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HDB policy on singles: Singaporean vs Permanent Resident

September 16
05:07 2010

Leong Sze Hian

Why are Permanent Residents (PRs) who are single buying HDB resale flats like nobody’s business?

Singaporeans who are single and below age 35 are not allowed to buy HDB resale flats unless they are orphans.

PRs sibings who are single and below 35, however, are allowed to purchase these flats.

Why does our public housing policy favour PRs over Singaporeans? Is it not discriminatory and unfair?

Has any Members of Parliament ever raised this issue vigorously in Parliament?

The mission of the HDB should be to help Singaporeans own homes. So, how can single PRs be given priority over Singaporeans?

If you are a below-35 PR in Singapore, wouldn’t you try to arrange for one of your siblings to come to work in Singapore too, and apply for permanent residency?

Whilst there are no official statistics on how many HDB flats are owned by single PRs, anecdoctal evidence seems to suggest that an increasing number of single PRs may be buying them.

As there are also no official statistics on how many single PR siblings are in Singapore, it may probably not be too far an estimate to say that there may be tens of thousands in total.

When one of the PR siblings leave Singapore, after a resale flat has been purchased, are they still allowed to keep the flat? I believe the answer is yes, at least for a few years.

The cheapest HDB 3-room flat (2 bed-rooms) that a single Singaporean or PR can rent is about S$1,500. With housing loan interest rates at historical lows in Singapore, the monthly repayment for a $220,000 HDB bank loan is only just over $800.

So, is it any wonder why it may make more sense for single PR siblings to buy a resale HDB flat, instead of renting one?

3, 4 and 5-room HDB resale flats are going for around $280,000, $370,000 and $440,000 (median sale prices), respectively, with a typical down-payment of 20 per cent of the purchase price.

PR siblings can sell their resale HDB flats after a Minimum Occupation Period of 5 years. So, from a financial perspective, it may make more sense to buy than to rent, and possibly reap the capital gains as well after 5 years.

The increasing “headache” for some Singaporeans may be that they cannot afford the Cash-Over-Valuation (COV) on a resale flat.

Since PR siblings when they first come to Singapore typically do not have permanent residency status yet, they do not need to contribute to CPF. Thus, they generally may have more cash to pay for COV because their take-home pay is higher without CPF contributions relative to Singaporeans, until such time that they become PRs and qualify to buy HDB resale flats.

Even when they become PRs, the first 2 years’ CPF contribution is lower than for citizens.

2 PR siblings may generally just need to stay in one bedroom.

So, some may rent out rooms immediately after they buy a flat. [PRs can rent out rooms immediately but not the entire flat.] The PR sibling owners can stay in 1 room themselves, and rent the rest of the rooms out. Under HDB rules, you are allowed to have up to 9 persons staying in say a 5-room (4 bed-room flat). So one can rent out to 7 persons, at say $150 per person.

Some PR siblings may also be accustomed to sharing a flat before they buy their resale flat.

So, they may be able to pay higher prices for resale HDB flats, because they plan to rent out the rooms for income.

Singaporeans, on the other hand, generally buy flats to stay without the intention to rent out rooms immediately.

I think most Singaporeans see a HDB flat as their home for life, and not as a temporary investment, providing income as well as saving on housing costs whilst in Singapore.

Are these some of the possible contributing factors to why HDB resale prices have been skyrocketing?

In this connection, HDB resale prices rose about 75 per cent over the last 5 years, compared to a lower appreciation for the private property price index.

HDB policies could be reviewed, with a focus on the undesirable outcomes for Singaporeans, and at the same time vis-a-vis PRs.


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  • sgcynic

    One more reason to burn Mah Bow Tan (burn figuratively, SPF!)

  • ahkong

    In this respect the MPs especially the PAP are rather useless. Imagine paying over 80% of Parliament millions of dollars goes to waste.

  • hmmmm…………


    Well, PRs come first….. sorry, Citizens come first. Hmmmmmmm…………

  • Charles

    *Another* bad article mixing PR and Citizens and HDBs, with some bad information, comparing apple with oranges and coming out with “it is better for PRs”, this is getting tiring

    This is amazing: “because they are Single they may stay in a room and rent the appartment” listed as an advantage

    [I just checked: yes, this it The Online Citizen not The Temasek Review, so why this amount of misinformation?]

  • slo

    A valid and well phrased article that document the issues that the singles face. But alas, its not that the higher ups cant see, its rather that they are the ones who carve out these rules for the PRs. You bring in one, why not another member of your family and take advantage of the savings in rental. Get it?

  • HighPriest

    @Charles: Instead of saying that the article is misinformed, why not say what’s wrong with it?

    Living in middle level of the society, interacting with both locals and PRs, I can say the above article justify and correctly represented the current situation in Singapore.

    But then again, the article failed to ask this questions: Why single Singaporean (below 35) shouldn’t be allowed to buy a flat.

    My take is this: Selling of HDB to ALL singles should be on a CASE BY CASE basis.

