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The relentless rising cost of living in Singapore

The relentless rising cost of living in Singapore
October 28
06:00 2010

In 2009, Mercer ranked Singapore as the 10th costliest countries in the world (see here).

The following is a collated list of price increases which TOC could find – from various news reports, blogs, websites, forums, etc – since Jan 2006 to the present.

If we have left out any, please do let us know. If you have observed any price hikes around your neighbourhood (or anywhere else) please let us know also.

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The list may not be comprehensive and any clarification is welcome.


Jan 9: Pump prices at all 29 Caltex stations will go up from 11pm on Monday night. Prices will go up by four cents per litre for all three grades. (link)

Feb 13: Polytechnics and ITE increase fees by $50 and $10 respectively (link) (link)

Feb 14: NTU, NUS to raise tuition fees by 3% from next academic year. Tuition fees at both the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University will go up by S$180 for the next academic year. This 3 percent increase comes on the heels of a 5 percent hike just last year. (link)

Mar 6: Expect annual tuition fee increases. Hostel fees will also go up by 10% to 11% from next academic year. (NTU) (link)

Mar 9: Retail pump prices for Synergy petrol and diesel at all Esso and Mobil service stations in Singapore were increased by 6 cents a litre. (link) (link)

June 1: NTUC Car Co-Op raises fuel surcharge: We cannot continue subsidizing the fuel price increase in the long run without compromising the quality of service. Thus, the management has decided to implement a fuel surcharge of $0.30 for every 10km free with effect from 1 June 2006. (link)

June 27: Electricity tariff to go up next quarter. Domestic users, for example, will have to pay 21.15 cents for every kWH of electricity, up from 20.49 cents currently. (link)

July 10: Comfort Delgro raises taxi fares. Besides raising the flag down fare and the peak hour surcharge from $1 to $2, ComfortDelgro is also making distance-related adjustment. (link) (link)

July: Taxi companies raise fares. (link) (link)

July 17: SMRT hikes taxi fares. (link)

Aug: SMRT, SBS apply for fare hike. (link)

Aug: NUS hikes tuition fees by between $180, $220, and $510, depending on faculty. (link)

Aug: ERP rates to go up at six gantries, mainly at CTE. (link)

Oct: Public Transport Council approves 1.7% fare increase for bus and trains. Adult EZ-link fares for buses and trains will increase by 1 to 3 cents, which amounts to an overall fare hike of 1.7 percent. (link)

Nov: SingPost revises postage rate. (link)

Nov 12: Rates for HDB rental flats pegged to income. (link)

Dec: Govt spells out fees to be frozen. (link)

2006: Loan sharks cases rise by 19%, to 10, 221 cases. (link)

2006: A total of 419 people committed suicide in 2006, up from 346 in 2003. The suicide rate per 100,000 residents – a sobering indicator in population statistics – is also on the upswing, growing from 9.3 in 2003 to 10.3 in 2006, figures from the Registry of Births and Deaths reveal. It is the fourth straight rise in as many years. (ST, Aug 13, 2007) (link)

2006: Islandwide, home rentals climbed 10 per cent in 2006. (ST, Aug 6, 2007) (link)

2006: At Alexandra Hospital, A&E charges went up from $55 to $60, as did C-class ward charges — from $21 to $23 — and subsidised specialist outpatient clinic consultation rates, from $18 to $20. (link)


Jan: All diesel-driven vehicles to undergo smoke test. (link)

Jan: NUH’s A&E fee raised from $70 to $80. (link)

Jan: Skilled Foreign workers levy raised by $50, from $100 to $150, for all sectors. (link) (link)

Jan 26: SMU Law Course to cost more, NUS says it may increase fees too. (link)

Feb: KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital hikes ward treatment fees. (link)

Feb 14: Tax penalties from GST audits could increase. With the hike in Goods and Services Tax (GST) by two percentage points, tax analysts said tax penalties arising from businesses making mistakes in GST audits may also increase. (link)

Feb 25: Sunny Cove: Fees to Pulau Hantu Raised – As of 24th February 2007 (Saturday), the operator had increased the price for the chartering of boat to local water. With the price hike, all courses conducted at local water will be subjected to the increase from 25th February 2007 (Sunday) onwards. (link)

Feb 25: Eldershield premiums to go up by year’s end. (link)

April 1: Singapore Medical Association withdraws guidelines on fees. Doctors now have more flexibility to adjust their fees, following a decision by the Singapore Medical Association (SMA) to withdraw its guidelines on fees, as of 1 April. (link)

April 1: URA increase fees for Housing Developers’s Licence – from between $500 to $8,000. (link)

April 2: NUS revise car park charges. (link)

April 8: Means testing for hospital admission to start within a year. Subsidised patients that stay more than five days in a public hospital can expect some questions about their income. (link) (link)

April 11: Ikea to start charging customers for plastic bags. (ST, 11 April, 2007)

April 25: The Singapore American School increased tuition fees by between $425 and $1,000. (link)

April: Within hours of each other, the four petrol companies in Singapore – First Shell, then Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC), ExxonMobil and lastly Chevron – each revised its prices. The retail price of petrol and diesel rose by 10 cents. (Electric New Paper) (link) (link)

May 12: Inflation heads for a higher plane. For now, the major public concern is a rise in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from 5% to 7% in July, which is likely to exacerbate the series of worrying price increases over the past year. (Littlespeck)

May 14: NUH increase ward charges for B2 and C-class wards by $2, increases of 4 and 8 per cent. (link)

May 23: DBS raises its e-transaction fee for initial public offering (IPO) applications. Retail investors who applied for IPO shares launched on or after that date, through the local bank’s ATMs and Internet banking, were surprised that they now have to pay $2. (link)

May 29: New fee hikes at public hospitals and polyclinics. A NEW round of fee hikes is underway at most public hospitals and some polyclinics. Subsidised patients at four public hospitals will now pay $24 or $25 for every visit to a specialist clinic, up from about $21. All 18 polyclinics, which used to charge a standard consultation fee of $8 for adults, now charge anything from $8-$8.80. (link) (link) (link)

May: From milk to Milo, cooking oil to coffee, canned foods, processed foods, wheat products and more, prices have been rising recently at supermarkets and hypermarts here. (link) (link) (link)

June 1: Prices of milk go up. The price increase for condensed milk ranged from $0.10 to $0.50, which means the prices for some brands of condensed milk have gone up by nearly 45 per cent. The price increase for evaporated milk ranged from $0.15 to $0.47, marking a percentage increase of between 18 per cent to 48 per cent. (link) (link)

June 4: Online hosiery shop increases price. There will be a overall price increase on 4th June 2007 for all brands due to increased cost of yarns and cost of shipping. (link)

June 6: Even before the Nets fee hike kicks in, a shoe shop in Parkway Parade has already started charging customers extra to cover the increase. (link)

June 7: Wholesale price of ducks goes up. The wholesale price of ducks has increased by 20 cents a kilogram. (link)

June 7: Eggs price increase. Eggs now cost between 17 cents and 18 cents each. (link)

June 29: Rental space rents rise. Islandwide, rents at Grade A malls have moved up by between 5-7 per cent in the first half of this year and could increase by another 5-6 per cent by end-2007, analysts said. (Business Times, June 29, 2007) (link)

June 29: Fees up by 14% on average at NUS. Two days before the higher 7-per-cent GST kicked in on July 1, prospective students of the continuing education arm of the National University of Singapore (NUS) received news that fees for many courses had gone up — by an average 14 per cent. (link)

July 1st: GST increased from 5% to 7%. (link) (link)

July 1st: THE Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) and market leader ExxonMobil became the first companies to raise pump prices at their petrol stations following the GST hike. The two companies increased prices across the board for their three grades of petrol and diesel by 0.23 cents to 0.33 cents per litre from 7am. Caltex will be increasing its pump prices on Monday. (ST, July 1, 2007) (link) (link)

July 1st: NETS announced a price hike for its Electronic Funds Transfer Point-of-Sale (EFTPOS) and CashCard Services to between 1.5% and 1.8%. (link) (link)

July 1st: Pasir Ris – Punggol Town Council revise penalties for late payment of S&C charges to 2% and absorb 7% GST. (2004 rates) (2007 rates)

July 1st: Cigarette prices up as bar ban kicks in. Tobacco companies raised the prices of popular brands by an average of 40 cents. This brought the price of a 20-stick pack of Marlboro or Dunhill cigarettes, for example, to $11.60. (AsiaOne)

July 3: Resale price index for HDB flats rise 2.9% from 3 months before. (link)

July 4: The Committee Against GST Profiteering (CAP) has found price changes to be generally moderate since the announcement of the GST increase in November 2006. (link)

July 10: Changi General Hospital increases A&E charges. Following in the wake of earlier hikes by the National University Hospital and Alexandra Hospital, CGH this month increased its A&E attendance fee by $10 — or 15 per cent — to $75. For the B2 and C-class wards, the daily treatment fee went up by $1, representing a 6-to-10-per-cent increment. The daily ward charge for B2 wards also rose by $1, or 2 per cent. (link)

July 11: Starhub raise prices for cable tv packages. SCV subscribers pay $4 more across the board. (link) (link) (link)

July 11: The Committee Against GST Profiteering has received 33 complaints in the past six months about price increases, all dealing with food items. About 10 cases involve chain businesses. (ST, July 11, 2007) (link)

July 15: Electricity tariffs to be raised by almost 9% for July to September. (link)

July 18: Govt raises development charge from 50% to 70% for new building projects from 50 per cent to 70 per cent of the increase in value of the land. (link) (link)

July 21: HDB rents at 10-year high. For the first time in recent memory, monthly rents for some HDB flats have pushed northwards of $2,000 in leases signed in the last couple of months. (ST, 21 July 2007) (link)

July 25: Hospital bills up 10% to 30% across all ward classes. (link)

July: July inflation hits 2.6%, highest in over 12 years. (link)

July (CPI): Housing costs increased 4.9 per cent because of higher housing maintenance charges, electricity tariffs and rented accommodation costs. (ST, Aug 23, 2007) (link)

July (CPI): Food prices went up by 1.4 per cent, mainly due to dearer cooked food, fresh fish, fruits, vegetables and milk powder. (link)

July (CPI): Transport and communication prices moved up by 1 per cent, reflecting mainly dearer petrol and higher car prices. (link)

July (CPI): The index for education and stationery rose by 2.1 per cent as a result of higher fees at commercial institutions and universities. (link)

July (CPI): Prices of clothing and footwear increased by 3.9 per cent. (link)

July (CPI): Health care cost rose by 2.2 per cent on account of dearer chinese herbs and higher charges for general medical consultation and dental treatment. (link)

Aug 2: SBS, SMRT seeking bus, train fare increases. If approved, transport fares could rise by up to three cents from October. (link)

Aug 2: Singapore Airlines raises fuel surcharge – from between US$2, US$5 and US$9. (link)

Aug 6: ERP rates at Orchard, YMCA and Fort Canning Tunnel to go up. From August 6, cars passing the Orchard, YMCA and Fort Canning Tunnel gantries will be charged an additional $0.50. That makes it $1 per entry. Rates for motorcycles will also double to $0.50. Goods vehicles and small buses will now be charged $1.50. Heavy goods vehicles and big buses will be charged $2. (link)

Aug 7: Student made to pay adult fare. (link)

Aug 7: Cost of living in S’pore getting higher compared to neighbours. Singapore retains its 9th position out of 41 Asian locations as the most costly city. (CNA)

Aug 7: Car insurance premiums likely to increase. Higher premium rates for car insurance look almost certain, after the motor sector suffered a second consecutive quarter of losses. Rises could be between 5 and 10 per cent, according to one insurer, as the industry battles higher claims. (AsiaOne, ST, Aug 7, 2007)

Aug 8: 17% hike in Delifrance’s tuna croissant sandwich, from $5.05 to $5.90. (link)

Aug 10: Change of supplier sees spike in price of medicine. A 80ml bottle of Minoxi 5 from Trima Pharmaceutical used to cost $38.50. This time round, the price was $45.50 for a 60ml bottle. Going by volume, the price increase was a hefty 57.6 per cent. (ST Forum, Aug 10, 2007) (link)

Aug 13: Up to 30% levy imposed on hotel room revenues during F1 race. The Trade and Industry Ministry (MTI) has decided a levy of 30 per cent for hotels on the trackside, and 20 per cent for others. (link)

Aug 23: More ERP gantries, extended hours. (link) (link)

Aug 24: By Aug 24, the Committee Against GST Profiteering had received 115 complaints on alleged GST profiteering. In the first two weeks of July, after the GST increase came into effect, 49 complaints were received, surpassing the 30 complaints received in May. (ST, Aug 29, 2007)

Aug 27: Singapore raises 2007 inflation forecast to 1-2 per cent. Singapore‘s central bank confirmed an apparent off-the-cuff remark by Trade and Industry Minister Lim Hng Kiang in parliament that inflation would come in at 1-2 percent this year, above the government’s previous forecast of 0.5-1.5 percent. (Reuters)

Aug 29: Middle-aged suicide rate up. In 2003, there were 14 suicides (of men in their 40s and 50s) per 100,000. In 2006, it went up to 19 per 100,000. For women, there were 8 per 100,000. In 2006, it went up to 13 per 100,000. (TODAY, Aug 29, 2007) (link)

Aug 29: Storage boom as rents rise. Companies which provide self-storage facilities are reporting a rise in rentals by foreigners as rising rental prices force more of them to downsize. (The Electric New Paper, Aug 29, 2007) (link)

Aug 31: Government raises property development charges. For non-landed residential use, the charge was raised by an average of 58 percent with prime areas like Cantonment Road seeing the biggest jump of 112 percent. Areas seeing the highest increase (of over 100 percent) include Telok Ayer, Maxwell, Shenton, Anson and South Bridge Road. (CNA)

Sept 1st: New dog licensing rules. To discourage dog owners from keeping unlicensed dogs, allowing their dogs to stray or not muzzling dogs of breeds2 that are required to be muzzled in a public place (eg, the Rottweiller or Mastiff); the maximum fine for such offences has been raised from $500 to $5,000. (link)

Sept 5: Esso won’t go public on fuel price changes. IF YOU are an Esso customer, you will not know if the price of your fuel has changed until you drive right up to a pump. ExxonMobil – the biggest player here with 74 out of the total of about 200 stations – has adopted a new policy against revealing changes in pump prices to the media. Neither does it display prices at station entrances. (Straits Times, Sept 5, 2007)

Sept 11: Adult EZ-link fares for buses upped from October. From 1 October, adult EZ-link fares for buses will increase by between one and two cents. But there will be no increase for train fares. (CNA)

Sept 12: Special needs school raise fees by 100%. I was shocked to receive a letter in July stating that school fees would increase by 100 per cent from this month. No other institution – even private schools – operates in this manner by increasing its fees by 100 per cent. (Letter to ST forum)

Sept 13: Employers to buy medical insurance for foreign workers. From January next year (2008), employers will have to buy and maintain insurance for the medical expenses of all foreign workers on Work Permit or S Pass. (CNA)

Sept 25: Electricity tariffs to go up because of higher oil prices. Barely 2 months after the increase of 9% in July, electricity tariffs will again go up later this year because of higher oil prices. SP Services said electricity tariffs will be raised by an average of 0.86 cent, or 4.29 percent, per kilowatt-hour, for the three months from October to December. (CNA)

Sept 25: Cosmetics costing more? Taking a hit from the Goods and Services Tax hike, prices of consumer products in Singapore grew at a pace not seen since 1994. (TODAY)

Sept 27: Gardenia loaf of bread cost 5% more in three months. “Yesterday we found out that its price has soared to $2. If you work that out against the original $1.90, it means that the total price increased is 5.3 per cent in three months.” (Letter to ST forum page.)

Sept 29: Why higher fees for vacant flat? “MY LATE grandfather, who was the sole owner and occupier of a three-room HDB flat, had been paying $38 a month in conservancy fees to the town council. His estate now has to pay $55 a month (a 45 per cent increase) for the vacant flat, the reason being that the $38 concessionary charge no longer applies as it is now unoccupied.” (Letter to ST Forum Page)(link)

Sept: Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society to increase fees from between $5 to $10 due to the society becoming a GST-registered entity. (link)

Oct: Starhub Cable TV sports channels subscribers pay $10 more. (link)

Oct 1: Public transport fare increase takes effect.

Oct 1: Private home prices in Q3 up by 8%: URA flash estimate. The prices of private residential property in Singapore increased by eight per cent in the third quarter of this year.. (CNA)

Oct 1: HDB resale prices up by 6.5% in Q3: HDB’s flash estimate. Public housing resale prices went up by 6.5 percent in the third quarter of this year, compared to the previous three months. (CNA)

Oct 1: Petrol, diesel price up 3-5 cents. At 10am, Caltex increased its petrol and diesel prices by 3 cents a litre, while Shell upped its rates by 5 cents a litre. By 3pm, Singapore Petroleum Co followed suit by raising its pump rates by 5 cents a litre. The increase is the fifth upward revision since July, as crude oil prices hover at record levels above US$80 a barrel. (AsiaOne)

Oct 1: Hotel room rates expected to go up by 25% in Q4. Hotel room rates in Singapore in the fourth quarter are expected to be 25 per cent higher than that of last year, according to industry players. (CNA)

Oct 3: The price of chickens has risen by 20 to 50 per cent here since last week, caused by the wholesale price hike from Malaysia, among the factors, according to media reports. (Bernama)

Oct 4: Queensway Shopping Centre, Sim Lim Square and sky-high rentals in Singapore. As the leases are expiring about now, get ready for a radical change in Sim Lim Square, the highestrentals for the shops selling the lowest margin products ever. (C Net Asia)

Oct 19: SIA ups fuel surcharge by between $3 and $9. The new charges, which are between $3 and nearly $9 more than the current surcharges, will apply to tickets issued from Oct 24 and to both SIA and SilkAir flights. (TODAY)

Oct 20: Price of flour up 30%. The price of flour has increased again, but this time it has gone up by thirty percent. This is the biggest ever hike, according to industry watchers. From January, it will cost 20 cents more to buy a loaf of bread. (CNA)

Oct 22: Caltex petrol, diesel prices up. AMERICAN oil company Chevron raised pump prices of its Caltex petrol and diesel by five cents a litre on Monday – the sixth increase since July and the second in about a fortnight. The others – Shell, ExxonMobil and Singapore Petroleum – are likely to do likewise in the coming days. Chevron’s move brings its pump prices to record levels. (Straits Times)

Oct 26: Private home prices up 8.3% in Q3. Singapore private home prices rose 8.3 percent between July and September to their highest level in a decade. (Asia One)

Oct 27: Prices of HDB resale flats keep accelerating. ‘As at end-September, the HDB resale price index has increased by about 11 per cent since the start of the year,’ the HDB said. For five-room flats, the median resale price in Queenstown is the highest at $603,000, followed by Marine Parade at $560,000 and Bukit Merah at $530,000. (Straits Times)

Oct 28: Singapore raises noodle prices. Starting Nov. 1, the price of noodles in Singapore will increase 20 percent to 30 per cent, the Singapore Noodles Manufacturers’ Association announced on Sunday. (AHN News)

Oct 30: ERP rates going up again for third time this year. Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates are going up again for the third time this year. There will also be new gantries erected. From November 5, motorists will pay $3.50 from 7:30am to 8:00am. The amount charged goes up to $5.00 between 8:30am and 9:00am. This is a $1.50 increase in the 8:30am to 9:00am period since February this year. (CNA)

Oct 30: 100 bakeries to raise bread prices by up to 20%. OVER 100 bakeries have indicated that they will be raising bread prices by up to 20 per cent, following a jump in flour prices. (Straits Times)

Nov 2: Expect steep hikes in tyre, wheel and battery prices. BESIDES record fuel prices and higher Electronic Road Pricing rates, motorists must prepare to pay more for batteries, tyres and wheels. The Singapore Motor Tyre Dealers Association is preparing to announce sizeable price hikes, with battery prices going up by as much as 50 to 70 per cent. Tyre prices will go up by 20 to 30 per cent, and wheels by 10 to 20 per cent, the association’s assistant secretary, Mr Robert Tng, told The Straits Times. (Straits Times)

Nov 5: A TRIP to the supermarket will cost more now than it did at the beginning of the year. A Straits Times check on a random basket of basic goods sold at supermarkets here revealed price increases in almost every category, from fresh chicken to coffee and milk formula. (Straits Times)

Nov 5: Prices for Singapore Petroleum Company Limited (SPC) motor gasoline across all three grades and diesel will be increased by seven cents per litre. (SPC)

Nov 8: Raffles Place retailers face space crunch, soaring rents. A recent study by property consultant Cushman & Wakefield found rent rises of up to 24 per cent over the past two years in the area. (Straits Times)

Nov 23: Singapore‘s October CPI up 3.6% on-year, 1.3% on-month. Singapore‘s October consumer prices rose 3.6 percent from a year earlier after an increase in the Goods and Services Tax (GST), government data showed on Friday. (CNA)

Nov 29: Pump prices increase by 5 cents. All four oil companies — Shell, Caltex, ExxonMobil and Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) — have increased pump prices for petrol and diesel by five cents. In the past 11 months, the price of petrol has shot up nine times and twice just in this month alone. (CNA)

Nov 29: Second Link toll charges to go up next year. VEHICLES from Singapore crossing into Johor via the Second Link Expressway will have to pay higher tolls from Jan 1, the Malaysian government announced yesterday. Passenger cars using the Second Link route will have to pay RM10.80 (S$4.60) next year, compared with RM8.40 now. (Asia One)

Dec 9: Price of luncheon meat soar, from $1 to as high as $3. Prices of luncheon meat have been on the rise since August when the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) rejected and destroyed a consignment of canned pork products from two food processing plants in China. (New Paper)

Dec 10: ComfortDelgro raises taxi fares. Commuters will pay between 18 per cent and 49 per cent more for a taxi ride home from the city from 5pm to midnight. (Straits Times) (CNA)

Dec 11: SCHOOL bus fares will go up by at least $5 to $10 in January, sparked by the increase in diesel prices in recent months. (Straits Times)

Dec 14: Singapore‘s second-largest taxi operator SMRT will be raising its fares from next Friday, December 21. The changes are in line with the adjustments made by market leader ComfortDelGro which will be increasing fares from December 17. (CNA)

Dec 14: Hike in POSB coins charge excessive. “IN THE past, whenever I made a deposit or withdrawal in coins, I paid $5 in service charge for every $500. Now, I have to pay $15 for every $500. So if I changed $1,000 into coins, I would lose $30.” (ST Forum Page)

Dec 14: Adjustment rate for housing loan changed unilaterally. “This unilateral change in adjustment rate is an increase in effective interest on the loan, and it is done without changing the loan interest rates. Is it fair for banks to offer adjustment rates as a ‘feature’ to woo customers but, six months into the loan, unilaterally reduce the benefits of the feature?” (ST Forum Page)

Dec 14: Hike in luggage surcharge wasn’t publicized. “When they were at the check-in counter, they were informed that the overweight charge was $20, not $8, and if they did not pay up they would not get their boarding passes. They had no choice but to pay.” (ST Forum Page)

Dec 20: Potong Pasir to raise S&C charges. THE opposition-held Potong Pasir ward is raising its service and conservancy (S&C) charges for the first time in a decade. Residents there will pay between $2.50 and $8 more a month, depending on the size of their HDB flat. (Straits Times)

Dec 20: Expect to pay more for food from next month. SINGAPOREANS should brace themselves for a sharp hike in food prices starting from New Year’s Day, which could affect anything from curry puffs to ice cream. (Asia One)

Dec 24: Singapore‘s Nov consumer prices up 4.2% year-on-year. Singapore‘s consumer prices rose faster-than-expected in November. The consumer price index – a non-core measure of costs for goods and services – rose 4.2 percent from a year earlier, after rising 3.6 percent in October. (CNA)

Dec 28: Electricity tariffs to go up. Highest since 2001. From next month (Jan 2008), electricity tariffs will go up nearly 6 per cent, to 22.62 cents per kilowatt-hour (kwh). (Straits Times)

2007: HDB ups valuation and administrative fees for valuation report of flats. This is to include the new 7% GST. (link)


Aug 24:

‘With rents rising, and some retailers not passing on the GST hike until later, we expect CPI inflation to continue to climb, probably close to 3 per cent towards year-end,’ said Citigroup economist Chua Hak Bin.

“Consumers Association of Singapore president Yeo Guat Kwang, who is also MP for Aljunied GRC, said if prices go up because of supply and demand conditions, that cannot be helped: ‘What we need to ensure is that price adjustments are fair.

‘So far, we haven’t seen a phenomenon of businesses profiteering from the GST rise,’ said Mr Yeo, who is the deputy chairman of the Committee Against GST Profiteering.

‘Most importantly, prices of basic necessities have remained stable.’

(Straits Times, Aug 24, 2007)

Other reports:

A relentless spiral by Littlespeck. (link)

CASE survey. (link)

Govt spells out fees to be frozen. (link) (link)


Jan 3: Second Link tolls to go up from Feb 1. The tolls for all motorists at Tuas Second Link will be raised by between 10 cents and S$4.40 from 1 February. Motorcyclists will need to pay 10 cents more than the current toll of 60 cents. Cars will be tolled S$4.60, while vans and small lorries will be charged S$10.50. The largest jump is for big lorries, which will have to pay S$21 – S$4.40 more than the current S$16.60. (Channel NewsAsia)

Jan 08: Motorists to face five new ERP gantries. MOTORISTS can expect to pay more over the next few months to use the roads when five new ERP gantries are up, many in the heart of residential areas. (Straits Times) (Straits Times)

Jan 14: Prices of CNY goodies to go up. BE PREPARED to spend 10 per cent to 20 per cent more on foodstuffs this Chinese New Year. (Straits Times)

Jan 15: Inflation in S’pore may hit 6.5% this month. CONSUMER prices in Singapore may surge a staggering 6.5 per cent this month, bringing full- year average inflation to an equally eye-popping 5 per cent, according to Citigroup. (Straits Times)

Jan 18: Lunar New Year dinner prices set to rise by at least 10 per cent. Prices for restaurant dinners are set to rise by at least 10 per cent. (CNA)

Jan 23: Prices of suckling pigs double due to supply shortage in China. The prices of suckling pigs have doubled recently due to a drop in supply from China, and a 5kg pig is going for as much as S$180. (CNA)

Jan 24: Singapore’s consumer price index (CPI) … rose 4.4 per cent last month from a year earlier, with transport contributing the most. (TODAY)

Jan 25: Resale HDB flat prices up 30% above valuation in Q4. BUYERS of resale Housing Board flats found themselves paying $22,000 above the valuation from October to December – a whopping 30 per cent increase more than the previous quarter. (Straits Times)

Jan 29: ERP rates to go up by S$0.50 at certain gantries from Feb 4. Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates are set to go up by S$0.50 starting 4 February, according to the Land Transport Authority. (CNA)

Jan 30: ERP rates, more gantries to go up – but road tax cut by 15%. Minister Lim said 16 new gantries will go on between April and November, bringing the total number in operation to 71. This is just the start. The base ERP rate will be upped from $1 to $2, with the increments in $1 instead of the current 50 cents. To make ERP more effective in a rising affluent community, these changes will be made gradually. (Straits Times)

Jan 30: MediShield premiums to go up for better cover. YEARLY premiums for basic MediShield insurance are set to increase – by about $120 for most people – to ensure that subsidised patients saddled with big hospital bills will get better payouts. (Straits Times)

Jan 30: Prime Taxis to raise fares from March. AFTER holding out for over a month, Singapore’s smallest cab operator, Prime Taxis, will raise its fares to come in line with other companies here. (Straits Times)

Jan 30: Prices for tickets for all Cathay cineplexes to go up on Jan 31. Expect to pay up to $10.50 on a weekend. (TODAY)

Feb 02: Prices of vegetables are up between 5 and 10 per cent because higher oil prices. YOUR shopping basket will be a little more expensive this year, no thanks to a rise in vegetable prices. (The New Paper)

Feb 4: Singapore inflation may exceed 5 percent this year – PM Lee. Inflation in the city-state could accelerate to 5 percent this year after rising 2.1 percent in 2007 given rising commodity prices worldwide, the Business Times newspaper quoted Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as saying. (Forbes)

Feb 04: Businesses say new ERP gantries may increase operating costs. The rise in Electronic Road Pricing and increase in the number of ERP gantries is worrying at least one business – the couriers. (CNA)

Feb 14: Varsities up tuition fees by 4% to 20%. TUITION fees at the three local universities will go up by between 4 per cent and 20 per cent for the new batch of undergraduates entering in August. (Straits Times)

Feb 26: INFLATION accelerated last month to a 26-year high of 6.6 per cent with housing, food and transport costs registering steep increases over the past year. (Straits Times)

Mar 3: Caltex increases petrol and diesel pump prices. The company increased all grades of petrol by 4 cents per litre at 11am on Monday. Its Regular 95 petrol is now priced at S$2.046 a litre, Regular 98 at S$2.12 and Premium 98 petrol is S$2.286 per litre before discount. (CNA)

March 10: Park in Orchard area? It’ll cost you even more. Parking fees have gone up at 18 out of 20 malls, in one case by 36 per cent. (Straits Times, AsiaOne)

March 12: Fishball prices increase 20% due to rising cost of raw ingredients. Retailers said the prices of fishballs have risen by 20 per cent since last July due to rising cost of raw ingredients. (CNA)

March 17: Price of Chinese herbs to increase by 10%-20%. The price of Chinese herbs is set to increase by 10-20 percent. (CNA)

March 18: Barely two weeks after an increase in pump prices … all four petrol companies raised prices yesterday. Petrol and diesel prices went up by four cents and five cents per litre respectively, with the exception of Shell’s V-Power, which went up by three cents, and Caltex Platinum Techron, which remained unchanged. Regular 98-octane petrol at all four petrol chains now costs $2.160 a litre, while diesel is $1.613 a litre, before discounts. (TODAY)

March 19: Cost of electricity to go up from April as oil prices rise. Electricity tariffs will go up by an average of 1.26 cents (S$0.0126) per kilowatt starting 1 April. (CNA)

March 25: Singapore’s CPI up 6.5 pct year-on-year in February. Singapore’s consumer price index (CPI) jumped 6.5 percent in February from a year earlier, after gaining a 25-year high of 6.6 percent in January. (Trading Markets)

March 25: Singapore inflation stays at 26-year high. Prices of meat and poultry, cooking oils and dairy products clocked double-digit gains, while rice, cereal and fruit cost almost 10 per cent more than they did last year. High oil prices also made themselves felt in electricity bills and at petrol pumps. Indeed, transport costs jumped 9.6 per cent, boosted also by higher taxi fares and car prices. (Straits Times)

March 25: Prices of coffee, milk, sugar rise. In the past six months, the price of a 40-sachet bag of Nescafe 3-in-1 Regular Coffeemix has risen by 14 to 19 per cent across most major supermarkets. It costs $5.20 at Cold Storage and NTUC FairPrice. Super 3-in-1 Coffeemix is up 5 to 9 per cent, and now costs $4.95 at Cold Storage and $4.80 at NTUC FairPrice. (Straits Times)

March 26: Price of paper up by as much as 40%. The price of paper around the world has gone up by as much as 40 percent over the past year. This has caused the price of recycled paper to increase by 100 percent. (CNA)

March 28: NETS revises pricing for NETS CashCard. Consumers are going to have pay more for their NETS CashCard come May, as it will include the cost of the CashCard as well. (CNA)

March 29: Prices of rice rise. FairPrice raises price of its house brand varieties after Thai rice jumps 30% overnight. A 5kg bag of FairPrice Thai White Fragrant Rice now costs $5.30, up from $4.70, and a 10kg bag of Double FairPrice Thai Hom Mali Rice now goes for $17.90, up from $16.25. (Straits Times)

April 5: FairPrice ups price for one premium rice brand. SINGAPORE‘S biggest supermarket chain, NTUC FairPrice, on Friday hiked the price of one of its in-house brands of premium rice. The rise is NTUC’s second in as many weeks: It hiked prices of three other in-house brands of rice by between 60 cents and $1.65 last week. (Straits Times)

April 23: Singapore’s March inflation rate up 6.7% on-year. The CPI for the first quarter of this year was 6.6 percent higher compared with the same quarter of previous year. On a seasonally adjusted basis, the CPI in March was 0.3% higher compared with February. Singapore’s inflation rate has been hovering at its highest level in 26 years. (CNA)

April 23: Pump prices up across all brands. THE OTHER oil companies have all followed Caltex’s move to raise pump prices here. ExxonMobil, Singapore Petroleum Co and Shell on Wednesday upped petrol prices by three cents a litre and diesel by five cents. The latest pump price adjustment is the 10th consecutive increase since July last year – 11th if the GST-triggered increase on July 1, 2007 were to be included. (Straits Times)

April 25: Sharp hike in kindergarten fees. SOME 1,500 students attending the seven PAP Community Foundation (PCF) kindergartens in Woodlands will see their fees shoot up by 30 to 100 per cent. (TODAY, April 25.)

