsewhere and why is there no independent body or ombudsman of sorts to query, check and balance claims, costs or …. If one were to extroplate from the aformentioned one cannot help but feel that from HDB,CPF, Health and so many other numerous institutions operate in the same manner – ie. patently lackin transparency, accountablilty and so on so forth.

    In other words, simply put, Singaporeans gave them a ”blank cheque” of sorts to do as the please and today the mess is percolating/permeating many aspects of our daily living. To deny is to delude onself.

    Why is there this obsession with GDP growth. It all boils down to the this and feels like it – Ministerial wages being pegged to GDP figures is the motivation. Of course, to be able to partake of the economic pie one has to be in power.

    The incumbents, (it feel so) no longer care for the citizens or the nation. It is a party that has degenerated into nepotism, cronyism, avarice and woefully venal and elitist in its ways.

    Why do you think that the incumbents always were wary of people like JBJ and Dr Chee. They know that the latter are people who will ask questions and they will be cornered. They also know that they had convictions and were willing to risk it all for the people. They never want people like this in their own party nor in the opposing …
    Just look around the PAP MIWS and MPs – sadly, none of them come across as sincere or people-centred.

    All they do is sing to the chorus of a few and for political orthodoxy n partronage they seem to have sacrificed principles, conviction, ethics on the altar of political power and greed.

    Undeniably, the one-party system is an albatross around each Singaporean’’s neck and though not cohered in expression nor articulated explicity – it does seem to coalesce into this – wanting changes despererately to undo or stop this monsterous Leviathan of a system that has added to our woes, just not economically but socially as well.

    it would do well to remember that this could the last chance for Singaporeans to make up their wavering minds and vote this self-serving party out or sit around and wait for miracles. Nothing of that sort is going to happen.

    Politicians of any hue cannot and do not decide our fates/destinies. It is by our voting patterns that change and transformation can happen and that responsibility is a reflection of oneself.

  • True heart

    Chen SM looks very genuine and sincere, better than some current ministers with insincere and selfish look. Every Singaporeans should do your part to support the best people, not follow blindly. PAP supporters, don’t be a blind follower, Why opposition can get this kind of A team but PAP cannot? Because good people don’t work just for money !

  • Ah Goo

    Chen’s Mandarin is impeccable.

  • Notopappies

    Bro Chen is probably one of the greatest finds for the oppo in years along with the other heroes Mr Tan Jee Say, Col Dr Ang and the youngest Nicole Seah. We stand on the break of a new dawn in our country’s history. We must unshackle the fear of the past and come May 7, forge a new future for Singapore, a future that we want and own. Thank you Bro Chen and all oppo leaders who love our country for standing up bravely to initiate the winds of change!

  • Confused

    Sorry. Sidetrack a little.

    “he revealed that he has two children, a 10-year-old boy and a seven-year-old girl. His middle child, a girl, passed away before her fourth birthday about one and a half years ago.”

    If the middle child is still around, she’ll be 4 + 1.5 = 5.5yo. How is that in the middle of a 10yo and a 7yo?

  • Robert Teh

    Chen Show Mao,
    Dream on, be courageous,
    Keep up with the spiit that you are,
    A person of sincerity and ideas,
    Do not cower to fears,
    Re-unite the divided people,
    You shine and have support of people,
    Because they share your dream

  • lim

    I think Chen is the strongest candidate so far. Even slime hasn’t sticked.
    Latest attempt is the ST forum letter by Madam Lei.

    Trying to depict govt scholars in opposition as “wang en fu yi” but forgetting that Mr Chen never got a govt scholarship and indeed did not receive a place in NUS to study medicine.

    Chen also served NS when he didn’t need to and instead of being grateful for that, the PAP supporters suddenly got amnesia and don’t find it “wang en fu yi”. lol.

    Looks like PAP is scraping bottom of the barrel in slime tactics wrt Chen.

  • Robert Teh

    From all that have been said in our national cyberspace, it is clear that is is time to change. Why change? Simple. The world changes. As Alvin Toffler has observed: “Change is not merely necessary to life, it is life” Mahatma Gandhi has said: “We must be the change we want to see in the world” Jack Welch has advised “not to fear change, be alert and to review change at every major initiative and decision making”. As human being, we have dreams and aspirations.

    We are born with certain personalities, characters, and attributes like leadership, passion, and creativity with which to fulfill our dreams and aspirations. As observed by Benjamin Desraeli, “A sense of existence is the greatest happiness”. St Augustine has said: “Happiness counts in the attainment of our desires and in our having right desires” Aristotle has advised: “We are what we repeatedly do” There is a Chinese saying, “to cure an illness, treat its root cause” By following our inborn sense of duty, objectivity, fair play, commitment, passion and persistence, we will be heeding all of these advices and be to ourselves and others. We will win over the trust and confidence of others in living our lives to realize our own true happiness and success.

    The converse is true. By being self-centered and trying to manipulate and exploit others, we will be exposed and rejected by others for selfishness, individualism, divisiveness, and conflicts.

    Democracy is not perfect. It needs to be further protected from self-centeredness and self-ness and hypocrisy by people who happened to win power. Let us vote for a truly first-world (not self-claimed) parliament to strive for true democracy.

  • fpc

    diverse talent is attracted to the opposition camp.

    Why didn’t the same thing happen to the pigs?

    your answer is as good as mine.

  • Titiana

    CSM is spot on. This GE is about us and our future. But the PAP seems to think this GE is about upgrading. Every minister is coming up with packages worth hundreds of millions of dollars to improve this or that. Is the PAP raiding the reserves? Where is the money coming from? The money could be put to better use to help the poor and the needy.

  • Hoosiers

    Go mighty Thor, go crush them at the polls!!

  • fpc

    if you listen to the talk from bg tan, and look for the answers to following questions, you will not find answers:

    1. what is his desired outcome for the poor kids?

