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3.85 million S’poreans have visited the casinos so far?

3.85 million S’poreans have visited the casinos so far?
October 25
08:08 2010

Letter by Leong Sze Hian to the Today newspaper, published on 25 October 2010.

I REFER to media reports about Singaporeans visiting the two casinos here.

If Singaporeans reportedly make up about a third of the 55,000 visitors to the two casinos, does it mean that there has been about 3.85 million (55,000 ÷ 3 x 210 days) visits by Singaporeans to the casinos in the seven months since their opening?

If we add to this figure permanent residents (PRs), the number of visits may cross 4 million.

If we include the 1.4 million foreigners who are resident in Singapore visiting the casinos, then the number of tourists (two-thirds of the daily 55,000 less PRs and foreigner residents) may not be even half the total number who visit the casinos.

So, are the casinos catering more to attract Singapore residents or tourists?

Finally, why are the statistics not being made public?


Picture from Amazing Vegas.

  • xtrocious

    Hi Mr Leong

    The local visitors are likely to include repeated visitors (habitual gamblers)…

    But just how many are, we don’t know.

    Forecasting is already a fine art but without more official inputs, we might as well look at tea leaves (remember the 2 NTU econ dons who were told off some time ago?)

  • iNOSAPPORKcasino

    the singapoor government is always tryin to manupilate figures…
    till today..none of my FAMILY members refused to step in @ all and we are habitual regulars punters/gamblers simply because we refused to loss the 1st $100 as required…
    even when our nephew/niece came from china..we brin them there..but as yet we refused to masuk..we rather let ^FREE^ punters by assistin/accompany them there as a gesture of goodwills..yet we stood by our principles…

  • Baby Boomer

    Singapore gaming net revenue is taxed at 12 percent compared to 40 percent in Macau. So is it any wonder that the Casinos are very busy attracting every Tom, Dick, Harry or Ah Kow to spend all their money?

    It is not even one year yet and we have had all sorts of casion related crimes and cases of Singaporeans becoming addicted and losing their hard-earned money at the casinos.

    Do the million dollar ministars care about the degradation of the human being caused by these evil money making industry?

    Yea, the industry provides jobs, for who ? the FTS? What is the price we Singaporeans are paying for the foreigners and the foreign casino companies to fleece the local gamblers?

    What is the government’s real motive behind this business? By the way I dont expect the government or the regulators to answer Leong Sze Hian’s question about the statistics, because they stink.

  • iNOSAPPORKcasino

    Baby Boomer
    What is the government’s real motive behind this business?
    LEGALISED money lauderin
    imagined this scenerio..
    i go to china/burma/north korea
    i do a deal with the officials/generals
    in return they want UNDERTABLE kopi money to close the deal
    1 cannot simply handover 1 million or whatever under the table can 1?
    so in order to be clean and legalised
    we invite them over to our FREE casinos
    they bet $1 million in chips whether banducks(21 cards) or whatever
    even if they hav a min of 16point
    we the banker hav 20points..we can still
    hit 1 more card just to DIE…
    whoila the general win..
    ere goes 1 million in legalised winnin..

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  • eaglefly

    i have never been to genting casino all my life of 50 years, and when the gov says casino will be built, i had no choice but to step into genting casino at kl and what i see is lo and behold, all malaysians, aunties and uncles and middle age men, all clamoring to WIN.

    what a sinking effect it had on me and till today, i’ve not step into these two ir and casino, but maybe one day, when i STRIKE TOTO first prize, maybe…..

  • eaglefly

    no wonder the ah longs are kings in malaysia and doing so well, maybe its a good business to start in sinkapoor, as someone said.

    ah yah, this ahlongsan really is behind time, get caught so soon,,,,just when the casinos are taking offf…..ah yah…

  • hidden statistics

    Mr Leong asked, ‘Finally, why are the statistics not being made public?’

    Well Mr Leong, they will pretend not to read your last sentence, and this sentence will be left unanswered in the next official published response, I can assure you.

    If you like, you can write in again, with a remark like: “Dear Sir, since you did not answer my previous question, I have to reiterate it again as follows …”

    But that would make them look STUPID. Nobody likes to look Stupid. And when you make them look Stupid, you will become Unpopular with them.

    That will not be wise.