May 3: Rice and cooking oil lead price rise. Yes, the price of rice is going up. But so too are the prices of cooking oil and other items such as instant noodles. (Straits Times)

May 3: SIZZLING HOT: Cooking oil prices on the boil. In the last two months, retail prices have jumped between 9per cent and 56 per cent, depending on the brand.. (Straits Times)

May 9: Expect to pay higher electricity bills. Soaring crude oil prices drove the benchmark market price of electricity to a record last month, and there is not much relief in sight. (Straits Times)

May 16: Caltex pump prices up. Prices at Caltex were increased as of 10.00am today. Prices of Silver, Gold and Platinum petrol grades went by $0.02 to $2.136, $2.210 and $2.336 respectively. (AsiaOne) (TODAY)

May 19: Food operators to charge more for home deliveries. A Straits Times check with 25 food-delivery services found that more than half have increased their menu prices by at least a dollar in the last few months. Five have also upped their delivery fees, while three have increased their minimum order amount. (AsiaOne)

May 23: Singapore inflation rate hits new 26-year high of 7.5% in April. Singapore’s annual inflation rate rose to a new 26-year high of 7.5 percent in April as food, housing and transportation costs soared and is now a risk to the economy, the government said on Friday. (CNA)

May 24: Pump prices up for second time in a week. The latest jump – the 12th consecutive increase since last July – was sparked when oil giant Shell upped petrol prices by five cents a litre and diesel by seven cents at 5pm on Thursday. (Straits Times)

June 5: Poultry prices to rise due to higher transportation costs. The cost of every kilogramme of duck to go up by five cents. The price of chicken products is also expected to increase. (CNA)

June 7: Singapore consumers to feel knock-on effects. THE fuel price hike in Malaysia is going to bite Singaporeans soon, and hard. Prices of a range of goods are set to go up as the cost of trucking them in rises, and fresh food tops the list. (Straits Times)

June 7: Singapore‘s poor turn to temples to fill bellies. Many Singaporeans increasingly turning to free meals at temples to fill their stomachs, as surging global commodity prices hurt, even in a country that is one of the richest in Asia. (Reuters)

June 7: Coach fares to Malaysia up. The Express Bus Agencies Association (EBAA), which accounts for six in 10 buses heading across the Singapore border, has raised its fuel and insurance surcharges from a previous flat fee of $3, to between $5 and $16 — that’s up to five times more — depending on your destination. (TODAY)

June 11: Up prices of eggs and some vegetables. The prices of eggs and some vegetables have jumped at wet markets across the island, according to a Straits Times check. This comes barely a week after MalaysiaSingapore‘s biggest food supplier – trimmed domestic fuel subsidies. (Straits Times)

June 18: ERP rates in CBD to go up, 5 new gantries added. About half of existing ERP gantries islandwide will see their rates increase from July 7. (CNA) (Straits Times)

June 19: Housebrand rice prices up. The Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) has found that prices for housebrands rose between 14 and58 per cent last month. The most dramatic jump was for Cold Storage’s First Choice Thai Fragrant Rice: :From between $8.75 and $9.10 for a 5kg-pack, to $13.80. (TODAY)

June 25: Pump prices up for 13th time since last July. PUMP prices have risen again, with petrol going up by five cents a litre and diesel, 10 cents.This latest increase, the 13th consecutive rise since last July, started when oil giant Shell raised rates at 4pm yesterday. By evening, Caltex and ExxonMobil had followed suit.(Straits Times) (TODAY)

June 25: Electricity tariffs to rise 4.98% from next quarter. Electricity tariffs will go up by 4.98 per cent or by 1.19 cents per kilo watt per hour (kWh) for all households from the next quarter, beginning July 1. (CNA)

June 28: Premium bus fares to go up. PREMIUM bus fares will soon go up, as operators here feel the pinch from higher fuel prices. SBS Transit, which runs more than half of such services, will raise fares by 30 to 60 cents, up to a maximum of $3.60 per trip. The fare hike will affect all of its 40 premium services. (Straits Times)

July 2: Private bus operators up prices over diesel price hikes. FACED with skyrocketing diesel prices, private bus operators are charging more to transport workers and rent out coaches. Ten bus companies contacted by The Straits Times said they have raised prices by at least 10 per cent in the last few months due to rising rising diesel prices, which have almost doubled in the last year. (Straits Times)

July 6: 5 S’pore River ERP gantries kick in on Monday. The new gantries, which will bring the total number of gantries in Singapore to 65, will charge $2 from 6pm to 7.30pm and $1 from 7.30pm to 8pm. (Straits Times)

July 7: Expect to see more of these gantries in coming months. New KPE will have 16, taking grand total from 60 to more than 80. When it opens fully on Sept 20, it will have the most ERP gantries among all roads here. New KPE will have 16, taking grand total from 60 to more than 80 (Straits Times)

July 12: 30-cent fuel levy for cab rides from Thursday. MOST cab rides will cost 30 cents more from next Thursday, after Singapore’s largest taxi operator ComfortDelGro yesterday announced its decision to levy a fuel surcharge on all trips. (Straits Times)

July 14: School bus fares going up on Aug 1. SCHOOL bus operators, bitten by skyrocketing diesel prices, could soon start charging parents $10 to $15 more a month to ferry schoolchildren. (Straits Times)

July 19: SMRT Taxis to levy 30 cents fuel surcharge. SMRT Taxis will levy a fuel surcharge of 30 cents per trip for all taxi trips from July 26. The fuel surcharge will apply to all flag down trips, as well as call centre and advanced bookings, SMRT said in a press release on Saturday. SMRT’s move came after ComfortDelGro implemented the surcharge on Thursday. (Straits Times)

July 22: High power bills: Record number of cases probed. A RECORD number of complaints about overcharging for electricity were investigated by Singapore Power last month. SP Services, the power company’s customer service arm, said it looked into 1,093 cases where customers had complained that their bills for May were higher than in previous months. (Straits Times)

July 23: S’pore June inflation rises 7.5% on higher food, housing costs. Singapore’s consumer inflation stood at a 26-year high in June, rising 7.5 per cent compared with a year ago, according to latest figures from the Department of Statistics. (CNA)

July 24: Singapore ranked fifth most expensive city in Asia. Singapore is now the fifth most expensive city in Asia, according to Mercer Worldwide Cost of Living Survey. In world standings, Singapore is in 13th position, one notch higher than in 2007. (CNA)

July 30: Heartland shoppers hit hardest by Nets fee hike. SOME mom-and-pop stores in the heartland are passing on an increase in Nets fees to consumers, despite being barred from doing so. (Straits Times)

25 August: CPI for households up 7.1% in first six months. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for households increased by 7.1 per cent in the first half of 2008 compared with the same period last year. (CNA)

Aug 29: More unable to pay electricity bills. 35% of families with power bill woes stay in larger 4- or 5-room flats. As of June this year, about 13,700 households have been put on a pre-paid metering scheme after they had their power supply cut off or were in danger of having the supply disconnected. (Straits Times)

August 30: SINGAPORE‘S public hospitals have raised ward charges in the last two months. The increases at Alexandra Hospital (AH), Changi General Hospital, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and SGH took effect at the beginning of July. Tan Tock Seng Hospital and the National University Hospital (NUH) raised their fees this month. (Straits Times).

Sept 12: Bus and train fares up on October 1. The Public Transport Council (PTC) has given the green light for an overall net fare adjustment that will result in fare changes that will range from a 7-cent reduction to a 4-cent increase per journey. (CNA)

Sept 28: Childcare fees going up. The average monthly fees for childcare and infant care now are $684 and $1,184 respectively. A Sunday Times check with 20 childcare centres found that all but three intend to charge $30 to $120 more a month. (Straits Times)

Sept 29: Households to see average rise of about 22% in electricity bills from Oct. On average, all SP Services customers will face a 21.89 per cent increase. (CNA)

Sept 28: Some papers to cost more. The subscription and newsstand prices of both The Straits Times and The Sunday Times, currently at 70 cents and 80 cents respectively, will increase by 10 cents for the Sunday to Friday editions, and by 20 cents for the bumper Saturday edition. (Straits Times)

Oct 6: SingTel increases local fixed line subscription and call rates. SingTel is increasing its local fixed line subscription by S$10 a year from January 1, 2009. Residential customers will therefore pay S$110 per year in subscription and business customers will pay S$160 per year. (CNA)

Oct 21: 3rd ERP gantry on PIE to kick in. MOTORISTS heading west on the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) will have to pay Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges to drive beyond Eunos from Nov 3. The gantry along the expressway near the Eunos exit will be activated, charging $2 between 7am and 7.30am, and $1 between 7.30am and 8am. (Straits Times)

Oct 23: Singapore‘s September inflation up 6.7% on-year. Singapore‘s consumer price index rose 6.7 per cent in September compared with the same period last year. (CNA)

Nov 24: Singapore‘s consumer price index (CPI) for October 2008 increased by 6.4 percent from a year ago due mainly to higher costs of housing and food. (Bernama)

Nov 25: Vegetable prices rise 10-15% due to early rainy season. Vegetable prices have risen by 10 to 15 percent on average during the past month due to the rainy season. (CNA)

Dec3: JUST months after food prices began retreating from record highs, the tab on some products is rising again, sparked in large part by the weakening Singapore dollar. (Straits Times)

Dec 11: 14% hike in school-bus fares too hefty. I was shocked to learn that the fare will be raised to $78. I recall that, just six months ago, it went up by 7 per cent from $68 to $73. (Straits Times)


18 Feb: Singapore polytechnics and ITEto increase tuition fees

22 Feb: Foreign worker levies to go up from July

9 Mar: At least two town councils to up S&C charges

12 Mar: Licence fees to sell cigarettes could increase

18 Mar: Singapore’s 3 public universities, NUS, NTU, SMU, to raise tuition fees

23 Mar: Sheng Siong raises rent at 5 wet markets by 30%

30 Mar: Electricity to cost more from April.

1 Apr: HDB resale prices up 2.7%

20 Apr: Public transport fares to go down 2.5 per cent?

22 Apr: Home loan rates rise.

24 Apr: Private home prices up.

26 Apr: ERP rates up from May 3

30 June: Electricity tariffs to go up again.

02 July: HDB resale prices up 3.8%.

03 July: Distance-based fares for public transport takes effect.

23 July: Resale flat prices up 4.1 per cent.

02 Aug: Night parking charges doubled.

05 Aug: Pump prices up again.

24 August: Singapore inflation up in July

23 September: Singapore’s August inflation up 6.4% on-year

15 September: Rising food prices pinch Asian households

25 October: Inflation at highest level.

25 October: ERP rates to go up at 23 gantries across Singapore


  • Raymond

    Ow OW OWW! Petrol prices…. what more can I say :(

  • Frivolous Finance

    I agree. Cost of living is crazy.

  • Electricity

    “By 2003, this goal had already been met, and the Singapore’s Energy Market Authority (EMA) reports that about 80 percent of the country’s electricity demand comes from natural gas today.”

    “May 9: Expect to pay higher electricity bills. Soaring crude oil prices drove the benchmark market price of electricity to a record last month, and there is not much relief in sight. (Straits Times)”

    If the above statements are true and the price of natural gas has not risen as much as that of oil and given that TOC is now a credible force to be reckoned with in Singapore, could it (TOC) write and address an open letter to our Power companies on behalf of all in Singapore to raise questions on the price increase of our electricity.

  • http://deleted Osama.sama

    Yesterday I submitted about our Lousy MRT but why this page is blank ?

  • http://deleted Osama.sama

    I submitted a complaint about MRT signage,etc. last week It was not published. Maybe it is because I use a nickname “”Osama sama”” and could this terrorist’s nickname causes me to be censored. I like the word Ösama sama”as it is catchy and in Malay means “we are together”. If the nickname connotes violent or terrorism, then I should be told and can change it to “”osamakita”” sounds cathcy too….heh ! heh !
    How about that ?


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  • TM

    The increase in food and oil prices is far beyond the government’s control. What we need to realize is that there are 6.6 billion people on this planet who are fighting for a chunk of the earth’s resources and planet earth simply cannot satisfy all of us who desire a first-world living standards. We are now living in an era where oil supplies have trouble meeting demand (peak oil); hence, the escalation in oil prices which will eventaully find its way into everything else since our industrial civilisation is built on this precious commodity.

  • Raymond

    Property is a good hedge against rising inflation. In that case, there is a case for property prices to continue to be on the uptrend.

  • http://deleted Fever Guy

    Petrol just went up $0.048 per litre for a 95. Everything is now so much more costly than a 2 months back.

    CPI is 7.5% is the highest in 26 years and GDP growth expected to be 4-6%. 14.5% GDP growth yoy for Q1. Looks like inflation is staying throughout the year.

    Where is the gahmen ‘s promise of more good year and golden age of singapore?
    More like shit and more shit coming our way.

  • Gary Teoh

    lousy givt. In malaysia petrol price stayed at $1.92 for so long , no change at all, whereas in spore pump prices increase a few times in 3 months. The govt just kept quiet, in Indonesia, fuel increase ppl come out protest, in spore fuel increase in price, ppl keep quiet, let it be, govt more happy.

  • Daniel

    “Where is the gahmen ’s promise of more good year and golden age of singapore?”

    It is true that gahmen’s promise comes true though to themselves not to the citizen. You see, now having $16.4 billions surplus in addition to another $10 billions at end of year means that these coffers going to get additional millions dollars bonus on top of their millions dollar salary ! More good years. Yes, more good years for these S-hole. It is not only the golden age but a diamond age for these coffers because never a gahmen been so wealthy in the world as our coffers. World’s number wealthy gahmen at expense of citizen…

  • Fever Guy

    They f*** think is thier money. It is the PEOPLE ‘s money. They spend it like some princes and kings. They wasted our money in stupid investment and called it long term. They have no accountability and transparency. It is one big family of elites and they scratch each other’s nack like monkeys do. GOD will punish them.

  • Simple Minded

    Can’t the government reduce the petrol tax now?

    I do not think reducing petrol tax will result in people rushing to buy car now since curbing of car population is well in place in other areas.

    Petrol price has a rippling effect on other costs and affect the whole nation.

  • http://ALongToleratedIrritant C J

    Simple Minded;
    There a lot of things the govt can reduce tax or cost of, but reducing their earnings isn’t in their nature. They are forever fearful of losing money, and not that as if they saved a lot by being thrifty they will used the money to help Singaporeans get by or ease hardships. They think nothing of spending Millions or Billions on IR project, but deliberated at great length over increasing Public Aid funding by a measely $30.00.
    Go figure…

  • shah

    cant do anythin ..we are to pussy..look…jb jeyaratnam…dr chee…they tried..
    forever..their sons, grandchildren will control this country forever..president
    ..just for show…for the average singapore..u live to pay
    check out the ban video on you -tube… type..dr chee ban video…and search..the title is singapore under lee quan yew…
    for me, what i future..maybe in a million or thousands years..the only living locals living in singapore will be the descendents of the current government. Think about it

  • tunkudon

    if only i have 1 million i will leave for good .

  • wabbitooth

    what’s the use of scolding and complainin abt them gahment ppl here? do something! yea, sure, go on protest and get arrested at once, i noe,i noe. but if the whole nation comes out at the same time i daresay there won’t be enuf policemen to put all of us into the pokey, no?

    i noe i’m lame, but it’s a good plan!

  • Ryan

    Thanks for the collation of the rising costs’ list.. I hope the Opposition would bring up this list during the next GE… The ruling party needs to be humbled into losing a GRC or two.!!!

  • http://Nil Simon

    Heh. Not pro or anti anything, but shouldnt you guys also do a list of all the rebates and stuff we get as well? My dad is still smiling from his car tax rebate………….count your blessings man.

  • Unqiuely Singapore

    Heh. Not pro or anti anything. Why not ask your dad that he is also smiling from the ever increasing ERP charges here and there, the heavily taxed fuel cost here, finding parking space where there is non and parking charges itself.

    Maybe, the situation of your dad could be uniquely good just like many things in Singapore.

  • tunkudon

    the gahment do what ??when thing go up like nobody business i always see other country do something for their pp but not mine. mine here always ask business man or the private company to donated money or food , than the gahment do what so good and easy money huh

  • Think cat

    tunkudon on June 6th, 2008 2.21 pm

    “if only i have 1 million i will leave for good”

    Brother, why leave. Singapore is your country and belongs to you and each and every one of us. Stay and make Singapore a better place. Gahmen are only representatives, if you don’t like them change them and keep on encouraging your friends, family members and colleagues, etc to change them. We owe it to ourselves to make Singapore a better place for us and our children and not only for some highly paid fat cats.

    The people are the real power – they have to find out this power themselves and excercise them responsibly.

  • tunkudon

    tks think cat , how i wish and really wish i love my country . but ………… if it only can change .

  • Think cat

    Good afternoon, brother. Sure you can love your own country. Currently, the atmosphere here has been too much moulded by fat cats – that is why a lot of people feel that there is no sense of ownership and some have gone totally apathetic about their power to change things.

    Well, it takes time and people like you who care & yet frustrated to change things. Sometimes, we may not be the ones within our lifetime to enjoy the fruits but we must make it a better place for our kids and future generations of Singaporeans. Like minded people like you and me must do our part no matter how small it is to set the path slowly and yet steadily.

    One thing for sure, we Singaporeans do not need fat cats around us to bulldoze us with twisted reasoning & explanation while seeing them getting fatter and fatter each day.

  • Juz some noob passing by

    If i win i will leave this country till the lving conditions return back to normal the prices of everything is rising due to the rise in oil prices in Malaysia its getting harder and harder to survive every day.

    But i think China is playing i very big part in this too but its not really their fault cause of the recent earthquake that has happened…

  • http://Nil Singaporespirit

    Petrol prices are up again this morning at Shell. What about other stations?

  • Gary Teoh

    next month cost of PUB electricity bill will go up, dont know go up how many time s liao. Nia mah, this type of govt also have. never help people. Every damn thing go up, up up up…. when can come down nia mah !!!

  • aquarius

    “The people are the real power – they have to find out this power themselves and excercise them responsibly.”

    Perhaps, it’s time to feedback effectively to have a silent protest, everyone plays his/her part as Singaporean by wearing white & black(attire) everyday to send the message across. We, and I beleive, most people are unhappy over the relentless rising cost of living in Singapore now.

  • Gary Teoh

    today’s ST reported that MM Lee is worried about freak election. He thought if other party is in charge, spore will ruin in 5 years. He thought that only MIW can govern spore, non pap people are not talented, is it so ?

  • No lah.

    Gary Teoh on June 26th, 2008 9.17 am

    I cannot reconcile the fact that as a founding father, why does he have to keep on instilling fear into us Singaporeans instead of empowering the citizens in general so that they have the confidence to face crisis and not to be too reliant on the incumbent party only.

    Surely he understands that the quality of national leadership is not party specific and that other parties can also galvanise the trust and support of other better candidates who can bring Singapore to the next level.

  • patriot

    do not take LKYs’ Words at face value, he simply wishes that PAP lead by Lee Hsien Loong will not fall before he(LKY) departs. If that happens, history and posterities of him will not be illuminating. Imagine how heartbreaking it will be to see the Leadership of ones’ offspring falls before his own eyes. No amount of fortunes will be consoling then because name, reputation and fame will all be buried with disgrace and disappointment.

    Btw, his words are spokened more to entertain than real worries, LKY knows too well PAP will not be toppled in the Next Election and the one that follows. But hard to say, if natural calamity of a serious nature happens.

    From the Internet, I realised how comprehensively the Leadership make up of the PAP Members is abhor by its’ citizenry. This speaks volume about the respectabilities of our national leaders, it is terrible shame!


  • tunkudon

    ya same old shit from old man. tell u what i willing to give them a try . better than u . we have no LIFE. give us our LIFE back !!! 2011!!!

  • Anguish

    Quote: Made_Man on October 10th, 2007 10.08 pm Would you rather live in a country with guns, sirens, hookers and drugs around the corner, 24/7? Or a country with stability, peace and safety? A small price to pay, to live in Singapore. Majulah Singapura!

    Probably, he is one of those who benefitted from en-bloc sales. He talks like one without money problems.

  • Anguish

    One never know what will happen in life? Look at Malaysia, Abdullah and his party, it can happen in Singapore too. More people now are being pressed against the boiling pot so strange events might evolve overnight.

  • CheeCheongFun

    SIngPost is doing a roaring business… postage stamps have risen from 5cts to 6cts to 10cts to 15cts to 20cts to 22cts.. now 26cts.. a hefty 400% rise in less time than you say only the sky is the limit.

  • NewOld

    The price of imported goods is beyond S Govt control.
    The standard of Living is within our own control.
    Each individual will use HIS / HER $$$$$ to the best benefit & efficiency.
    So just be flexible, adjust, reduce & find a new way to beat the inflation.

  • patriot



    There are many options for our leaders, however, the only method they like, IS TO MAKE THE PEOPLE PAY AND PAY. AND THEY PLAY AND PLAY THE PEOPLE TIME AND AGAIN.


  • tunkudon

    and in a few months time they are going to increase their pay again .u die ur problem .

  • Prashant_p1p

    Hi All,

    As per my view, US is dumped Crude in past si months, Although they started to dump it from earlier. I’m finding the data related to buying done by US in past months, If someone can provide me, where I could get all this data, pls send me on my mail add.


  • http://Nil Singaporespirit

    It is time to call for a concerted effort to fight the food and fuel crisis by ourselves. Our Government is weak and have no solutions or strategies to lessen the burdens of the struggling citizens. This is our problems and must be solved by ourselves. Let’s move on with our lives! “GOVERNMENT IS NOT A SOLUTION TO OUR PROBLEM(s), GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM.” Quote taken from Ronald Reagan.

  • patriot


    well said, your comment above.


  • Ray Fang

    Dear people,

    Its time to wake up and stop complaining.

    Inflation is a worldwide problem and not only Singapore’s. While Singapore is suffering from ‘sky high’ inflation of <8%, other developing countries are suffering from inflation of 15% or more. I think we are extremely fortunate!

    I see lots of complaints regarding rising oil prices. But that can’t be helped either. The most popular brands of petrol in Singapore are Shell, ExxonMobil and Caltex. They are not PAP! In my humble opinion, Singapore is wise not to have fuel subsidies like our neighbors do. By having such oil subsidies, it will drain the country’s resources, and result in more reliance on fuel. If you look at the US, fuel consumption has reduced significantly with the rising costs of fuel. This shows that how people can rise up to the situation and be more efficient. As Singaporeans, we can do likewise!

    On a hind note, I agree with ‘NewOld’ We should be proactive, and be flexible in our spending. Use our hard earned monies with a highest efficiency, and get the best return on the money spent. But, in so doing, do remain Gracious and Considerate to one another, to make this place a more livable home!

  • http://Nil Singaporespirit

    Pump price goes up again. Let’s hope that water can replace fuel to run our vehicles by end of this year. Won’t be surprised if oil price reaches $200. Now is $146.

  • New Fang

    75) NewOld on July 1st, 2008 4.39 pm
    81) Ray Fang on July 5th, 2008 10.58 am

    “The price of imported goods is beyond S Govt control.”

    Hey, both of you brothers in arms. Any suggestion from you that the govt can help. I love relying on the govt – as they are so RE-LIABLE.

    Surely there are things which can be controlled by govt (heard the echo of word such as talent being constantly drummed into us to justify multi-million price tag), any good idea from you also ?

  • NewOld

    83) New Fang on July 5th, 2008 2.45 pm .

    Rule No: 01..God help those who help themselves.
    Rule No: 02..Ask what U can do to help others, instead of asking Others for Help.

    Job a plenty…..pick up a part-time job or do more overtimes or re-examine yr spending pattern or cancel away the extra WANTS & adjust yr NEEDS. Hope these r some Good Idea that i can contribute.

    This SAT 5 July 2008, We decided to stay home to clean up the House, Wash the Car, Eat-In, Watch TV & 30 mins Jog around the Estate instead of Eating-Out, Car Wash, Pay Parking, Burn Expensive Petrol & Movie…that save S$40-S$60.

  • Disgrace leaders

    Dear elite uncaring face Leaders,

    if u can’t solve the problem of rising cost of fuel, utilities bill, cost of living etc, pls fart off . We deserve to be demanding cos since u farkers want high pay, get ready to be fark all day long 24/7. u deserve all that we throw at u for all the below-par peformance and should be sack long ago. U people damn thick skin to be still around for higher pay. with yr standard of performance, the foodcourt cleaning aunt pay of $500/mth is more suitable for u. if u take the $500/mth and perform like what u doing now—- we will not fark u cos than u deserve it for not doing yr job well. you people are a disgrace to be serving as civil SERVANT.

  • Blacksheep

    Dear fellow Singaporeans,

    Let us bond together if you truly feel the pain.
    Wear BLACK for the entire day on 9th Aug.
    Please include your family members and friends, and go about your normal routine.
    This is our message to the ruling party.

    best regards.

  • http://Tewniaseng Tewniaseng

    ERP has increased again, and the numbers of gantry have also increased. I wonder ERP is for controlling traffic , then COE is for controlling what ?

  • Ray Fang

    83) New Fang on July 5th, 2008 2.45 pm
    85) Disgrace leaders on July 5th, 2008 11.07 pm

    In my very humble opinion, do not rely on the government.

    If the government gives payouts, its a bonus. If they do not, so be it. If they are candid, and have a good foresight, we are fortunate. However, if they are corrupt and incompetent, we are free to vacate our subsidised HDBs and leave.

    If Singaporeans think they are very unfortunate for having such a government, then they are free to leave. No one is stopping them. However, be warned. Look out of our small island for a government that gives payouts when the economy is doing well. Look for a government that gives a one-off bonus when they increase taxes. Are there any?

    Most governments just raise taxes when they please, and no offer of ‘candy’ to help citizens swallow the bitter pill.

    On a final note on inflation, Iran’s inflation rate has just hit 26%. Now, that is a government that is truly inadequate.

  • Daniel

    “Most governments just raise taxes when they please, and no offer of ‘candy’ to help citizens swallow the bitter pill.”

    So please tell us who the first world “most governments” refer to ?

  • Daniel

    “Dear people,

    Its time to wake up and stop complaining.”

    Wake up too. Please stop all the whining about people complaining. People are asking to justify the PayAndPay scheme and policies, and where is the money go from collecting ERP, and all these stuffs. And stop telling us that inflation is the world wide problem too if the ministers are so keen to increase their salary and perk with their own “they know best” prediction that inflation can be ended in a year time. Where in the world can you find a so first-world government who feed rhetoric just to increase self-worth and price hike ? Rather than saying people are complaining, why not say the ministers are complaining of money not enough ?

  • New Fang

    88) Ray Fang on July 7th, 2008 1.10 pm

    “If Singaporeans think they are very unfortunate for having such a government, then they are free to leave. No one is stopping them. ”

    Hey why not feel it this way, if Singaporeans think they are very unfortunate for having such a government, they should stay to make things better and not resigned to having to leave or to quit. Remember the leave-quitter label.

    We should not just quit Singapore just like that but must ensure that Singapore has the best governement which represents the best interest of the people.

    Singapore belongs to all Singaporeans and not only to the Government.

    “On a final note on inflation, Iran’s inflation rate has just hit 26%. Now, that is a government that is truly inadequate.”

    Do not keep on comparing with countries which are not so better off than Singapore – it is a regressive benchmark and there is nothing to be proud of. Just because you have cherry picked one which is worst off than Singapore, that does not mean that our present position is justifield.

    I thought we were world class right, so we should compare with first world countries and their practices. Premium pricing means premium product unless you are telling me that is all only a marketing ploy.

  • Ray Fang

    89) Daniel on July 7th, 2008 1.23 pm

    Feel free to check out the tax rates of US.

  • New Fang

    84) NewOld on July 5th, 2008 6.27 pm

    Rule No: 01..God help those who help themselves.
    Rule No: 02..Ask what U can do to help others, instead of asking Others for Help.

    Very good rule. I think you have got all mixed up. In fact, I sincerely think that we are helping them more than they are helping us. Can you imagine after getting the multi-million package, they are still not richer. By their very standard, a significant portion of Singapore should be living in poverty. What an insult to the people.

    Angels like you are rare and hard to come by and I hope that you are not one of those which the general public is helping more instead of you helping them.

  • Ray Fang

    91) New Fang on July 7th, 2008 1.45 pm

    Got your point. I agree about making Singapore better rather than quitting. I also agree on justification of certain policy moves.

    However, we can never make Singapore better by simply complaining. Its easy to complain, and let ministers rack their brains. Perhaps, it will be good to complain with a solution in mind?

    In my perspective thus far, certain policies such as the erection of ERP gantries, or reduction in corporate taxes etc, are justified. This explains why i am still rather comfortable with the PAP.

    Regarding inflation, i still think its economics. We probably will have very low inflation if the government tightens monetary policies and strengthens SGD against USD. But will it help the trade of Singapore? Will our exports still be as strong? I am not too sure about that. I am not an economist, and have no crystal ball.
    Alternatively, the government can have subsidies for food, petrol etc. Then, Singaporeans will still be wasteful in using petrol, or food. A crisis is a terrible thing to waste. It is there for a reason. It is there to teach us efficiency.

  • Daniel

    Ray Fang ,
    if you want to make Singapore a better place, by all means stop comparing with other countries. I expect Singapore to do better given that it doesn’t have natural disaster like US and China (countries which have earthquake, storm, tornado which US need money to rebuild land) and that it is small place that far easier to control.
    Don’t you feel piss off whenever the government justify price hike by saying that it is still cheaper than rest of countries that they specially select to make the comparison ? Why not make comparison with Thailand or country that far cheaper than Singapore ?

    Common, no one trust a government that openly says that money need to buy moral authority, and not one that shred in secrecy as and when money is concerned.

  • Daniel

    Ray Fang ,
    “However, we can never make Singapore better by simply complaining. Its easy to complain, and let ministers rack their brains. Perhaps, it will be good to complain with a solution in mind?”

    Many do complain with a solution. For example, just like at Mr Brown. But in the end what the government tell the people. The same old excuses: “We knows better than you”

    Now billions of dollars of investment/reserve go unaccounted and lost in investment of banks, and LuckyTan has intelligently warn of that. LKY’s solution: Citizen no need to know reserves and it may take 30 years to recoup (Are we really moron to accept that ? Did you want to dig out the body of LKY to ask for accountability then ?)

    I do not think that the people is complaining at all and it is not the people who did not offer solution but the same old clowns who keep the citizen that they know best and the policies some of the gahmen don’t even understand. Don’t you recall the pinkish clown who say that even MP may not even understand some of the policies ?

    When people want to know about Selamat’s case, suddenly you have a so-called own ‘independent’ commision of inquiry that has conflict of interest.

    NOw who not giving solution ?

  • Daniel

    “nd let ministers rack their brains. ”

    Rack their brain to think out another wonderful PayAndPay scheme ? Come on, are we still naive to believe that the senior gahmen really care about the future of Singapore ? Really, what is Singapore as a country to you ?

    Yes, Stop telling us too that it is all globalization. If indeed it is globalization, LKY, LHL and gahemn wouldn’t go around the world asking the emigrated Singaporean to return. How I know ? Because I saw those clowns while travelling giving their big talkcock session. They should have asked what can government do for the people, not what the people do for government especially this pathetic ruling party is running Singapore as private Lee-limited.

    I suggest you look around and expose yourself to more foreigners’ view and travel widely. If you think that world worship Singapore because of its success, you have to wakeup. The world is the make-believe world as LKY has said. Take away the billions of dollars that are lost through investemnt in other countries, and you find the world laughing at the greatest cirus clowns. The world has tolerated Singapore because it is been throwing money recklessly to other countries. Visit and speak to those in other countries, not those gahmen of course, and find out the brutal truth. You will be shocked.

  • Daniel

    “If Singaporeans think they are very unfortunate for having such a government, then they are free to leave. No one is stopping them. ”

    So what a government’s role is ? Making prata and cutting ribbon for society event like our president ?

    Why not phrase it this way
    “If government think they are very unfortunate for having such citizen, then they are free to step down. No one is stopping them. ”

    A government is been elected by the citizen, so why should you ask the citizen to fart off ? It is not that minority of laymen citizen has difficulty aligning with the interest of government, it is the majority of citizen here. So who to fart off really ? The citizen or the government ?

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  • Tewniaseng

    ERP charge has increased starting this week, petrol has increased til I lost count, not to mention other food items. The govt can not solve the rising cost problem, it blamed the world and external factors. What is the use of paying millions of dollars to the ministers when they can’t solve problems.

  • NewOld

    93) New Fang on July 7th, 2008 1.55 pm

    Yes the MIW are fairly well paid MM,SM,PM,MP etc. These MIW in PAP has laid down a very good & solid base for all Singaporean to build up & help themselves. That is visible from the good Housing, Water, Electricity infrastruture, the Good Road, SIA, PSA, Jurong Island, IR, Traffic lights, Peaceful & Safe street, Managable Inflation, remember THIS ISLAND history only since 1965 has No-Resources to fall back. MIW works hard to keep S$ strong with Big S$ Reserve, GIC & Temasek to invest S$ from S$100mil to S$100Bil. Get NTUC to control imported inflation. These r job…. not U & I can do lah.

    Look No further, jus drive over to JB-Malaysia with that Oil, Rubber, Oil Palm, Tin, Durain Rich. They r in a mess with Mongolian Murder, Demo, Sodomy, Inflation, Fuel Sudsidy Demo, Corruption, Political mess etc. Do U want yr Family & Kids to be in that situation, not to memtion the Hi-Inflation with a weaken MR$. Sing Inflation & Cost of Living is OK. Don’t mess around with proven Govt in power.

    U muz help yrself to do better & than help others after U r succesful. CowPeh & CowBull get U No-Where. Why So Angry Over The Well Paid Minister !

    I hav only a sec edu and benefited from the MIW good works & now able to enjoy Life under their Leadership.

    My Family & I NEVER asks for Help but works hard & hav Fun in this resource-poor Island. We get the lowest in ERS & No W & E Rebates like those in HDB.

  • Daniel

    “Look No further, jus drive over to JB-Malaysia with that Oil, Rubber, Oil Palm, Tin, Durain Rich. They r in a mess with Mongolian Murder, Demo, Sodomy, Inflation, Fuel Sudsidy Demo, Corruption, Political mess etc. Do U want yr Family & Kids to be in that situation, not to memtion the Hi-Inflation with a weaken MR$. Sing Inflation & Cost of Living is OK. Don’t mess around with proven Govt in power.”

    NewOld, why not send your comment to the Strait Times, then you will have more supporters.

    No one asking you to go to Malaysia. If you feel Singapore safe, stay in Singapore then and stop complaining about other countries’ plight as well.

    Proven government ? Proven in what ? Proven in coverup, controlling MSM, propaganda, give shit, and ask for more $$$$$$$$, legal corruption, and also in “Let’s move on” ? Have you ever thought why Singapore is so successful ?

    The old guards of the ruling party that are capable of building nation have long since gone. What left is money-loving coffers that reap the benefit of the work done by the old guards. LKY ? He getting senile each day, and noone own him anything anymore. His deceit is been exposed .

  • NewOld

    102) Daniel on July 9th, 2008 5.03 pm

    Be Pro-Active to solve the Cost Of Living.
    I do enjoy the Cheapo Lunch & Petrol in JB & hav the survival skills in crime infested area in Mal Land, Thai & Veitnam.
    Don’t get me wrong that I am complaining abt other countries but jus to share with U that ,…we r lucky with PAP in power.

    PAP hav proven track records in creating a safe, properous, peaceful Singapore that many Countries wants MIW advise & guidance. The New Guards is leading Singapore on the RIGHT PATH. Be Grateful lah… The Bugging stop here.

    Comments edited by moderator.

  • Tewniaseng

    why not you compare to Africa better. Our children not starving like them in Africa.
    Always like to compare, this is the weak point of pap. Like to compare. They like to use the extreme end to compare. Taxi fare here is cheaper compare to Japan, HK, but expensive compare to Malaysia. This case, they will use Japan and not Malaysia for comparision . Don’t fool us MIW. When cost of living go up, MIW say it is world trend. They dont have solution. Tarman said don’t increase workers salary just because to tackle inflation. He did not say don’t increase ministerial salary. MM Lee said, want to follow Swedish Way, because spore population decrease. Why they did not think of that 10 years ago ?? will it be too late now?? They collect million dollar salary, they can’t plan properly, now sudden U turn ? He said no free lunch, now got free lunch. Do you believe him??

  • Daniel

    “PAP hav proven track records in creating a safe, properous, peaceful Singapore that many Countries wants MIW advise & guidance. The New Guards is leading Singapore on the RIGHT PATH. Be Grateful lah… The Bugging stop here.”

    Yes, yes, yes. …. You believe the MSM again ? What advise and guidance are you talking about ? Are you reading from mainstream news, channel that only show only best part, and censor the rest ? Or Are you taking news from few years ago when Singaporeans are still very cuckoo, naive and innocent ?

    Are you really detach from reality ? Are you quoting from the past ? Don’t you know that as long as any government will willing to throw money oversea, other countries are just as happy to sing their praise publicly just like our MSM editor, or whatever dogs will do for sake of $$$$ ?

    Where is the full transcript and audio, Video showing the world praising Singapore ? We like to see if they censor or mislead information like the kangaroo court case against Dr Chee.. And don’t show us the propangada video where oversea country leader praise Singapore because the coffers pump money into those countries to sing the coffer’s praise ! We are hunger for those resources.