    2. what is his desired outcome for the estate?

    3. what is his desired state for singapore.

    he basically tell people how is going to do…

    i expect another wayang show from this guy.

  • No Hope

    Inspiring words indeed, CSM!

    A stellar team! Go, WP, Go!!!


  • hahaha

    For PAP to slime a good candidate from another party who is willing to serve the people tells only one thing: PAP is all for themselves, not for the people.

  • Parasite


    Spot on, this Glenda Han is very attractive. By the way, any idea what business she doing?

  • Wecanmakeadifference

    Dear Chen Show Mao and the WP, Well done and keep up the good work. You have our support. The support of our friends, families and relatives. Stay focused. We will not let the mass media whitewashed everything and taint the image of the opposition candidates through our voices and the free internet.

    Dear fellow Singaporeans, vote wisely and courageously. Don’t spoil your votes. Vote for a better Singapore. Vote for accountability in Parliament. The time for change is here. We can make a difference.

  • Clueless

    Right. Basic argument is that democracy cannot rests on one party though the sole party has been retured to power, legitimately – or the losers have decried, illegitimately, since the birth of the nation.Therefore, and the prevailing argument from those who challenge the powers, having an alternative party will authenticate democracy?

    To illustrate the logic: one group of dominant pigs( some feel they are deservingly named) have been looting in the animal farm and that, God forbid, is unjust or undemocratic. Hence, let’s introduce another group of pigs(we are sure some feel that way about them) to challenge the incumbent pigs for a share of the loot and that would made it just or democratic?

    I don’t get it. Care to explain geniuses out there? ( no offense to anyone in particular)

  • Ridiculous


    what are u ? the pig farmer?

  • Clueless

    Just explain to me the logic. It is as simple as that.

  • Clue-ful


    Since you are clueless, just step aside and listen and learn. Simple as that. Do not complicate the simple.

  • Robert Teh

    The logic of what you did not mention. You cannot expect anyone to answer to such a question. I guess you are asking what is the Election about. Is there a team A in the incumbent government that truly understand people’s needs and expectations and who will work towards fulfilling them without guibbling or hypocrisy about their own leadership as interpreted by their own self-centeredness.

    To simplify: what are the needs and expectations of the people. It is not as simplistic as estate upgrading. It is more about us and our life and our future generation’s lives.

    We need to choose people of integrity, sincerity and good character to look after their interests. This is well stated by CSM.

    People have given feedbacks on basics and fundamentals of nation building to incumbents by all these have been dismissed or ignored with autocracy and self-centeredness.

    We need change in this election and people must decide who are the people who could help to change to such over-confident lots of leaders and re-unite the divided people due to past policy errors and false claims of success.

    The past policies which lead to widespread unhappiness as aired by citizens must change.

    Just read the basics and fundamentals posted here by many.

  • Meng

    The emergence of so many well qualified candidates in the opposition parties can be viewed as a victory already in local politics. Even if they don’t garner more than 2 seats, they will fare better than the last election. Best wishes to the brave men and women who have stepped forward to make the change.

  • Cautiously Hopeful

    Is it possible to circulate these two videos so that not only internet savvy people can access; but common folks would be able to view them as well? Especially, the blogger’s comments from Mr Pritam Singh.

  • Clueless

    Robert and the rest,
    Fighting for the “needs and expectations of the people”is the ticket to power. That we know and probably some will deny. But once the group/groups of pigs has/have been handed the power over the loot, can you assure us that these pigs(irrespective of groups) will be selfless in discharging its duty?

    And since when two or more groups of pigs taking charge of the loot is DEMOCRATIC?

  • unclesam2011

    Dear Mr Chen,

    Thank you for standing up for Singaporeans.

    My only concern for you is, and since you are a heavyweight contestant. PAP will try their usual tactics to pin you down.

    So please be careful in every words you say SDA Dr Chee is one good living example!

    Hint: Avoid any defamation remarks! MM Lee usual weapon !

    Good Luck

  • halozz


    your analogy is not appropriate.

    you have assumed that the 2nd group of
    “pigs” is to share the loot with the 1st group of pigs. this assumption shows that you are really clueless.

    the 1st group of pig has legalised the looting and we are now trying to stop those convenient changing of laws by introducing the 2nd group of “pigs” to block those changes that are not in the interest of the nation.

    get it?

  • Cautiously Hopeful

    Whichever parties who are able to bring their messages to the majority of the voters will win. It’s as simple as that. It’s a battle for the minds of the voters! Spend more time on solving this problem.

  • popcorn

    Quote from Chen Show Mao:

    “You have a say for your future.”

    This is what we have at the back of our minds. Fed-up with things forced fed into us into our throats like fattening geese for their livers, without proper debates and discussion in Parliament. The 3 minute
    stare video showing PM Lee answering WP’s
    Low on whether Wong Kan Seng should resign over Mas Selamat’s escape put the nail into the coffin.

  • kaomangai

    Dear Dr Chen

    I just want to thank you for coming back and stand up for the people of Singapore. You have everything to loose and the only gain is to serve the people of Singapore. That I give you my full respect.

    Like you, I volunteered for National Service in 1975 as a permanent resident before I was a Singapore Citizen. Like you, I was not born here but I have the privilege of choosing Singapore as my home. Even though I am based overseas now, I am proud to be a Singaporean.

    It is time for the people of Singapore to claim back the right to determine our future. This cannot be left to a group of self-serving man and woman who claim to represents us and yet have no idea on how their policies affect us.

    It saddens me every time when I come back to Singapore, I see old people wiping tables and cleaning toilets, retrenched managers and executives driving taxis. How we, as a country, have neglected our responsibilities and squandered our own talents!

    I wish you all the best and I will be back to cast my vote for Singapore.