  • Baby Boomer

    @iNOSAPPORKcasino 25 October 2010

    Yes sir that was my billion dollar question which you have answered so aptly…

  • prettyplace

    We should stop this nonsense and ask for a proper breakdown.

    It is time to get the old housewives and aunties to ask their MPs to reveal the number of people, Singaporeans especially, going to the casinos.

    PAP should keep its promise?

    Or we will keep wondering how many of those kids in schools have financial problems due to this & family problems between their spouses.
    How many are getting into debt?

    Its time for the PAP to answer and answer in a clear and presice manner.

    In a soceity like ours, gambling is a way of life. Most singaporeans were not taught how to tackle this problem and now with the casinos. There might be greater problems.

    And if the PAP hides, it will certainly get worst.

  • iNOSAPPORKcasino


    Or we will keep wondering how many of those kids in schools have financial problems due to this & family problems between their spouses.
    How many are getting into debt?

    indeed..another million dollars Q ere…
    ow many of you peeps knows why shopkeepers in heartlands/malls are closin 1 bye 1?
    imagined this TRUE2live scenerio..
    a kid would asked their parents time to buy a replacement iphone/ipad/imac or a normal pc…
    parents bein parents are obligated by LAW
    (simply because ministry of educations says ALL of our students must hav the MINIMUM hardwares requirement in order to be ON PAR)
    so what can our normal poor parents do?
    take a gamble lor…
    if notebook..if loss..please try AGAIN later…

  • popcorn

    We have a friend who committed suicide just because his wife who held most of the family’s purse, refused to settle his casino gambling debts.
    We hate the existence of the casinos at our doorstep.

  • http://- orang Singapura

    The reason is vey simple why no stats are available.

  • No to Casino

    Your title is very misleading. “3.85 Singaporeans have visited the casinos” and “Singaporeans have made 3.85 million visits to the casinos” are two very very different things. There are many Singaporeans like me who would not step into the IR’s if I can help it; let alone visit the casinos. On the other extreme, there are many Singaporeans who visit the casinos frequently.

  • mice is nice

    the openning of the casinos came at a time when many of our people are not seeing any fruits of their labour. the combination of near stagnant wages, ever-increasing cost of living, competition from foregners at the job front, is it any wonder the lure of gambling?

    another question would be, have the casinos drew the projected tourist arrivals & generated the tourist receipts? the IRs as engine of GDP growth? forecaste way off again? crystal ball crack?


  • wakeup

    LSH said singaporean should stay out of casino, let the foreigners contribute to the sg economy. Its all just words and no action. Because if all the singaporean really obey, the 2 casinos will be closed down. The casinos, not 1 but 2, will never survive without the contribution of singaporean. So, do you think the gov will enact a law to keep out singaporean, for the good of this country?

    Even if you keep singaporean out, some PR, foreigners who lost at the casino, will want to get their money back, even resorting to committing crime, in this country where punishment are known to be harsh. Are all the crimes related to the casino being reported religiously?

    This casino idea, is really fantastic? Come from which PAP minister, can you remember?

  • Answer

    @ wakeup

    “This casino idea, is really fantastic? Come from which PAP minister, can you remember?”

    If I am not mistaken, LHL mentioned it sometime ago that our religious man BG George Yeo came up with the idea of an “Integrated Resort = Casino”..

    There you go…

  • http://- Orang Singapura

    Not on your chinny-chin chin..they wont.
    THE Straits Times, Singapore Press Holdings’ (SPH) flagship English daily newspaper, continues to be the leading newspaper in Singapore with 36 per cent readership, according to the Nielsen Media Index 2010 survey.

  • iNOSAPPORKcasino

    LEE HSIEN LOONG our prince his royal highness the prime minister didn’t suggest the ir casions..he DEMAND it to be built(even against his parents idea who onced SAID..over OUR DEAD bodies if you all expect a casino to be erected in singapore)
    well? 1 dead body lioa may she rest in piece..
    and even to be MORE bloodist..he further REANACT a parliament law by HIMSELF/for himself..NO FURTHER DISSCUSSIONS/debates
    for thiss very words echoed in our minds…
    I AM THE LAW!!!

  • theforgottongeneration

    @iNOSAPPORKcasino, 25 October 2010

    You mentioned it as “…LEGALISED money lauderin…”

    I bet to differ in opinion. How to continue to squeeze more from Singaporeans either in good times or bad times? By taxation. If the retired, jobless, etc.. can be desperate enough to try their luck with this option. So, it is actually the means to assure generating revenue for the garhem. You think they care if anyone is in debt, as long as taxes are squeezed out of that person? Of course they then say, “U go gamble, Y my problem?”