  • Ray Fang

    104) Tewniaseng on July 10th, 2008 11.21 am

    Taxi fares are cheap in Malaysia because we are using SGD. If we are working in Malaysia earning ringgit, taxi fares are going to be expensive!

    But i feel the pain about our ministers’ pay. It does seem alot, especially when some may just be earning $12000 annually. Perhaps thats why there are so many harsh, hurting, complaints here? Having green eyes?

  • Daniel

    “But i feel the pain about our ministers’ pay. It does seem alot, especially when some may just be earning $12000 annually. Perhaps thats why there are so many harsh, hurting, complaints here? Having green eyes?”

    No one is green eyes if they do the job well. So do you think for all the things that they have done asking money here and there, and keep complaining to the public that money not enough, but yet money go back to GIC and Temasek for investment, are they really worth millions ? Their answers to citizen are moronic and insulting to the ear. With coverup of hiccups here and there, mask up all the bad news, destroy citizen who dare voice out their corrupted and immoral practice, so that these coffers can justify their own pay ? So is it because green eyes that citizens are complaining ? Ever wonder why the coffers can talk so much rhetoric and next moment tell the citizen to bite the bullet while they laugh all the way to the bank ? Oh , banks also have government stake… CitiCorpse,

    Greed has no boundary and limit. With coffers who only can exploit the citizen, do you think money will ever be enough for them ? Do you think it is so noble of Pinkish Clown to donate his increment when Temasek and GIC’s stake belong to him and the pathetic FamiLee ?

  • NewOld

    104) Tewniaseng on July 10th, 2008 11.21 am

    Only with a comparison, a reference point & a compass. Than we know our position & location. Our location is a Tiny Red Dot, south of Mal, North of Indon, west of Phillipine & East of Sumatra.
    Look like Singapore is the only Shiny Red Dot here.
    Singapore is still the Best for me. U can chose to disagree but my Family & i have faith with the MIW aka PAP stay. My Income tax & many other taxes paid to them as salary or whatever is put to GOOD USE. Majullah Singapura.

  • New Fang

    101) NewOld on July 9th, 2008 3.33 pm
    106) Ray Fang on July 10th, 2008 12.30 pm

    Well, after hearing views from both sides of the picture. Generally, I tend to agree more with Daniel and Tewniaseng as for as observation on the things around here is concerned.

    “PAP hav proven track records in creating a safe, properous, peaceful Singapore that many Countries wants MIW advise & guidance.”

    Old generation of leaders has done the building / creatiing lah (and certain degree of recognition has to be accorded and this has already been done so) but new generation of leaders are doing a very very expensive maintanance work. Get it. Some old ones may even get too comfortable already.

  • NewOld

    105) Daniel on July 10th, 2008 11.43 am

    Are you reading from mainstream news,
    channel that only show only best part, and censor the rest ?
    Are you really detach from reality ?
    Are you quoting from the past ?

    Daniel…don’t jump to conclusion so fast with yr view as above.
    I only believe what I have seen, I Felt, I Tasted & heard with my Ear from the Horse Mouth. Travelled far & wide. …..the latest in 2008 Apr, May & June… to a few Countryies……. Seen their Chaos, Homeless, Beggar, Choking River, Bumpy Roads & the Crimes etc.

    $$$$4ever not XXXXXX. Freebies or Handout is the fastest route to Hell.
    Wake up & start finding solution to manage the Inflation. At the same times Pay them well to manage the S$, the Inflation, the Investment, Yr Home-Singapore & continue with current proven standard of Living as it is now.

    Believe me….U & i are far ahead of the crowd. Many wants & are in Q at our Door Step to get a Job & Live here. They came hiding in Car Boot, Cover under Basket of Vegy, Hide in Refrigated Truck, Swim across St of Johor in Rubber Tube….All these pples risk their LIFE to get here-Singapore. Many came in Call- Girls, Maid, Coffee Shop cleaner, Waters etc.

  • ThePeople’s

    I agree. Ever since starting on my new job which requires me to travel, I experienced the luring comfort of Germany and Austria. At the same time witness how mismanagement can destroy a nation, I specify Philippines. Beggars fill the streets in Quezon City. While I sat in my client’s car in a real traffic jam (not our miniature jam), beggars came to my window knocked onto the glass while stretching out her cup on one hand holding on to the baby with the other. The sight breaks my heart and these sights are common over there. Back at home in Singapore, finding beggars is a challenge. The gap between the wealthy and the poor is very wide in Philippines. While 10Euros may not matter very much to us, by giving a mere 10Euros to the bellboy made his day as an out of proportioned tip.

    I cannot agree more that our forefathers led by Mr LKY has done a great job to sculp a spectacular economic landscape.

    There is always trade offs for everything. But I am sure I rather have ERP, COE and endless complains on the expensive life here as now than to allow my country dip into the mire like the poorer nations.

  • I love trade offs. Thank you for reminding us.

    111) ThePeople’s on July 25th, 2008 9.55 am

    “There is always trade offs for everything.”

    Nicely said only if …….. . Yes only if you are at the receiving end of the good part – and only if is not overly done if you are at the receiving end of the bad part . Hey I do not mind a little tickle or pinch from you once in while it is still manageable. Well, if it it ‘upgraded’ to a punch, no one is going to sit still and clap his hands.

  • Black


    Selling Merrill Lynch

    Half or total of 87m shares have been sold off at a loss, according to US recorded filings. By Seah Chiang Nee
    Jul 24, 2008

    Temasek Holdings has sold off half its ill-timed investment in Merrill Lynch – or about 87m shares, according to a
    mutual funds report on institutional trades on US stocks.

    The online report, MFFAIRS (Mutual Fund Facts About Individual Stocks), reported it sold off 86,949,594 shares
    (50%), leaving a current holdings of 86,949,594 shares (50%), according to the filings made public.

    The report gave no exact date or price of the sale.

    Neither has there been any confirmation from Temasek, which had paid
    US$48 a share last year.

    Last week Merrill Lynch was traded at $31.

    At that price Temasek would have suffered a loss of $17 a share – or a total loss of about US$1.48b for the 87mil

    Despite massive write-downs and capital injection, Merrill Lynch’s outlook remains uncertain, reports Bloomberg.

    The company’s equity capital position is weak relative to competitors, said Brad Hintz, a New York-based analyst
    at Sanford C Bernstein, reports Ambereen Choudhury.

    “With $19.9b in CDOs still frozen on the balance sheet and with counterparty risk rising on the hedges underlying
    these troubled positions, the potential for additional material write-downs remains a concern,” Hintz said.

    The New York-based firm’s credit rating was cut last week by Moody’s Investors Service to A2 from A1.

    The third-biggest US securities firm probably will report a loss of $6.57 a share this year, compared with an
    earlier forecast of $1.07, Hintz said.

    The revised estimate assumes the company generates no earnings in the second half.

    Merrill may have to take an additional $10 billion of pre-tax write-downs related to its holdings of mortgage
    securities, Moody’s estimates.

    Huge paper losses

    The disposal leaves Temasek Holdings and the Government Investment Corporation (GIC) still holding substantial
    parts of big troubled Western banks.

    Its remaining investments in UBS (Switzerland), Citigroup, Barclays and Merrill Lynch – at an original cost of
    US$21.88b – have declined on by some 47 percent in value.

    That is a paper loss of US$10.28b. However, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew had said these investments were made as a
    long-term strategy of 30 years.

    But as the Merrill Lynch sale shows, Temasek is not inflexible about cutting losses, if things threaten to get

    The political leadership has defended its investment of these sub-prime banks as “an opportunistic” foray that can
    happen once in a long while.

    It believes these companies will survive the crisis and emerge stronger.

    Some experts believe that Temasek has made an error of judgment.

    Investment guru Jim Rogers said in July he believed that US bank stocks could fall further and predicted that
    Singapore’s state investors would lose money on Citigroup and Merrill Lynch.

    “I’m shorting investment banks on Wall Street,” the successful investor said. “It grieves me to see what Singapore
    is doing. They are going to lose money.”

    At the Nomura Dialogue recently, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew reported to investment mistakes, but that no one had
    benefited from it.

    Singaporeans who want to see greater transparency in the government’s investments in troubled companies are
    unhappy with this vague answer to a serious problem.

    One writer said, “Should we just move on? I do not think so. The patently huge mistake is not merely the result of
    recklessness but rather a systemic lack of accountability in making some of our largest investments.

    “Let it be clear, the harm is terminally done. The entire reserves system must be re-examined and audited.”

    Said slohand, “I saw the interview on TV last night and felt shortchanged.

    “He brushed aside the issues with the logic that since the officers who made the decisions were not the
    beneficiaries in any sense of the word, such lapses are mistakes and are therefore acceptable…

    “..The size indicates that it can only come from the very top.”

    The skies are dark but the storm has not broke yet.

    By Seah Chiang Nee

  • Conjob

    People who buy into trade offs for everything have mindlessly accepted the way LKY and his PAP run the country.
    In effect LKY started off running Singapore as a country, to continue prosperity , he is now running an exclusive business. The people who really benefit will accept this trade off.

    Let’s look at all the other trade offs.
    Pretend there is no conflict of interest with LKY as MM and chairman of GIC, LKY’s son as PM, LKY’s daughter-in-law as CEO of Temasek.
    Pretend that there is transparency and accountability.
    Pretend that somehow the President of Singapore is aware of our reserves and we can assume he will act in the interest of the people.
    Pretend that it is ok even if the President was not elected.
    Pretend that the IBA report on our judiciary is nonsensical and they are up to mischief to do Singapore in
    Pretend that the Straits TImes ranking of 154th does not affect its credibility and transparency.
    Pretend that a lopsided representation of 82 PAP members against 2 opposition will not affect the check and balance on the ruling party.

    I sincerely believe that many netizens can continue with many many trade offs that we should accept in return for not ending up like other S. E. Asian countries.
    The big difference for me is that I can see beyond my rice bowl. LOL

  • newold

    113) Conjob on July 25th, 2008 12.43 pm

    Trade Offs, Pretend, IBA reports, Elected President , everything have mindlessly accepted etc by “Conjob ”

    Well my Friend “Conjob ”

    MIW……… Get to do the JOB, Get the Econ moving, Attract the Investment, Keep the Country Safe, Clean & Green, Erect ERP to move the Traffic, Run HDB Town Council, Solve Drinking Water problem, Manage Health Care etc….in this Resourceless Red-DOT-CITY called Singapore.


    RED-DOT BO BEH CHOW!!!………….No horse Run!!!


  • Any new BEH lobang ?

    114) newold on July 25th, 2008 3.06 pm
    “in this Resourceless Red-DOT-CITY called Singapore.”

    Yes sir, in the past lah. Don’t keep on showing us your results of several A1s in your PSLE or ‘O’ level lah – we have already “paid you” for that already. Shame on you lah. Do not keep showing us the same BEH trick.

    BO BEH CHOW. Really meh. Hey, any lobang for this weekend.

  • Conjob

    @ newold,
    “We enjoying every minute on this tiny red-dot”

    Good for you that you are enjoying yourself, and the “we” does not apply to those left behind, those facing economic hardship, job uncertainty,etc,etc,etc.
    And let me surprise you by saying that it does not apply to people like me whose rice bowl is full.
    The reason is because I see beyond my ricebowl, call it empathy for less fortunate fellow Singaporeans and setting my sights on a much much higher standard of governance. Nation building if you like.
    The present government definitely needs a very big kick in the butt to do a lot better.

    It is obvious you are very satisfied with the PAP and you are free to continue to support them. The readers will draw their own conclusions on you and me, where we are coming from. It is up to all Singaporeans to decide the outcome with their votes and I will live with that decision.

  • ThePeople’s

    I think many of you have yet to understand the fact that while you sit before the monitor, you are already enjoying the luxury of a stable life which many of our younger generations have taken for granted. So many people overseas will trade places with you.

    It is useless to debate. It took me real life experiences, tears and heartbreaking revelations to appreciate what I have now in Singapore. Even though Mr LKY is not a perfect man. Which man does not make mistake. It will not be honourable for me to hide behind the monitor and bad mouth him.

    A wise man said before, “Those who are without sin may cast the first stone.”

    Regarding the bad part of the trade offs, I will rather upgrade myself to become immune. Work upwards and stay afloat. I will not boast about my little achievements here. But I can say that by working upwards with honour and integrity, giving the best that you have, making a decent living to own a reasonable accomodation and some above average assets is possible.

    The imperfect government has done their part to create a good environment for me. How well to do am I will be decided by my ownself. No amount of efforts they put in will be of any use if I only whine and cry for help. God help those who help themselves.

    I just hope the successors will be just as good and not ruin the stable economical landscape painstaking built by our forefathers.

    Good luck to everyone here.

  • I like honourable people

    117) ThePeople’s on July 25th, 2008 5.11 pm

    “It will not be honourable for me to hide behind the monitor and bad mouth him.”

    Now you get it hoh. We have to sit behind the monitor. What serious option do we have leh. You must be kidding leh to teach us about honourable way to conduct ourselves. You must be pretending to be blind not to know about reality here.

    Will the MSM do the honourable thing and let us have our views (your call it bad mouthing) aired through it no matter how drastically different the views could be from them (those honourable men of your kind) so that a more balanced view on the ground feel is concerned – not only those wayang ones good for marketing or trumpeting their own ware.

    At least, TOC is kind & responsible enough to blanko all those statements that are deemed too way off the mark to be seen and read.

    I do not know what kind of shock you have experienced in some other place(s) for you to have a much much worst benchmark. One thing for sure here, a lot of other people also have their own experience & benchmark and glaring examples here for them to look , see and compare.

  • Conjob

    Words of wisdom : “Those who are without sin may cast the first stone “.
    You should advise LKY on that. How many stones has he cast in his life ? Many of us will not put someone in detention for 32 years, or financially ruin another human being and his family, because of words.
    Any sensible person will aknowlege that no human is perfect and will make mistakes. People with integrity will admit to mistakes but do you recall LKY or his cronies admitting to mistakes ?

    The success or safety of a country isnot just due to any government. It is always the collective effort of all the citizens. Only shameless politicians will not pass up the chance to take the credit.

    As citizens we should not find excuses on behalf of the government when it makes mistakes. Responsible citizens have every right to question them and
    in a way will push them to be better and not be complacent. Whilst we should not take the government for granted, it is even more important that they do not take the citizens for granted.
    The leadership in the government should know that criticisms + responsibilities come with the job. No one forced them to take the job and they are free to leave for the private sector.

  • newold

    116) Conjob on July 25th, 2008 4.46 pm

    Congra that yr rice bowl is full. Please help us to keep it that way, protect the system for the future generation to enjoy. The present PAP system has give lots of pple a full Rice-Bowl too. That is why S’pore Beggars are hard to find. Those that i found are professional Beggars from other nearby Countries. This is the BEST PROVE that the system in S’pore is working. The S’porean are help me ERS, Utilities Bill Offset, Food Vouchers etc & most important Jobs a plenty if they are not lazy !.

    Yr ……”empathy for less fortunate fellow Singaporeans and setting my sights on a much much higher standard of governance. Nation building if you like.
    The present government definitely needs a very big kick in the butt to do a lot better”.

    No, No, No pl don’t go around kicking others …………

    This PAP system is safe, sound & proven. Those less fortunate has many ways out. Just check out the thick ST Job Section. Take another P-Time job or 2. Work hard & save for a better future for yrself & Kids.

    Me & my siblings worked on 2 jobs for many yrs. We bring home the Bacon & see the kids thru school, all b’cos we know that there is no such thing as FREE LUNCH.

    To those that whine or looking for changes in the name of “EMPATHY” or OTHERS AGENDA. Please do so within yr backyard.

  • Conjob

    @ newold
    You certainly have a wry sense of humour.

    Professional beggars ?… have not found any real ones ?….I think you need help on this. LOL

    It is ok for you and your siblings to hold 2 jobs for many years ? …..but few readers will agree except the PAP MPs who hold multiple directorships, moonlighting as MP or Director, whichever way. Are you one of them ? lucky you.

    Go around kicking others?….How to when I have a slight limp like Mas Selamat? The only way to kick the govt’s butt is cutting down on the number of PAP MPs, serves as a big wake up call….everyone needs a wake up call once in a while.

    This PAP system is safe, sound & proven ?…..for the exclusive group right ? Again are you one of them? lucky lucky you. No invitation for me yet. LOL

    Please do so within yr backyard ?….isn’t Singapore our backyard ?….pardon me if I am not aware that the boundary has been changed. LOL

  • Gus

    Sad to know that there are so many angry, dissatisfied, bitter, unhappy people around. I am not one of them. I am sure there are happy Singaporean around. We are all living under the same sky, same rainfall and same sunshine. I wonder why there are so many unhappy people around …. sad.

  • Daniel

    that is because some people care more than others over the future of Singapore. You can live a very happy life if you just accept Singapore as it is run, and the government will thank you for it. No unhappiness means more round of salary increment for gahmen since people are happy anyway and don’t bother.

    I wonder why there are so many happy bootlicker gahmen around …. sad.

  • I like happy & satisfied people

    122) Gus on August 1st, 2008 2.01 pm
    We are all living under the same sky, same rainfall and same sunshine.

    The world is living under the same sunshine leh. Your name is Gus and my name is Dus. You may be a lady and I may be a man, or vice versa. You may like mee siam mai hum and I may like mee siam mai mee siam. So how can be the same leh.

  • newold

    Think, most r happy….something likes 100,000 Happy Singaporean.
    Only 1 or 2 or maybe 3 are unhappy.
    So the ratio 100,000 Happy S’porean to 3 Unhappy S’porean.
    Well the World Is Not So Perfect for the minority.

  • PAPer

    hey, i suspect that many of you vote for PAP too right.
    PAP is not perfect, but close to.
    If you so smart, come out and stand for government, lah!

  • Landlord

    PAP is quite close to perfection…. You are so clever PAPer !
    They are relentless in the pursuit of perfection … underhand tactics lah!
    I can give you more of what they have nearly perfected…….
    example : the BS that they packaged makes it so palatable for many.
    the judiciary so respectable that convinced IBA for so many years.
    a corporation that is recognised as a country.

    PAPer, your masters will not be happy with you instigating the ordinary folks.
    They are already worried with many things.
    WKS and others like him sitting pretty are hoping for walkovers in 2011.
    You will get to see many smart ones coming out in 2011 lah!
    Be patient ok.

  • brothers

    pap all are like this paid and paid until we suffer want lah the pap give us alot of problems want lah but what to do life still must go on the pap want us to suffer
    the pap will want us to paid until we die want

  • newold

    PAP solves Big problems & we do the small little one.
    Yr Indo & Flipinnas Maid clean yr House & wash yr Car.
    ENV take care of yr Newater.
    LTA keep the Road pot-hole free.
    S’pore Is In Good Hand of PAP Govt.
    Good Clean & Safe City State.

    Healthy Economy……Please visit Natas Travel Fair in S’pore Expo to see & feel the S’porean throwing $$$$$$$$ there.
    Travel Fair FREE TROLLY Bags already OUT OF STOCK .
    Many of those spending $2K & above get a FREE Bag.
    S’porean spend, spend, spend. travel, travel, travel…
    That is our way of LIFE here with PAP in charge.
    How can U CowPay & CowBull about Life here?
    Be Grateful to the PAP & Count Yr Blessing in this Tiny Red Dot and a Land of PLENTY !!

  • Pingback: A Nation’s Birthday And My Disenchantment. « a father’s thoughts

  • jack

    Yes i totally agreed aygee, when i called up LTA as to why Comfort Delgro has not reduce the surcharge, LTA got the cheek to tell me that they can only advise ComfortDelgro, as prices of taxis has been deregulated.

    And ComfortDelgro claims that they would only remove the surcharge is the oil prices are revised to that of dec 2007 level which is 97.7usd per barrel. Now that is IMPOSSIBLE. I really question why the authorities cant question on that figure!

    The government is not thinking of its people at all. it only thinks of how to monopolise the political scene and also of its own pay. How sad it is to be a Singaporean.

  • troubledtimes

    There is one thing you forgot… MINISTER PAY RISE!

  • go pap go

    My suggestion – give all the ministers another pay increase. The cost of government is not keeping pace with inflation, hence we are not getting the best from our finest.

  • jEEZ

    I feel it is time again for mini star pay to be benchmarked to maintain their “real income” level

  • carelefare

    if the increase can be categorized in a various particular group, say for petrol group, then we can visually see the series of price increase throughout the period and by how much is the increase.

  • http://blog dodo

    i wonder whether we are imposing too many fees/charges/levies/taxes on SMEs/MNCs & companies. at the rate we are going, with increasing cost of doing business here , lower workers’ productivity and shifting of the market center from SG to China/HK/Korea in the north and India in the east, i feel that many companies will be shifting their operation overseas to enjoy much lower costs, higher productivity & proximity to market. and please don’t blame workers if those who are in power do not know how to manage. indeed, i hear many business men grumbling at the side but no one is hearing now . . .

  • seeking salvation

    advertisement rates for the local papers have just gone up too

  • Middle class disenchanted bloke

    81) Ray Fang on July 5th, 2008 10.58 am

    “Dear people, Its time to wake up and stop complaining. Inflation is a worldwide problem and not only Singapore’s. While Singapore is suffering from ’sky high’ inflation of <8%, other developing countries are suffering from inflation of 15% or more. I think we are extremely fortunate!”

    Dear Ray Fang, what have you been smoking or do you rarely get out much? What basket of products/services are you using to derive the <8% inflation? (I would like to ask the garmen that but I know they will not tell me, or worst give me some BS story). I would say that inflation is definitely in the double digit range, JUST LOOK AROUND AND USE YOUR MENTAL CALCULATOR WHEN YOU PURCHASE ANYTHING!!! I’m constantly baffled by people’s ignorance and reliance on ridiculous figures that they churn out. Come on, be smarter than that please… numbers can be skewed and usually not 100% transparent/accurate. Even hawker food has shot up so much and food courts are charging sky-high prices and not very far off from entry-level restaurant prices. Coupled with the next generations’ general inability to cook, there’s less chance of avoiding daily inflationary pressures. We all know that prices go up easily/quickly and almost never drop. Any drops are merely a token gesture and not a true reflection of market rates.

    “I see lots of complaints regarding rising oil prices. But that can’t be helped either. The most popular brands of petrol in Singapore are Shell, ExxonMobil and Caltex. They are not PAP!”

    In case you and others are unaware for some reason, SG is pro-company and the reverse for employee rights. Just TRY to seek help when you’ve been disadvantaged or need help from an employee’s point of view. SG only prevents a very basic layer of support for people who they consider as problematic or fall through the cracks and require help e.g. divorcees, needy (don’t talk about one-off payoffs please, they’re still not sufficient). Basically if you have a problem and need help, you’re screwed. We’re not talking about fuel subsidy but they could lower the oil taxes but that wouldn’t be as visible and appreciated by the people, so why do it? It’ll hurt the coffers as well so they might as well push the problem to the people and asking them to be ‘efficient’ in their usage. Although I don’t have issues with the quest to be more efficient, I am peeved that with all the money that’s been taxed out of us, the roads still are crowded and jammed! Totally defies all logic with what COE and ERP is supposed to do! If there are so many jams then limit the number of COEs issued, otherwise you might as well put gantries up everywhere, from my toilet to my doorstep to the lift and to the carpark… and then use the GPS installed in every car to charge by distance driven! Families who own more than one car (forgive me if I refer to such families as well off) should be taxed heavily for having more than one car, on purchase and on secondary annual recurring taxes. I know some of my friends whose families own like 3-4 cars and one even for their MAID!!! I’m not envious but instead find it incredulous that SG is not in traffic gridlock with such frivolous practices.

  • szhcornan

    I am adding a link from to here under the topic “Dairy to Singapore’s Cost of Living – Post GE2006″ –

  • Victor

    PAP is not equal to singapore..singapore is belong to singaporeans.
    better don talk about thank them.
    .but why singaporeans need to thank PAP?? for rulling
    country?? is just all PAP effort made singapore until so good??
    btw,they taking the salary of millon SING DOllAR. thank them for what??
    is not part of their JOB??

    DID them give good solution?? all solution is just increase and increase $$..EG:ERP,or electricity!
    remember,mostly our electricity is use natural gas!Not oil..but WHy they using oil $ to charge our SINGAPOREANS ELECTRICITY BILL>>>–<<_<
    how young singaporeans like me could survive payin tat amount of money??
    in the 1980s,a 5 room flat is just 50k to big the gap is..!!

    findin a jobs only about 2 to 3 k in starting using tat little salary to pay 700k of flat??daily expenses??

    we have 4 power plant,3 going to sell away..who built the power plant??gov or tamask holding?? but why when we sell away the power plant,money is giving to tamask holding??
    SECOND IS,when the electricity increase the fees,NoONE could STOP..included gov.becos WE SOLD AWAY HAPPILY!! hahas..

    AND TAMASK HOLDING IS WHO RUIL..?? when other party take charge of singapore,,DO NEW GOV STILL HAVE TAMASK HOLDING??
    ASK MY Q,NEWOLD…o…!!

    gov solve problem by increase the charge,,,,and tat BECAME our problem and burden.
    be smart..newold..

    by all the expenses i name out..DO u all still want marry or having children?? it will be much more expenses than tat…hai,stressful life,can i don think about it?? NO,becos i am a SINGAPOREANS..!!

    VOTES IS IMPORTANT,,DON THINK OF yrself..becos still have lots of pp suffer,but u just don know..don selfish..all of pp die,such as jump down MRT track or others method for died.

    who say other party can”T rule singapore?? DID u ALL giVE them chance?
    sometime don too lookdown on pp..
    GOV love to said to us that,must have have competition,so it will be upgrade yrself…
    WE MUST TRUST GOV WORDS…SO give a chance to other party ba..?maybe it also could UPDATES pap.:):)

    love singapore!!! count me in!!!! BATTLE IS NEEDED….!!!

  • Victor

    i could use com must thank my parent…becos they paying electricity bill…not pap..

    hosital fees increasing…GST increasing..

    if got car..road tax is payin for using roads,,but Y must have ERP?? tax again???
    bus and MRT fares increasing too…how do poor pp affortable?? lots of begger in sing,just u don see it…

    66.6% pap won the election for past..not 100000 happy pp vs 3 unhappy smart…newold.

  • Victor

    66.6% is at the amk electron of LHL…:)

  • newold

    140) Victor on September 5th, 2008 3.52 am.

    This my reply ……………………….Dear Victor from NewOld

    My Family & I live thru PAP Rule. PAP is a proven Brand, give us hope, peace, security, prosperity & a good life. My Family with ages ranges from 27 – 75 yrs.
    We only take what is proven, tested, workable PAP as our Goverment. TIKAM or TRYS others Brands only over our dead bodies. That is our stand !!!

    Looks…… there is lots of troubles in Thai, Mal, Philip & Indo. That is more than a good point to prove that Singapore is GOOD & SAFE to Live, Work but Plays hard in Phuket, Penang, or Bintang or Cebu with my strong S$$$$$$$$$.

    Just look at the RM1 Ringgit VS S$. It was 1 to 1. Now RM2.38 VS S$1.
    My S$10 is equal to RM23.80 & now can buy….10 litres of Gas or 3 Sarawak Pineapples, or 12 kilo of Mangosteen or a Curry Fish Head Lunch @ RM20 for 2 person in JB and more if further up north to Ipoh or Padang Besar. Why should we complaint about PAP or Car or LTA or SingPower or ERP or Gas or Housing in Singapore. Some even buy RM230,000 Condo in JB, Malacca, KL & Penang as weekend home with S$100,000. The S$ make us KING & QUEEN in SEA.

    We just learn to adjust & be flexible with our strong S$ & Singapore Passport. We Work, Live in this stressful but prosperous vibrant City State call Little Red Dot or Chilly Paddi..

    There are lots of Married Singaporean earning 2k, 3k or 3.5k living comfortably in 3 or 4 room HDB. Some take SMRT, SBS, Ride a Bike and a few own a car too. Many enjoy ultility rebate & ERS too. They learn to adjust & fit into Singapore too.
    Some hold 2 jobs so that Wife can stay home to care for the Family. My Family of 5 live on less than $3k a month happily.

    Don’t want the Disruptive Thai Demo, Mal Sodomy or Indo kind of life. Road full of pot-holes, inefficient civil service, corruption & many others chaos !
    So please help us to keep PAP in power OK!!

  • The People’s

    I too witnessed the deterioration of the political landscape in the region. Went to Thailand on a business trip lately and was so relieved to escape the demonstration narrowly by 1 day. Went to Taiwan on the 1st day Chen SB came forth to apologise for the unaccounted NT7bil. Went to Philippines in July and for the first time witness how corruption can ruin a nation.

    Back here in singapore, my German colleagues who came here all expressed their preference to work and stay here. We are the only country in this region comparable to the developed European countries like Germany. I’ve been to Germany for work too. And realised the great similarities in terms of stability and comfort between the 2 countries. Of course, if you minus the fantastic weather and the autobahn where I drove the SLK200 at top speed legally. (^_^)>

    I certainly hope that Singapore can continue the economical stability for many years to come. But the current leaders seem to lack the charisma and dedication of the leaders in the past. The spirits of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Mr Toh Chin Chye and Mr Rajaratnam seems to be lacking in the current leaders. I find the current leaders more inclined towards monetary gains or bootlicking their way up on their chief.

    I too do not support absolute power consolidation into one party. It appears more like a monarchy system to me. And our future livery depends on the one party’s integrity. Totally under the mercy of the party. So I do hope to see different parties standing on different grounds making their stand for the unspoken.

    Many people call for reformation but what do we see during the elections? Many people suffer from short term loss of memory and those who waved the reformation flag voted for the ruling coalition and opted for the old life they loathed instead. Only to return to complain about the aftermath.

    Make an effort to vote against the PAP if you really feel the need to. Make words count as actions. Make your desire become reality.

  • Checks & Balance

    Could not agree with ‘The People’s” more. Its sad that we have been conditioned to believe that having a opposition spells doom for Singapore. On the contrary, we need to understand that a opposition will provide for a check and balance to the way the ruling party runs the government. Yes, we have long since heard that the ruling party has its own checks and balance but lately we have seen several incidents where one has got to question the priorities, party, individual or the people. With impunity comes the arrogance that one is always right and the past successes are used to cover the inherent flaws of the present. We need to redistribute the power so that no family, group or party controls and rules with impunity. While we are quick to be reminded of the failed systems in some countries, there are many a country where success and the well being of the people are acheived with a vibrant political environment where the ruling party needs to win the support of the people based on their performance and not by threats and monetary incentives. A sealed off door is worst than a revolving door policy. The list of price increases is running long but yet we have no answers but blame the global economy but when a few things fall our way its the brilliant work of the government. Somehow or rather is story no longer holds water to many of us.

  • To newold

    143) newold on September 5th, 2008 3.53 pm
    “Some hold 2 jobs so that Wife can stay home to care for the Family. My Family of 5 live on less than $3k a month happily.”

    Long time no hear from you.

    How about those who do not even have any work even if they want to work. Hey not a cleaning job which pays less than sgd1,000/- for some retrenched executives or professionals. This kind of jobs (which can easily go into any statistics as job availability) is plentiful.

  • Victor

    thank for reply..i just a student..if hurt u,i apologise.

    but life is just full of worKK??
    in the past,,5 room flat just sold 70 to 90K with a salary 3k is enough,becos in tat time,all is so AFFORTABLE.

    but now, just one 5 room flat in AMK,not orchand,SOLD 700k WITH OUT INTEREST for just 30Year..!! without paying daily expenses.! if i work,would i have a salary of 2k, how i SURVIVE,buyina a 700k flat??
    having family?? children? think about it.

    u mean this is good sign??takecare of CITIZEN?? i don think so.

    and now all the government department is all changing to TAMASK holding[TH]..
    POSE going to change to DBS tat is control by tat FAIR>>>—<<<!!

    who is tamask holding?? u have not ans my Q..?????
    CONTROL by goV or private company?? if change of ruilling party,DOES it still belong to singapore GOVERN.

    why all our SINGAPORE recourses change to TH name,WITHOUT PAYING ANY MONEY..this is our citizen MONEY,okaY.hardwork.
    power plant is our recource,is it,,but WHY SELL IT AWAY..DOES IT FAIF TO THE SINGAPOREANS??
    setting up a company just want to earn it will increase the electricity and water BILL..

    u STILL TELL ME TO HAVE FAITH towards pap. when i small,yes.
    but now,SORRY,i can’t trust anymore. totally disappointed..hai.

    ask my Q:newold,
    tamask holding is belong to WHO.government or private company??

  • Victor

    stop saying other country…
    u SHould compaRE the past of SINGAPORE in 1980s..tat is CALL PAP GOV TAKE GOOD CARE OF SINGAPOREANS..
    now is not,

    they still control of media and internet..

    can”T newold give chance to opposition party??
    HOw u know they can’t do it??
    R U GOD?? no. everyone is human being,, . so give change to other people…
    genuis is good?
    taking our citizen tax to their high SAlary?? come on,normal human being also could do,c
    hina PM is more good…

    stand up,stand up for SINGAPORE…!!!!!!
    S I N G A P O R E

  • http://Nil Singaporespirit

    Many events had happened. Another power plant that provides 30% of the nation is sold for profits. Something is amiss, maybe did not take up economy as a subject, so don’t understand what the Government is up to. It is better to have eyes and see not, ears and hear not and mouth that speaks not… Can’t get rid of the fear factor when greed creeps in….

  • http://Nil Singaporespirit

    Is Singapore so poor as to sell away her power plants? The nation has no need of electricity? Just being cynical about this whole matter , but on second thought, our country is heading towards clean energy: solar energy! We are to build the world’s largest solar energy plant that generates solar power by 2010. Better get ready for a radical change in a year or two.

  • Victor

    i just disagree of selling our 3 power plants!!
    this is our recources,
    singapore so rich,WHy WHY WHY need to sell away..??

    perpare FOR THE increasing in electricity bill BA…
    sorry if hurt your heart…:(

  • Donaldson Tan

    Singaporespirit & Victor: A sense of national loss over the sale of Singapore’s power plants is uncalled for. According to the Ministry of Trade & Industry, piped natural gas from Malaysia and Indonesia accounts for 76% of our electricity fuel mix. However, the International Energy Agency has estimated that Malaysia natural gas production will peak in 2016 while Indonesia natural gas production will peak in 2013. Singapore Gas will start constructing our first Liquidified Natural Gas (LNG) terminal next year, so that we may be able to diversify our natural gas sources although we will only have 1 aggregator supplying the LNG. In the mean time, these power plants are extremely risky assets to hold on to.

  • Victor u say.
    but if THE company buy our power plant,,do they will not increase the $$ of electricity bill..first problem…

    as company just want to earn profit …

    secondly,,GOV sold away the power plant,,,but the money is post to Temask holdinD (TH) ??? Do TH this is a goVERN company?? or LEE COMPANY??
    I REALLy WONDERING.. GOV company or lee company is big DIFFErent..

    but i still disagree of wat u say,,,ya,it is a danger assets,but DO SINGAPOREANS NEED ELECTRICITY for the future,30 year or more?? ofcos,, if the fees of nature gas increase,our electricity will increase,
    but now our power plant sell to the company, WE need to pay more due to increase nature gas fees AND COMPANY PROFIT!!! don u think about it??