    Just a thought. With your experience, you should consider standing up for election as our President. I am sure you will do a much better job in securing our “second key” which I am not sure where is it right now.

  • alitheia

    to Clueless:

    I think you need to read “Animal Farm” again. But let me summarise:

    At first, the farmer treated his animals badly. The animals revolted. This led to:

    “4 legs good, 2 legs bad” led to
    “All animals are equal” led to
    “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others”

    Finally, the pigs in power started becoming like the exploitative men whom they had driven away from power – walking on 2 legs.

    So to use the Orwellian allegory, the idea is to go back being 4 legs again.

  • Clueless

    halozz and alitheia,

    First group has been accused by the challenger as “pigs”( the animal farm satire).

    The group or groups coming out to defeat the first group, what are they? Humans? Chicken? Wolves?Snakes? or another group of pigs?

    Can you, halozz, double confirm?

    And you haven’t answer my ealier question: what makes two or more groups of pigs(according to animal farm satire) fighting each other DEMOCRATIC in the first place?

  • alitheia

    to Clueless:

    The aim is to prevent 4 legs from becoming 2 legs. So we have various groups of 4 legs checking each other.

  • Clueless

    You are not answering to the question because you are thinking like a…politician.

  • alitheia


    No, I’m thinking as an ordinary Singaporean.

    Ok, let’s dispense with the Animal Farm imagery.

    To double confirm: Is your question – “what kind of people are the opposition candidates?”

  • Clueless


    Yes. And do feuding parties constitute democracy?

  • tired

    voters are matured these days, they can decide

    it is incumbent’s fault that locals are
    fed up

  • alitheia


    1. Perhaps you could tell me your take on the opposition candidates?

    2. Define feuding please? And over what?

  • Ridiculous


    u right….they all pigs….so let you, the almighty, self-righteous one, take over….perfect for democracy

    let us all bow to his majesty, Clueless

  • yeoman

    where there might be some accusations by the imcumbents that the oppo candidates were not well qualified in past GEs,this time it is not easy for them to bear forth such belittling accusations any more!

    we have a slate of GOOD SINGAPORE CITIZENS,talented and obviously willing to serve and ready to be honest PUBLIC SERVANTS for us to choose and to elect to represent us,COMMON SINGAPOREANS,IN parliament and perhaps even to be part or evn from the govt.

    singaporeans have by andlareg been ridiculed in so many ways by our incumbent govt np other NATION of citizens would alow their govts to do so on them like being NEGATIVELY NAMED AND PERCEIVED to the extent of being the subjects of haughty sneering and sniding by VERY UNGRACIOUS JOBLESS FOREIGNERs FROM some third world countries who think they could join in te chorus of our govt’s derision of its own rightful citizens?

    this is most rediculous and presposterous after these jOBLESS FOREIGNERS have come here armed with FAKED QUALIFICATIONS and have to learn the ROPES from us,the NATIVE WORKERS.

    BESIDES,the FTs have indeed proven their INCAPABILITIES and inadvertantly revealed their true worth from their LOW PRODUCTIVITY as officially registered in recent times.

    it is truly FOOLISH then for our govt to ascribe us names like DAFT when HONEST SINGAPOREANS WORKERS,prior to all this FT hoo-ha,have contrinuted productively and progreesively to NATION BUILDING over so mny years.

    DR CHEN and otehrs have shown that they are not just TALENTED sons and daughters of SINGAPORE but have demonstrated the keenness and sicnerity to want to be our HMUBLE SERVANTS and they have the pre-reuisites to do so.

    with VAST AND VARIED EXPERIENCES like DR CHEN SHOW MAO,for instance,who has estabkished himself internationally,i am sure we can cout on them to due diligently NEGOTIATE in international forums for the BEST INTERESTS of SINGAPORE AND SINGAPOREANS like in FUTURE FTAs with even the most promising economy of this globalises world,the PRC.

    there is not just a flicker of light for all long-time and recent sidelined and MARGINALISED common singaporeans,ther eis indeed a BEACON OF LIGHT FROM all the OPPO to bring hope to all those among us who have been unwittngly made HOPELESS by our govt’s recent policies .


  • angmoh1

    Actually, I hope CSM does not get voted in to power for a selfish reason….I’d rather a guy of his profile and ability (at least from what I understand from his CV) to consider taking on a significant role in one of the ministries.
    Maybe even to head up the HDB, LTA or the other ministries/stat boards. He cannot do so if he were an MP!!
    Now then he can be effective. If he is really eager to serve, let’s start where it matters.
    Only question is if the PAP will allow such an arrangement!

    In fact, I think the other option (as one that another commentor has written) is that he could put himself up for President!!

  • angmoh1

    Then we can see if he is really back to serve or not!

  • Clueless

    If you are still on politician mode, and not answer to the questions, is fine.

    You are excused and disengaged.

  • popcorn

    Who wants to be a puppet President, there are much more worthy things for CSM to do. Angmo is a joke himself. What an insult to Chen’s integrity. Think about ex-President
    Ong teng Cheong, ousted for trying to be a real President.

  • ah lim

    noticed Chen SM did not read script, his sincere n warm hearted speech just flow out in a very well manner !

    that’s why he is highly qualified to be our MP !!! and the leader to lead Singapore into a new chapter for the coming young and new Generation.

    Cheers !

  • Robert Teh


    This is election time.

    If we aspire to be a truly democratic (imperfect as it may be) country, instead of legalistic tweaking of laws and regulations such as GRC and all the self-centered gerrimandering entrench themselves in power, this is the time for citizens to evaluate past 5 years of performance by the incumbents.

    Now that you are more specific, we can see your concern is with the kind of candidates we are seeing from both sides – the incumbents and oppositions.

    One cannot really say who are our talent and great leaders as the search for talent is akin to searching for a black cat in the dark room that is not there. We can only hold election in a fair one-man-one-vote manner to let people decide. Until the choices of people are given the opportunity to put their talents to use, we may never know who are the four leggers.

