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Reform Party introduces new member Gilbert Goh

February 11
09:00 2011

PRESS RELEASE 09/02/2011

The Reform Party

The Reform Party is delighted to announce that following on from a very successful Rally it has received a large boost to its membership.

Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Secretary General of The Reform Party said, “Every member is unique and vital to our fight for democratic representation but we are particularly delighted that Mr. Gilbert Goh has today submitted his application for membership.”

Mr Gilbert Goh

Mr Goh is the author of, “How to survive unemployment: A survival guide for the jobless”.  Married with a 17-year old daughter, he is one of the founders of the website which is dedicated to helping those who are retrenched or unemployed and offering counseling.

Gilbert’s work has become increasingly important as immigration continues unchecked and a large number of our work force faces retrenchment at 40 or even before.

After much deliberation Gilbert realized he could no longer ignore the call to stand up and to make his own transition from writing to active Party membership.

Mr Jeyaretnam said he was delighted to have Mr Goh on board. “Gilbert perfectly fits the Reform Party model of leading by action and standing for change.” He added.

Released by Kenneth Jeyaretnam on behalf of the Reform Party, Feb 10th 2011

  • masterservant

    Good luck Gilbert.

    May the Gods be with all of you.

    May the PEN be MIGHTIER/GREATER than the sword.

  • chanel

    You won’t see Straits Times waxing lyrical praises of new opposition party candidates like the paper does on PAP ones.

    Absolutely biased newspaper. SPH should be gazetted as a political association long long ago.

  • Having The Blues

    @chanel, SPH are already cassetted. This is why they only publish things that PAP wants to see not what people want to see.


    i am sure gilbert would be a ‘betterer’ NTUC boss than the ‘BETTEREST’ himself.

    if not,he could always head the MOM or MCYS.

    WHO SAYS WE LACK LOCAL TALENTS;it’s just that they have been sidelined.

    let’s take pleasure and delight and give hope to our selves by rendering hope to all our OPPO CANDIDATES this coming GE.

    LET US PUT AWAY ALL THE HOPELESS NO-CAN-DO minstrels who merely talk cock and sing along.

  • What is needed : Enough Candidates to contest in ALL Wards and GRCs

    I congratulate Gilbert Goh on becoming the new political member to help represent people like me. Much appreciated. My vote belongs to you.

    Before population 6.5, this is the last election.

    Change is likely if more would step forward like Gilbert. Don’t need to be the one charging ahead. Just help to be a candidate so that more people will get their rare chance to Vote.

    Should be quite safe if not the one charging ahead. Having enough candidates is key.

  • Hey

    That is a big step forward for Gilbert. Congratulation! Finally you found yourselves in a place that worth many jobs and a purpose to do great for the people before God call us back.

  • senior citizen

    Good for you, Gilbert. Remember to speak up for the discarded, middle-aged, jobless PMETs.

  • Karmar

    Good on you, Gilbert Goh!

    You are doing the people a big service.
    Real public service , money cannot buy.

  • prettyplace

    I am wondering what’s PAP gonna do after seeing the power of social media on the internet.

    After what happened in Egypt, SG’s PAP must be shaking in their pants.


    good move gilbert, a gd move

  • ezebef

    This is great! I’m excited and looking forward to seeing the Reform Party succeed in the General Elections. Members like Gilbert are gems and exemplify the new values that PAP has disappointingly failed to exhibit over 50 years.

  • francis

    When you throw out the PAP and its 82 duds, don’t forget to throw out the Straits Times lapdogs too.

  • Denial Tan

    Are you RP guys coming to Tanjong Pagar GRC?

    Time to make sure that old man retires and keep his stupid mouth shut.

  • Simon Ng

    Gilbert Goh,

    Good luck to you and yr endeavour.
    You have done good work to help fellow citizens,all the best to you.


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