    REMEMBER,, now we pay electricity is using OIL Price,not nature GAS PRICE..!! why..IS IT GOV JUST WANT TO EARN MONEY from we??

    this is call takecare of SINGAPOREANS?? i wonder.
    plz ans…thank :):)

  • Geraldine

    Wah.. how to cope with so many price hikes?

  • Hua Xiao Sheng华笑声

    When I was a general worker with SIA in 1978 (SIA established year), my monthly salary was less than S$200. A Malay colleague told me he drinks tap water to save money. My Malay boss told me he always work overtime to increasse his income for TEN children. Eating out at staff canteen was around $1. I brought my lunch to work site to save money.

    Today, Thailand farmers drinks rain water and survive with 4000Baht (S$160) for one family monthly. Their lifestyle is very simple. Now, the cost of rice is US$800+ per ton. You make a lot of complaint. You eat rice and expect farmer to be your slave. Can you think of hardship of farmer who feed you?

  • newold

    148) Victor on September 5th, 2008 5.53 pm …….can”T newold give chance to opposition party??
    HOw u know they can’t do it??
    R U GOD?? no. everyone is human being,, . so give change to other people…

    No way………. My Family will NEVER gives OPPOSITION a chance., maybe over our dead body. Too much RISK to try some unproven OPPOSTION.

    Yes, Yes, Yes….I will only compares Singapore with the surrounding ASIAN countries. They are the closest, same culture, bigger, corrupt, inefficient, bullies & is a mess politically since i was born. Singapore only 43 yrs from 3rd World to 1st World U know !!!

    Cannot use Commodities Rich Aussie, Kiwi, Tech Rich Jap or Europe to compare lah. Too much difference & with their long history.

  • Donaldson Tan


    PAP was just as unproven in 1965 as the Opposition in Singapore is today. In fact, your notion of unproven means refers to the fact that they don’t have any experience in ruling a country. However, this is where your logic is flawed.

    PAP may be in power for a long time as an organisation, but human-wise, each new candidate that PAP has put up has no experience in ruling a country. I am sure you hard of former US President Bill Clinton. He was elected Governor of Arkansas fresh out of graduate school without substantial work experience. Did he do a bad job? There are many examples of politicians without “experience” that actually contributed to the a nation’s success.

  • newold

    Sorry………Me is Not One To Take Too Much Risk. Life Is Great In Singapore lah.


    Articles from the Malaysian Blogg…enjoy this:

  • Victor

    3rd World to 1st World….
    did our surrounding countries is 1worlds yet… why u compare OUR country to their…
    we should compare to the western!! if not,how we going to improve…._(_!!
    we don talk all culture,history or other shit.
    becos all the thing all not the same…ANd I don think singAPORE got culture..hahas,

    in 1965,why we prove PAP?? and in tat time,pap got prove tat his party is a efficient party,,NO..
    THEN WHY we trust?? becos we just want to let this party try…
    and now,we have quite a standant of living in singpore…BUT IN 1965,DO we make BIG RISK FOr giving pap a chance?? YES,ofcos,or now,we can”T see singapore lo…

    So towards the opposition party,singaporeans also willing to give opposition party a change to ruiling sing,u MAYBE will have a big risk,but we also make a big risk in 1965…am i correct??

    Mostly PAP policy let me dissapointed..SO I AM WILLING TO CHANCE SINGAPORE…
    BIg risk then will have BIG benefit..
    in 1965,ALL singaporeans had make a big effort and BIG RISK in singapore.
    so as now,i willing to learn to effort and i willing to give opposite a chance to make a effort in singapore..

    HOW could u judge or know a person whether he have the abilities to fix in a position when u did not let them try or help u…think about it..:)


    @young generation@

  • Victor

    too many error in my spelling and words..sorry.

  • newold

    Umno,BN, Gerakan, MCA, PKR, PAS, PAD, PPP etc…..
    Don’t ever get into this mess & be burden for Generation to come.
    You can see, read & feel the heat now in KL & BK.
    Don’t try please,
    Don’t give them chance please.
    Take the proven smooth road & continue to support workable Govt.
    That is PAP.

  • Donaldson Tan

    newold (#161): The PAP route is hardly smooth. You simply chose to forget some inconvenient truths. You may not like change, but any policy the government makes now affect Gen-X and Gen-Y Singaporeans 30-40 more years more than the generation of babyboomers. You have enjoyed your stability for at least 20 years, so don’t make us (Gen-X & Gen-Y) to continue to suffer from bad policies made now while you are dead.

  • newold

    162) Donaldson Tan on September 18th, 2008 9.23

    My judgement is that the present PAP Govt are doing very well.
    Me too hav 2 Kids just started works & in the same GEN X & Y too.
    My kids are the X & Y generation, that is the reason why i am in this forum.

    PAP have foresight & are working very hard for the good of X & Y generation.
    They take short term pain for long term gain for the good of Singaporean.
    But sad to say, some just cannot accept the Hi-PAY of S’pore Govt, The Hi-COE, ERP, HDB etc, etc, etc. Some can’t see beyond their nose and cannot appreciate nor grateful to MM, SM & the present young PAP works.

    So, to these group. Please get across the to JB, Bk or Jakata. See how the Govt there works, see the Living condition, Security, Housing, Food & Medicare. Stay there for 6 months & U will understand the word “” SUFFER “” better !!!!
    U will be convert like me upon yr return. That S’pore under PAP is doing GREAT.

  • food money drink oil

    what the hell also want to increase food money drink oil also want to increase now what u all pap want to increase u pap is to much already i will deal with u all

  • Donaldson Tan


    I never doubted the capability of PAP’s old guards. It is the Young PAP and new cabinet that I am very doubtful. Have you read the P65 blog? Do u realise how disconnected the P65′ers are from the public? A government, no matter how competent or not, is still accountable to its people. If the ruling party has lost sight of that, then it means the ruling party has lost sight of you. Why are you still supporting a party that does not have you in mind?

  • Donaldson Tan


    Ray Fang (#88) said “If Singaporeans think they are very unfortunate for having such a government, then they are free to leave. No one is stopping them.

    Although Ray is a PAP supporter, he is aware that Singaporeans who are not happy with the government can only choose to leave Singapore or not, and most of them definitely can’t vote out the ruling party because of walkovers. However, voting for PAP is voting for the oppression of Opposition in Singapore and then you happily buy in PAP’s arguement that they are the only credible political party in Singapore. Isn’t this somewhat fallacy of the circular logic?

  • newold

    Politik is not my cup of TEA.

    Opposition Party trying out or replacing PAP is a No, No to me.

    Too much risk, uncertainty, untested Opposition… just buying Melamine-SANLU Brand of Milk from China.

    P65blog is just another discussion.

    Here we discuss….. Relentless Rise In COL is our concern.
    However, having walks, drive, MRT around my Little Red Dot, my estate, looking, feeling & tasting around China Town, Little India & Geylang Serai area.
    Visited the Old Folk in B Merah, T Bahru & comparing the surrouding.
    Living standard, Cost, S’porean future & Security is very well managed by the present ………………………………P A P Govt.

  • To newold

    167) newold on September 19th, 2008 1.43 pm

    Going through your past posts, it seems that the problem does not lie with the credibility of the opposition.

    The problem lies with your extremely low threshold for risk-taking.

    You are very comfortable with past success (tested formula) and like to give a linear permanence in extending this past success into the future.

    “Too much risk, uncertainty, untested Opposition… just buying Melamine-SANLU Brand of Milk from China.”

    “Melamine-SANLU Brand of Milk”, if I am not mistaken, comes from a state-owned company and is one of the oldest and most well-respected brands of infant formula in China.

    To emphasize again, it is one of the oldest and most well-respected brands of infant formula in China. You gave a wrong example.

    “oldest and most well-respected” in the past is just that, in the past.

  • To newold

    167) newold on September 19th, 2008 1.43 pm

    The problem does not lie with the credibility of the opposition.

    The problem lies with your extremely low threshold for risk-taking. You are comfortable with past success (tested) and find it easy to give a linear permanence in extending this past success into the future.

    “Melamine-SANLU Brand of Milk from China”, as mentioned by you, comes from a state-owned company is one of the oldest and most well-respected brands of infant formula in China. (

    Emphasis intended, it is one of the oldest and most well-respected brands of infant formula in China and it also comes from their state-owned company.

    “oldest and most well-respected” in the past means just that, in the past.

  • P65 Blog

    The P65 Blog represents the young people in the PAP. The writers are younger generation MPs from the PAP, including Jessica Tan Soon Neo, Michael Palmer, Lam Pam Min, just to name a few.

  • Donaldson Tan

    newold (#167):

    According to you:
    1. Politik is not my cup of TEA.
    2. Too much risk, uncertainty, untested Opposition… just buying Melamine-SANLU Brand of Milk from China.
    3. Please get across the to JB, Bk or Jakata. See how the Govt there works, see the Living condition, Security, Housing, Food & Medicare.

    While politics is not your cup of tea, you are more than happy to repeatedly state that Opposition is untested while you stubbornly refused to compare Singapore to better examples. In another words, you would like a status quo to remain, which means no need for improvement, no need for welfare while people’s needs and the world economy continue to evolve.

  • newold

    170) Donaldson Tan on September 19th, 2008 5.18 pm

    It is OK for me to be stubborn. If it benefit me & the future generation.

    S’pore is still No: ONE !! After I compared Singapore to……. USA, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong & China-Shantou & Beijing & most SEA countries. That i visited.

    Remain status quo is OK too !!!
    If things are running smooth, peaceful, efficient,job a plenty & corrupt free environment.

    S’pore with PAP will carry on with a lots of future improvement, welfare, economy & many others, they have proven in less than 43 yrs for my Kids to proper & live in this clean & safe City-Singapore. Many others Country Leader talk about & use as reference points for their City-Country future planning & development. They send pples here to study PSA, HDB , New Water, Airport , Industrious park, etc

    etc………………………….This ONE GOOD REASON.

    My Grand Children will be proud of this THE LITTLE RED DOT under the capable leadership of PAP , shining & standing out among the sea of Corrupt Country both North, South & East.

    Singapore with High Unemployment, Police asking for Pocket $$, City full of Beggars & Robbery, Housing slum, Abandon projects, Traffic chao, Gabbage pile-up, Water & Electric no longer regular & not running, crimes infested, Medicare not working, MAS, SIA, PSA, Changi Airport in a mess. This will happen very fast when corrupt opposition is in power. See that in Boleh Land & Indo now. Still want to try, untested party or admit the opposition ?

  • can do better

    I have supported the PAP for many years and still admire the old guards very much. Many of my peers from the early seventies are talented, honest and successful in their field. None have taken an interest in politics and it is a shame because many would have beaten the present lot hands down. I believe there are many more talents from 70s to 90s. These talents together with discipline workers are the main reason for the country’s wealth. PAP is only part of the reason. I believe very strongly that Singapore can do much better with another party to challenge the PAP. It is ridiculous to compare Singapore with our neighbours when we are pass that stage. The old guards sacrificed so much and they would expect us to have higher aspirations. Comparing with Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo or even some western cities like Paris, Munchen, Sydney or Melbourne would be more appropriate.
    Although I am a PAP supporter I cannot turn a blind eye to their self serving governance and policies. I want to win but not in the manner that has been done.
    I want my leaders to show more integrity, sense of fairplay, accountability and compassion. I want more welfare for the needy because we have the money.
    I want my PAP to recognise that the opposition and their supporters are countrymen first and political opponents second. We need to focus more on nation building, country comes before any political party and for this reason I am willing to give the opposition a chance.

  • Lim Bu

    172) newold on September 19th, 2008 9.27 pm

    Complacency is a very dangerous thing sometimes. I give due credit to the old guards who have transformed SG to what it is today, however am not a PAP supporter anymore due to what I have seen through the years until now. Change is happening everywhere whether one likes it or not. Remaining the status quo is not wrong, nor is it good. With no change, there is no progression and only stagnation in an ever-evolving world. I respect your viewpoints based on your personal situation and quest for a non-troubled and stable life leading to the golden years (if it still exists anymore in SG where the word retiree is fast becoming obsolete). However, one has to take into consideration the big picture involving the general population and not just a select group of people. The fact remains that the general wages have not risen in tandem with the massive price increases and is disproportionate, causing a lot of alarm and negative sentiment.

    Everyone has their right of opinion so there’s no point being personal in a public forum where discussion is only right.

    That said, I noticed you mentioned that you’ve visited those countries but there is a big difference in visiting and actually having put time living and working in those countries. Only after a few good years clocked in can one truly have a clearer picture of how the country is being managed. One needs to know and talk to the locals as well as keep abreast of the political going-ons. In my opinion, just visiting as a tourist or on short business trips is hardly able to give an accurate depiction of how a country is being managed, or mismanaged.

    Comparing ourselves with worse-off countries (albeit being the closest proximity to them) is only a form of self-consolation and used if we’re attempting to be more like them. We’re already one of the richer and more progressive countries in the world so why shouldn’t we be benchmarking against the more established economies? FYI, our government also sends its ministers on fact-finding and research trips to source for ideas to bring back and implement in SG. Many things here were taken from other countries, so it’s not that we’re so full of bright ideas to begin with that other countries are the only ones trying to learn from us.

    As for corruption, don’t be hoodwinked… pull down the veil and you will see the hidden agendas of people and the white-collar professional corruption that is happening everywhere. What you do not see does not mean it doesn’t happen. It just goes on invisible to outsiders. Do you think that some business-owners have nothing to gain if they become MP? Think really hard, it doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure this one out. It’s good for business definitely… who wouldn’t want to do business with a ‘reputable firm’ right? Opportunities will open up etc.. Commercialism has taken centerstage and commonfolk are feeling the heat as a result, losing confidence in the process. MPs prancing around on stage just does not cut it for me nor does it help at all unfortunately. There must be some decorum and sanity in the process for credibility’s sake. Do not simply patronize the people, insult their intelligence and brush accountability aside. That is not what a true administration does to its people.

    We have somewhat become SINGAPORE INC. over the last decade or so. The common people have seemingly become the slaves instead of masters of their own destiny and this is deeply saddening. Personally I liken the worldwide political arena to that of a beauty pageant… the best candidates just did not participate. You’ll have to knock on doors and ask for the gem of a daughter that is residing within. One cannot deny that many enter politics for the wrong reasons and to achieve their personal agendas, be it noble or not. It does not necessarily mean they’re the most qualified or suitable candidates. That, my fellow people.. is for YOU to decide.

    Life will just get tougher in SG as time goes on. Be prepared to make changes and do remember to spend enough time with your family and loved ones while you’re slogging away at neverending employment.

  • Victor

    173) can do better..
    said well man…

    but i only support the party tat give benifit to the citizen…

    PAP just making me more disappointed..
    Corrupt in singapore just as in legal…do u know why..
    1.CEO ,PM or minister salary so high…need to CORRUPT?? no neeD much money le,why corrupt.RISH LEH.if pther country also could get such high salary,they also will not CORRUPT LOL.

    if u all could see clearly,we all will not tat LEE family operate a lot of goV post or such as temask HOLDING,CEO..
    If u all add all their salary together,u all will know tat how huge amount of money they get from SING CITIZEN..

    Do u think singapore is becoming more better?? i don think so.
    sing have import 1m of foreign worker.,alot of 40 to 50s uncle or aunty lost their jobs becos of these..YA,most of the job r low pay,but don u feel sad about LOCAL singaporeans..?? singapore is not a place for SINGaporeans to stay in??
    i sad man…really..
    this current gov just want our money..
    Alot of solution no need to use the method of”increase the price”
    if u like to compare other country,hey .come on,other country have lot lot NATURE DISASTERS which spent lot of money to recover,but in sing.we does do not need..
    so WHY still keep increase the price.. lots of money could give to us,but then…..

    , untested party ??
    hahas,in 1960s,WHY sing pp VOTe for pap?? did we tes test why SING vote them…is it a word call” TRUST”..
    but now.not trust at all,man..
    so lots of young generation willing to give other party chance to rulling sing.
    alot of think u don know only,becos the main media just cover up.begger in sing increasing man…making me more sad.
    @young generation@

  • Victor

    174) Lim Bu,
    i have the same feeling with u..but i still very young..hai.don know went i could die.hahas.
    u said well..:)

  • newsman

    If the Taiwanese Govt with Ma YJ can avoid the fighting & unruly MP.
    If the RM go from Rm238 to RM200 to S$100.
    If the UMNO, Gerakan, BN, MCA, MIC come clean without the ISA & Sodomy II.
    If the Thai can accept Pples elcted Govt peacefully.
    If the Indo KPPU & ACA can clean clean.

    Will accept opposition if 3 of the above happened !
    Otherwise No Needs To Take Risk. !

  • Donaldson Tan

    newsman (#177):

    If the Thai can accept Pples elcted Govt peacefully.

    Are you suggesting that the Thais cannot change their mind about their government after they have elected them?

    If the UMNO, Gerakan, BN, MCA, MIC come clean without the ISA & Sodomy II.

    If the Indo KPPU & ACA can clean clean.

    Will PAP come clean when Opposition politician questions them over PAP’s corrupt practises without throwing the ISA and Libel suit? To name a few, the HPL Saga, the Teh Cheang Wan Incident, Mismanagement of PAP Community Foundation’s Funds, PAP Ministers entering Cheng San GRC Ballot Box Area when votes were being counted.

  • Victor

    177) newsman…if u this pp could awake…
    singapore will not like tat……
    how could u compare OUR country to their…

    u so many IF,i only one…..

    these party could rulling singapore FOREVER,,,..

    please lah…toot singaporeans like u is so useless..
    like an turtle..

    hahas,in 1960s,WHY sing pp VOTe for pap?? did we take the RISK..yes.why SING vote them…is it a word call” TRUST”..

  • newsman

    When i was in primary school………
    always wonder why my classmates travel in family car.
    among classmates we compares our toys.
    compares where did we go for holidays, what type of home we have, what yr parent biz/job etc….So comparison is actually a good DRIVER & A COMPASS to our future.

    Tax Free & Zero Tax in Little Red Dot with ZERO resource except MANPOWER & BRAIN. . There is not such thing as FREE LUNCH….wake up, wake up…STOP DREAMING lah. Times to grow us & be responsible for yrself & yr future generation.

    Comfortable but not well off. Just 3 meals a day. A small Fam x 5. A cheapo Holiday overseas every 6 moons. A small secure CPF & A Part-time works that get me a few $K. A Peaceful, Secure, Safe & Clean Land to call home-Sinkie. So veri happy leh. …But In yr EYES I AM A TOOT!
    Ok call me anything that make u happy but I No complaint leh.

    My whole Life ONLY VOTE FOR PAP. VOTE with my EYES WIDE OPEN, Vote the right & capable party, vote for Safe CPF, Vote for ERS handout, Vote for Good Medicare. Vote to ensure the most Capable & Fair PAP Govt. U see i trust them with my vote. But only after careful consideration & they deliver with GOOD & CAPABLE LEADERSHIP.

    So If U R here to CowPay & Cow Bull like me. U hav yr right.
    I Hav my reasons as stated above. Me & My Fam will never want to try any other opposition, when we hav already a GOOOOOOD & CAPAPABLE PAP.
    Why Take Chance. Maybe $1-$5 to buy TOTO weekly is the only chance i will take.

  • Is newsman newold?

    I wonder…

  • Daniel

    Are you a disciple of Lucky Tan ? If so, Lucky Tan must be very fortunate to have you as disciple.
    Yes, we are so always fortunate and so lucky compare to the other worse-off countries. Never mind any blunder and nonsense by PAP because we are always so lucky and blessed. Long live PAP !

  • victor

    why u buy toto??
    PAP tell us don gamble ma…why u gamble..??
    i DON THINK U have the luck to win..hahas,.

    “STOP DREAMING lah”?? but i don dream,becos i still awake ar..if not how i type…??hahas.

    VOTE with my EYES WIDE OPEN,as u said,,
    ofcos yr eyes must open,if not how u vote.??later VOTE wrong lo..

    “There is not such thing as FREE LUNCH”
    hey,,OUR gov told us to be FREE volunteer in youth olympics in 2010..becos really lack of volunteers,,WHY AR…BEcos PP like u LOL…HAi,disappointed..

    as u say no free lunch right..WHy GOV still asks sec or pri school students to have their CIP…no free lunch ma…?? is it.. WHY THEY NEED TO DO??.hahas,.

    pp like u will not takecare yr parent Very much…u know why..Becos in yr mind,take care of parent need MONEY know need right,,
    U r telling the next generation not to takecare their own parent when they grow up right,,is it…??

    “A small secure CPF & A Part-time works that get me a few $K”
    R U crazy,or need to slp leh,A FEW K…OR a few H..
    if have a few K,sing will not have LOWER INCOME LEVEL le..please,,
    CPR? better don have…:) harm lots of pp.

    Can”t be tax reduce?? to 3% GST,no ERP..??
    BUilt more roads lah!! u think tat ERP will cure for a long term.??
    @young generation@

  • patriot

    Reading Victor here brings me joy and laughter, young generation can be extremely wise. My salute!


  • Hanyong

    I personally feel that the government is taking too much of a deterrence stand on problems in Singapore.

    When faced with congestions on the trafficways, they implement ERPs to make drivers think about their pockets before driving that way. It might work in the beginning, but as drivers start to find alternative routes around that ERP, another route starts to get congested and another ERP gantry is raised there. There won’t be any end to it in such a manner.

    Road tax is going down, more ERP gantries are going up. Sure, the drivers might be happy that road tax is lowered. But what about the non-drivers? The lowered road tax doesn’t count into their fares if they take a cab.

    What to do? Stop taking taxis. Take buses and trains. But that too is facing hikes in fares.

    With the cost of transport so high, people will generally think again when deciding to go out. Business will be affected, and with less customers, it’s either raise or fold.

    In a way, these “solutions” that are being implemented have caused nothing but more problems for the people.

    What our money can buy then, can’t buy anything now..

  • W@k

    Increasing prices, taxes, pay hikes…(ministerial in nature at that)…Non-transparent GIC…(and Temasek)…selling of our power plants, recently an average of 22% electricity price increases…(which could mean that some households could be seeing something like close to 40% increase in their bills in extreme cases…GASPS!!!)

    I see wad some people are saying about the proven track record of the PAP. Yes i agree its proven. And i do admire very much how they steered the country from obscurity into prominence. Surely feats like these are admirable.

    But that said, track records are only just that, track records. We’re now seeing a change of guard…(or its already been mostly changed)…most of the old respectable stalwarts are now no longer there or are stepping aside for the new ministers. So some people who continue to rely on track records as justification for saying so and so political party is good, have got to realise its no longer justifiable evidence of the party’s worth.

    So is the current government, partially free of our old stalwarts, and trusted to carry on the legacy of the party to look after the interest of the people and the nation up to task?

    In the face of current global issues, our government isn’t really doing well i guess. They do make a ‘show’ of trying their best. With the issue of progress packages and all to ‘cushion’ the impact…Quoting SAF army songs…”They give me $100, they take back $99″ go figure

    But we are tired of hearing the same old excuses about how prices HAVE to go up because of globalisation, old prices…things out of the governments control…(its like wearing the same underwear again…and again,.,,and again…)…and even so, the lack of justification for these hikes. Also in the face of this adversity, the people in power are remarkably quiet on these issues. Have they just chosen to just do that, knowing that it has worked in the past? Where if they just keep quiet, the problem and rumblings will go away? I don’t know…

    The focus seem to be on falling birth rates, and foreign workers or ‘talent’. But little on the plight of the common Singaporean. And also events of the F1 and all. But is there exposure to the hardships faced by our common Singaporeans?

    To me i don’t need to look at what it is that the Government is doing or not doing. Since the Government has a hand in most of the processes of the country, I have to look around at what is said in the local press and the news…just think about what is NOT said

    LITTLE is said about the plight of the common Singaporean, who is likely to suffer these effects. More focus have been placed on Macro things.

    So my humble opinion on our current government? I feel its not doing anything much. In the face of globalization, of course its inevitable for these phenomena to happen, but little has been done to shield our Singaporeans i feel.

    Is it resting on its laurels as scholars and elites who look after our affairs and have the technical know how to manage our country? Have they become disconnected from our common plight and ordeals? Is complacency now the disease that is small but surely present?

    I leave my opinions to myself on that one…

  • AKO Loh

    I do not have much information on the Energy Market Prices but oil prices is certainly going down, especially with US and Europe’s economies down, energy prices is not likely to go up. Singapore may be hit by recesssion soon, so the need for energy is probably going down, but why prices are rising by so much ? Singapore’s electricity rate is rising by 21%, this is ridiculous.

    High prices and high cost of living is certainly eroding Singapore’s competitiveness, the government is pricing Singapore away. Hong Kong is reducing electricity tariffs in October 2008 by 3%.


    The EMA also cites the high consumption of Singapore, but this increase also affects those that use electricity to the bare minimium, is the government forcing
    us to use candles? High consumption is a different entity to be worked at and not be linked together. Is the government doing it again, using high prices to deter consumption? It will only hit the poor, the retirees and those who already are very thrifty in using eletrictiy.

    Let’s not kill the Singapore economy by high prices. Things are already bad enough.

  • AKO Loh

    Forgot to add, in Hong Kong, they do not have to pay 7% GST, the HK government also distribute handouts to its citizens.

  • sunp

    The shite time going to increase price again by 10 cents. All singaporean shld boycott shite time n read news online.

  • patriot

    About price increases and hikes in essential services and goods.

    Profiteerings are not just deeds of unscrupulous businessmen, unscrupulous men are more inclined and capable of profiteering(read make money) for themselves. And these people need not be in businesses(commerce) to satisfy their greeds.


  • xaero

    Time to keep your monies to yourselves in such times.
    1. cycle / walk to work, or just stay overnight in office
    2. eat fruits and bread, apples only 3 to 5 for $1 (about there)
    3. go online only in the day when in office, at night live in the dark / sleep early
    4. bath lesser, save water. if our tiong friends can do that, so can we

  • xaero

    “A small price to pay, to live in Singapore.”

    indirectly saying, if can’t pay, get out of their elite uncaring faces?

    As citizens we can’t always be held at ransom for just these reasons. Might as well use the same reason, 10-20 years later, for whoever’s personal benefits.

  • V S RAAJ

    The Senoko Power Station was just sold to a Japanese firm and the next thing we know electrcitiy tariffs are going up!! What an irony! Our GICs and Temasek holdings are going around the world acquiring assets but here, we are selling our assets, close to the common man, to foreigners! Our basic source – power supply – is in the hands of foreigners!!!

  • patriot




  • meow meow

    Whole world suffering with USA catching a cold.
    S’porean Life seem normal, good & inflation manageable here.
    F1 buzzz past, soon Youth Olympic & more.
    Wow ONE S$ can buy RM241. Relentless Inflation happen, only in M’sia.
    So time to spend, spend, in M’sia this year end school holiday.

  • one day

    one day very soon singapore will be like usa if there is no good government.

  • Daniel

    “Whole world suffering with USA catching a cold.
    S’porean Life seem normal, good & inflation manageable here.
    F1 buzzz past, soon Youth Olympic & more.
    Wow ONE S$ can buy RM241. Relentless Inflation happen, only in M’sia.
    So time to spend, spend, in M’sia this year end school holiday.”

    Thank to MSM for making you feel so good no matter what. The sky is so blue. The sea is so blue. Nothing will happen as long as you believe in ShittyTimes. You lost your job, and your salary stagnant, it will still be okay because you believe blindly in ShittyTimes and the Dr Feelgood (government)

  • Daniel

    V S RAAJ,
    I thought that you always say good about government and like majority, willing toclose one eyes as long as the government give you “security, happiness and propersity”. So why the sudden change of heart ? Now feel the pain ?

  • Donaldson Tan

    one day (#195): we already don’t have a good government.

  • watthefish

    Aiyah, everything only ‘cho hee’ (acting) only lah. They give all of you credits, bonuses from the right hand and collect them back, couple with extra dollars with the left hand. You think they really bother. They only bother about your votes only. Some more can say what we give you sufficient to meet increase. And I thought it is only to help the people defray cost of food etc. Now where got extra for food?????

  • blade


    read thru the long list of comments.

    the recent electricity tariff hike of 22% is unbearable.. initially presumed due to increase of oil prices as SP has stated, but it seems like our fuel mix for electricity generation mainly comes from pipeline gas supplied by indonesia, at a fixed rate for 20 yrs.

    the public ought to be told the truth.

    could the relevant comment posters, “irgen”, “electricity” and “donaldsoutan” verify the source?

  • victor

    all is bull shit..>!!!!

    22% of electricity…EG:
    $100 become $122
    $122 included 7% gst bocome $130.54

    so tatal increase 23.54% without GET…..

    hey,remember,water still have 3 kind of tax…!!
    30% water tax is the most freak thing…

    still got pp said,”sing V good le lah!!! u pp don always said gov lah”’

    i agree sing V good if the current gov LEAVE sing…

    u all must know,all business need electricity,and their electricity fees is 5 to 10k de..if now already increase 23.54%…how huge their electricity fees will be…

    then all the operating fees will be added in pp who buy their products…
    Bread will increase,food will increase,,can u all don eat???

    can not ma…!! then how!!!
    THANK for the good gov LOL…..NEWold or other pp support pap de…come out and said something LA!!!

    in the past,talk until so clever….now ne!!!!!!!!
    LAME and freak pp.!!

    all the thing will goes up de.
    in the past i said before…we can”T sell the power plant,becos we needed it..
    still got pp say is a risking assets!!
    now what happen…

    when u don sell away,u still benefit,,now sell away,,DO U BENIFIT FROM IT..!!
    COMPANY just want to earn profit,how the GENIUS gov DON KNOW!!
    hahahaahahahs…VOTE THEm LAH..

  • victor

    hey,remember,some more our electircity is come from NATURE GAS..

    in the next election…i can pap will not have single seat…

    sibgapore pp V educated de ma…
    WHY u all can:T think when u all VOTE!!!!

    want us suffur with u all….
    Don made us no face lah…

    alot of pp like to said,if u don like pap gov…leave SING!!
    but do SING respresent PAP..NO ma..WHY must leave!!!!

    now the birth rate drop until like tat..who need to BLAME…

    USE Brain and think,ofos not sing pp fault…
    more dissapointed…

    HISTORY,current gov will be ended soon soon…
    wait and,,u shall see…
    @YOUNG generation@

  • Gong Gong

    Everything happens for a reason. why u people always kena pluck by yr government? cos when u are weak ,they climb over your head and shit on you. Friend, you people deserve it. let hope you people continue to kena squeeze hard.

  • victor

    dear gong gong,

    not we deserve it,,is other people tat have different view,deserve it..

    then we guy in here have to suffer from it…

    do u think we like it…!!
    come on…
    is tat some freak pp don know how to use their VOTE wisely,,so we got harm from it.

    just need to wait until 2010 or 2011 order to change the sky..
    if in 2010/11, singapore still remain as 2 seat vs 80 seats,and still continue to be treat like tat..

    i don know whether i still need to be loyal to my country anot.
    Singpore have import alot of foreign labour,
    china,india of other developing countries,DO THEY LOYAL TO SING??
    IF sing in battle,hahas,Do they still willing t0 stay in sing??
    Don GOV get it..!!
    we,young generation,born in singporeans will be loyal to sing,if singapore in battle,i willing to die in order to protect singapore..

    but now current GOV treat us like tat…
    i very sad..

    singaporeans willing to stay in overseas than sing,

    I THINK I TOO naive..CURRENT GOV don want me this kind of pp tat loyal to sing..mind as well leave..

    my loyalty should in other country not singapore anymore,if gov still treat us like an dog.
    @young generation@

  • victor

    we,young generation,born in singpore will be loyal to sing,if singapore in battle,i willing to die in order to protect singapore..

    mistake on top..sorry.


  • Hanyong

    intriguing to see that there are so many voices out there, but the current government still states that the youth of today are politically ignorant.

    I’ll support anyone who takes a stand and speaks up at speakers corner or anything.

    For me, I’m switching to bicycles for transport. But if too many people do that, I think even bicycles need to pay for ERP gantries.

  • victor

    bicycles is going to have road tax,ERP or COE…hahas.

    btw,Singtel going to rise the COST OF home line….

    Great great great..!!!

    iS not,” youth of today are politically Ignorant.”


    BUT i think tat there is need TAT YOUNG GENERATION to speak out and not just sit at there and STUP UP>>>…<<<
    @young generation@

  • Rushking

    Singtel fixed line to increase $10. Newspapers already increased 10 cts and 20 cts per day. I am a peaceful guy because when i complain nobody hears me.

    So I think I will just terminate my residential fixed phone line and rely on my mobile phone – anyway, most people, my friends, don’t call me on the fixed phone line anymore. I will also give up buying Newspapers for now. These savings are little but I hope to use the savings to pay for the increase in Electricity bills. What to do ? Just try to “tahan” here and there by stretching the dollar.

  • victor

    singaporeans no need to TAHAN THIS DE….
    becos is WE the citizen BIGGER IN SINGAPORE…



    u guy still vote for the current gov,,,so need to HAVE PREPARE for INCREASING THING..

    STAND UP,,,STAND UP FOR singaporeANS!!!>

  • Rushking

    We must all go to check our brains – maybe our common sense ran away. So simple theory like : “If Oil price goes down, then electricity chrages will go up” – like this simple we also cannot understand ?? See, in Hongkong now they announce 3 % reduction in Electricity charges because Oil price gone down – these Hongkong people also got mental problem, right?? How can Oil price drop, Electricity charges also drop ??? They must learn from Singapore example which ist he only correct model – ” that is if Oil price drops then Electricity charges cost more” !! No common sense Hongkies !!

  • Rushking

    What to do ?? Just accept lah – don’t complain so much. Try to follow my example to cut costs :

    1) ERP up – don’t drive lor.
    2) Newspapers price up – don’t buy papers, don’t read lor.
    3) Telephone ( SingTel) charges up, give up my residential fixed phone line.
    4) Electricity bills go up – this one real tough – how to escape ??

  • Dave

    Since 2006 over a 50% increase in the cost of electricity. Why doesn’t Singapore have consumer protection? Conserve energy comercials on the TV and in the mailers, what is SP doing to bring down the cost of production are they developing a means for the future? Are they turning to other countries for supply? Why are the prices dropping at the pumps for petrol?

    There are things we can choose to buy or change, I can use the MRT instead of driving. But, I may soon have to look at needing loan to keep my ice box on or explain to my son why we have to read the paper in void deck to save money to keep the food cold and cook the meals.

    People complained when the bus charge went up a few cents, the electricity prices are soaring higher than eagles dares to fly and no one dares say a word. Grin and bare it. Hold SP accountable, for the profiteering.

  • patriot


    we do have ‘Consumer Association’, but whether it is functioning or not, I do not know.


  • Dave

    With a public utility, considering just how formalized and rigid things are here in Singapore I wouldn’t have thought that such thing would happen. Yet the math doesn’t add up, the price per barrel increase doesn’t compare to the increase to the of price per KW. After reading other posts, regarding the production of power in SG coming through the use of natural gas and that not increasing I am skeptical. It feels more like people taking advantage of a situation and having a population and no other corporate compitition to deal with.