    With the past experiences with many of our so-called leaders and talents, people without doubt can make better choice and not be deceived once again with all the talks about “heavy weight” or “high flyers” often put up by the incumbents who turned out to be only yesmen or parrots.

    We have to learn from our past mistakes.

    The incumbent this time has again described some of their candidates as “heavy weight” Can we believe these heavy weight any more? Furthermore, many of the “heavy weight” previously elected through GRCs tweaking have disappointed Singaporeans. They were found to be talented in character assasination of opposition candidates and showing off their own self-centred hypocrisy and cannot even balance budget for YOG. Yet our leader of one-man democracy has claimed to be the world’s best world class leadership.

    People are fed up with all the power craze, libel suits against oppositions, moneyism and tax-and-privatize system of governing which has eroded our economic competitiveness since some years back.

    There are enough reasons for change. How to change and what to change. Some basics and fundamentals have been proposed but it does not looked like the 2 leggers are too interested. They would answer back and ask: If you are so smart why not stand for election.

    There is no certainty in life. Our choice in this election is precisely a timely opportunity which should not be missed to assess performance of the incumbent and learn not to be naive to listen again to hypocrisy and falsehoods from past mistakes.

  • raymond ng

    I am very glad that more capable are sttepping up to take on the PAP, Well Done, I hope the WP, will question our MM, on his comment of throwing away all the goods work that has been done to Singapore 40 years ago.

    As I recalled, in every election, the PAP has always put fear of a freak results, that might put them in a position should their fail to have 2/3 majority, thereby having to share and discuss on policy before it can be passed.
    Please ask MM, all politician are Singaporean why should any one wishes to see Singapore as a country fail, an party can rule as long as it work to the benefits of our country, so tell PAP that we the ppl of Singapore do not buy it, WP can rule but it has to also perform well. I pray which ever party wins, their must look into the welfare of Singaporean, the rich,poor,young, old and even new citizen, and if any person do hold public office, please do as a service not the big pay check as our are geetting.

  • alitheia


    1. You were the one who posed the question about opposition candidates. You wanted to know (in your words): “The group or groups coming out to defeat the first group, what are they? Humans? Chicken? Wolves?Snakes? or another group of pigs?”

    I was merely clarifying and asking you what you thought about this yourself. It is only when you tell me – given that you’re the initiator of the question – that I can agree or disagree with you.

    2. As for the point on “whether feuding parties constitute democracy”; I just wanted to make sure we have common references on what feuding means and what the “feuding” may be over. If not, we may be reasoning over different ideas.

    It’s ok if you want to disengage. It’s a democratic country is it not?

  • angmoh1


    I guess you are not very clued in or have a problem understanding some simple facts.

    1) I have not in any way insulted CSM’s integrity. Please re-read my post. Use a magnifying glass if it helps.
    2) With a man of his capability, why not task him with much more…as a deal maker and lawyer, maybe he can go into GIC/Temasek to grow our pie, or head up HDB/LTA as previously mentioned.
    3) The president is elected by the people and is a key person who is in charge of :
    - appointment of public officers
    - government budgets
    - examine government’s exercise of its powers under the Internal Security Act
    - examine government’s exercise of its powers under religious harmony laws
    - investigations into cases of corruption
    Also, the president initiates and does a lot to promote the arts, social welfare etc.

    You tell me I am insulting CSM’s integrity by asking him to consider the presidency? I ‘catch no ball’ in your argument! Would it be a great day for opposition if they had the clear role regarding budget, ISA, REserves etc.

    I guess the joke is on you! Maybe you should grab some popcorn, sit back, and see how rational Singaporeans decide on their future. :-)

  • yeoman

    in truth,the PAP have got to thank their lucky stars that our OPPO PARTIES have not campaigned under ONE UMBRELLA ORGAN;if they had,i am almost certain most of the imcumbents would lose their seats.

    this is how good i think our current slate of OPPO CANDIDATES really are!

    as a fellow singaporeans from the BABYBOOMER era,i am humbled that i am not able personally to make sacrifice the way many of our oppo singaporeans are doing but i can only aasure them of my utmost and sincere supoort especially by the very soignificance of the vote that i will cast on POLLING DAY.

    GOD BLESS ALL OF US,lesser mortals,oppo and evn incuments.

  • Thor

    I have a crazy idea. Can singaporeans in general show their support for opposition by going to watch Thor. It can be an unofficial referendum of how much we want an opposition no matter what dirty tricks is done during the election. If u support it pass it on in cyberspace. We don’t have other polls nationwide which are reliable. MSM is neither fair nor reliable.

  • notopappies

    Bro Chen is a true patriot! This morning I teared as I had read of his personal tragedy of losing his young daughter. How many of us will want to run for public office after such a tragedy? He could have gone somewhere else (maybe USA since his wife is an American citizen) to spend more time with his kids and enjoy his hard earned money. After all, he has more than achieved in his career and nothing else to prove. Why should he come back? Because he loves this country and wants to give back. I salute him for coming back to stand up for us who are helpless dafts (as the pappies would like to think we are). Bro Chen, thank you for making such a sacrifice and putting your countrymen before self. You and WP deserve our votes.

  • popcorn

    Like what Chen said,

    This country’s future is not decided by men white on white, but by men red on white.
    Red on white are the colours of our National Flag.

  • popcorn

    Chen Show Mao, jia you, jia you, people from other wards will support you.

  • Cheers

    Of course, the elections are about our futture. What else could they be?
    Which is why it is important to choose wisely. And I would not trust my future and my children’s future to someone who has just returned after a generation abroad and deems himself qualified to tell us what is best for us and to enact laws that will affect us.