  • Borche

    based on my decades of observation and experience in singapore, most ppl accept the statistics as facts.

  • Theorist

    In General a singaporean’s memory does not stretch too far back into the past… We are generally too caught up in our lives to reflect on what has happened and what is to come… If you think hard and long… everybody should realise that all gahmen monetary policy shifts are all driven to cover up what essentially are the screw ups of our Sovereign funds.

    What I’m about to say is completely hypothetical in nature n strictly my opinion on why the casinos were allowed to be built in Singapore circa 2006….

    To refresh everyone’s memories, When the gahmen announced that casinos were to be built, we were also just recovering from the 2005 economic crisis… Many has pondered where exactly GIC n Temasek’s monies come from… Obvious sources include surpluses from the annual budget n our supposed billions in reserves… another perhaps obscure source would be CPF.

    There was a time when CPF OA rates were high at 6.5% way back in 1970s through to 1986. This then dropped tremendously 3% in 1987 due to the black monday crash. Interest rates den spiked to 4.5% in 1991 corresponding to parliamentary elections also held in that year and fell again to 2.5% 2 yrs on. then climbing back up again in 1997 to 3.5% again corresponding to the 1997 general elections. CPF OA rates have remained at 2.5% since mid 1999 and have never risen since.(Note that in 1999 to 2000 there was also an economic downturn) The gov then, lost its ability to use CPF as a carrot to vote for them. As there simply isn’t enough money to remunerate citizens cashing out @ 55 and supplying funds to Temasek n GIC. (The numbers and figures I have quoted are not plucked out from thin air but facts. The figures can be found here … And with a little research into world events, you too can come to a similar conclusion.

    So no monetary incentive how? Entice with HDB upgrading lor… but that also seemingly wouldn’t work anymore.. So how now? And here we come back to the 2005 economic crisis… Temasek n GIC were bleeding from its ears… elections were round the corner too… PAP just needed to win to push through their new agenda… i.e. creating capital to bring GIC/Temasek and CPF out of the doldrums… The solution was “elegant”.. Right after the 2006 elections, it was announced that casinos will be built to “attract” more investment into Singapore (cover story + some fact) And in the name of protecting the morals of our populace, introduce a singaporean only licence to gamble. 100 bucks for 24hrs or $2000 for a annual membership. So an average joe probably would just fork out $100 to play for a day. Its obviously more worthwhile to pay the 2k for a year but not everyone has the money to do so. in any case if 3.85million singaporeans have gone through the casinos, and assuming all of them paid $100. The gahman would have earned 385million from the citizens they “sought” to “protect”. Don’t you think its utter hypocrisy and nonsensical? The Casinos ultimately only benefit the gov’s prerogative to fill up their empty coffers at the cost of the citizens. just Look in the papers, ever since the casinos came about, suddenly the term “casino related crime” became commonplace. Life savings were lost countless times. If anything, the casinos do more harm than good for the wellbeing of Singapore.

    Citizens of Singapore… myself included. have been screwed over. Big time.

    Stop being apathetic to your situation n environment. Take a stand and do your part to make our home a better place. Don’t vote blindly. Its time for change.

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  • theforgottongeneration

    I thought the IRs were mainly for the 1% GDP that they would bring. Imagine 2-3% of the population would be affected with gambling-addiction, so 3.85m gives 77,000-115,500 persons. Each of these person would further affect the lives of maybe 2-3 of their family members, spouses, etc. meaning 154,000-345,000 persons adversely affected by presence of the IRs. Of course on the plus side, the IRs provides employment for about 20,000(?) locals. So for the sake of 1% GDP growth & employment gain of less than 1%, we have forsaken about 320,000 lives (6.4% of population). Such is the problem with fixation on a GDP-driven measure for a country progress. Think, does EVERY Singaporean really matters to the garhem? Or only the taxes/GDP that a person can generate matters? Hmm, do I sound like the movie Matrix where humans are harvested just for the BTU they can generate?

  • Temujin

    theforgottongeneration + Theorists-

    Bang on target!!! Toto,4D,Football & Races are peanuts in comparison.

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