  • tiredsingaporean

    I think something is going very wrong here. Everything seems to increase tremendously one after another as though the country is in deep shit. 1 min reported GIC managed more than 300b, then 200bil and then 100bl lately. Is this could be the reason of taxing the pp to recover the lost? even it is so, why should the sing pp be penalise?

  • Dave

    SP is a goverment owned and controlled business so it would be hard for the government to police it’s own pricing policies. It has no compitition and it has a bottom line to protect, it has a captive customer base that can not switch to another service provider if they become unsatisfied with the way that they dermain prices. Beyond complaining about that rate of increases, what will happen to Singapore in the event that their suppliers refuse to supply? Shouldn’t we look to alternatives, besides natural gas or crude oi that depend on outside supply too heavily? Using ocean current to propel hydro-electric systems or turning to nuclear energy.

  • victor

    i think tat Sing pp need to REAL riots in real life..but i know i will cause some negative effect in sing..
    but Do u all know tat how WEST COUNTRY disagree on their GOV policy??
    they sent some pp to talk to GOV..

    sometimes bad solution will change something in real life,,

    as what i said before,singapore is belong to sing pp,,not the HIGH POST PP..

    by doing this…i think tat the GOV MAYBE MAYBE WILL KNOW HOW HARDS IN NOW SING PP FACES..

    Sing GOV just want to suck yr blood until………..don know when.. :(

    takecare all singaporeans..
    @young generation@

  • Donaldson Tan

    Patriot (#212) and Dave (#213):

    I personally feel that CASE is inadequate. In a liberalised market for electricity and healthcare, consumers must have a voice. CASE represents a multitude of consumers and being the only organisation, it serves the interest of too many people. The individual trade unions under the NTUC would be a better platform to raise concern over retail prices of daily goods and services because each trade union is a natural organised consumer representation. Each trade union also tends to cater a group of workers with similar economic positions, of which members of the union committee come from. Such union leaders would tend to be more responsive to their “constitutents” and provide a stronger public voice than CASE in applying price pressure.

  • patriot

    Donaldson Tan;

    it would be ideal if Unions in Singapore are proactive, as I have said in my post, I do not know if CASE is functioning, Unions in SIN are very similar to CASE. There are so many hikes and increases that had been announced and publicised and how much have we heard from CASE. Each time CASE said something and it rarely did so, it is the usual caveat emptor, ‘consumers should know the risks’ etc, as if the consumers are at fault and not the sharks feasting on the vulnerable buyers/users.

    When one looks at the People running CASE and the Unions in SIN, it is not difficult to see that they are mostly Parliamentarians of the Regime. The “PRIVATISED” ESSENTIAL GOODS AND SERVICES PROVIDERS(Healthcares/Utilities/Transportation/Education etc) ARE STATE OWNED ENTITIES. It is simply naive for Singaporeans to hope for CASE and the Unions to uphold Consumer Rights for the People.

    Some organizations, such as PTC(transport) are as good as the President in SIN, toothless(not due to advance age) and inconsequential in their functions, very much like decoration pieces for window dressings and very expensive. Another good case for us to complain? But not to CASE please.

    All in all, the Laws on (anti)Profiteering have been impotent and hardly ever exercisized, imho, there is no need to set up bodies here and there to tackle a simple problem of profiteering. The more people and organizations are involved, the more complicated and waste of money ensue.

    Profiteering is a sympton that there are unscrupulous people in businessess and organizations. When profiteering and fleecing are rampant in a country, it goes to show the Managers of the Country are inefficient and incompetent. And when the Profiteers are State-owned Enterprises, what can we say?

    So, there is little or nothing we the people can do but consume less so as to be less fleeced.


  • Donaldson Tan

    patriot (#218):

    I share similar sentiments to you with regards to the state of trade unions in Singapore. Essentially, opposition parties must court individual trade unions to re-assert their independence from NTUC. NTUC today is no longer the same organisation it was when Devan Nair founded it.

  • TakBolehTahan

    Everthing increase……….
    Next election Change Gov.

  • victor

    no pp will hlp sing pp..

    only need to depend on ourself leh…

    NTUC or what even,,,all is support RUILling party….

    all our recources going to sell away if u guy still DON want to wake up..:(:(
    and the increase will CONTINUE.


    @young generation@

  • patriot

    Hi Donaldson Tan;

    thank You for the concurrence and response.

    Devan Nair did indeed play a big part in the Union Movements in SIN. When he joined the Regime, he was made the Mover of the various unions and consequently, if memory serves me right, he was the One who managed to get all the different Unions in SIN under the NTUC Umbrella.

    As such, I think that after Devan Nair became a PAP Parliamentarian, not only he embraced the PAP Ideology, he propagated and promulgated(through Union Newsletters/Publications/Education of members) it(PAP Ideology). As he headed the NTUC almost throughout his entire PAP Days and successfully turned the Union into a Tripartite Coalition with the Employers and the Government, he played a lead role in making the Union(NTUC) into what it is today.

    Readers; please feel free to enlighten me about the NTUC and Devan Nair, for I was never with any Union. My knowledges of both are from recollections gleaned from medias and discussions with Union Members during my working days.


  • patriot

    Pardon me, for I forgot to conclude that the NTUC today is a part of the System(Governance), as such, I believe Opposition Politicians and Parties are unlikely to have any influence on the Organization.

    To be linked to Post#222.


  • Donaldson Tan

    patriot (#222):

    Although Devan Nair led the tripartism movement, PAP in 1969 and PAP in 2008 have different goals and priorities. At that time, trade unions were equal partners with employers and thus they have the bargaining power to press for workers’ needs in a peaceful manner under a government-moderated forum. However, trade unions today are no longer in the same relational position it was in and no longer effective in pushing for agenda, especially when the government is pro-business. What made sense in 1969 is now a legacy defect bear by people like us. It is time to revive the Singapore Association of Trade Unions (SATU).

  • tiredsingaporean

    With the rate of price increases of almost everything going on without the concern of the feeling and hardships of local citizens, it will soon come to a stage whereby situation of everyone here would be no difference compared to slow death scenerio, you die your own problem, while the ruling party continues to draw their huge and obscene salaries out of the pp pocket. Do nothing now and your next generation will continue to suffer further. Anyway, the hint is already out there . . . not satisfied! you can always pack and leave.

  • sick of singapore but tied down by ns

    i’m serving ns now and i’m really feeling that money is extremely tight. i save whenever i can, i don’t go out for entertainment, i eat at home when possible. but with the prices of everything rising, the few hundred dollars is really too little to sustain even a thrifty life (i’m not kidding). worse, i feel that ns is a liability for men as they sacrifice more than just time. women do not understand what it means to serve ns. some think it is a simple life for us. the so called foreign talent are not here to stay for long – but the government treats them like gold and our citizens like dirt – and the best thing is they get our jobs and don’t even have to serve ns. actually some of them aren’t even talented. sigh, i hate to say that the quality of life in singapore has decreased to the point where i seriously want to give up my ic and migrate – but the paradox is that i’d have wasted my 2 years of life…..

  • blade

    to patriot and donaldson tan:

    after reading ur discussion on our national trade union (NTUC), i’m keen to know about more about it. What is the main function of NTUC in singapore and has it effectively fulfilled its role as a trade union throughout the years?

  • victor

    NTUC becos super-market lo..


    for earning PROFIT… one of the GOV care about singaporeans.. :(:(:(

    my only hope is opposition party.. :)
    i think,it is the hope of whole singaporeans..
    so…i know we r not so stupid…so election,we r know how to do le ba,,,.. :):)

    @young generation@

  • tsktsk

    like what my friend said, are they triying to get us to foot the electrcity bill for the f1 race (given the rise came just after the race)? 20% is absolutely ridiculous! Especially since i keep reading reports in our local papers that say petrol prices are falling.

    Well, i don’t know whether they use crude oil or petrol or whatever. but i would like to think that their prices are directly related to world oil prices and so if that is falling, why should electricity rates rise? and rise by 20%!

    i think the pap is trying to see how far they can push us. it was bit by bit previously, but now they’re getting greedy. sad to say, they have succeeded.

    i am amazed by the relative lack of disgruntled voices considering the staggering % increase. or perhaps it is just that the mainstream media is not reporting these disgruntled voices, therefore making it seem like people aren’t that badly affected.

    coming from a working-class family which is barely making ends meet, this increase will really hit us hard.

    damn it. time, please pass faster so that the next GE will come around quicker and dear WP, please start contesting in my constituency. *prays to whoever is listening/watching above*

  • Daniel

    “i am amazed by the relative lack of disgruntled voices considering the staggering % increase. or perhaps it is just that the mainstream media is not reporting these disgruntled voices, therefore making it seem like people aren’t that badly affected.”

    That is the power of media. If you see the media doesn’t report it, perception is that it is not important and that everyone accept it. This is a reason why LKY controls the media. Because the media never mentions it, people assume that maybe he is the one that worries.

    Having been to Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, I can tell you there is no way the media that independent of government will fail to mention such hike. We are been brainwashed by the media and that is why majority feel apathetic towards politics and issues that affect them.

    Why do you think the Big China able to hide the tainted milk incident before the Olympics ? Have they report such act in the mainstream media, you see the indelible repercussion or even endup in the delay of Olympics.

  • patriot


    as I had said, I was never a union member, however when I started working after National Service in 1972, trade unions were independent organizations with very strong bargaining powers.

    Union Leaders those day bargain hard for their members and if their reasonable demands are not met, they havd no qualms calling for collective down tools(stop works) walk outs and boycotts(stay away from works for a period of time). Violent protests were not unheard of.

    Unions of yesteryears were much like unions in Europe and US as you get to know from the reports in the medias. They were independent from their employers and government.

    As for the establishments and regulations regarding unions , I have no inklings except that unions were trade specific or company specific, ie Airport Workers has Airport Workers Union and Banking Workers have Bank Workers(of different banks) Union etc.


  • Daniel

    “damn it. time, please pass faster so that the next GE will come around quicker and dear WP, please start contesting in my constituency. *prays to whoever is listening/watching above*”

    Anyway, I expecting many areas will endup contesting in GRC again, which means lot of walkover and more happy Pappy’s face.

  • Daniel

    “like what my friend said, are they triying to get us to foot the electrcity bill for the f1 race (given the rise came just after the race)? 20% is absolutely ridiculous! Especially since i keep reading reports in our local papers that say petrol prices are falling.”

    It might not look that simple. It is more than that. The sale of electricity to a foreign companies. These foreign companies paid a huge billion dollars price for these so-called State-assets, and given that recession is coming worldwide, will try to recoup as much money as possible since no one know how long the recession will last. These gahmen might have promised some measurement and assurance for these foreign companies, and the best way to get some return back is to screw the citizen. Note the childish reasons cite by the gahmen given to the public over the exorbitant electricity hike. Will there be any price hike next year ? Why not ?
    Anyway where do billions of dollars of sale of these assets go into ? No one knows except LKY and his coffers know. Instead of helping the citizen, gov will just give wayang voucher as usual (no wonder my foreigner friends keep telling how good our government is ! My answer to them is if they have yet to experienced such wonderful electricity hike in their country. Their silence say it all.).

    Be prepare to receive more wayang voucher to justify their another of dubious and mindless price hike. It is a standard operating procedure for this pathetic government now. To justify ERP price hike and ganty increases, pinkish clown could even says that road tax is reduced as rebate (This and GST rebate sound like a voucher thing, don’t they ? ).

    To me, their act of selling national assets sound like a scam act. It will cause serious repercussion if it happen in other developed Asian countries.
    However in our government, anything goes as long as it benefits the old fart and his regime. Oh we can even laugh at Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia for protesting, but yet we can’t even laugh at ourselves.

    So much for Singapore pledge.

  • gemami

    pay gst, pay more for my favourite char kway teow, plate smaller, self service, must clear my own tray . . . . . time for us to send a clear and strong message. would toc organise a tar pau home cook food / eat at home week?

  • Jason

    the supposed justification for the recent 21% hike in electricity tariffs was reportedly due to how the EMA purchases the fuel oil using the “forward fuel prices” of 3 months.

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but that means that the current electricity tariffs is due to the fuel oil prices of 3 months ago being high? Given that reasoning, we should see a huge drop in the electricity tariffs for the next quarter due to the falling oil prices. So the only way we can see if the EMA’s reasoning is indeed valid is to watch to see if the tariffs fall drastically in the next quarter


  • tiredsingaporean

    234) Jason on October 11th, 2008 12.11 pm

    Stop dreaming Jason, whatever price increases that has been implemented and effected by the garment, since when did they ever drop as according to market flactuation? The answer is never. They stay no matter what as all these are additional profits to them. All they do is (as usual) giving out some freebies to the public like rebates for some couple of months and knowing that all you ppl out there will just quiet down and move on.

  • Jason

    this does show that there actually has been reductions in the electrical tariffs
    however, as to whether it is a true reflection of the market fluctuation or due to other factors that i do not know. However, i do agree with your view tiredsingaporean that the majority of the time, prices do indeed go up and never come back down. But whether this applies to the electrical tariffs, only time will tell.

  • Dave

    I feel I need to respond to this post, mostly because the poster did not define what they meant by foreign talent. Please remember dear poster that the maids and heavy laborers that this country depends so much on all fall within this clasification of foreign talent and none are treated like gold all of them are treated like dirt. Now they may not have to serve NS like yourself, but that does not make them golden. If they get their PR they will have to register for NS by the way and serve the counrty unless for one reason or the other they are given and expemption. Now, you may in hand be refering to the handfull of whites in the country that do come here to work for what ever reason, the ever so unpopular ang moh, of which I belong. I see the way Singaporeans stare at me and other whites on the buses and the MRT, yes we do know how you feel and talk about often.

    We pay more for every service, we get charged more when we walk into the wrong shopping centers, sales men see a pay day in each one of us. Now if it is true that we are not here to stay long, that would mean that any job, that we took from a Singaporean wouldn’t be taken from them for long because, well as you stated yourself, we will be gone soon any way. So what is your actual complaint, is it the jobs, the money or the women that you have lost to a white guy?

    226) sick of singapore but tied down by ns on October 9th, 2008 12.25 am i’m serving ns now and i’m really feeling that money is extremely tight. i save whenever i can, i don’t go out for entertainment, i eat at home when possible. but with the prices of everything rising, the few hundred dollars is really too little to sustain even a thrifty life (i’m not kidding). worse, i feel that ns is a liability for men as they sacrifice more than just time. women do not understand what it means to serve ns. the so called foreign talent are not here to stay for long – but the government treats them like gold and our citizens like dirt – and the best thing is they get our jobs and don’t even have to serve ns. actually some of them aren’t even talented. sigh, i hate to say that the quality of life in singapore has decreased to the point where i seriously want to give up my ic and migrate – but the paradox is that i’d have wasted my 2 years of life…..

  • Daniel

    foreign talent = any foreigner that able to contribute to GDP growth that make the coffers fat and happy

  • victor @young ganeration@

    import foreign talant is a need but it also must be a acceptable RATE..

    gov import so much of FORE worker in sing,,becos they just want to earn money,,,they correct their FOREIGn TAX,eg:maid…or wat ever..

    do u all know,how much foreign worker in sing??
    1 out of 5 pp in sing now…

    237, said also correct..i agree.

    but u must give sing pp time…
    as so much FW enter to sing,,,
    we local sing pp will felt tat we r useless.and find job will be difficult does not benefit sing pp..

    the main thing is,GOV must give sing pp a particular period of time to treat equally either sing pp or FW..

    but gov don give us time,,they always import too much of FW…then the problem cause..becos local pp heart have not accept FW yet..and some FW also very rude.

    but my Q is,,
    do FOREIGN TALANT OR WORKER loyal to sing??
    going to NS or not,,does not represent loyalty…but is just a waste of time…entering NS also made sing man difficult to find a stable job.becos we need to go RE SER for 13 years.

    FW just come to sing and earn money..
    as a result,local sing pp go to other country and develop..

    let say tat ,sing pp plus FW pp have 100 male pp.
    BUT,when in war time..
    do FW loyal?? i don think so..they will ran back to their own country asap..
    SO LEFT 50pp only..
    but some of the sing pp in other country developing..don wish to come back..
    so left to 35 pp in sing in battle le..

    in tat time,,the 35 pp will think tat DO WE NEED TO loyalty to this GOV or country tat does not treat us well during the difficult times,,such as now..??

    so what happen next…among 35 pp,some perhaps will carry white flat..
    sing flat have red and white colour,when u guy say u loyal to sing,carry sing flat.but when in battle,tear away the top..left bottom to use during war time.
    who is the guy which design sing flat?? too good to use..

    actually sing V easy to occur..
    Sing have a lot of modern techology(MT) so wat..?? with no pp control the MT,tat treat as USELESS.

  • victor @young ganeration@

    the energy is use NATURE GAS…

    so don take about oil oil oil…

    if gov is really good to us…set up Clean energy as much as poss..
    Clean energy is expensive,but also benefit a long time…

    i thought gov HAVE a FAR SIGHTED VIEW….
    they just want to MONEY>..

    wake up lah..
    u guy still don know tat who is good to sing pp or not ma..

    just use yr vote wisely.
    don votes for RUIlling gov le..
    it is V diffcult le.

    in 2009,gst maybe going to increase 2%..
    sing pp,don made me feel tat u r stupid.

  • Dave

    So lets look at all the foreign talent workers that are taking the jobs from Singaoreans. Their are the Indo maids that scrub the floors, pick the children from school and prepare the meals, the Chinese, Indian, Thai, Indo and what not Girls of Geylang that service the boys we can’t forget their ‘Foreign TALENTS’ now can we, that are brought in on tourist visas now they are most definantly taking jobs away from Singaporean girls. What about the large number of Bangladeshi, Indian and Nepali men that are brought in to do like improve and build the MRT, work any construction site, dig trenches, clean the sewers, mow the grass, wash the roads and do every other menial job below the standard of a ‘normal’ man.

    So when some one says that 1 in 4 jobs in Singapore is taken by a foreigner that includes thoses that I have just mentioned above. As for myself, I didn’t come just to make a quick dollar and then leave, I have a family here. A wife who is Singaporean and to some of you I guess you would feel she is a traitor, but I don’t think she cares. I am raising a son here and he will serve this country and I will teach him to defend it.

  • tiredsingaporean

    Lets not fight over the issue of FW here, whether they are white, black, purple or blue, we are all humans under one common planet called earth. The problem lies in the implementation of the system by our so called world class leaders who are only thirsty for money and power. Most of the price increase do not really affect the FT as a whole and the garment knew that. As for the non talented FW who are earning the lower salary, they too are not affected so much since whether there are price increament or not, they only managed to spend the daily necessity like 3 simple meals which are still better off than in their own country. The most affected people are the local citizens, mainly the middle class lot, as every single price increase in any area makes a bigger hole in their pocket. Their salaries are all stagnant for years while the garments increases theirs like no business. Please do not point fingers among us which would ultimately make lives more miserable. Infact, we the citizens of singapore should unite as one big power to change the system comes this next GE. All opposition parties should also unite as one to represent the people of singapore. Remember, the power lies in the hand of the people, the garments are only acting as managers. Correct me if I am wrong since they want to rule singapore like a big corporation standard then the business owner (represented by the citizens of singapore) should learn to practise the “hire and fire” system in time to come.

  • gemami

    dave, i feel i have to speak up in fairness for most of us whom you have stereotyped as whiners against the foreign legions.

    first of all, bless you and your family for showing us that there are fw out there who have made a choice to hold steadfast to their commitment to this new country they now call home.

    unfortunately, your comments and sentiments are exactly those that the msm have made them out to be. i do not know why, but it seems that our govt, in their endeavour to get the best foreign talents from around the globe, they have resorted to putting down its own citizens. probably it is a way of encouraging and assuring these foreign talents that they have nothing to fear should they decide to make the trip to Singapore.

    is it wrong for the born-and-bred citizens of this land to ask the govt for assurance in regards to their livelihood and basic needs? i am inclined to believe that because we have not had one bit of assurance coming out from this govt that we have become apprehensive which leads us to a certain extent in casting that envious eye toward the fw in our land . . . they have been assured their place in this land even before they step foot on it, while we who have grown up here have to fight tooth and nail for everything.

    as for your insinuation that our men might be whining because we have lost our women to these fw- well – i am sure the men too have their side of stories to tell about Singapore women and why they (the men) are not casting their eyes on them (the S women) in matters relating to a secure and happy future.

    foriegn talent comes in different catgories and like some posts mentioned, even labourers and table cleaners are considered foreign talents. they are so talented that the govt now is on a mission to get singaporeans to clear their own trays after a meal. what’s next? will diners have to mop the floor as well? we never had this problem in all our years of living and now becasue we need cheap labours disguised as foreign talents, the govt has no qualm to get Singaporeans to back up such a mission – even by soft force a.k.a. campaigns

  • victor @young ganeration@

    all u r saying about FW is just low pay jobs tat sing pp not willing to do..
    is not fair,,..
    still have a lot of high pay jobs and factories jobs tat taken by foreigner.
    then how about the uncle and aunty tat r 40 and 50 plus year old with no certificates..
    they just can fid into the factories jobs,But now,all the jobs taken by other developing countries labour..which r 20plus..

    as a boss,which one would u choose?? ofcos is the is cheap,production have more profit a company view..

    but who really CARE about tat uncle and aunty??
    if we not going to care.WHo cares..they r V difficult to find a jobs to cover their monthly expenses..if they no jobs,have they going to survive??

    if sing pp have many jobs to let us do including(aunty and uncle),,i really don mind FW or FT enter singapore for jobs…
    but now,the situationis not the same..
    sing pp find no jobs,all r taken by FT or FW…
    so what is the feeling about singaporeans??
    lets say tat the country u r born in is malaysia,
    and u now is a sing PR or citizen..
    then,,,war bagan..
    SING VS malaysia..
    yr son would defend sing,or defend malaysia…??
    tat is the real troubles tat all FT, FW or sing gov,local pp needed to think about it..
    and not all the FW mind r same as u..
    they just want to earn quick money,maid or other low pay jobs,DO they LOYAL to sing,,,,HAHAHAHaS…
    stupid pp also will know the answer.

    we would not call yr wife as a traitor,,come on man,we r mature..
    love is love…bocos of belove each other,then u will marry and have child.
    who care about COUNTRY. :)

  • gemami

    244) victor @young ganeration@ on October 12th, 2008 5.33 pm
    “lets say tat the country u r born in is malaysia,
    and u now is a sing PR or citizen..
    then,,,war bagan..
    SING VS malaysia..
    yr son would defend sing,or defend malaysia…??”

    thumbs up to you!

    i have a colleague at work who confided in me recently.
    he is a pr holder with a son and daughter studying in singapore.
    his son is due for ns soon and wants to spend his life as a singaporean.
    he himself wants to retire back to his own country in 5 to 10 years time.
    he is liable to be called up to defend his country should anything happen between his country and singapore. he is attempting to convince his son that singapore is not the place to be if one is looking for an early retirement and skip all the daily strugglings just to keep up with the pace of life here.

    would i expect anything other than this from one who has no roots whatsoever?
    if one could leave his homeland and give up his citizenship so easily, what makes you think he will plant his roots here?

    one thing is for sure, singapore pr is just a quick way to make a quick buck(et) and a quick getaway to retire in the quickest possible time.

    singaporeans are the real cuckolds.

  • victor @young ganeration@

    what cuckold…
    shame of u ….
    every pp have it own personal view..

    ALL IS BASE ON U AND yr frenz.

    from primany to sec and to JC..
    mostly my foreign frenz just come to sing for a short stay.
    and after when they graduated…
    they go to US,britain,france of others western country for staying and jobs….

    their MAIN target is stay at those countries and be tat country citizens..NOT sing..
    90%. okay…
    they can now give up their borning citizenship,and take sing citizen..

    when other country offer them good pay or what…they told me tat they will also do the same thing..
    give up sing citizenship,,and take others citizenship…just as easy as possible.

    it just a piece of paper..
    OUR GOV use so much money to train them,, to talanted them and what r the result.

    but many F in sing…but too little % will continue to live in sing.this my main point.

    and don scold sing pp…
    R u fit to scold singaporeans..??
    if u don like sing..just leave it…
    no one force u to stay in.

    a city live 10 beggers,and 1 begger enter the city,also wants to eat their food..ofcos other beggers will disagree..and will say him..becos he is the one tat need to eat their food.
    but tat begger, scold back the 10 begger,#cuckolds#..

    hahas..i just telling a joke.,.hahas.

    @and remember in mind.,,*every pp have every pp view*.
    go and learn yr manner…@

  • victor @young ganeration@

    hey,mind yr words.

    10begger in the city and prepare for dinner..
    1 begger enter,want to join them for dinner..ofcos 10 begger will disagree and say him…but tat begger scold back 10begger as *cuckolds*

    R tat begger fit to scold back to others 10begger?? he is the one tat want to eat our food.? fit to scold us??

    hahas.,i”M just telling joke..hahas.

    i have a lot of F frenz tat just stay in sing a shout period only.
    when time reach,they want to go to western country,to develop their career.
    take others country citizenship.

    so why u need to train them?? for what..?what us to respect u? u r the one who scold us..
    and plz,,,learn yr manner..

    how many F pp will defend sing…hhahahahas….joke.. when war time.let see where u r..
    u want us to trust a betrayer soldiers like u..? do tat soldiers have loyalty??
    perhaps some F pp have,,a small % …V difficult.

    i don know whether u r PR or citizenship..
    u r not fit to scold sing pp..
    every pp have their own view,have their own votes.}
    learn yr manner..

  • victor @young ganeration@

    sorry for 245) gemami,,
    i read too fast..misunderstanding..

    but this is real,
    i have a lot of F frenz tat just stay in sing a shout period only.
    when time reach,they want to go to western country,to develop their career.
    take others country citizenship.

    so why u need to train them?? for what..?

    how many F pp will defend sing….joke.. when war time.let see what the F r..
    want us to trust a betrayer soldiers.? do tat soldiers have loyalty either pr or wat??
    perhaps some F pp have,,a small % …V difficult

    i just care tat,
    then how about the uncle and aunty tat r 40 and 50 plus year old with no certificates..
    they just can fid into the factories jobs,But now,all the jobs taken by other developing countries labour..which r 20plus..

  • gemami

    247) victor @young ganeration@ on October 14th, 2008 12.17 am

    no probs!
    take care not to get too emotional!

  • victor @young ganeration@

    singaporeans..real sad..

  • conned,ransomed,cheated en bullied

    Yes, sad to be bullied by your own guardians, enslaves in your own country and rendered impotent in national/social affairs.

  • DisappointSporean

    PM.. kindly don’t simply used your mouth to say “We will pull through together”. Now we are asia first country to go into recession, you ought to do something in order to justfy your high salary. First of all, you should lead example by cutting down yours and all minister’s salaries. Minister Lim is too happy seeing his monthly CPF, feeling he is too rich, he has forgotten on how to help the poor singaporean to overcome this recession.
    Remember your part’s name. PEOPLE ACTION PARTY. So, please take action, don’t just talk and laugh only.

  • conned,ransomed,cheated en bullied

    Is it fair to say if oil cost US$150 three months ago and now costs US$80, double the amount of oil could be purchased now to pare down the cost of the oil purchased three months back to cut electricity generation cost? In any case, our power generation is 80% natural gas driven at a much lower cost.



    From the Fact that the people are being treated liked customers to Essential Goods and Services(operate by privatised state companies) for profits and the Constant Cries of SALARIES NOT ENOUGH for Parliamentarians and Senior Civil Servants, we are at the bottom of its’(Gov) priorities.

  • victor @young ganeration@

    People talking party..

    no hope le lah…to ptp…

    only know how to talk..

    singporeans wake up…
    time to awake..and attack.

  • don

    No hope here.
    Better plan an exit route.
    If kenna oppressed till my limits, packed up & say bye bye with a smile.
    mimicking the words of the Lee, gahment out to “do us in” lah

  • victor @young ganeration@

    if all opposition pp just pack and leave…

    u all fail…
    Hero only appear on difficulties time..

    Vote is impt..
    singapore is as good place…but only in good pp hand..
    So let battle BA>.!!

    We will not give up…if we only have 10pp,against 10000pp..>
    we will continue to fight…
    no one will know what will happen..only god..
    maybe we will lose in the battle ,,,but at least in my heart,,i felt tat i do a right in my life.
    Sing pp…battle on election ba..

    don give up,,give up only show tat u r fear…but WE NOT.. :)

  • gemami

    way to go victor!
    the batlle is now waging and when one is in the midst of battle we won’t know the outcome until the war is over.
    yes; the war will take a long time – generations even – just like jbj – he may have lost the battle but who is to say he has lost the war?.
    the best is yet to come!

  • Sadman

    Everything going up. Very soon our PM LHL will pass a motion in parliament to increase Ministers salaries. Reason: Ministers’ pay must go up to cope with raising cost of living.

  • victor @young ganeration@

    sad sad sad…

    but i think they only can do the job for more 3 to 4 years ba..:)

    who say tat genius pp rule well…
    hey,do u guy know tat a lot of bank going to broke… but the most interesting part is ,,,,THEY R THE GENIUS GENIUS PEOPLE…

    hahas…they did well…issit.?

    if u want to rule a country,,,all yr policy should be takecare on yr citizens…

    DO sing have such pp…?
    think about it. :)

  • fi5hy

    do continue to keep this updated. thanks so much for this useful resource.

  • tiredsingaporean

    253) conned,ransomed,cheated en bullied on October 14th, 2008 5.29 pm Is it fair to say if oil cost US$150 three months ago and now costs US$80, double the amount of oil could be purchased now to pare down the cost of the oil purchased three months back to cut electricity generation cost? In any case, our power generation is 80% natural gas driven at a much lower cost.

    Today the price of gasoline is down again to 1.74 litre at the pump station, so is the garment doing anything about it? or just pretend nothing happen and continue to profiteer from the ppl? its time to wake up ppl, this is just pure robbery.

  • conned,ransomed,cheated en bullied

    Just to put on record.

    Today 16th October 2008, oil per barrel falls below USD$68(Reported in London.

    Do monitor the price of electricity for February 2009 for adjustment, if any.

  • victor @young ganeration@

    don dream…
    the price of electricity for February 2009,will goes down,,,

    if goes down by $0.30,,next time increase by $1.20..

  • Donaldson Tan

    blade (#227),

    You asked me a question on trade unions. It inspired me to ask NTUC for its constitution but I was informed that it is not a public document, and thus they refused to give it to me. It makes me wonder if even ordinary NTUC members are even entitled to access the NTUC constitution.

  • blade

    donaldson tan (#264)

    seems like NTUC is not even apolitical.. so much so for a worker union..

  • blade

    seems like ntuc fairprice is making hugh profit too..

    can any financial savvy compare ntuc fairprice financial statement with other similar f&b companies?

  • http:/// Wynx

    雪上加霜。。。。 白色吸血鬼。。。。

  • Donaldson Tan

    blade (#266),

    A worker union is political. Simply by asserting collective action together for some form of social justice (e.g. increase salary or improve safety condition of work place) is already political. A worker union may be partisan, but it usually meant is that the political party would court the support of the worker union, and not entrench itself into the worker union.

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  • blade

    donaldson (#268)

    thanks for the clarification.

    have you read on the parliament debate on the electricity tariff? electricity tariff will not be cut though oil price has come down by more than half now, reason being the tariff is reviewed every quarter and if the tariff is changed now, it will repel potential investors.

    i do agree that the review of electricity tariff now will ward off potential investors, but 2 questions:

    1) the raise in electricity at the first place is a mistake, not to say huge hike of 21%. the tariff rate is said to be based on a formula, does that mean that SP Power follows strictly the formula and EMA just to verify the formula is correct and sign the paper to pass the hike through? if that is so, why do we need a special authority, the EMA, to do that calculation? doesn’t EMA has a moral obligation to ensure the hike is reasonable and our people will not be over-stretched by the increase?

    2) our minister mentioned the drawback of investors turned off due to control in the price of electricity. so i ask, is privatisation of SP a good thing, since we have lesser control on the price of its electricity and the detrimental effect of a profit maximising firm of an essential utility product (not that SP is already accumulating high profit at the expense of our people)?

  • Donaldson Tan

    We need increased competition in retail electricity. Although the electricity market has been liberalised, the general public is still excluded from the benefits of competition by virtue that SP still maintains the monopoly to supply electricity to residential homes. I urge more local entrepreneurs to step up to the challenge to enter the retail electricity market.

  • tiredsingaporean

    270) blade on October 22nd, 2008 11.25 am

    Either way, its all voice down to only 1 thing, money making opportunity to the garment, why should they care about the consumers, not that they ever did before. No solution, no problem just pass it down to the consumers, case closed.

  • ScorpioJerm

    As a Singaporean working overseas, my thoughts are ….. I’ll try to spend more time outside of Singapore ’cause its cheaper for me.

    When I come back, I get whacked left right and centre with fees & surcharges from everywhere and that takes $$ out of my already shrinking nest egg (given the world economic turmoil & inflation).

    I know my retired parents complain about living costs when they go back to SG and I can now see how their money seems to stretch more when they spend time overseas

  • blade

    ScorpioJerm (#273):
    would you mind telling us which country are you in now, so that we can make a reference to the cost of living?

  • Daniel

    “it will repel potential investors.”
    Look like they rather repel the citizen than the investors. Did the investor vote the government in or the citizen ?

  • Donaldson Tan

    electricity tariff will not be cut though oil price has come down by more than half now, reason being the tariff is reviewed every quarter and if the tariff is changed now, it will repel potential investors. – blade (#270)

    Of course it will repel potential investors. But why are investors more important? Singapore´s worker productivity has remained stagnant for a good number of years while of most of our GDP growth comes from foreign investment, not worker productivity. Pegging ministerial salaries to the GDP skews the preference of our ministers to foreign investors over us.

  • ScorpioJerm

    blade (274)

    Hi blade … I work in KL, Malaysia. I’ve some Singaporean friends who work in Bangkok and we seem to share similar opinions.

    I was also speaking with another Filipino expatriate who was going to be posted to Singapore from Bangkok. After he had talked to a few people about what it was like to live in Singapore and made his calculations, he decide to turn down the Singapore posting in favour of staying in Bangkok.

    I guess because countries like Thailand and Malaysia are so large and include non-urban suburbs & villages you can get a wide spread of prices. In KL a plate of char kway teow is RM4 but if you go to Mersing, you can find one for RM2.

  • Sigaporeans accept all hikes whatever it is since day1?

    I think so. But then maybe is maybe not. get it?
    The answer is in your head.
    You tell me. which hike you have not accepted BY WAY OF NOT PAYING FOR IT?
    This means, if you paid for it, you accepted it in this sense.
    eg. a salesman says his product is now 22% more expensive. You pay and buy the product. In consumer law , this means acceptance.

  • Donaldson Tan

    eg. a salesman says his product is now 22% more expensive. You pay and buy the product. In consumer law , this means acceptance. – #278

    Sometimes I wonder why Singaporeans are so apathetic that if they are not happy with the price hike, why hesitate to boycott? In consumer law, this is not acceptance.