    If we are really honest with ourselves, we would acknowledge that if the PAP loses power (yes, a freak election is not some wild dream), we would all wake up regretting our vote. Low and Sylvia would say, we have miscalculated!Investors pull out, the S$ dives down, inflation shoots up, the value of your house plunges and your job at risk. The talented leave Singapre and the country will take years to recover, if at all.
    All these just to spite the government? I too have my greviances, some heavy ones, but I know the PAP represents the best possible governemt in an imperfect world. Imagine Low as PM!!! He can hardly string a proper sentence which is a reflection of his confused thinking. Look at the number of stupoied statements he has made since the campaign started.
    Now, in spite of my greviances, at least I and my children have opportunities. If we don’t take them we can only blame ourselves.

  • Sreehc

    “And I would not trust my future and my children’s future to someone who has just returned after a generation abroad and deems himself qualified to tell us what is best for us and to enact laws that will affect us.”

    Right, u would rather trust current ministers who have lived their entire lives in Singapore, know every rule and law like the back of their hand, and rip the people off in whatever manner they can. 3 cheers to u!!

    “we would all wake up regretting our vote. Low and Sylvia would say, we have miscalculated!Investors pull out, the S$ dives down, inflation shoots up, the value of your house plunges and your job at risk. The talented leave Singapre and the country will take years to recover, if at all.”

    U would, not us. Once again, painting the doomsday scenario. The WP is not so dumb to screw up everything that has been created. They’re going for gradual improvements for the lives of citizens. maybe u used to having such a gd life, u don’t need further improvements to your life.

    “Imagine Low as PM!!! He can hardly string a proper sentence which is a reflection of his confused thinking. Look at the number of stupoied statements he has made since the campaign started.”

    Right, Low is stupid. Maybe you’re more eloquent and your thinking is more “straightened”. Clearly, this more important than thinking about welfare of citizens. Another 3 cheers to u being PM! I would bow and kiss your feet

  • rhetorics

    Having a freak election in 2011 is statistically impossible. The worst case scenario is 15-20 seats will go to the opposition which I think is a good thing as it will help spur competition in Parliament.

    With the first generation PAP leaders, I would say that they lead with passion, dignity and vision. So, they deserved our unreserved support.

    But for the current generation of PAP leaders, you have to evaluate them against their track record over the last 5 years. I think overall, they fare quite badly in my view. To continue to give them your unreserved support, you are actually doing the nation a disservice by encouraging the rapid deterioration of the PAP team

  • Jane

    50 years and we are beginning to feel the strain from PAP whip!

    i am not mistaken to say we are the maids
    , not they are our servants

  • iPUSHleekinyouwheelchair

    Parasite 26 April 2011

    Spot on, this Glenda Han is very attractive. By the way, any idea what business she doing?
    …. ……………
    cannot and no idea as well
    last time was invited to sit with her and her team havin dinner..
    i politely declined as i hav hidden agenda…i am attracted to her…

    to all concerned
    glenda han is a simple low profile lady
    she has never admit defeat..see as proven she is back
    best of all she also never loss their deposits for the last election campaign
    33% hor..don’t prayed play…

  • Chen Show Mao, jia yu

    Mr Chen, stay calm and steadfast. You can see that the PAP is in deep shit having dimsissed the people’s views and ignoring the problems for so long. One can see how desperate they are and how they are turning wacko. PAP are resorting to dirty tricks like DDSO on temasekreview, disabling comments on youtube, facebook, inciting discrimination and hate but are unable to talk about solving national issues and people welfare issues. With weaklings like TPL, Janil hiding under GCT’s underwear hoping to sneak into parliament, PAP is now a sorry sight. you definitely have our full support. Keep up the spirit, and ALL THE BEST.

  • kaomangai


    To look for candidates with a selfish reason to serve, look no further than the slate of PAP candidates.

    For CSM, he has everything to loose as an opposition candidate and what he stand to gain is only a chance to serve the people of Singapore. Do you really think he cannot get into PAP camp if he wanted to? This guy has a soul that cannot be bought. To be in the opposition, you have to be whiter than white.

    For CSM as the President, it will really be awkward for the PAP government to walk the talk of having an independent safeguard for our reserves. CSM with his background will be very difficult for PAP to control and manipulate.

  • iPUSHleekinyouwheelchair

    Imagine Low as PM!!! He can hardly string a proper sentence which is a reflection of his confused thinking. Look at the number of stupoied statements he has made since the campaign started.”
    you meant by havin proper cambridge english..all the peasant would had a better future life ahead?
    where did leekingyou/son educated from?
    and by their last records…
    named me 5 good deeds they hav done for the peasants let alone attendin funeral wakes in their respective constituned…
    lek walsha was a polished union leader
    blair was a coal union leader
    both the ABOVE run thir countries to their best of their abilities…

  • angmoh1


    I think you misunderstand my earlier post.

    I am not saying CSM has a selfish reason to serve….

    I state clearly that for my own personal selfish reasons, I prefer CSM to go helm one of the Stat boards, GIC, etc…..

    There he can really affect change as opposed to just debating in Parliament….

  • iPUSHleekinyouwheelchair

    opps should be directed @ Cheers

    my esteem apologies to SReehc

    now back to cheers
    at least I and my children have opportunities…
    opportunities in what may 1 seek?
    a busaries perhaps?
    a opportunity to buy a 1/2million dollar$ hdb flat as well?

  • iPUSHleekinyouwheelchair


    I state clearly that for my own personal selfish reasons, I prefer CSM to go helm one of the Stat boards, GIC, etc…..
    wow! who made you goodyear? just because your name is angmor #1 you can changed temsek inc under YOUR command?
    yeah you better SELL FISH….
    it suit you 101%..even the former woman mp dr seet washed her hand after shakin yours….

  • alitheia


    Do you still remember the former President, the late Mr Ong Teng Cheong’s request for some figures?

  • popcorn

    Ha, who wants to be yes men in the STATs, GIC or Temasek, and be bound by instructions from the Grand Master.
    Angmo 1 must be joking again.
    Oh I love popcorn, dislike anything to do with balls, human or from the fish, the same.
    Am a peasant class lah, need someone to represent my lowly class, who cares about
    perfect Queens language, at least a peasant would not be so dumb as to pay visit to a sensitive place like Taiwan before ascending the PM post.

  • Robert Teh


    It would seem that you are really clueless as to what this election is about.

    I have tried to help you frame your query on people’s logic in various feedbacks more specifically.

    I believe I have tried my best to tell you this is a once-in-five years’ opportunity for people to decide whether the incumbents have done a good job and what if any has gone wrong so as to make the right choice.

    Now you ignored all these and insisted on repeating the wrong policies of the incumbents which have caused so many people to suffer from rising costs of housing to living and loss of our economic competitiveness due to a “tax-and-privatize system of governing.

    I recalled that the ministers who were brought in two election ago like VB were given the task for remaking Singapore.

    In the annual conference I attended on Remaking of Singapore, he admitted to the large audience that the no. 1 feedback to his committee is “rising cost of living”

    He presented a long list of complaints and feedbacks including lack of transparency and accountability, bureaucracy and lack of coordination among departments etc.

    He as the kind of ministers you indicated who would know about Singapore has obviously failed to measure up. His latest booboo is to over-spend people’s monies for the YOG by three times over the budgeted amount.

    Do you still trust the new blood brought in under “heavy weight”, “scholar”, “debater” by the incumbent party.

    Don’t you see the reality, and hard truths untold in MM’s self-praising book “Hard Truth”

  • Hm

    CSM decision to serve the people of Singapore through joining opposition party makes educated professionals to pause and think harder how they can contribute back to society constructively for long term benefits.

  • Angel

    @ Cheers,
    There are many ifs and buts. Your spouting just shows what kind of person you are.Like your master, you a a dim witted, self serving liar who do not have a brain to think beyond yourself. If you can cast your sight wider, you may be see things differently.

    Something tells me that you are actually not a born Singaporean. Then again, its another story.

  • angmoh1


    I have not forgotten….but do bear in mind that Ong Teng Cheong was the first President after the consitutional changes adopted in 1991 which also granted the president more responsibilities over the reserves among other things.

    Be it resistance or just the usual difficulties in changes to the previous modus operandi, I take it with a pinch of salt. Granted it was tough….but if you look at the spirit of the consitutional change implemneted then…..I guess you can’t really complain…

    If you think CSM is such a good man, then I assume he will be able to hold his own and push agenda’s through in roles suggested with the Stats, GIC etc.
    Unless you are saying he is not capable??
    Think twice before you discredit a person we both clearly think highly off!!

    *pop pop*

    With your wierd sense of logic, I guess no point considering your view henceforth….siow!! Why not put forth decent arguments…then we can debate again…..for now, just need to skip your comments. :-)

  • Angel

    Why would anyone like to response to someone with a nick ‘Clueless’? You know that with whatever you try to explain to him, he will continue being clueless. The clue he gets will be from the master. So just direct him to the media which is the mouth piece of the government. He will then get the clues.

  • alitheia

    to angmoh1:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha…really?….ha ha ha ha

    Take it with a pinch of salt? How about 56 man-years full of it?

  • prettyplace

    @angmoh 1

    Sorry people have tried that, just have a look at our chief civil service officer Mr Ngiam.

    It will not work anymore, they have started skewing statistic to fool people in a grand way.

    The PAP will not even let you in the door, if you are not with them. Have a look at Vivian.

    Its diffrent today, the change coming from within is impossible.

    Its either you are with them or with the opposition. Period.

  • lim

    Saw the ToC vid on Chen. Impressive handling of the overseas time issue. The use of the growth & share letter was handled very well.

    POSB bank acct. Lived in HDB. Served in NS. Family connections. Overseas ambassadors of Singapore.

    I found the immigration & population policy is ironically apt coming from an immigrant background himself.

    I think there is a good connection with the listeners. The speech pauses are the sign of a thinker a la LKY. Well made with solid responses.

    If Chen contest in a GRC, the weak link will not be him. The Tin Pei Ling issue has reduced the PAP’s ability to focus on the other members of the GRC.

    I think Aljunied has a very realistic chance of turning “hammer”.

    Even movie releases are helping WP. The timely release of Thor & his hammer. Looks like WP got their own Thor!

  • Best

    Agree that he seems to be the most calm and composed candidate so far. Just compare his gravitas with the so called grassroots, army camaraderie style used by chan chun sing. Everytime they screen his hysterical horsy laughter, we want to question his army credentials.

    In any case, Chen show mao credentials are far more superior than any of the PAP candidates. Let’s juz hope he survives till May 7 without another smear campaign, THOUGH IT WILL QUITE UNLIKELY, knowing the PAP.

  • iPUSHleekinyouwheelchair


    With your wierd sense of logic, I guess no point considering your view henceforth….siow!! Why not put forth decent arguments…then we can debate again…..for now, just need to skip your comments. :-)
    no POINTs must skip class lark.. one who do not do well should leave school and be a choachukang farmer
    you are indeed your father’s son

  • NCP

    Keep it up, WP.

    When a government lost the trust of the people, WP, and all opposition parties in general, should have a good result this GE.


  • Old Singapoeans

    People of Aljunied, it’s encouraging to see your support to BG George Yeo, he has indeed been a people person over last 5 years. We will support you all the way. I would not put our trust with a foreigner who do not know our people in Aljunied. PAP will win again, with the mandate in Aljunied! We will also take back Hougang and Aljunied this election!

  • CM

    82-2 is simply not sustainable. I don’t believe there is no group-think and there are many people in PAP willing to oppose their authoritative leader.