  • blade

    Donaldson Tan (#279):

    “Sometimes I wonder why Singaporeans are so apathetic that if they are not happy with the price hike, why hesitate to boycott?”

    for durable goods and services, it’s easier to boycott. if the service of a restaurant is bad, we spread the words, we avoid that restaurant. but what about public utility like electricity? it’s managed by a natural monopoly that earns exorbitant profit, solely hold by “big bro” and it’s ironical that our govt said that they prevent the price increase, even when we have a regulatory body EMA.

    any singaporeans wanna risk power cut-off by not paying the bill? do you wanna be put on EVA (eletronic vending system, aka pay-before-you-use) system and have a bad credit?

    simply put, there’s no credible leader who would stand up against this price hike and gather a mass to appeal against it. though there is a huge percentage of price increase, it has not reached a critical point that the general population will gather to go against the policy.

    families that are struggling to cope in this difficult times will just have to burn candles at both ends, eating 2 meals at the hawker center instead of the 3 that a minister has suggested.

  • tiredsingaporean

    280) blade on October 27th, 2008 11.10 am
    any singaporeans wanna risk power cut-off by not paying the bill? do you wanna be put on EVA (eletronic vending system, aka pay-before-you-use) system and have a bad credit?

    see! they are using the parkign coupon system again for the electricity, so you guys pay first and they start to bill you as much as whenever they wish, what are we talking abt here, in most countries like malaysia and thailand, it is the garment subsidising much for the electricity and water utilities instead, but singapore, its the other way round, you don’t pay, you don’t use!

  • http://na Tongkang

    We are cultured on PROFIT Orientated society and cannot tolerate LOSSES so Times have changed and expect to see more losses in Equities/property values/jobs/homes/love ones. Inflation is eating on whatever savings to the Retirees silently! So what goes up must come down and greety shareholders must learn to see the difference as not all the time boom time of yester yrs.
    I’m a Retiree and Tak Boleh Tahan, only to fast as and when meaning avoid spending and going on survival mode!…..Blame the WORLD? or Society?

  • putra

    It’s driving people to sleep in the streets as can be seen in this website:

    No sleeping here too…
    Following the recent case of the fella who was fined for sleeping in the park; notices being put up at the void decks. For those who can’t see properly, it reads:
    “Dear Residents,
    Please note that you are not allowed to sleep in the common areas.
    Offenders will be prosecuted.
    Thank you for your co-operation and understanding”
    October 20, 2008

    Oct 14, 2008
    Costly park bench nap
    Nappers can be fined $200 for misuse of park facility.
    The National Parks Board (NParks) fined the private bus driver for having misused the park facility by sleeping on the bench. — PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

    WHAT was supposed to be a free 15-minute nap on a park bench turned into a costly snooze for one Singaporean. The New Paper on Tuesday reported that a 62-year-old, who only wanted to be known as Mr Kassim, was fined $200 when he dozed off on a Sun Plaza Park bench while taking shelter from the rain. The National Parks Board (NParks) fined the private bus driver for having misused the park facility by sleeping on the bench.

    The incident happened on Sept 1 at a park in Tampines. Mr Kassim had dozed off on one of the wooden benches while seeking shelter from a heavy downpour. He woke up about 15 minutes later to see two men, who would later identify themselves as NParks rangers, walking towards him. They asked for his identity card, told him he had ‘abused park facilities by sleeping on the park bench’, and issued him a ticket. Mr Kassim accepted the ticket despite not knowing it was an offence to sleep on a park bench.

    Five days later, he received an NParks letter detailing his offence and asking him to pay the $200 fine. When he went to the NParks office to make payment, he claimed he was told by a staff member that he could appeal. But he decided against it, citing it would be a hassle. According to an NParks spokesman, more than 10 people have been fined for misusing the facilities in the parks.

    The spokesman did not say if these specifically involved sleeping on park benches. He told TNP: ‘We try to create the conditions that make visitors feel at ease… When people abuse our parks by overstaying or squatting, they make genuine park users feel uncomfortable. Others sleep on benches or in shelters in an inconsiderate manner and deny park users from these facilities.’ Of eight regular park-goers surveyed by The New Paper, none knew that sleeping on park benches was an offence.

    On the NParks website, there is a list of ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ for visiting parks. Sleeping on a park bench was not among the ‘Don’ts’, but there was a disclaimer which said the list was ‘not exhaustive or intended to be a complete list of the prohibitions or regulations governing our parks’.

  • Jason

    I seriously think its damn sad when some of the laws they come up with are such jokes.
    Fining your citizens so as to make Singapore look nicer for the tourists..

  • iamalsothere

    When all untility services became privatised years’s ago, I believed it was a bad idea. Although many said this was to achieve efficiency and accountablility (apparently a western model they were so ready to extol – definitely a rarity!), I could see a no win situation for consumers.

    This provatisation model worked in the west because there were hundreds andthousands of competitors in telecommunications, transport, education, health and power.

    But when the situaltion is one akin to monopoly, Singaporeans should have been alerted then. But as usual, their senses were numb.

    This is a case of the worse consumer nightmare other than a a run away inflation.

  • gemami

    It is very distresing to read in page 4 of the TODAY’s newspaper dated 1st Nov 2008.

    This is how group CEO for SP clarified its businness and role in electricty supply. The key message was this: Blaming SP Services for high tariffs is akin to shooting the messenger. We have nothing to hide.

    Its Chief Financial Officer Yap Chee Keong added:
    “If I am the lorry driver (delivering) goods to your house, and you ask me how come the (price for) a bag of rice has doubled, I can’t explain to you”.

    SP went on to blame the market regulator, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) for the tariff increase.

    However, further down in the same article, it was reported that SP’s profit from the regulated eletricty market was $423 million last year.

    WOW! this kind of lorry driver I want to be.

  • Daniel

    “We have nothing to hide.”
    Since when the government has something to hide ?

    “I can’t explain to you”
    Since when the government can explain to us and convince the us ?

    Check the latest post from Lucky Tan which explain the price hike far better than these clowns.
    “Why it is hard for the PAP govt to do the right thing…”

    All the government bodies are capable of is just engaging in blame game. If these people can’t perform, please get out and go to private sector and stop all their freaking excuses. It is time we stop tolerating these incompetencies and wayangness.

  • victor @young generation@

    as want sing compare to the past..

    it did not improve at deprove a lot of time…just think..

  • tiredsingaporean

    The price at the pump stations today has dropped further, so what now?

  • victor @young generation@

    so wait lo…
    but just don die…hahas..

    hai..i felt tat we like a puppy or dog..

    did not have full freedom..

  • victor @young generation@

    our PM said tat ERP is discourage pp to use car..
    yes,i agree to some part of it..
    but he also must knows tat sing pp like to pay for all..,,such as COE..but not like ERP..
    if not…,,hahaass…it will lost quite % of voters.

    and our LKY said tat,,in order to control electricity..,,,the ways is just control by $$
    i agree to some part of it…,,,

    but do he concern the impact..
    not only houses,,all the shops and coffee shops also will increase much..
    the fees will charge in goods tat sell to us..

    hai..all just like an recycle..,,
    after all..,is we going to die..becos gov quite takecare of us..

  • Mohamad Hamim

    The world is changing so the people will change.
    Who ever live in this World will die one day.
    Party win election, Party lose election.
    The rich to make himself rich they never care the poor.

    Cost of living in Singapore going up and up.
    The poor have to pay and pay.
    The rich geting richer and richer.

  • victor @young generation@

    what good talk..291.. :)

  • victor @young generation@

    what a good speech.. :) 291

  • Tua Sian Hokkien Pian

    SP makes $423 million in one year. Make, OK ? This means Nett profit OK?
    There are 4 million people in Singapore.
    Say 4 people in one household / SP account = 1 million accounts.
    This mean SP makes $423 from each account a year, or
    about $35 from each household each month.
    It is blatant profiteering of a monopoly having its customers over a barrel..

  • blade

    tua sian hokkien pian (#293):
    “This mean SP makes $423 from each account a year, or
    about $35 from each household each month.”

    you are a step ahead of me. i was talking to my friend about this and was just about to do the calculation and let our citizens aware of this. so where’s the passing down of cost saving due to increase efficiency that SP services has been talking about?

  • Law

    Oh yes, i will likely to provide my own humble solutions. We can start by

    1) By increasing our electricity consumption, helping SP to earn more profits, in order to justify the 21% increase.
    2) By driving into cities during peak hour, helping our government to earn more revenue from ERP. It will be “given back” to you in form of subsidies, payout, etc.
    3) To motorcyclist, cyclist and other public transport haters- By traveling and squeezing(if there is still any space left) on our SMRT trains during peak hours. This is to help SMRT in applying for fares increase again due to well…overwhelming demands.
    4) Work like shit as much as you can to supplement your household income during these uncertain times (you never know when you will get retrenched) so that the tendency to fall sick increases. Our hospitals are glad to admit you in to take care of you. Please refer to their website for a price comparison (to be amended due to high admission rate) prior to admission.
    5) Buy more, so everyone earns….maybe our government can increase their wages next time citing the reason “Singapore economy remains bright in times of global crisis, thanks to us”.

  • SingaporeanCA

    This is a good read for everyone (Singaporean)…….safety net for the umemployed or retrenched.

  • smallvice585

    Sometimes, welfare benefits can be used as means to stimulate the economy.

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  • Mohamad Hamim

    Today news Oil price going below $50.
    Oil price down.
    So do the electricity Bill going down?

  • tiredsingaporean

    299) Mohamad Hamim on November 21st, 2008 11.07 am Today news Oil price going below $50.
    Oil price down.
    So do the electricity Bill going down?

    They just don’t give a shit about this at this time, afterall these extras $$$ are pure profiteering for them. Infact they should cut the electricity tariff by at least 50% now if base on today’s oil price, but do you think they will? since they says that our electricity price is peg with oil price, so? what now?

  • gemami

    300) tiredsingaporean

    Well, they did say they will bring it down – BUT ONLY IN JANUARY 2009.

    By January 2009, they must not only bring it down but pay us back what they have collected for these three months – no less.

  • smallvice585

    Well, they did say they will bring it down – BUT ONLY IN JANUARY 2009. – Gemami (#301)

    But that is just in line with EMA’s pricing formula

  • gemami

    ….EMA’s pricing formula.

    Then get EMA to pay us back.

    WE don’t care who pays, EMA or AME or MEA or MIA, just pay us back.

  • tiredsingaporean

    301) gemami on November 21st, 2008 2.10 pm
    Well, they did say they will bring it down – BUT ONLY IN JANUARY 2009.

    By January 2009, they must not only bring it down but pay us back what they have collected for these three months – no less.

    ya, maybe they will pay back but bring forward to Feb 29, 2009

  • victor @young generation@

    dream on ba,,hahas..

    sad singaporeans.

  • blade

    301) gemami

    i hope so too. but it’s impossible.

    look at the the credit crunch created by those top banks, some still got their fat bonuses after being bailed out by the govt. when checked, the govt could only freeze the bonus of those who had not been paid, but not take back what has already been paid.

    in fact, if this electricity hike were to take place in european countries, like france, there will be collective action of not paying the bills (anyway, at the first place, the hike will never happen). in singapore, our people will just suffer in silence.

  • hitachi08

    all these are made possible because of ….


    time to wake up … stupid singaporeans

  • kelneo

    Just bought my daughter’s P5 text book(chinese language). It cost $8.85, this is a increase of over 100% as compared to last year. sigh…

  • don

    It”s the time of the year again which we need to pay TV license fee.
    I still find it hard to swallow the lame excuses MDA gives us on why we should pay.

    As a matter of fact, our local tv programs are crappy, noisy and substandard.
    What’s worse is the shows are old & most are repetitive.

    Many of us don’t even watch local programs for goodness sake!
    Don’t tell me you need funds to develop your so-called educational, cultural etc programs when all of it is propaganda.

    I strongly believe Mediacorpse should fund its programs from the advertising fees they earn. Many countries have already done that & abolish the tv license fee.

    Hey compare to our neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, India, Australia, NZ etc, we are not better off, we still have to pay tv license fee.

    In times like these, we are finding difficulty bracing through recession & they still have the cheek to collect tv license fee. To me it is purely redundant and deemed as extra bonuses to fatten their pockets.

    Pardon me for letting out fumes here, i just feel so unjustified.
    We can’t do anything, can we?
    If we don’t pay up, we will end up in kangaroo court.
    What kind of rule is that?

  • aiyoyo


    blur blur one day pass one day,

    actually look back carefully,

    so many things skyrocket so high price,

    aiyoyo maybe last time no pay attention during lesson,

    that’s why now everyday blur blur like that


  • tiredsingaporean

    309) don on November 28th, 2008 3.51 pm
    It’’s the time of the year again which we need to pay TV license fee.
    I still find it hard to swallow the lame excuses MDA gives us on why we should pay.


    just to share with you, I remember some many years back I forgotten to pay up my TV license and know what happened to me? I got a warrant of arrest letter to report to tanglin station, goodness me I don’t believe our garment can resort to this low just to get back a hundred bucks out of our pocket, shocking very much I am really amazed.

  • me

    lol tiredsingaporean, since your tired, don’t watch tv la.

    the irony of singapore media, we pay to watch government propoganda. i think north korea and USSR made it free.

  • James

    I have stopped using NETS for purchase, has no more Singtel landline, no newspaper. Haven’t canceled TV license yet, but probably soon. Hope they don’t charge a YouTube license!

    The only electrical appliances I have are energy saving lamps, fridge, a computer and a laptop, and fans. Lo and behold, my utilities bill is $120, as compared to a few years ago when I had more computers, it was still under $90.

  • tiredsingaporean

    312) me on November 30th, 2008 5.48 pm lol tiredsingaporean, since your tired, don’t watch tv la.

    the irony of singapore media, we pay to watch government propoganda. i think north korea and USSR made it free.

    Don’t know what will come out next. Maybe, they would send me to the electric chair if I did not pay up my income tax.

  • equal breathe

    come on guys.
    we gonna accept wadeva is arrange for us,
    we cannot do anything but to accept it,
    they got their own reason.
    cheer up guys.
    if everyone were to complain, what do u think will happen to the whole world.

  • smallvice585

    equal breathe (#315),

    Obviously if we are not happy with whatever they are doing, we must challenge them through means which are accessible to us and individually. Acceptance is not the only the thing we can do.

  • http://TOC Edward

    #266 blade
    ntuc fairprice is not only making huge profits but is also getting votes for the PAP. By offering discounts during these few months the govt is telling the people that it is helping the poor. As ntuc fairprice is not a public listed company the govt has a big say in running and controlling the company. PAP is more interested in getting the votes than the profits for the shareholders.

  • Jaslyn

    The relentless rising cost of living in Singapore.

    Everything rises, and Singaporeans pay should be the same as foreigners if possible by most of the bosses. (My point of view).
    They will ask Singaporeans U want this pay or else we can engage the foreigners ,some maybe can even get less S$100 to work for them .

    Is it fair for Singaporeans living in such a “high rising” Environment.To us, is it consider as Low Pay .


    Then maybe the employers will consider to increase a little bit more salary for Singaporeans workers, not by cutting cost through our workers pay instead.

    “Acting Manpower Minister Gan Kim Yong related a conversation he had with a company head
    “If he were asked to employ only Singaporeans, his costs would have gone up and he would have had no choice but to shift the whole company out of Singapore to China,” said Mr Gan”

    No wonders why majority of all Singaporeans do think of going to migrate to other countries if there’s a chance for them.

    Low Pay and become a 2nd class Singaporeans instead.

    Already as 2nd class in Singapore why not migrate and maybe have better chances there. Even employer wants to shift to China, by Acting Manpower Minister Gan Kim Yong .

  • angtc

    One of the main cost escalator is the high HDB price. Govt in a unwise move in 1993, lengthened the hdb waiting time to 4 years, and push out hdb flats quarterly at 5% price increase per quarter. This caused the new HDB price to double as resale price doubled due to the 4-year queue. That led to the runaway of hdb. The govt thought they are doing us a favour, but we never gain from our high hdb price except for paying ourselves higher monthly rent for staying in our own hdb. But our kids now cannot afford a hdb except we buy one for them. With this, commercial properties also started to runaway. Business cost went up, cost of living went up, wages must keep pace, profit must keep pace, prices must goes up. So the vicious cycle keep feeding itself.

    Then another unwise move again on the ERP recently. When COE was the main cap for car population, it was controllable. Then some unwise politicians claimed that everybody should have a cars, otherwise they would be unhappy (based on the same logic, every one must have a landed property, otherwise they would be unhappy. But based on the same politicians people would be happy to pay govt daily rent if they stay in their OWN landed property.) So more cars, everywhere ERP, cost of transportation goes up, so is bus, taxis and business costs. Another vicious cycle started and feed on itself again.

    So with housing and transportation (2 basic daily essentials for all workers) in a runaway vicious cost increase, how can cost of living not increase?

    One possible solution maybe to take this financial crisis as a opportunity to fundamentally rethink on how these 2 essential costs can be reset for Singaporean,. For HDB, we can re enforce the Singaporean/PR owner occupied requirement and lower the price. Nobody losses as we are only paying ourselves rent, but our mortgages will be down, financial burden will drop significantly and the minimum amount of wages increase we must need to survive will also reduce. For transport, we can re-introduce COE as the cap, and remove most of the unnecessary erp. This would reduce bus, taxi and business costs. This will also help to bring back business to many erp hard hit business district and further reduce business burden.

  • aiyoyo


    really very very stress live in this country leh!

    everything so expensive! (think only salary not so expensive hor)


  • WeallareRetards

    Have we ever stop to think about screwing them back,, take for eg. wet markets stall holder.. all the aunties are now starting to realised that these wet mkt stall holder have been s$rewing them for years and shopping more supermarkets nowadays.

    There must be ways that we can fight back, cos we are being s$rewed for too long already and worse even taken for granted that ppl living here are all dump a$$ess and got no b@lls

  • wat4stay

    gahment will never go back on their own policies even when it’s blatantly obvious that they are wrong. they will continue to make up excuses and think of more ways to hoodwink us and hope that we will continue to be a bunch of guai guai never make noise sgreans.

    remember that time when london was emulating the ERP system, there were so much coverage all over the papers. when the london mayor recently announced that the ERP system does not work and they are removing it, there was only a small article on the straits times. was there any comment from the gahment on it? no! just continue to believe that they are right and continue to increase the charges for “our own good”!

  • tiredsingaporeans

    322) wat4stay on December 23rd, 2008 5.23 pm
    Not that they didn’t know the ERP system does not work to control traffic but as long as the system keeps pumping out $billions from the motorists pockets just to keep those idiots richer and in power every year, you think they will scrap the idea? not unless over the dead body of who that person we all know. C’mon, this is real good money, and an easy one duh!

  • jngbt

    It is time now to renew car insurance, there will be an increase of 30% which is $300 plus more. Need to take public transport to save cost.

  • ken

    This is the best compilation ever. It sends such a strong signal to everyone who read this – our governement has become so profit minded that causes our cost of living to go skyhigh.

    But some of the links and references are not functioning anymore. Can TOC team look at these links and update them?

    I’d like to forward this link to all my frenz and relatives to remind what “good deed” our government has done for us.

  • aiyoyo


    is this the way commoners to live in???

    with so much debt & hi cost…


  • auntie

    Wah food price start to go up again Aiyo. Just before CNY, our NTUC (SINGPOST) is having promotion of those AMIR Brand Beef Slice 1 PACK for $6.88, now after CNY they having a promotion but the price had been revise upwards to $6.95 that is an increase of 1%. I wonder if this is because of inflation or because of price fixing. Anyone can educate me.

  • a l i a s

    Today’s Straits TImes: Prices of community hospital stay increases.

  • Daylight robberies

    Recently, the prices of coffee/tea ranges, eggs and roti prata have all gone up like the salary of the President, what’s happening ? Prices of fuel/utilities have receded, salaries of foreign workers are much cheaper and yet prices of consumables are stealthily raised. This is no lawless land, right ?


  • randomnessinmind

    I just completed reading the list.


    Gee luckily I’m not the only one complaining.

  • Righteous

    One thing I’m not happy is, we are made to pay higher property tax calculated
    based on the annual value and rental value of the property. The point I want
    to bring out is many of us live in our one and only flat, we don’t rent it out.
    So is it fair to tax us based on that? You can tax those properties rented
    out higher but you should leave the rest of us alone.
    We don’t rent out our property so don’t make us pay higher property tax.

  • Righteous

    If things go on like this, we are basically just working and working to pay for
    the relentless rise in cost of living. It’s very meaningless, we won’t be able to
    save much, we remain cash poor and come retirement we may still need to work or even need to sell the remaining deeds of our property back to the HDB and end up with no property to our name when we die.
    That seems to be a possible reality in current Singapore, which is getting very
    expensive. We pay high living costs, work longer hours but our life don’t seem to
    get any better.

  • hiticahi09

    Yea this is a wake up call for those foreigner who think Singapore is a Goldmine. Wake up and see the truth spoken by singaporean here. Do not be fooled by government media who alwalys sing praise to government policy and singapore in general. In fact, as most of us know, we can only save that much (if at all) after paying for 1001 bills every month. Yet we cannot stop because we have kids to feed, parent to take care of. And if unfortunately retrenched, lose the income, the entire family would suffer. Best scenario is what pointed out above, you manage to bring up your kids or taking care of parents, but nothing left when you retire or die.

  • doctorwho

    we are living in the biggest scam in the world!

  • meesiam mai ham

    A big portion of the profit is used to pay our civil servants and their cooking classes.

  • ann

    why is so much spend on job credit for employers and not on workers who are hard hit at this time.$100million to be precise.workrs need to support their do not need to.

  • mice is nice

    a few years ago i have incorporate some ideas to cut what i know is an ever increasing utility bills.

    idea 1a) introduce a 2nd stage of lighting into existing homes
    use a cheap 5watt table lamp to serve as a nightlight. listening to music, watching TV or doing stuff on the PC does not require a high output lamp. in any given area, a 5watt lamp putting out about 190 lumens is enough to make a room glow with light, choose warm white for more throw*. no expensive dimmer controls needed!

    idea 1b) renovation (pre-planning)
    read up on lighting techniques to maximise lighting. less light leads to less power consumption leads to less increase in indoor temperatures. installing lights closer to work areas in eg, kitchens reduces the need for a higher watt lamp.

    (using energy saving lamp does not mean 1 automatically saves electricity, 1 still needs to calculate how much is used. recessed lighting that uses energy saving lamps may end up using more energy because more units are needed to offset their limited illumination capabilities.)

    idea 2) aircon “waste water (for future homes)
    route aircon condensation pipes high enough for a mid-large pail or basin to collect water which otherwise flows down the pipes. for households that frequently switches on the aircon. you’ll be amased how much water is gone to waste.

    throw* defined as how much the light can illuminate a target per unit of light. normally yellowish lights tend to “throw” better in this respect.

  • dsdsf

    if landlord charge tentants rental so high, how to sell things cheap to consumer.

    do not expect things to be cheap.

    the new sengkang hawker centre, the landlord bid the place until so high, so have to rent out to stall owners even higher, so how can the hawker sell cheap and how can consumer have cheap food.

    if capitaland and f and n charge tentants so high rental for their shop units how to expect to buy cheap and good things

    so who is above these landlord?

    maybe is government.

    if government can in charge of the new sengkang hawker, then rental no need to be so high then food will be cheaper.

  • Angelina

    Tax by any other name is NOT tax you see. I reckon the SG Govt can even get away with murder. Come to think of it, yes, murder by the name “suicide” is not murder.

  • Daniel

    “In addition I was following the G20 summit in London. The Australian showed all the other countries’ figures. There were Korea, France, Japan, Canada, Germany, even Luxemburg! But no Singapore. Checked the actual countries – no Luxemberg. Luxemburg was categorised with Singapore and Switzerland on the tax havens list. Read here.

    Then I realised Singapore was not invited because she was not in the Top 20 largest economies of the world! But her leader sure is paid the highest. Mind-boggling, isn’t it? Sheesh we must really be so unique.”

    Kangaroo Clowns . What can I say of the shameful gahmen ?

  • vodka2health

    what to do, give face wait till old man go to bed then do what u want later

  • vodka2health

    wow old man’s son get 100 times more than the richest president in the world

  • vodka2health

    err: 10 times more

  • Wanna

    I love to shop at GIANTand Shop “N” Save tpp…………Don’t bother about Points on your purchase!…..If you chalk up points and forget to redeem, your points are lost and blame yourself …………. outdated system for 3rd World Counties!

  • Angelina

    Singaporeans pay for goods & services in the Sterling Pound equivalent of UK but Singaporeans earn in Sing dollars according to Singapore market rate. So, I can understand what the average Singaporean with a family to feed and nurture, must be going through.

    As long as the Gahmen has a finger in every business, things will not change for the better. How can any business compete with the law makers themselves?

    Although VAT (equiv of GST) is 17.5% in the UK, there is no (ZERO) VAT on FOOD and other essential stuff. I do not have a problem with the high VAT on luxury goods including alcohol because I can always do without them.

  • KopitiamApek

    TOC should also similarly compile of lists of prices that went down. Balanced view please.

  • KopitiamApek

    338) dsdsf on May 10th, 2009 12.56 am if landlord charge tentants rental so high, how to sell things cheap to consumer.

    if government can in charge of the new sengkang hawker, then rental no need to be so high then food will be cheaper.”

    Most of the posts here blame gahmen for all price increase and now you want garmen to in charge?

    If gahmen charge cheaper than the real cost, the taxpayers will be the ones paying for it. So that just means all of Singapore subsidising your SengKang market liao.

    The cost of stuff in faraway places in Ponggol and SenKang have always been high. Because there are limited competition as compared to matured estates where residents have more choice, and choices drive down prices.

    Many have flocked to live in far out towns becasue the flats cost less, but if you do your sums, the cost of living there will be much more than a more costly flat in a matured estate.

    People sometimes forgot to factor in travelling cost, cost of your time, cost of inconvenience, cost of not having a good school nearby, cost of staying too far from your parents, all that multiplied by all members of the family, multiplied by 10 to 20 years living there.

  • omega

    Have you ever wondered why Chung Hwa free clinic charges for its services? Aren’t they funded purely from donations? The credibility of the doctors are questionable, since they hired professors instead of doctors for treatment.

  • toiletmatter

    >The relentless rising cost of living in Singapore

    the only way to survive the high cost is by not having to pay cpf & income tax, after all 100bil lost = no regrets

  • organgiver

    [i]Tax by any other name is NOT tax you see. I reckon the SG Govt can even get away with murder. Come to think of it, yes, murder by the name “suicide” is not murder.[/i]

    well actuallee
    the government do get away
    first they charged you for killin anybodies
    than they hang you for murder
    either way
    they makes 2 organs for FREE!
    and they sell it to the highest bidders
    you know liked son of c.k.tang inc…
    blah blah blah

  • victor

    vote will represent citizen voice.

    IF U don know have to use yr vote wisely, u just is a toot human being and does not have any right saying out a word.

    and all gov is just fear tat ctizen vote,include singapore gov.
    and only vote can control them,becos citizen is the bigger party, not any other party.
    we vote them and give them chance to become gov to control us,so we have the right to demand something them.

    if they just treat us as salves.

    vote can kick them out. vote win compare to money and military.
    so use vote wisely.

  • emokid88

    to all who commented on this blog…why comment if you do not want to do anything, but just vote for pap…it only shows your support for them…so don’t need to rant here…rant it on the vote…you chose the pap…if you are not happy with them, use the vote…that is what is called people power

  • Ravi Philemon

    The consumer price index (CPI) in May 2009 rose by 0.6 per cent over April 2009. The increase was attributed largely to higher costs of housing and transport & communication.

    For the period January-May 2009, the CPI was 1.1 per cent higher compared with
    the same period in 2008.

  • victor

    to emokid,
    u must know tat now sing is not only sing pp.
    now we have about 1000kplus of other country to be singapore citizen.

    and maybe mostly came from china.
    as what now total population is about 4800k.

    so is pap let them to be sing citizen,ofcos they will vote pap for election,maybe first times.

    and the percentage is 30% u know.
    hai,if the real sing pp only have half of it vote pap.
    pap also will get to 60plus percentage,

    so what we do.?

    only maybe the new sing citizen will choose to vote oppo party,then the sky of sing will be change.

    now still have lot lot of other country pp want to join sing citizen.
    i guess next time our country will have a new party for the new party,
    so will make 3 party after all.
    so the vote % will split.

    hahas.or better choice, if the NEW citizen want to join back their past notion,eg:china.

    then singapore is a part of china lo.
    hahas.just about 70% vote will make sing to other country lo.

    but i don mind..
    hahas,becos i feel tat as a part of china,is not a bad thing.under this gov rule, freedom.

  • Hopeless SG

    It is a hopeless cycle:

    1) FTs and PRs are allowed to flock in
    2) Prices of housing and cars rise, forcing other prices to rise in tandem
    3) The gahment tries to raise SG’s dollar value to mitigate the imported inflation. (When SGD is high, foreign imported goods become cheaper)
    4) However, when this happens, the foreigners flock in even more. The get more when they remit back home.
    5) Locals get screwed as their savings and salaries get eroded by inflation.

    -While China had the sense to keep its currency low to help its exports, SG did not
    -While Japan had the sense to keep foreigners out, SG did not
    -While Malaysia had the sense to treat its native people better, SG treats foreigners better than its citizens
    -While citizens of other countries love their countries, people in SG treat SG like a hotel or office to come and go.

    What is wrong with my country?

  • Hopeless SG

    Oh Btw….p65 blog has disallowed comments and people from seeing past comments. I wonder why?


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  • KumpongBoy

    I just went for a HDB flat open house sale.

    It was $40k over valuation…yet 30 different groups of people were there to view. More than half foreigners…

    How to live in SG is a wonder to me

  • tiredman

    I do not see the views are imbalance. The price would hardly go down. Even if its going down, the next moment the govt will slap you with a GST increase. Remember, they aim for a 10% GST increase?Just look back and see what actually has been done as promise by the govt during the election?
    I am being slap with more foreigners fighting for one rice bowl when I have a mother and a father or in some case for others… children to take care off.
    People is now migrating to vote them out. Dont you see?
    Why not you write in to ST to ask them to publish a more balance view?

  • wiseinvestor

    Economics 101 – GDP is the value of all goods and services produced in a country.

    When prices of everything inflates, nominal GDP goes up without any real growth.

    Who benefits the most from GDP increases?

  • mike

    i may take taxi often as i have transport for me. but what shocked me few days ago, i took a taxi from shenton way to defu lane, hougang and costs me $18.00.

    another place from kranji mrt station to defu lane (same place) costs me this time $27.00.

    i understand from the driver how is the cost derived at? here is the scheme..

    from 5 – 8 pm inside CBD a surcharge of $3.00 plus 35% of fares stopped at destination dropping whereas outside CBD 5-8 pm pllus 35% of fares.

    no wonder recently even a professor(scentist) who lost his wants to drive taxi too.

    Goodness Lord!

  • george

    Inflation is an universal problem. Natural resources is runing low but the speculators and traders are making millions without adding any value. Government could help by reducing GST taxes and hold down government owned ultilities prices. There are elected to govern and looked after Sinkaporean. Unless they had forgotten why there are there for after being in power for 50 year. Remind them at the election-just don’t be forgetful Sinkaporean. The only power we have is the vote. No matter how much we write here will not change the situation one iota except through the bailot box. A corrupt regime had its own ways for far too long.

  • Mic O Mic

    Let me just put it this way :

    Once upon a time everyone either walked or ride on bikes, and made $800 a month. We yearned to have our own car.
    Then PAP cam along…
    Now we are all driving expensive cars…and making $1,500 a month. While some are happy, many are pissed off. Because we have only 2 choices here, either the Ferarri or the Lamborhgini.

    So the PAP said OK, they will give us a cheaper alternative… a Maserati. Those who continue to complain were labeled as ungrateful.

    Meanwhile, floodgates to this country are opened for the rich who could afford the Maseratis and stupid who thought you can afford a Maserati on a $1,500 a month income. Truth was, we were just hoping for a simple Hyundai Getz….

  • Dow Wager

    I am convinced that for ALL issues found in all ARTICLES on TOC, there is only 1 WAY out as comments can only have so little effect, if any.

    Make the decision wisely.

    This comment shall apply to all articles including future ones. Believe me, it will be applicable as amazing as it sounds.

  • lobo76

    Is this still being updated? I think the 12.5% increase in electricity tariffs should warrant an entry?

  • theonlinecitizen

    To up this thread… we’re working on a new list for 2010.

    30 March 2010 – from CNA:

    SINGAPORE: Electricity will cost more for the upcoming quarter, starting April. It will be the fourth consecutive quarter of increase. 

    SP Services said that is because of a continued increase in fuel oil prices. The average fuel oil price over the last three months has increased from S$99.38 to S$102.95 per barrel. 

    With the increase of some three per cent, electricity will cost 23.56 Singapore cents per kilowatt-hour. 

    On average, families in four-room HDB flats will see a S$2.47 increase in their monthly electricity bill for the quarter. 

    The Energy Market Authority has approved the revised tariff. 

    - CNA/sc 


  • nonsense

    Hello people, just voting out these bastards is enough??? NO way man. They must be arrested, jailed and punished for crimes against its people for way too long. If I had a hand in it, since they “love” China/India so much, I’ll implement immediate dynastic EXECUTIONS! Mandatory Death Penalty.
    Let them taste their own medicine. I’ll pay the executioners (for executing MPs) $2.5 m and Chief Executioner (for executing full ministers) $3.8m for doing their jobs. Highest salaries for executioners in the world. World’s first again. Then I’ll open the floodgates and attract other foreign executioners to execute MIW bootlickers the whole island through. They may run but they can’t hide since they all are deal little frogs too.

  • prettyplace

    Thank You, Thank You and Thank You again…for voting The PAP  again.
    No need to say more.

  • Speaking

    I applaud the members who contribute to the compilation. This thing is DOPE. When you see things complied together, it gives ppl a clearer perspective on why  the holes in their pocket are getting wider. It will be good if we can spread this to other blogs and websites.
    Once again, a very good post.

  • lim

    The problem is that while prices, fees, etc go up, salaries are stagnant or lowered, thus increasing hardships for majority of the people.. Back in the 90s, early 2000s, while we also have increases, at least salaries are keeping pace….
    I have this idea of forcing petrol companies to lower their prices.. Basically, if we can encourage lots of motorists to pump from only 2 companies (say shell and esso) for a period of 1 month, this will force the other two companies (spc and caltex) to lower their prices to compete.. Once (say spc and caltex) lowered their prices, shell and esso will follow suit, we just need to continue pumping shell and esso, until spc and caltex cannot reduce further (meaning possibly this is the lowest they can go before incurring losses), then we can go back to pumping whichever we prefer.. Once they raise prices again, we repeat the same…

  • nonsense

    The biggest crime is these MIW bastards keep telling Singaporeans to bear with the depressed wages for so many years to be competitive blah blah..then suddenly they open up the floodgates and let all sorts of low level Ftrash in, further depressing local wages and forcing many retrenchments even; whilst they, these greedy demons keep giving themselves salary increases.
    Nothing less than EXECUTIONS once they are voted out and punished! MDP !