    Complacency is starting to show. Just look at our “cream of the crop” ministers uttering nonsense daily on Strait Times. MBT is the worst!

    Unfair politics through 1)gerrymandering, 2)pork barrel (vote buying through upgrading) and 3)GRC have to stop. The playing field has to be level so that Singaporeans benefit by having the most capable people elected into the government regardless of party affiliations.

    Just as monopoly is bad for customers, do you want to be the citizens of a monopolistic government who has absolute power? What would happen if they fail or are wrong? We know many family business won’t survive past the 2nd generation.

    Singaporeans have to vote wisely to bring balance into the parliament. I believe if Singaporeans show support to opposition, it would encourage more able people to join politics. There would be a bloom of talent which would propel our country to next stage of growth.

  • mouse

    The PAP will be very, very smug if all the internet rhetoric and “noise” about needing more alternative voices in parliament comes to nought, zero, nil and we still have two non-oppo MPs on the evening of the 7th. That will be the biggest nightmare and worst still, the miw will take revenge on all of us in their vindictiveness! God save us all.

  • popcorn

    Ha Ha, really like the sound of pop pop, my beloved popcorn, not like dangling balls, swing here and there without a sound.
    Must be joking the third time, the moment someone opens his mouth to object, out he
    goes like Ex-President Ong and Goodyear,
    the Grand master could not hold one bit of dissenting views. Peter Ng, the CEO of GIC said every investment proposal must get approval from the Grand master.
    Chen Show Mao would rather be a real fund investment manager, not a puppet one.

  • iPUSHleekinyouwheelchair

    Old Singapoeans 26 April 2011
    People of Aljunied, it’s encouraging to see your support to BG George Yeo, he has indeed been a people person over last 5 years. We will support you all the way. I would not put our trust with a foreigner
    indeed georgeyeo did a greatjob..he let a criminal foreigner walked away after killin fellow singapoor on a drunk drivin offence…
    hopefooly you family in aljunied should not be run over by drunken foreigners or else you would had demand compensation from dr chee again…

  • political pundit

    Some people has viewed Chen’s absence negatively. After all, PAP was in the midst of nation building and now he is coming back to reap the fruits.

    Indeed, Singaporeans are forever indebted to our 1st generation leaders who set a strong foundation for our success. But the heartware and hardware of society are strained today…

    Giving up his comfort zone, Chen is back to contribute as an MP. His children are coming back too, attending our schools, the education system which nurtured him into the talent he is today. Hence, he too has a stake to make sure Singapore works and become even more First World in all aspects.

    It is amazing how his facebook has exploded in numbers… why are Singaporeans rallying behind him? It is spontaneous… why???

    Food for thought for PAP.

  • Robert Teh

    Minister Yeo is a nice person. Let’s hope he would be more philosophical and gracious to understand what is at stake. In the event CSM stands in Aljunied, it may be a blessing in disguise.

    He will be merely losing to someone who could truly re-unite the divided people after all these years of oppressive rule cclculated to entrench the self-centered people in power.

  • GEH

    Chen Show Mao

    Take care and all the best. God bless you and your family to pray for you to win this GE election 2011.

    The 86 comments:
    Hope ALL true Singaporeans are listening and beg to give him a chance to serve.
    A rare guy, who is sincere enough (Please watch him in youtube, in your heart can feel it, the passion and the fire in his belly to do good for Singapore future). Good MP potential.

    Chen Show Mao – Bolek

  • popcorn

    Real, capable talent won’t join the PAP Govt, their talents are pursued by foreign
    MNCs and foreign Govts.
    Talented people in the engineering and IT fields say they would not be able to get jobs after working with the STATs here in Singapore when they go hunting for jobs overseas.
    So even if Chen Show Mao could not enter
    Parliament, he could easily go back to
    China or even to America, these Govts would welcome him with open arms.
    Only people with less grey matter push our prodigal son away, out of selfish interests and envy.
    So CSM, jia you, even if you return overseas to your previous job, we would support you.

  • wegothope

    I am happy to declare I am in Aljunied GRC and I am glad for the 1st time I can give my vote to WP not because they will do something for me but because they can try to change things for my fellow singaporeans. To all who thinks he is a foreigner and cannot represent us may I remind them that many ministers in the 1959 government were also foreigners. so let’s not disgrace our forefathers by slamming immigrants who have made Singapore their home

  • fenz

    I seriously don’t get the whole “freak result” line the ruling party keeps repeating over and over again.
    Free and fair elections ALWAYS reflect the prevailing mood of the people. “Freak” election results don’t happen when there are millions of voters, if the PAP wins or loses seats it will ALWAYS be because the electorate wants them in/out.

  • It is about us!

    Be not deceived. PAP’s trick of using GRC to entrenched themselves in power is losing it’s effectiveness now with high calibre opposition candidates. Their next trick is importing foreign supporters in large number to out flank the true blue sinkies bcos many sinkies (pap supporters) are beginning to turn against them. The ramifications of this huge import are of immense impact on your future. Don’t play play ah!! Better have checks on the incumbents by voting in some opposition.

  • fenz

    “Would a ration system work. I had a chat with my cook from Tamilnadu (India). He said that households are given Ration coupon booklets which entitles them to buy basic neccesities eg Rice, cooking oil, Dhal, chappati flour, kerosene, sugar, salt (I will get the complete list) at subsidized prices. They may not be of top grade, like “basmati” rice. The individuals mentioned in the booklets (say family of 4 each gets a ration ie 4 persons x 1kg each = 4 kgs of rice etc.

    They dont have citizenship papers or identity cards, sometimes not even birth cerificates, they only essential documents are the “ration booklets’ and “Voting Cards” for elections.

    Comments please.”

    Isn’t that similar to the food coupon system used throughout the Western world? I think something like this should be implemented here as well – we are ostensibly a First World country after all, nobody should go hungry.

  • Political Observer

    A good show from WP, and it’s candidates. Organised and yes anticipated questions. It does give the electorate more choices.
    So far issues from WP has been on housing ( to be fair the wre many others) but at least those that caught the media.
    The debate is still on and the relevant solutions from WP don’t seem to gel except to excite the public or netizens. A couple of issues are raised immigration policies and minsterial pay.
    There is also mention about the future but vague notions of what the party will provide like in it’s defence of a manifesto for a first world parliament. Point is how will you change the future for Singapore in the areas that the party has said immigration, space, housing and well as checks what are the issues not accounted for and how should the accountability be. Beyond populist notions, quite a number in the crowd are wondering What will you propose.
    A number of issues brought up by members of the Party were said in Parliament and have yet to be discussed. Do hope to see the real WP beyond general words!

  • alitheia

    to Political Observer:

    The opposition is not a panacea. Neither would the PAP be able to solve everything with a snap of the finger. The challenges thrown at us by a globalised world are complex.

    What we can hope for is a more rounded representation of hopes and apprehensions in Parliament. A credible opposition can perform this function. It doesn’t mean that all policies henceforth will be sweet and easy. What it means is that tough proposals would have gone through sufficient scrutiny and consideration. Should they be adopted as policies, they would have more buy-in from a wider spectrum of society.

    This is good for all: Singaporeans, Singapore, the government, the PAP, the opposition. This is how we can move forward.

    Whichever party we may support, whatever our affinities or affiliation, we must remember this is an election about Singapore, for Singapore and by Singaporeans.

  • lim

    Agree with Alitheia

    The vote is important and it should be an informed decision. Not based on barefaced lies or propaganda.

    Voting for WP in Aljunied will have multiple implications.

    1) PAP will lose 3 ministers if the vote for WP is over 50%.

    PM is wily enough to raise the stakes by pointing Zainul as the next speaker.

    However, the unsaid is whether PAP has back-up if it fails. The answer is likely yes if only 1-2 GRCs fall.

    I personally don’t think the foreign ministry is as critical as the other ministry particilarly when the wikileaks fall out has zero impact. Indeed, a change in FMs might ironically help boost SG’s image abroad.

    Ms Lim is only supporting Tharman so its not like the Finance ministry will collapse.

    So can the speaker position be replaced.

    2) The worker’s party even with a GRC + 1 SMC will not be able to change or affect laws. So what’s the point?

    The WP has the most moderate and logically tot out counter-arguments of all opposition parties. It can only get better with more top people like Chen onboard.

    They are not distracted by fringe issues eg gay rights etc and appears to have learnt their lesson regarding defamation suits since Tang Liang Hong.

    Voting WP won’t actually stop PAP policies so long as PAP has a majority but it will raise issues that will make PAP stop to think, argue against or risk appearing as if they can ride roughshod over constructive criticism.

    3) Will GRC suffer if under opposition?

    The GRC comprises ~150k voting citizens and more than double that in number if you count their families. The PAP risk a big negative political fallout in discriminating against such a large number of people including foreigners living in a GRC, many of whom can also be PAP voters. This could have a long term anti-PAP fallout as compared to an SMC.

    However, a GRC can suffer if not properly run. The opposition has always the advantage in having full time MPs without ministers distracted by government work rather than grassroots work. 3 ministers = more minister work but PAP has kar kia.

    WP is not a large party but has smartly focussed their resources so as to avoid overstretched. That should not be an issue.

    The question is whether their elected MPs are solid enough to run town councils?

    Can Mr Chen, who has dealt in multi-$billion deals, + Sylvia Lim & other members manage a GRC together? I’ll leave it to Aljunied voters to decide.

  • lim

    I am pleased (for Singapore and Aljunied voters) to add Mr Low Thia Kiang with more than 20 years managing town council experience into the list above!

    Can Mr Chen, who has dealt in multi-$billion deals, + Mr Low with 20+ years of town council experience + Sylvia Lim, NCMP & other members manage a GRC together? I’ll leave it to Aljunied voters to decide.

  • Robert Teh


    Beside being eminent in looking after the municipal interests of Aljunied GRC, the WP team should be able to have a larger vision to serve all Singaporeans without relying on the self-centered tweaking and gerrymandering of the outdated one-man democracy.

    The outside world could see that we have truly a safer world-class system and more will be attracted to investing in our creative economy where everyone is respected for their contributions and abilities instead of one ruled by iron hand which is more likely to cause chaos and people’s revolutions due to clverly disguised one-man autocracy justified in the name of democracy, false leadership and talent.

  • Vote 4 WP

    If we read today’s straits time which spreads out the momentos of the different parties, we sense that what motivates the WP is that they recognise the current problems and their sincere interest in helping singaporeans and to correct current problem, whereas we see that the pap’s momentos is still to continue with what they are doing- the pap is not addressing the problems face by singaporeans at all.
    We are happy to have good Opposition party members like Mr Chen Show Mao to represent us, and what we can do is to give them our votes.

  • Robert Teh

    Ms Sumiko Tan of the States Times did a report on who she would vote for.

    I thought she is telling us about how Singaporeans have matured over the years with more citizens demanding greater participation and transparency and accountability and would vote for change.

    All that I can see is the same old fear of losing property enhancement by the rich and not so rich.

    All I can see is an attempt to pain a picture of fear.

    What ideas has she got to report the truth that thousands and thousands of Singaporeans are filling the rally grounds shouting for change to autocracy, hypocrisy and money politics that they are witnessing right before their eyes.

    Sumiko, shame shame. My letter to the States Times on dubious refuse collection fees collected from private condominiums was not even published (see thread “News”

  • Real

    Share with your friends the lyrics of the links is so heart warming

    It ALL about you n family