  • http://deleted FeverGuy

    A list of goods and services that went down instead of UP.
    SALARY for all non-government and GLC employees went down.
    Medical Costs went down if you are treated at JOHORE
    Property Tax for annual value below 60K went down a bit
    Donations to Charity went down $ for a $ by GOV
    Jobs vacancies went down (Since more FT are mass imported to compete for every single jobs)
    Road Tax went down a bit
    Less TAX to pay with more TAX SUBSIDY that poor and middle class singaporeans do not qualify.
    Cant think of any more…really PISS OFF that PAP had allowed almost everything to be determine by a broken down “free” market system that has no check and balance. Consumers had no right.

  • http://deleted FeverGuy

    Next in the offering by our dear PAP is the much anticipated G.S.T INCREASES! Let’ guess the numbers 9%, 10% or 11% by end 2010?

  • http://deleted FeverGuy

    We Singaporeans are addicted to paying more every year for the same good and services. It has become a mentality that as long as that year had less increases means a “good” year for all of us. We should think the reverse that why should almost every thing in Singapore had to increase without fail?
    Why are we singaporeans paying higher UNI/POLY fees when the foreigners/PR are paying more?
    Why should school fees continues to go up when they had all kinds of cost saving initiatives and more foreign students to pay higher fees?
    Why should we tax payer pays the 8% salary increase this year for the cabinet?
    Why must we pay more transport fees when the same transport system is used by an additional 1.3 million foreigners which means better profit margin for SBS/SMRT?
    Why we need to pay more for electricity tariffs when 80% is gas fired not oil fired?
    Why do we need to have so many DPM, MM, SM and ministers with portfolio in PM office?
    Why do we still need to pay GIC and TH talents salaries and bonus when they lost $100B in a year?
    Why must Town Council increase fees when they had over $2B of surpluses?
    STOP that Addiction of paying more fees every year.
    I will not support YOG (all the Tax payer monies unwisely spent, look at vancouver winter olympics the amount of debt that is piled on the working class ), hope the rest of highly addicted Sinkies do the same.

  • Price Increases vis a vis Pay Increase of Millionaires

    Should list prices increases along side pay increments of Civil Servants, Millionaires Ministers.

  • hi

    woah Energy Market Authority approved already then inform us
    so efficient….

  • rubbish in rubbish out

    Since we like to compare,why not compare the salary of Obama,the president Of USA with 50 states
    Area: 9,161,923 SQ KM
    population 307,006,550
    and then compare it with Our PM,SM and MM…ON this island.
    Area: 682.7 SQ KM
    population 4,839,400
    Obama – US$400,000 annually.
    Lee Hsien Loong currently earns an annual salary of US$ 2,856,930.

  • doctorwho

    We’ve been broken down to the lowest turn
    Bein’ on the bottom line, sure aint no fun
    But if we should be evicted huh, from our homes,
    We’ll just move somewhere else and still carry on
    Oh (hold on) hold on (hold on) hold on ooooh, aah, baby
    (Hold on) hold on (hold on) ooh oooh aah

    The only way is up, baby, for you and me now

  • kixes

    Great list! I haven’t been able to finish reading it all ‘cos it made my eyes (and head and wallet hurt).
    Where is all this money GOING? It certainly isn’t coming to us, the people. It is sick to think that the government is running Singapore like a big corporation, and that they and big MNCs are making money at our expense.

  • ListOfPriceThatGoDown

    no need to compile a list of the things that prices go down lah since there is only ONE item on the list – SALARY.

  • ShengSiong

    Can we add the 30% rental increase by sheng siong to the list?

  • Whose fault?

    How come never state ERP rates also up? and more gantries erected… these costs are going to be passed on to goods being delivered through these gantries?

  • http://forgottengenerations sturmtruppen

    Powergrid / SP just add 3 percent for the month of April onwards…

    Claim due to high “oil” prices again…don’t understand why the gas operated power stations are using oil pricing as the driver of the cost to the consumers in singapore.

    Now how nutty is that! Or excess finite greed of the few self serving pigs to the infinite cost of everyone in the end!!

  • joe

    I think the issue is not so much price increase per se, but affordability.

    While we can come up with examples of specific price increases, we need to be aware also that our pay checks from employment may have also gone up.

    So it is not the price increase that we should harp on, but this must be viewed with the people’s overall purchasing power.

  • Whose fault?

    I think TOC needs to filter all the hikes into categories and reflect how much has gone up since 2006. This sort of report will clearly show the drastic increment of daily neccessities and under how much impact on living standard.
    Purchasing power? what you talking about… for many years, our pay has been stagnant, only ministers’ get their annual increment and hike.

  • http://forgottengenerations sturmtruppen

    My pay still the same for the past 4 years. Many of my fellow colleagues and close friends in other professions too face the same same pay sheets month in and month out.

    But the PAP ministers and their cronies pay still keep going up and up.

    Haiz…at least we still have jobs…but it is really tough and very hard for those who either has lost their jobs, finding jobs or have great difficulties feeding theirs kids and families.

    I wonder if LHL, GCT, MBT, Ho Ching and LKY try to live on 2.5k a month…paying for the hdb loans, feeding/caring for their families, paying medical bills and other “hidden/wayang” costs [like GST/ERP/TV tax/C&CC/ etc etc]…will they realise they have been living a fo0l’s dream to the detriment and infinite cost to many folks.  These are not leaders…leechers probably….parasites definitely yes…real true leaders 100 percent no.


  • joe

    Hey guys, i am just saying that a complete picture is to look at both price increase and overall purchasing power of the people.

    I agree that in the recent financial crisis, many people not only may not have any pay increases, some have even lost their jobs.   If we have data to show this, lower affordability is a better argument against price increases rather than just looking at the absolute increase only.

  • nonsense

    joe, you keep repeating the word affordability. Are you Mah Bow Tan’ eldest daughter? zzz
    Just take a real good look at inflation for most essential items over the past 4 years and you will see that we’re not talking about 5-10% increases! Many are almost doubled and some 3-4 times their original prices. Absurd.
    We are NOT Japan. We do not have the standard of living structure to support such cost structure!

  • Seow

    I thought our purchasing power is equivalent to those in KL or Serbia?

  • Are You Serious?

    TR -  how about tracking the salary hikes over the same period?

  • Are You Serious?

    I mean TOC….

  • Joe

    @nonsense -  ok, lah. If you think i am talking nonsense, i withdraw the comments i made here and apologise.  Forget i mention anything.  sorry.

  • disgust

    It seems like Oil Prices hike are over & over again being used as an EXCUSE to increase charges on us…..
    I would also believed that Singapore could buy so much cheaper Natural Gases from Indonesia unless they bought it from US firm in Indonesia whom produces natural gases.
    I CAN’T TAKE THIS NONSENSE ANYMORE ……………….Things happens for a reason!

  • sartisel

    The cost of living is rising. that, is unavoidable with becoming a more developed country. However, to what limits should inflation be clipped at should follow the least paid worker in the country. Having said so, the subsidy is not enough, never enough in the views of the consumer naturally.As for the giver, it is insufficient to give subsidy, regulations has to be stipulated for a gradual growth of economy, jobs salaries have to be increased similarly to battle the cost of living. Instead of producing more jobs(maybe?), we need higher paying jobs which involve time-consuming reconstructs of industries. All this take time but the inflation seems just come wave after wave.  Yes, we can have incorruptible politicians and institutions with high pay, but what is the use if the people below on the ground or working in the society becomes corrupted? In my opinion,  failing to deal promptly with inflation will have serious ramifications that can undermine social working patterns.

  • Joe


    Errm.. brudder, before you get any more disgusted, electricity supply not under PUB lah.  PUB only water.  Electricity under Singapore Power. 

  • nonsense

    I genuinely believe deep down to my core that these MIW is draining Singaporeans to CRIPPLE us. When one is financially controlled, pretty hard to launch a resistance against them. Oldest vilest trick in the political bag.

  • disgust

    Arrghh…my sincere mistake…cannot tahan…..thanks for the correction!

  • Joe

    @disgust -  i know and i understand.. i also cannot tahan because i got no pay increase this year but everything elso went up.  si beh siong..  *#&*()@*&()&#()&#!!

  • disgust

    Haha…sama sama here…..I think we are not just complaining lots but also helps them to defends themselves better in the coming GE? keke….

  • disgust

    ‘..From 2000 to 2006, the electricity generated by natural gas has increased from 19% to 78%. …’
    If the remaining of 22% from the power generation in Singapore are pegged to the subjectivity of fuel inflation,
    Does it justifies the electricity tariffs increase by SP ???
    Could Singapore power generation now using 100% natural gases as raw fuels? ??????????????

  • gemami

    You guys are forgetting something just as important.

    Take food as an example: Ten years ago, when working just as hard as today, I could fill my hungry stomach with a reasonable lunch pack. Sometimes, I can even share it with a colleague and we would both be happily re-energized to continue our work after our lunch.

    Today, I cannot even fill my stomach even when paying for twice the portion on offer.

    In this illustration, we see that not only has the price shot up but the bigger portions we used to enjoy have shrunk to sometimes very ridiculous sizes.

  • gemami

    If you need more examples: look at the pancakes from Mr Bean. Their price range is from $1.10 to $1.30 for a small round pancake. It used to be fifty cents for one piece 10 years ago.

    ok, let’s forget food and talk about work. Not only do most workers see their paychecks remain stagnant without any pay increase of any sort but they are now required to multitask too. Same pay, more work.

    So, it is not about hikes but also about unscrupulous practices that take advantage of the vulnerable worker and citizen. Gee! I wonder who has been encouraging this?

  • SG in UK

    Having been living in UK for the past 8 years and is still doing so, I have a few things to say after reading your tread.
    If you are not a local or a student, buy an Oyster card if you need to travel in or around London, this will save u a lot of money.
    There is a min pay in UK and is about £5.75 if I’m not wrong, read the following site if you are a UK citizen and see what rights and benefits the UK citizens can enjoy:     read this link Money, tax and benefits and you will know why Singaporean are complaining, I’ll not do this kind of complaining in UK as I know the UK govt is taking care of its citizens and especially the bottom 10% or income below £30,000. One foremost important reason that UK cost of living is cheaper than Singapore because there is no GLC operating in Supermarkets, petrol station and any other services, all leave to the market forces, the private entities compete on prices and services among themselves. Please also take note even though the VAT is 17.5%, they do not charge on necessities like food and products for young people under 16’s.
    Not to mention free medical health services and educations in this country.
    BTY I’m still a Singaporean and have no intension to give up my citizenship.

  • SG in UK

    Having been living in UK for the past 8 years and is still doing so, I have a few things to say after reading your tread.
    If you are not a local or a student, buy an Oyster card if you need to travel in or around London, this will save u a lot of money.
    There is a min pay in UK and is about £5.75 if I’m not wrong, read the following site if you are a UK citizen and see what rights and benefits the UK citizens
    can enjoy:     read this link Money, tax and benefits and you will know why Singaporean are complaining, I’ll not do this kind of complaining in UK as I know the UK govt is taking care of its citizens and especially the bottom 10% or income below £30,000. One foremost important reason that UK cost of living is cheaper than Singapore because there is no GLC operating in Supermarkets, petrol station and any other services,it leaves it to private entities to compete among themselves; please also take note even though the VAT is 17.5%, they do not charge on necessities and products for young people under 16’s.
    Not to mention free medical health services and educations in this country.
    BTY I’m still a Singaporean and have no intension to give up my citizenship.

  • pei qing

    It’s like we could never earn enough for the kids. That is it. And I’m never voting for the PAP.

  • Toel


    Only in uniquely singapore would the gov create so many GLC companies to ruin the livihood of privately run business and to create intense competition against them at an unfair advantage. Is it logically?

    They say they create and invite competitors to make things cheaper but it goes up instead. Is it a joke? Or are they lying to us?

    Is it even logically that instead of investing 130B into the country, the PAP loses it to other countries and destroyed our reserves at a single go?

  • Shake head

    To SG in UK

    The States Times has been telling people that UK is bankrupt or going to be bankrupt.  They cleverly hookwink Singaporeans into believing that Spore should not be like UK.  It is a very deep and serious problem that Singaporeans cannot get out of.  The Govt make the people believe like a religion that a rich Govt = rich country = rich people (or Swiss std of living for people) when in fact it is the opposite.  A Govt who spends on its people will never be a rich Govt (lots of reserve).  A rich country is one who’s people live a good life, not a measure of GDP.

  • senior citizen

    Hi Angelio
    You forgot to tell us how much you are earning in the UK.  I am in China now, a bus trip end to end costs 2RMB, which is about S$0.40, an average 10 course meal in a restaurant costs no more than 300 RMB, which is about S$60.  Does it mean that it is very cheap in China?  Not of course, if you compare the wages of the Chinese in China and Singaporeans, there is a world of difference. 

  • PeterC


  • Hugo Spahlonglong

    in my view, while anyone can claim many reasons for rising cost of living, the fact remains that its the Extent that matters. The extent should be managed such that it rises in tandem if not comparable to the rise in income of the people. Many have in fact lost income if not have stagnated income for years.

    we should not be praising or blaming the policies.
    Rather, the good or bad of the system is in a way a direct result of the decision of the majority. so, to praise or blame should be the Majority. 

    For me, i diplomatic wan. I praise the majority. Why? because it is the diplomatic thingie to say. 

  • So how?
    If 80% is run on cheap gases from neigbours, wtf is SP and RT saying. We, Singaporeans, are being screwed for almost anything.
    HDB prices out of reach, ERP rates up up up, Transportation/Telecom up up up, Ministers’ pay up up up, CPF down down down, Healthcare up up up… Our pay down down down..
    Jialat lah, so how?

  • PeterC

    After reading UK’s care for their citizens our govt. should hang down their heads and cry in SHAME and to think that the UK’s whole Cabinets salaries are only a fraction of ours.
    Shame!Shame!Shame! for deceiving us the past 50 years and still asking for MORE???

  • Davd

    I strongly urge TOC to bring this list up again in the coming election.  Everyone should bring a copy of the list to the ballot box.  On cooling day, we must all play our part to disseminiate this list via mass emails so that every eligble voters (including new citizens) can use it as a lullaby to sleep well prior to voting day.  Let’s mingle with new citizens since they are already trapped by PAP,  and make use of them in our favour now.  A new weapon imported by PAP may just work well against them too.

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  • Jackson

    I’m curious about the results of the upcoming general elections… hmmm…

  • disgust

    Shhh…..dun you think that all new media contents would be censored during the cooling-off day ??? BUT ‘they’ will still propagates their agendas thru their respective FACEBOOK accounts …
    ‘They’ fully controls of IDA lah, so if you have any good suggestions, save it to the opposite camp silently OK ??

  • Toel

    What is the point of Singapore finding alternative energy and water when things do not get better and we r always peck higher and higher?

    I remember they told us, we nationalize companies to compete so we can have best prices. Bullshit!

  • alamak


    everything/expense cost up;
    salary got up or not? (I mean for commoners)
    how to live/survive in so pressure environment?


  • Tom Ann

    Has anyone read that MAH BOW TAN spewing nonsense yet again on HDB flats being affordable. This time round, the guy quotes figures from the Dept of Statistics and HDB. But they are damn misleading.
    Amazing how these politicians cunningly misinterpret numbers and statistics so deftly to confuse the public like an illusionist doing magic.

  • Category

    cost flights more than doubled and rose 75 per cent domestically. Category

  • jun

    hear that aljunied tc tender for managing agent close with the incumbent raising price by $1 per unit. wow… probabaly 45000 units… equal to 45k permth or 540k a year. what is the the amt they will be collecting by increasing the conservancy in april 10????? probably abt that…

  • Totally F…

    in 2000 the average starting salary of a fresh GRAD is 1700 SGD and guess what? A GRAD in 2010 still earns 1700. That less than 8 SGD per hour. A under 16 kid here in PERTH earns at least 10 AUD!!!

  • bobo

    Rubbish, which grad in 2010 earns 1700? fail one ? or really cmi?

  • xin

    i know a lot of friends who earn 1700 to 2000. All grads. it is the salary that is cmi not the people. art and media  industry salary sucks.

  • ksa

    Indeed, prices have been going up…but speaking to friends living and working overseas, it is not uncommon in other countries too. Is this a sign of unsustainable rising consumerism, or just too much plain optimism? E.g.  I don’t think car dealers here are making things any better by trying to outbid each other for COEs.

  • Young citizen

    I guess to solve this problem,only 1 sulotion,not in increasing salary,becos this will scared off MNCs.but only reduce the rent in shopping centre,market and coffee shop where we using eat in.
    So they will  reduce the price tat they r sell.

    This call win-win  solution.
    sorry if i’m wrong.:)

  • Young citizen

    Not using,is usually eat in.

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  • Singapore Citizen

    Govt must cut the high pay of army regulars to cut defence spending and GST or channel more funds to subsidize the healthcare cost in Singapore, since the bulk of manpower in army comprises NSF and NSmen who are not pay to do military service, unlike the army regulars who have to be paid a premium above market rate in order to serve the country.

  • Real Solution Lacking

    To hike fares and prices is the easiest thing to do for businesses and authorities.

    But this is not a Solution. Its a workaround although a bad one.

    Real solutions solves the problem and reduces the costs resulting in savings for the people and profits for the businesses.

    We need to understand this. Hiking is a cheap and easy way out but not a honorable solution.

  • Fei Long

    It’s too general to say ‘grad’ earn so much and so much or the average pay for ‘grad’ is so much, etc…. It depends on what type of graduate and from what type of University. I have come across the so-call graduates who really CMI in anything and I won’t even pay 1700 for such graduates.

  • e

    Great idea to keep re-feature this article everytime a significant increase in cost of living happens.
    people need to be reminded of this article.

  • steff

    human basic necessity – 衣食住行

    衣(clothing) – not so sure but i think this is the only one i do not have an issue with, does anyone want ot help on this item?

    食(Food) – specifically for heartlanders, the rising cost of food is related to the rising cost of rental. the original purpose of hawker centres existence has changed over time. what used to be a central location to house illegal hawkers with low rentals has evolved into a money spinning machine. a good example in sheng shiong case. there is also a new breed of ‘foreign talented’ cooks chef manning their business. water has also become very expensive, pub bills and the penalties for household consumption of water. 

    住(housing) – this is a hotly debated issues and i can only only repeat what all of us know about the incredible cost of public housing due to irresponsible/incompetent people in high office

    行(transport) – rules change all the time. what do we have now? another new fare system. whether it is good for the people has to let time tell us. but one thing for sure, quality is compromised by the low fequency (resulting in cramped trains), by the irresponsible employment of lower wage foreign drivers, how many accidents have they caused on the road?

  • Apathy

    The Rich and comfortable HAS NOTHING TO COMPLAIN about cost of living.

    Any issue you have mentioned in TOC is not an issue to them because they can afford it.

    So, these are the votes opposition cannot get.

  • Singaporean

    Apathy you are very wrong.

    Our household income is within the top 10% range of singapore households. During last years recession our take home pay increased 10% on average, we are unaffected by any of the fare increases listed above. However being unaffected does not mean we do not care about increases, it might not affect us but it affects our friends, relatives…. and most of all some of the increase is not justifiable.

    During the 2001 GE in Bukit Timah single seat constituency, we voted for the opposition. We will again vote for the opposition if there is a chance because we want to see a better singapore for our children and your children. Singapore is our home and we cannot bear to see it being ruined by idiots.

  • lim

    Just wanted to add my $10 worth.

    Cinema tickets prices in the US average US$7.50 (S$10.30). Even SG ticket prices have now caught up.

  • SG in UK

    I  have never agreed to have a government that runs like a business entity, esp. this one in Singapore!
    Profit driven is their ultimate drive, all citizens in Singapore are part of the digits, we are having a PAP corporation and all of us are here to serve except those in the elite band!
    HDB needs to bear more responsibility to shoulder costs for men in the street, the wet market example in Bukit Panjang is not an excuse (leave to market forces, what kind of lame excuse)! Important decision like this needs to consult the residents prior to any transaction, as this not only affect the costs of living to residents living in the surrounding area but also the livelihood of the stalk holders too! Till now, UK has not abolished the open or indoor market system by any town council, the reason is simple, free market competition and choice to consumers. The stalk holders pay £25 to £35 for a space daily, this enables them to compete to big stores like Tesco or Asda etc. This drives costs down and it works well, anyone would like to try their luck in business needs not to invest huge amount of money!
    Look at the pathetic pay of NSF, is about time to abolish this silly service or to cut the time to 6 months instead of a 2 years!
    We need a more caring and apathy government, not the one ‘you die your business’ one!

  • Pinkie

    Hello my fellow singaporeans!

    Have your salaries increased since the many financial crisis ?

  • SG in UK

    mistake ……

    should be: not an apathy government

  • peppy

    and pinkie
    have you worked harder to justify for a pay rise?

  • peppy

    So how do you want to bring down the cost of food? grow our own? SEriously for a packet of rice $10 for a month or 2, is it that expensive? Then y so many pple still visit tung lok, ding tai feng and crystal jade?
    If you want to save – cook at home la

    Housing – if you bought then why should u worry. Note singapore is the highest % in public housing.  People like jacob and sally speculate their houses and have “loans”. Why should we pity them?

    Transport is quite well connected, though i must agree that it is irregular.

  • fpc

    //So how do you want to bring down the cost of food? grow our own?
    If the Singapore currency is stronger than before, and the demand of rice is lower than before, then the price of rice should drop.

    It didn’t. The strength of the Singaporean currency only benefit the govt who use it to buy tanks etc overseas.
    // SEriously for a packet of rice $10 for a month or 2, is it that expensive?
    Yes. it is expensive. You are rich so you don’t know.

    //Then y so many pple still visit tung lok, ding tai feng and crystal jade?
    People might not be eating rice in these restaurant.
    They could be eating just meat or noodles.
    More importantly, these restaurants cook better than the customers.

  • GT6

    when opposition wins 1 GRC, I will propose to Opposition leader that be my solid Solution to Cut Cost of Living substantially. For now, i wont even mention what it is nor will i give a fart of clue what it is. 

  • fpc

    //Housing – if you bought then why should u worry.
    Because most of us borrow at least 80% and still have loan to service and there are people who lost their flat because they cannot service the loan.
    You know why the old man burn Seng Han Tiong…

    //Note singapore is the highest % in public housing.
    Yeah, we owe the govt loan monies.

    // People like jacob and sally speculate their houses and have “loans”. Why should we pity them?
    Because they were playing into the hands of the govt incitation and got burnt. It could have been anyone of us.

    //Transport is quite well connected, though i must agree that it is irregular.
    This is an understatement of the sub standard of our transport system.
    Tan Kin Lian made a lot of negative comments about our transport system.
    you can look it up.
    speed and frequency and accessibility are big problems.

  • Singaporean
  • David

    Please also include “foreigners hike”.  Our population has been recklessly increased over the years since 2006. The worst “hike” under PAP rules.

  • Jerome Au Kian Lan aka webspinner

    I am not happy with you people  dissenting about high cost of living!
    I think dissent can be reduced with my magical suggestions:
    1. REMIND  people to be CONTENTED. Dun be so pressurised. Your dissent may be more intense like this. Cool down. Feel contented about your salary, which may have dropped since the many crisis and wage competition from FT and employers that prefer foreigners. Be contented with you expensive flat. Be contented with paying and paying. Be contented despite hikes. Be contented despite influx. Like this, you will have less dissent. Hopefully.
    2. Learn to FORGIVE. The more you become forgiving, the more less dissent you will harbor. Forgive people’s mistakes lah. they may have made big boo boos but as long as you think ‘Forgive’, you will not blame them or blame as much.
    3. Cultivate COMPASSION. Like be KIND to beings. To start this, learn to be kind to your DOGs and puppies. so, when you see a DOG on the street, you immediately feel kind to them with your Compassion. Dogs are men’s best friend. 
    The above are just some of my solutions to reduce dissent. I believe this is possible because singaporeans can be influenced.
    i no fren u already.

  • Hawker

    SengKang hawker store rental is $5k a month.   How to sell onions to breakeven at $5k??
    Singaporeans just complain complain. COE high high also die die go and queue desperately at car showrooms.  HDB flat almost 1 million at bishan also pple buy.
    Can we be more price conscious?  Lower the hawker store rental lah…  I jobless, want to be a simple hawker to earn a simple living also cannot…
    cannot tahan.

  • Graduate

    Got degrees also not safe in Singapore.  As long as you are above 40, no guarantee liow.
    Phd Stanford also drives taxis in Singapore.  What degrees can guarantee jobs? 
    However, you will see many with Changsa, heilongjiang degrees working and earning 4-5k in Singapore.  Locals with recognised degrees cannot find jobs.   What a joke!

  • to all in the mid to late 30′s

    just a word of advise. DONT WAIT TILL ITS TOO LATE or u reach 40!!!!!  You have been warned.
    Some more the future is UNCERTAIN where no one knows for sure when the next RETRENCHMENT will start Axing head counts.

  • Helpless Voice

    We need Opposition power now to change the system. Or do we expect the system to change?
    The answer is clear. We need all the votes we can get for Opposition. They are ones who can really help us now. 

  • peppy

    oh yes, you are super rich then, since u own an internet connection and instead of buying rice for other people u choose to waste it on internet connection and spend ur time here.
    Sorry rich boss, hope i dun offend u
    Tan Kin Lian and others are in one cateogry, only know how to say something is bad. High also bad, low also bad. Seriously, whats your solution all mighty tow kay!
    Then ur reason, don’t buy rice, buy noodles la :) Please demand for commodities including rice has been shooting through the roof fyi.
    If you don’t want then
    1. Don’t eat rice
    2. Don’t buy HDB or borrow from HDB
    3. Don’t even stay in Singapore
    4. dun be a goondu and speculate your flat, sorry it is not “anyone of us” because i will not be one of them, and alot of others including the 80% you mentioned.
    5. Grow your own food :)
    I hope that solves your problems

  • To Jerome Au Kian Lan aka webspinner 22 April 2010

    Hope you are being sarcastic to hairy & hairy puppies? Otherwise, know that”A hungry man IS An ANGRY MAN”.
    And the MORE HUNGRY he is, the MORE ANGRIER HE GETS! hairy and his puppies are just HUNGRIER for MORE money and so on hairy and those who lick his arse are angry at us too!
    Know that govt increased Electrical tariffs by 39%+ in the last 5 years compared to Hong KOng’s 15%+ haw! And Singapore’s 39%+ increae was before the recent 3% increase okay! NOW, HK$ is 5 times lower than S$. And that makes it some 5 times more expensive for them to buy diesel oil. What’s hairy pappy govt’s disparity in price increases? And this PM’s govt expenditure budget sot up from S$29+B in 2004 to S$46+B for 2010! What percent increase is that for 6 years? Is he doing his job fine?

  • U Pray U don’t get old

    getting old in sg is not just having to endure more white hairs.
    Its much much more than that.
    It can become a decision point of whether to pay for medical treatment or suffer in silence till the maker calls u home.
    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
    Hum and Humpty hand in hand.
    Off the never never land.

  • Alan

    I  have never agreed to have a government that runs like a business entity, esp. this one in Singapore!
    Profit driven is their ultimate drive, all citizens in Singapore are part of the digits, we are having a PAP corporation and all of us are here to serve except those in the elite band!
    HDB needs to bear more responsibility to shoulder costs for men in the street, the wet market example in Bukit Panjang is not an excuse (leave to market forces, what kind of lame excuse)! Important decision like this needs to consult the residents prior to any transaction, as this not only affect the costs of living to residents living in the surrounding area but also the livelihood of the stalk holders too! Till now, UK has not abolished the open or indoor market system by any town council, the reason is simple, free market competition and choice to consumers. The stalk holders pay £25 to £35 for a space daily, this enables them to compete to big stores like Tesco or Asda etc. This drives costs down and it works well, anyone would like to try their luck in business needs not to invest huge amount of money!
    Look at the pathetic pay of NSF, is about time to abolish this silly service or to cut the time to 6 months instead of a 2 years!
    We need a more caring and apathy government, not the one ‘you die your business’ one!

  • peppy

    With the high speculation and demand in commodities due to china’s growth, there is price increase, it only has recently cooled due to the post-subprime incident. Please go read up.
    If you don’t speculate ur flat, u have somewhere to stay, and if you do, you dont need another one. Maybe you need to be in a crusoe economy
    Yes the purpose of this blog is for pple to let off steam, come out with unfeasible solutions, criticize the govt to the max, and feel shiok.

  • Pokkai

    During a recession, cost of living should drop. In the US, prices dropped significantly, especially housing has seen up to 30% reduced prices.

    In SG how? Recession hit a bit. Financials lost money, retrenchment went up. Salaries did not go up.

    Yet housing went way up,
    cost of food went up
    petrol went up
    electricity went up
    education went up
    transportation went up

    Where does the money go? Did MPs reduce their own expenses or salary to help singaporeans pay less taxes?

    Gahmen just says keep working hard Singapore! Stay competitive! Upgrade!

  • Zac

    To Apathy:
    I think you are wrong by saying that opposition cannot get the votes of the high income group. My friends and I belong to the high income bracket and we can’t wait to vote out this govt! It’s for the future and our children!

  • VicSinga

    I try to renew my business licence of $20 per year but was told that I need to pay $6124 to my medisave account. My business is not doing well and I can hardly keep up my monthly maintenance of my family expenses and now they dont allow me to continue doing business. I am already 52yrs old. I guess soon I will be another good for nothing citizen that bite the dust.

  • gemami

    Can add Sunday Times (Page 16, 2 May 2010) article by Fiona Chan. She gave an excellent write up on the escalating food prices in our food courts.
    A plate of ice-kachang going for $4 and a bowl of Bak Kut Teh for $8. Both a Ion Orchard.
    She also took a dig at Mabok Tan, commenting that those who think hawker food are cheap are the same ones who still insist that HDB flats are affordable.

  • Brian

    Thanks, but cost of living comes second to income. If you are earning much it really does not matter how expensive your city is. Anybody out there willing to relocate I advice to check the salaries first. Try this: Hope it helps.

  • Stepahie

    Very Intersting

  • Fair Citizen

    Cost of living is rising everywhere, why should it be stagnant in Singapore, the most globally exposed of countries? And who’s to blame for it? The govt, as usual? Why? Does our govt grow our rice, does our govt manufacture our cars, does our govt drill our petrol? Hello! This is a global phenomenon that we cannot isolate ourselves from! Plus this is the same govt that we’ve been having all the while. Did they suddenly decide to impose high prices on us? Please take a big picture view, rather than sink into mindless complaints.

  • booboo

    Finally someone who speak sense!

    Wonder whether comments would be censored since this media has been hijacked by opposition

  • singaporeans

    Fair Citizen 8 May 2010

    you speak for yourself and not for fellow Singaporeans and the old folks that are less fortunate. you must be earning a floating pay cheque that you find in need to point out that government are doing great in all aspect and not even one single complain should be made. what a selfish mindset that you have. you would not understand now but soon will

  • sinkapoor

    the simple question is. why do gov and ministers have to be reward millions after millions ending in billions and still having hike in pay cheque increase and increase. while we singaporeans stagnant and being decrease struggling. while foreign walk pass us looking us like a dirt feeling useless and they had it with their 7series BMW OR lamborgini and not forgetting 3″good” meals a day with desert and chips with a slap on singaporeans face. not to mention garmen. maybe they are enjoying behind close curtain the sultan fish that cost each $1.2k.

  • hoosiers

    Raymond Lim said the present ERP is not sufficient, so he will introduce satellite ERP to be more sufficient to squeeze even more from you folks the moment you drive out of your house soon…

  • Fainted

    The long is is the “PRICE” of voting for PAP.

  • Fainted

    The long List is the “PRICE” of voting for PAP.


    This is ridiculous, tariffs going up again, its clockwork every four months!
    People be brave to vote the PAP out at your area.

  • singaporean

    everywhere oso got inflation, singapore so special immune to inflation n world prices? earn more instead of talk so much in forum


    this is singapore song.

    he has a vision for tomorrow…..we must believed… PM LEE…..

    he..has a dream for singapore…..he will succeed…his PM LEE…

    anything…..he want he get..

    all hi will give you…is one tight slap..!!

    because you…his father who know who…is not lee kuan mee….but
    it’s lee kuan yew…..

    count on him singapore……..
    count on him singapore……..

    count on him to do his best and more….

    together he mean minister mentor…..

    and don’t go to taiwan anymore……………….

  • anonymous

    @ Fair Citizen

    Rising costs of living is a global phenomena BUT IT HAS BEEN AGGRAVATED BY BIG CONSUMER ITEMS OF PULIC POLICY-INSTIGATED HOUSING INFLATION, AND CAR USE. PROPERTY-BASED inflation saturate all strata of costs structure adding to price bubbles, and an air-bag economy. BIG population drive exacerbate the damage done. IT IS THE GOVERNMENT’S FAULT, stop denying the truth of reality.

  • sgbt

    I do agree inflation is global phenomena. We cannot control the price of oil, rice etc. But there are tons of things that the gov can still control like public housing and public services. With better market projection and prudent spending it will make a lot of different to ordinary citizens.

  • pissoff

    they one s said by pm lee. if you singaporeans are talking about lessen down the cost of living? is a NO!!

    what goes up will never never come down.

  • jaguar

    PM LEE once said i can go for another 2 more election and that’s it.

    why 2 more years? if you are a good caring outstanding world class government you should be able to stand for life even you are gone your familees will hold on to it to safe guard singaporeans and caring on your duty as a government right??

    so he predicted 2 more years to screw us and squeeze us to the last bits and flood this country with foreigners and hand it over his beloved son the loongs and he leave the world peacefully to heaven with a smile giving his familees and chilrdren a luxury a super luxury trillion dollars future!!

  • basting

    our father once said i can go for another 2 more election and that’s it.

    why 2 more years? if you are a good caring outstanding world class government you should be able to stand for life even you are gone your familees will hold on to it to safe guard Singaporeans and caring on your duty as a government right??

    so he predicted 2 more years to screw us and squeeze us to the last bits and flood this country with foreigners and hand it over his beloved son the loongs and he leave the world peacefully to heaven with a smile giving his familees and chilrdren a luxury a super luxury trillion dollars future!! you bass!!!

  • tiredsingapporean

    and this morning the radio announced that price of our electricity has gone up again with immediate effect 1 july, how much more do thay want, really?

  • blood

    they want every drops of our singaporeans blood. motharfackar!!


  • very pain

    why pm lee say he can stand another 2 more election only? if he is good he can stand for life right? so that means he want to squeeze another 2 more election which is around 10more years to make singapore pay and pay and increase and increase! stop now or never

    enough is enough!!!!

  • mice is nice

    am i right to say that more-&-more households are FLOODED WITH HEFTIER BILLS as time goes by?

  • Seow

    The news said that the oil prices last quarter has been quite stable but the increase of abt 3% in electricity tariffs is because of increase in their operating costs.

  • lost

    mice is nice 1 July 2010

    am i right to say that more-&-more households are FLOODED WITH HEFTIER BILLS as time goes by?

    as long as singaporeans keep voting PAP then this is what they get. heftier vote heftier bills heftier living cost.

    good luck anyway i’m migrating to other country and be a citizen there. here i got nric only but not sure where i belong.

  • brabarians

    @ lost 1 July 2010

    LKY: you are my singapore slave!

    i won’t let you migrate i will hold your pay and cpf till you kneel down and beg! you want to run where?? you think you can run? you want to kana charges for migrating??

  • desertstrom

    not charges la.. it is the most famous of all time father words.

    DEFAMATION SUITS!! tool to win and win and pay and pay

  • dd

    if the govt doesn’t increase rate, how do they try to cover the losses they had made ealier?

    Take a look, SIA, dbs, HDB all issuing bonds.

    Why do they need to borrow>?

  • loanjaws

    borrow from us singaporeans but never returned. want to throw paint at their house? anyone?

  • mice is nice

    Lost, 1 July 2010

    i thought people who have the NRIC are certified as property of MIW, most belong to (HDB) pigeon-holes, some live in larger & more lux 1, so lose their pigeon-hole & were forced into sh*t-holes (“wellfare” homes?).

    only a small % live on a patch of land…

  • lost

    NRIC means


    R: rubbish

    I: intruders

    C: complainers

    follow by your name. then for this reason you become the slave of gov coz unsafe to feed this kind of NRIC holder.

  • ahkong

    It is facts that the cost of living is rising, areas where the government can control they failed to, areas where the government cannot control, they can minimise it. Of course that is their duties otherwise why pay them millions and together billions?

  • senior citizen

    The government may not grow rice, drill for petrol, make cars, etc., but they surely can inflate land pice, drive en blocs to push housing cost. That alone is enough to drive inflation sky high.

    For those who are still earning, they may get cost of living adjustment. For retirees, they can only see their nest egg shrinking.

  • Fair Citizen

    singaporeans 1 July 2010
    anonymous 1 July 2010
    & sgbt 1 July 2010

    While I reiterate again that inflation cannot be avoided in Singapore and also that it is NOT the govt’s fault, I never did say nothing should be done to help alleviate the pain ordinary Singaporeans and senior citizens are going through. In fact, my father’s paltry monthly CPF handout (via minimum sum annuity) is only enough to cover his transport costs, and I’m covering all his other living expenses.

    Nevertheless, the solution is not to artificially keep prices down. Countries which have subsidised essentials like rice, sugar, oil, petrol have run up huge deficits which can wreck their economies. Many like Malaysia, and recently India, have decided to do away with some of these state subsidies, and more will follow. Singapore was wise never to have started this practice from the beginning.

    In this light, I should comment on sgbt’s and anonymous’s remarks that the govt should restrict the prices of public housing, cars and public services. The reality in many countries is, where the prices of public housing has been kept very low, over time, this housing becomes POVERTY housing. Only very low income, or zero income residents will move in. Middle class citizens will start avoiding these flats.

    Neverthless, YES! Current HDB prices are unaffordable, but only if taken at their face value. In fact, this is the one area where the govt does offer subsidies to Singaporeans. First-timers can get $40,000 in CPF grant and an additional $40,000 in Additional CPF grant. That’s up to $80,000 free money to get your flat!! This is about the best way to make public housing accessible to Singaporeans, without turning HDB into GHETTO!

    As for car prices, I can’t afford a car :( But that’s the reality. Why do I need a car in such a small country like ours, and one that has a comprehensive public transport system which is leagues ahead of many Western countries in quality, and still affordable. If after all that, you still want a car, then pay for it. Then we can take the big money you are paying for your car, to use as CPF grant to subsidise the next low-income Singaporean’s first-time HDB flat purchase :) What goes around comes around …

    But one area where the govt is lagging in is taking care of senior citizens. Cheap off-peak public transport and the occassional GST rebate etc isn’t enough. More needs to be done like giving out grocery vouchers, food vouchers, free medical treatment etc. Our senior citizens built this nation. We must pay them back.

  • sgporean

    buy first hand la, first hand only 300k only wad? Why u wan buy resale?

    Please la, cost of oil is tag to everything else in the world la, plastic, construction, fuel, everything. Govt drive en bloc? Maybe u should join a committee

    ahkong, u think u can control? Why not u try first, if u can, i’ll pay u millions or more! :)

  • mice is nice

    sgporean, 2 July 2010

    ahkong, u think u can control? Why not u try first, if u can, i’ll pay u millions or more! :)

    want others to try, that very person must step down 1st rite? can you ask that dude to step down? why not you do that 1st, if you can, i will help make S’pore the Swiss of the east.

    en bloc is not govt driven? they dun control the sales, ownership policies har? construction industry is govt’s darling, so en-bloc give them big big business, contribute to GDP. like people flipping property for quick profits, govt flip the pieces of land for GDP (growth) lah. govt control how much to flip, flip enough liao, tweek the policies to “cool down”.

    next time flip again, but they say “revive old place”, make more vibrant, increase property value, etc, all sound so nice to hoodwink the greedy!

  • aol166

    This is a really funny thing. Before, I would have spoken up like the first writer. Prices go up, so why blame the government. I was naive and dumb. Now, I am overseas. I see the price of Singapore going up, up and away like superman while the other countries are not. I lived now in Germany, for a few years. Just to make things simpler. I bought a biscuit in Germany in 2007 for EUR1.09 and now it cost EUR1.10. Wow, an increase of 0.01 for 3 years. Well, lets blame the German government then.

    Go out and see what is happening out there. You will see why Singapore is a first world country with third world problems…

  • aol166

    Also, price of things are driven from from larger things rather small ones like biscuit. If you raise the price of government housing, then you bring up prices of other things. Rents, etc. Nobody can afford to buy even government housing. You raise car prices, you will bring other things up. You make money from bus and MRT, you get higher cost of living, prices go up up and away. Anyway, you guys got the ideas. If you make 11,000SGD per month, you will not sympathize with people down there. You make 3 million per year, you really don’t even care about anybody down down there.

  • hdb price

    there you have it, it went up again, and that % increase is not over a period of 1 year. it’s over 3 months.

    someone is going to come out to say that this BTO being oversubscribed is NOT real demand. and he’s going to produce some more graphs drawn in a perculiar manner.

  • cyrus

    Impressive writeup. The one(s) responsible should be congratulated for so meticulously keeping track of the various price increases over the past few years. Such increases seem to be almost unnoticeable but their effect becomes increasingly significant over time. It is a growing financial strain for those who earn low to average wages, and for those who are not gainfully employed, living here is probably a fiscal nightmare.

  • signar

    I am a new retiree. Before when I was working, I never closely kept track of stuffs at supermarket, wet market or neighbourhood HDB shops. But recently I am more aware of the things I buy and spend on, especially the daily things. Example, just last week, my occasional take-away Malay stall tahu-goreng dish located at nearby HDB-owned coffeeshop, suddenly jumped in price from $2.50 to $3. This $2.50 price was at least in place for at least 6-months before I guess, probably longer, but a sudden 20% out-of-the-blue leap? Just over 2-months back I bought a tin of Cadbury chocolate powder drink mix at the neighbourhood provision shop for $7.50, which last week suddenly the sticker price at same shop showed $7.80! (an annualised 24% increase). You could say then, don’t buy, or eat somewhere else (its true the chicken rice here remains at $2), but I can’t help but fear that sooner or later those holding out will eventually raise their prices as well, probably sooner!. And I suspect that these neighbourhood price increases are not isolated examples, but ominous indications of local costs-of-living starting to get out of hand.

  • longtze

    PAP GARMENT always tells us – you want this ,u want that you pays,
    all garment department are runs like private company- trying to be best is good, but intention is to profit from it as the main goal is what mr leee wants,
    comes out with all money making ideals to milk from all of us.

  • anonymous

    # signar

    You are right of “ominous indications of local costs-of-living starting to get out of hand.” My neighbourhood HDB-shop outlet stall ( not the shop itself) independently operating hawker raise his “ba chang” (glutinous rice with meat wrapped in bamboo leave) price from $1.20 each to $2.40 but obvious found no customer. Shut a week, then came back to try at $1.80. Rent is fixed for him, falling sales drove him out of pocket, forced his price up. He is, as told to me, close to giving it all up. Tough times and escalating inflation ahead.

  • Nabs

    Fair Citizen,

    1) I acknowledge your point on avoiding the subsidy mentality in Singapore. However, a country’s budget is a matter of balancing spending and receivables. It is not accurate to solely point fingers at government subsidies that caused deficits because there is no such correlation. If we bring forth such an argument, we can also isolate the fact our dear GIC lost billions of dollars that might cripple our reserves.

    2) Public housing for the outside world is targeted for the lower income group. With exception to HK and Singapore, due to land scarcity, public housing is meant for the masses. At this point I’ll like to differentiate between inflation and a bubble (artificial inflation). A healthy rate of inflation means the country is growing and its fundamentals are supported. With our restricted land and demand by the masses, prices of public housing will be supported. BUT what is happening now is artificial inflation caused by a sudden surge in immigrants to our shore and a holding back in supply. It is very unhealthy to the economy and a disservice to Singaporeans if basic public shelter is price out of reach for the masses. Ever wondered what will happened when our dear govt’s 6.5mil target population is reached? Will this insatiable demand for public housing continue? And if not, will current prices be supported?

    3)On housing subsidy. A simple analogy I quote from the SDP website:
    One stall sells bananas for 50 cents each. Another prices them at $1 but posts a sign: “Buy One Get One Free!” Who do you buy from? Unfortunately many shoppers are attracted to the latter.

    It is this psychology that the PAP preys on when it says that HDB flats are subsidized: Jack up the price of the flats and then sell them at a “discount”. This way, the Government calculates, Singaporeans will be eternally grateful for the make-believe assistance.

    If they are so honest about public housing subsidy, then they should price their flats based on a cost plus model, rather than a market subsidy model. Heck, if they are sincere, release the cost to build our flats so we can compare cost and price inflation, relative to their subsidy given.

    Hope that I shed some light to the issue. Cheers


  • Steve Carvell

    I moved from HK to Singapore, and was surprised that everytime I visited Singapore, the price of food and public transportation increases drastically. I could remember a few years back, in 2006, noodles was $2 at a place I go to, and it is now $3.50.

    The salaries of the people are still the same though. With the price of rentals and housing, how are the citizens surviving?

    I still seem to see the sales and tours packed with Singaporeans though. Seems like many are still coping well.

  • ben

    our pay continues to be depressed and ministers’ pay with pension keeps going up????????????????????? how come ah???

  • aol166

    The only thing that is going down in Singapore is the salary. The salary add the inflation should become the actual salary. So, if you earn 2000 in 2006, you should by right earn around 4000 in 2010 as the cost of living, and others are considered. However, I see the salary rising at 3% to 10% (if you are the lucky few who have jobs that companies actually treasured) So, if you count like that, the actual salary is just around 2300 in 2010 which makes our salary regressed. Cost keeps going but salary regressed. How are we going to make ends meet? Well, I think we just need to salivate at the ministers’ salary. Then drink our own saliva….

  • Alan Wong

    Remember how PAP was so pissed off with “We are fed up with …. progress” and got Mr. Brown sacked from his job.

    Now likewise “We are so fed up with …. prices keep increasing” why don’t we get PAP sacked at the next election.

  • mice is nice

    Alan Wong, 2 July 2010

    since they are taking private sector pay, they should follow private sector practices like being sacked on short notice.

    depending on the severity of the case, range from being demoted, warning, final warning, having certain benefits withdrawn, & issuing the pink slip!

    rewards for good work must be balanced with punishment for failing to meet minimum requirements (KPIs). that is meritocracy mah.

  • aol166

    Please remember, the government is a public service. The reason for the high pay according the Minister Dementor is to prevent corruption.

    So, at the end according to the Dementor, the minsters are still doing you guys a public service (they sacrifice themselves for you)

    Please remember that when you go and vote the next time….

  • Dumb Guy


    Can tell me why everything so expensive in Singapore? I cannot afford to live here ….

  • Atobe

    When satellites are also drawn in to help this Pro Alien Party to collect more revenue to fund their hunger for cash, that will be the end for Singaporeans.

    Tenders are now called for tests to be made to use a satellite to replace the present system of overhead ERP gantry.

    With satellites linked to a super computer, all the vehicles running on Singapore roads can be monitored via individual electronic link.

    This will allow a cost to be applied at every turn into a new road or highway, and it will be possible for this government – run by the Pro Alien Party – to implement a price for each and every single road in Singapore.

    As long as one is on the road, one has to pay.

    The proposed satellite is now limited to powered vehicles.

    However, it is very easy and very feasible – for this money-minded government – to charge pedestrian for using the pavement and footpaths.

    This can be done by implanting a microchip under the top of the scalp skin in every Singapore adult and child.

  • Eddie


    Couldn’t agree with you more about cost plus pricing for HDB flats. The current method of pricing is based on a discount to the resale market which effectively means no subsidy. The HDB has lost sight of it’s original mission, which under Lim Kim San was to provide affordable housing to the masses. It’s real mission now is to make a good profit (or in government speak, a good surplus).

  • singaporeans poor

    Neverthless, YES! Current HDB prices are unaffordable, but only if taken at their face value. In fact, this is the one area where the govt does offer subsidies to Singaporeans. First-timers can get $40,000 in CPF grant and an additional $40,000 in Additional CPF grant. That’s up to $80,000 free money to get your flat!! This is about the best way to make public housing accessible to Singaporeans, without turning HDB into GHETTO!

    are you very sure they are giving $80,000 free money?? if they can give that free money why not progress pacakage give us a sincere good hearted $10,000 each since $80,000 free money i guess $10,000 wouldn’t be much to give.

    what they give is $80,000 but what you are paying over 30year have you seen that part? so between giving and paying what do you think? is our lky so generous to give us free money of $80,000, you are not taking about 80cent or $80 which would be a pain for lky to give us singaporeans

  • Pingback: The relentless rising cost of living in Singapore « PAP SUCKS

  • Panache

    I think CPF interest rates should be linked to inflation, not the SIBOR:

    CPI + 1% for ordinary account
    CPI + 3% for special account

    This is what most developed countries do with their pension plans. If people are forced to contribute to a government pension such as CPF, the least the government can do is to ensure returns commensurate with inflation.

  • anonymous

    Fair Citizen 1 July 2010

    Your comment below

    “remarks that the govt should restrict the prices of public housing, cars and public services…”

    completely distorted my viewpoint. Where did I uttered those words of your distortions? I spoke of “PULIC POLICY-INSTIGATED HOUSING INFLATION, AND CAR USE” and NOTHING about “public service” costs.

    The simple truth is housing prices have been manipulated to produce the illusory “wealth effect” more for political reason than beneficial economics especially in the last 18 months. And that is destructive. Let us NOT pretend otherwise be denial and distortions of reality.

  • anonymous

    @ Fair citizen 1 July 2010

    And comment like yours below is clearly excited exaggeration

    “The reality in many countries is, where the prices of public housing has been kept very low, over time, this housing becomes POVERTY housing”

    Low costs housing in Australia built and own by the Housing Commission for rental to extreme poor ( not sold) can be found in prestigious suburbs like Chatswood and in the heart of Sydney. Tell me is Sydney a city of POVERTY housing where all other affluent deserted the place? You know the reality there? I lived there infrequently for the last 25 years!

    It is fiction! Public housing in Singapore is mainly for sale – mixed development of different sizes and low-rise HUDC. A fall in price of HDB units across the board post-1997 Asian crisis turned all the estates into ghettos?? I haven’t seen any. Is that your fertile imagination or is it your long range projection, simply unsubstantiated and not evident from historical past in Singapore?

  • alert all singaporeans

    watch this video of a eye witness having a prove of election cheating.

  • aol166

    If you voted for PAP or plan to vote for PAP in the future, please do not even bother to complain or say anything bad. Vote for them, give them the mandate and be done with it and work your life for the stuff. If you didn’t vote for them or plan not to in the next election, welcome. I hate hypocritical people just like the PAP. Said they cared about Singaporeans but in fact, couldn’t even care less for us but care the most about their own salary.

  • Tony Pang

    Typical Singaporeans — complain, complain, complain.

    Economics 101 – Demand rising faster than the level of supply = price increases. With a general and progressive increase in prices over a period of time, inflation will result.

    Healthy inflation is GOOD for the country, economy and people – people fueling the economy for more growth – economic growth will indirectly channel to wealth increases for its populace.

    Over-heated growth is not substainable and bad overall – prices sky-rocket uncontrollably commonly either by a stagnation of supply or unsubstainable push by demand – or maybe even a combination of both.

    Singapore’s inflation – if overheated, will be an overwhemling result of abrupt increase in demand —> In brief, YOU are the cause if this inflation.

    If you think current inflation is overheated and prices over-rated, then minimize unecessary purchases (i.e. luxury items, cars, mobile phones, branded clothes), minimize the occasions of eating-out, stop gunning for the next property to “upgrade”…. and the market will eventually regulate itself into a “healthy” state.

    *Think about it*

  • mice is nice

    Tony Pang, 5 July 2010

    i do not disagree toatally with you, neither do i agree totally with you. there are limits to an individual’s influence in price.

    no man (or woman) is an island, this being so, no one is immune to societal pressures like peer pressure, media (mainstream & new media), etc… isn’t this the reason why the state has a tight grasp on MSM? it shapes peoples’ thoughts & minds.

    also, it unrealistic to expect the market to self-regulate, local govt (or that of other countries) do not let free markets to reign that freely, when the property market seems to overheat rules & regulation were tweeted to prevent a bubble from bursting- for example.

    as for life’s excesses like chasing after brand-name goods, that coverted luxury purchase, the next newest & latest gadgets, bigger house, etc… isn’t it something to spur people on to aim high? is there anything wrong with people who yearn for better things in life? the very same can be said of employers who always demand more from employees, govt aiming for growth.

    a country will degress if people do not aim high & work towards their ideals. even China is moving away from their old economic model that is heavily reliant on manpower.

  • aol166

    To Tony Pang.

    I am not sure if you know of a self regulating country that actually work. The world biggest self regulating economy is the US of A. They self regulate until we almost get into the Great Depression. That is the consequence of self regulatory. They are greedy people everywhere. We need some kind of control both in the private and the public sectors.

  • anonymous

    @ aol166

    I agree with you that the “free market” doctrine of monetarist economics failed utterly after only a very short history post-Reagonomics. The concerns now is the drift back to Keynesian economic of Government’s intervention too little of capacity and too late? The fiscal stimulus seems to faltering in US, China and Europe – the underlying financial indebtness just get bigger.

  • VoteForChange

    Yes, many are upset by the increase in bus fare. It is even more upsetting to know that they use deception (the ‘pay by distance’) to cloud the increase in fare.And also not the very minimum coverage in the news on this. They are all in carhoots.
    We will always remember this.

  • Highblood pressure

    Thanks TOC for bringing the list up occassionally to remind the daft & forgetful Singaporeans that election is the last stroke to save our lives.

  • Funny girl

    Aiyoh! Why am I being misled into paying more for my transport whether it’s a bus ride or by MRT? ‘Pay by distance’? My Foot! Every which way, I still lose, mind you, EVERYDAY.

  • Josephine Lee Swee Say alias Ah Gerh

    With the information created and disseminated about gdp growth, would this lead to businesses hiking prices causing rise in cost of living and consumer price index?

    More good years. ?

  • aol166

    I think as singaporeans, you guys/gals, need to be more objectives. Lets put it this way, cost is rising due to probably our government’s not doing anything to control it. But, we also need to know that oppositions, while cannot do anything worse, cannot do anything better either. So, I am just saying, lets put some sense in the current government, be realistic, don’t think we can have an opposition taking over the govenrment at the next election (that will NEVER happen)

    Be objective with our complaints – think what is possible to be done. Just paying money to bring cost down is economic 101 stupid. Think about how to bring cost down while still stiring up the economy. Stiring up problems for the sake of stiring like most of our oppositions do is ridiculous. It serve no purpose and don’t make Singaporeans confident of their prowless. Think serving the people within the means given to them.

    Oppositions in Singapore can never change the way the government is run. There are too many factors against this. Think how oppositions can be of service. Think maybe in terms of shadow government. Form one. It will not be hard. Show what you can do. It is also a training ground. Also a check point for the current government. Thinks logically. Don’t slam people. It makes no sense.

    People are people. If they are greedy, corrupt, etc, then let God punish them. If you don’t believe in God, let karma punish them. What goes around comes around….

  • mice is nice

    what ALTernative parties can do is to let the current team running S’pore do as they deem fit. this has been so for decades, people who have any constructive critism have mostly been put down harshly by the powers that be.

    ALTernative parties that have existed long enough could do well to be more observant of events unfolding that lead to serious gaffes that cannot be hidden. put themselves in the shoes of the authorities to come up with a Plan B or C, or even better prevent situations from sliding into a mess.

    the people cannot be paying for the slip-ups caused by negligence (or could it be more to it?) by the powers that be. they are sworn in to serve the people, if they have failed time & again, & do not make good, why should they be allowed to stay? must S’pore be on the brink socially, economically or otherwise before something is done?

  • Anonymous

    Our property market is the target of severe international speculation. It will crash like a ton of bricks when the time comes.

  • aol166

    Please think logically about the property market.

    1. Singapore has less space than people
    2. We are getting more and more people from the region (foreign talents)
    3. House price are based on the lowest denominator (HDB new flats)
    4. New graduates are coming out every year from our universities

    So, given the above factors, there is not much of a chance property price in Singapore is going to “crash like a tone of bricks” any time soon.

    The sustainability of the Singapore property market is based on the government’s sustainability. As long as we have a stable (enough) economy, there is not a chance the property price is going to fall. If it fails, it will fall around maximum 20 – 30% like what we see during the the few recessions.

    So, be reasonable. The comment above is not logical. International speculation got little to do with our housing prices. It got to do with currency but not house.

    Inflation and other stuff yes, but not international speculations. Internal speculations, that is another thing. Singaporeans love to speculate. Buy a condo, sell in 4 months, make 200,000$. Ok, that is fine.

    So, to curb internal speculation, we need measures, like capital tax gains, etc. We need more to monitor these “speculators” but without interfering with free market force. It is a balance.

    Please know more about all this b4 complaining about stuff. We need to be knowledgeable enough to take on the government. They are not going to be shaken by our “complaints” but by our smartness and logicalness. We cannot expect to take the government by saying things like you are wrong and we are right, we cannot say things that make no sense. Make sense, get into a logical discussion, see how Singaporeans can make a difference.

  • mice is nice

    cost of public transport & utility bills up cos’ oil price go up, but when oil price drop, cost of transport & bills still stay up there? dun make sense leh…

    just have to point out places where officialdom is only keen on making $$ & cents, not sense.

    this is how people should take on the govt that was elected to serve the people, not be treated like cash cows.

  • Anonymous


    There is nothing political about my comment. I’m just expressing my take on the Singapore property market. It’s obvious that our market is highly speculative, encouraged by govt. policy. Developers, local speculators as well as international speculators are driving our market up. The bubble must burst. With America, Europe, and Japan all in the doldrums and likely to remain so for years after the bursting of the global credit bubble, our market will crash by at least 50%, because it is so manipulated that one could smell it. Ignore my warning at your own peril.

  • Lotus

    Hi aol166, what happened to your logic between 1996 until 2008 barring the few global & regional crisis. Was it not the case that foreign talent was coming in, universities were churning out graduates or is the case where in 2009-2010, Singapore has shrunken and there is not enough land to match up the ” latent” demand or the Singapore population has jumped up suddenly. By the way I never understood what does “latent demand” means, a simple explanation from the so called economists when they cant explain why in 2009 when the world/singapore was barely out of recession the property market caught fire and jumped by almost 30-35% within a span of few months…

    I believe you get some solid data to support your arguments and then comment on other people’s logic!!…International speculation has got much to do with property price rises here, many wealthy Asians especially Chinese, Indonesians, Malaysians & Indians are buying high end property in Singapore which creates an artificial spill over on the other lower segments…Also since ~ 80% of the Singaporeans own property here you cannot deny political reasons to create an artifical feel good factor…We all know why?..We are not that dumb..

    So aol166, pls show us some facts to support your argument on graduates, foreign influx etc..I shall love to see it..

    Meanwhile enjoy your paper wealth and feel happy!…

  • aol166


    I agree with you on the issues. Please don’t misunderstand me. I was unemployed for the last 2 years and now I got a job that pays 40% of what I was getting before. So, I am an unhappy person and I don’t have a great paper wealth like you put it.

    I am just practical. We cannot go ahead and complaint and complain without a possible solution. We cannot say they are doing a bad job when we are not even able to say how we can do better.

    I remembered during the time when Suharto just got kicked off and the students were protesting. They protest and protest. But what can they do better. Can they do better?

    We don’t want to be a nation of complainers. We need to know our rights, our position (we can vote) and our abilities.

    I will vote for the opposition in my ward. That is for sure. I think the PAP is too swell headed but I don’t think we should expect the oppositions to do any better because they haven’t come up with a logical solution to our problems. Kicking out all foreigners is never a solution. Having more rights for Singaporeans is. But we need to tell the government that…

  • mice is nice

    aol166, 28 July 2010

    quote: “I am just practical. We cannot go ahead and complaint and complain without a possible solution. We cannot say they are doing a bad job when we are not even able to say how we can do better.”

    going by your logic, should hawker stall owners/restaurants/eateries challenge customers to a cooking competition (whenever a complain is made)? be told to cook for themselves if standards are not up to par? must customers cook better than the chefs to have a right to complain?

    there are countless things that one can never be able to do better, eg., make your own car, build your own house, make your own clothes, shoes, furniture, etc…

    if one does not make that many items that he/she owns, does it mean that one has no right to complain of a manufacturing, technical, design, etc, fault?

    a nation will never have complainers if negative feedback is attended to promptly & reciprocated. but from personal experience, S’pore’s culture does not welcome any form of feedback. public transport is one very good example.


  • aol166

    I think you are confused with what I said.

    When you compared government system with hawker center, I think you are getting way off track.

    To cook better is not a measurement. You must remember governing is more complicated than char kwaytiau.

    I think you need to know that even though Singapore do not welcome feedback, I think we need to know our position.

    We can “complaint” by voting. That is all I can say….

  • mice is nice

    aol166, 29 July 2010

    your logic that people can only complain if they themselves can do better than the party that is being complained about is flawed.

    the difference in the level of complexity aside, the reasoning i am trying to highlight (in your ealier post) is the same- complain only if one can do better.

    to improve, any complaints within reason should be appreciated & looked into. the spirit to improve does not require feedback to come from people from certain “position”.

    are you following thus far?…

  • aol166

    I am following what you are saying but let’s be fair.

    Complexity will play a role no matter how we want to say it doesn’t.

    I agree the government is not paying attention. That is why we should show them they should by our vote…

  • mice is nice

    aol166, 29 July 2010

    thanks for your reply. :)

    complexity does have its influence, what i did was to simplify your line of reasoning, gave it another example along that line to make you (& others?) see how flawed it is. at its core, it remains the same.

    yes, voting for change seems like the only way. how far the mighty have fallen…

  • aol166

    I see your points.

    I just want to have intelligent Singaporeans talking about alternatives instead of complainers. We have the latter everywhere.

    I also do not wish to see the PAP fall as we don’t have alternative. I just want them to know that we are here and we have the voice (democracy)…

  • mice is nice

    aol166, 30 July 2010

    the latter is almost everywhere as a result of political apathy, indifference.

    PAP’s leadership is not as robust as you may like, from all the negative news over the years, they may just be the tip of the iceberg. for all you know, internally it may have decayed beyond repair, leaving only a shell that the public sees.

    whether PAP fall or not, PAP is losing its grip. hence is slowly pushing its responsibility back to the people.

  • joe

    i am certainly voting for a change.

    i am giving the alternative an opportunity to prove themselves. If they are no good, then i will vote them out as well. If good, then they stay. At least they are given a chance to prove themselves.

    For me, the ruling party has fallen below my expectations. Enough is enough. time for change. time to kick ‘em out until they can prove worthwhile again.

    this is what democracy is.

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  • Hmmm….

    Hmmmmm….. I just read this:

    Private firms urged to help the needy
    Mon, Aug 02, 2010
    my paper

    THE private sector plays a key role in community efforts to reach out to those in need, said Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean yesterday.

  • KT

    These are just my own personal comments from what I’ve personally heard or read recently.

    I think most citizens are generally unhappy about our government are that they have been:

    - unwilling to admit mistakes/lack of foresight aka NOT MY FAULT and responding high-handedly when policies are questioned (see responses on the recent floods in various parts of the city)
    - unable/unwilling to listen and address the concerns of the average citizen (price-setting of HDB flats is prime example, transport costs are another)
    - new policies/laws/rules are counter-productive and contradictory (how does doubling the night-parking rate help to alleviate this problem?)
    - using the mantra: pay and your problem may be solved. can you see how pervasive this has become in our society? have any of our current issues been solved by throwing our individual (not public funds) money at them?
    - “leveling” the playing field and shifting goalposts constantly (I won’t give you a chance to vote me out if I can help it. 5-member GRCs??? Why can’t each MP be voted in on his/her own merit and not be piggybacking on an anchor MP in his ward?)

    Given that we are now living in the age of information and knowledge, we are still treated like 3-year-olds by our government: “Singapore is heaven on earth and you shouldn’t live anywhere else / You can’t vote me out, no one else can do the job / You must listen to me / My way is the only way / My way or the highway / Pay a lot and you might get your way.”

    Sound familiar? Just some of the messages that I’ve perceived from the comments our politicians made (some of whom were not even voted in due to walkovers) and recent policies they have implemented.

    From what I observe, the government bodies (and their members) are either:
    - totally clueless as to how they can implement policy to influence human behaviour (in which case i suggest they read the book Freakonomics)
    - mastered the art of using policy to influence and manipulate human behaviour and benefit hugely from (then it’s the citizens’ lack of foresight to have elected a team that have abused our trust in them)

    What is it, then? You decide, since some of you may actually have a chance to vote. I can’t, since I still live within the bounds of a GRC, until they decide to re-mark the boundaries.


    Hmmmmm….. I just read this:

    Private firms urged to help the needy
    Mon, Aug 02, 2010
    my paper

    THE private sector plays a key role in community efforts to reach out to those in need, said Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean yesterday
    Just return the ‘NEEDY’ their jobs you stole from them,MR TEO.
    anyhting short of that is not ‘HELPING’.

  • SG in UK

    Does the private sector include Singapore Incorporation Ltd? That is SG government!

  • Vincent

    Sinkies are slowly being cooked in a steaming pot. Just like a Frog, until we realize it, our whole system will collapse.

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  • We Give Them Chance But What We Get

    We have given them chances to build the nation but what we get in return?
    Is time to give other a chance.
    A chance to prove themselves.
    By giving other a chance is to give yourselve a chance too. Vote the PM n DPM out.
    Corruption is beginning to surface in the public sector.
    Serious corruption.

  • aol166

    Please don’t be silly. There is no way I would want PAP to be out for tne next election and neither will they be going out. The opposition cannot get their act together and cannot co-operate and have never govern any country before. I don’t trust them at all to run this country.

    The idea is to get as many as 10 – 15 oppostion memebers in the Parliment. This will show to PAP that there is a serious enough opposition. The Singaporean are thinking and we are sounding our opinion. That is all I wish and hope for.

    As for voting out the PAP, PM and DPM, that is a dream in the air….

  • mice is nice

    aol166, 8 August 2010

    if PAP can get its act together S’poreans would not be complaining that much.

    1) there would not be any floods above ankle-level because the drainage is world class.
    2) most (say 80%) people would be earning above annual inflation rate, to wean themselves of NGOs/charities/govt aid.
    3) public transport & energy market will serve its people instead of maximising profits.
    4) people would not feel so alien in their own country when service staff cannot even understand basic english (its a wonder how they got the job…) some years back.

    there are people who trust PAP because they have brought prosperity to S’pore from the early days of independance to say about 10 years back? but things changed about some years back. its hard to get an exact date because the tip of the iceberg isn’t obvious, like Pearl Harbour during WWII, when a confirmation of the threat (Japanese forces approaching) is dead certain, most likely you’re dead.

    there is not just 1 opposition/alternative party, why expect all of them to sing the same tune, IMPO only PAP does that, that’s why they under the PAP’s banner. the alternative parties are serious, but PAP only give them 2 seats in Paliament? it does not reflect the 30+% of votes they get last election.

    if PAP continue to rule S’pore, many will be living a nightmare that will only get worse. even SM Goh sees that- PAP sold their S’pore dream to the masses. they reaped the benefits, while many are living a dream that never was, under PAP.

  • aol166

    Well, PAP and MM said that the flood is caused by “Act of God”. If one flood is caused by “Act of God”, then 3 floods must be caused by “Act of Gods”

  • Dude

    It’s a little unfair to list all these without a corresponding post where the price comes down, e.g. for gasoline.

  • Pingback: Mandatory living wage – no more cheap excuses, please | The Online Citizen

  • Dead Poet

    What the the cost of government ….increase in salaries of Ministers

    and to Dude..what about the price coming down..e.g. the salaries of the lower imcome..



    Never use brain, he tinks every1 earning 2.4 million bucks.$8-for-his-heart-bypass-,,,

  • fpc


    In principle, interest rates should raise with inflation.

    But as you remarked, it has not worked that way with CPF interest rates.

    That’s one of the tricks invented by govt to seemingly solve one problem when they actually wanted to solve another – their own problem.

    Who pays CPF interest rates? Of course the govt.

    Why would they pay more when they can change the rules to pay less?

  • how much sense does this statement have

    how much sense does this statement have?
    answer it and you will see how much manipulation exists.

    “Punggol is so short of land, we cannot build too high buildings, perhaps because of earthquake or tsunami risk, that we have to use land sparingly, charge high prices, so if you want a 1200sqft 99-year HDB BTO flat, we need to charge you $300-500k (after ‘market subsidy’).”

    If you can convince people this statement is true, you can become Housing Minister.

  • Pingback: Daily SG: 28 Oct 2010 « The Singapore Daily

  • David

    Keep the list going to justify why PAP must be kicked OUT.

  • Nobody

    Gosh! Is this a trend? The price increase is like a monthly event.. When is my salary increasing?

  • stephanie

    One very glaring item is missing in the list. The cost of government has also increased by 8.8% this year. This is a relatively humongous cost to us all. It has been included in the budget for this year isn’t it?

  • Dead Poet

    Cost of government has done up by 8.8%. However it must be noted that the inflation has increased because of increase in government collected fees, such as ERP. Overall the revenue collected by the government through fee increase is much higher than the 8.8% increase. I believe the non-direct taxation is increasing too fast here but them I not a economist and could be wrong

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  • Pingback: Another toothless tiger to deal with cost of living | The Online Citizen

  • David

    I hope this list shows as reminder to all Singaporeans that inflations is caused by PAP and not so much of external factors.

  • fddsf

    yeo guat kwang of PAP!!!! Thank u for rising the cost of everything electric , GST , COE , ERP … ETC ….

    Now i have to work double the hours i used to work , i am already 55yrs old .. my children will all leave SIngapore to stay in other country because of you , Thank u ,yeo guat kwang!!!

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  • OrdinaryCitizen

    Please tabulate another for 2011. Thanks

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