  • sicktothebones

    I am single below 35 and can’t buy a new HDB flat but my single foreign PR frens can. I think the ministers’ mantra about citizens first or sharpening the difference is nothing but hot air. My own ogvt does nto take care of me and govt flats are given priority to foreigners. why shoul i tolerate this discrimination in my own country. i serve NS and yet i am second class citizen here. Mah Bow Tan answer me.

  • swineful

    Singaporean come first, really? I have said this before and let me say it again: Don’t listen to what they spew but observe what they do. Also stop reading local msm.

  • Roy


    The information in the article are accurate. Mr Leong presented facts. If any of what he has presented was wrong, please enlighten.

    How do you define bad information? Why don’t you list out your counter arguments if you think Leong’s opinion -that PR are better off- is false? You spent so much time attacking (without any supporting facts or evidence) the article. What is your point? Even the only point I can see — you think the article has bad information — comprises just opinions.

    You sure add very little to online discussions.

  • Ahtao

    Hmm a friend who’s a single PR said he can’t buy resale flats. Are you sure about this?

  • HighPriest


    Maybe your PR friends has no siblings who are PR too?

    As long as there are two PRs who are closely related, they can buy resell. This rule has not been changed. Purpose of this is to ensure these people can stay can continue to contribute to our nation by… being… “Cheaper, Faster and Better”

  • Fullofnonsence

    Singaporeans comes first only when elections are imminent, all of a sudden we see ninja ministers appearing out of no where speaking up un paliament or in forums

  • Married

    Solution for the Singles :

    Gather as many singles as possible in your area, say, more than hundred.

    Drop by your Meet-The-MP session to seek help on this matter. Guarantee your MP will not take your grievances lightly. Remember they are paid to serve the residents.

  • Alan Wong

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    To be fair, PRs are equally pissed off with the rising prices of HDB resale flats & COV. Not many of them are earning the high salaries to be really able to afford a resale flat either.

    The main point of argument is why should single Singaporean citizens being penalised over their married peers if all things are being equal in their contributions to the country in terms of NS/reservist duties and the income taxes that they to pay. Is it an unwritten rule that citizens must be able to prove they are willing to procreate before they become eligible for new HDB flat ?

    It is also a fact that many singles also have to shoulder the responsibilities of taking care of the elderly parents when their married siblings moved out of their parents homes to build their love nest. Should we not give such a responsibility some form of recognition considering that our Govt is so adverse in providing and caring for our old folks ?

    Is it too heavy a price that singles have to pay for HDB to completely cut them off from being eligible for new HDB flats just for the sole reason of being single, which to some is not really a choice ?

    If HDB is too worried about wasteful resources, HDB could have limit them to apply for only 3-BR flats or studio apartments only. It doesn’t really make much sense either when at the same time many new 4-BR & executive HDB flats are often left pretty under-utilised when couples choose not to have kids or parents staying with them.

    Our constitution dictates that all citizens should be treated equally. I am sure it doesn’t have any intention to discriminate single citizens over their married peers. Only our PAP govt will dare to go against our constitution to discriminate some citizens over others.

  • Question & Answers

    No f**king shit, i have a friend , PR single from hong kong owns a 4 room flat in Bedok before 35 ….. He’s a degree holder from Hong Kong’s University. Currently working in AMK Delphi ( S ) Pte Ltd….He rents out a room to a Malaysian couple which is his colleagues

    Not to sow discord. He’s a living proof ….

  • fpc

    This is really one of the other burning issues besides high hdb prices.

    Or should I say, one of the contributing factor for high hdb prices.

  • David

    Apparently there are still many loopholes for foreigners to exploit our systems at the expense of MANY NEEDY Singaporeans. Unfortunately under such blinded leadership, we pray election is the only choice to put things right by voting out PAP. The sooner the better, but it seems quiet and frightened at the ruling party side. Probably busy with thought of how to querrymander the electorate boundaries to make election more unfair to others. When we reached a situation that Singapore doesn’t belong to Singaporeans, it is important to fight back really hard – at all cost.

  • Equality pls, we are Singaporeans

    This is so not fair!

    At the very least, HDB should prescribe equal treatment to PRs: only PRs above 35 and able to form a family nucleus (ie early commitment to settling down in Singapore) are allowed to buy resale flats.

    By allowing PRs siblings to buy, HDB is helping PRs to save cash that can be remitted overseas for retirement in homeland.

  • Andy

    Yup.. Sad to say I am one of those affected..

    My FT colleagues share with his bro and buy HDB while i suck thumb…

    No choice finally forced to buy private.. now with new rulings kena another round.. cannot even go back to buy hdb now.. :-(

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  • walamak


    is there something amiss in equality?
    or is it the dictionary used by the elites diff from the commoners?


  • angry_one

    My solution to the housing problem: let Singaporeans of all marital status and age above 21 be eligible to buy any HDB they can afford.

    PRs and foreigners are NOT ALLOWED to buy. There should be enough demand to sustain the market, and ensure the residents are genuine buyers who want to stay in the flats.

  • theonlinecitizen


    “This is amazing: “because they are Single they may stay in a room and rent the appartment” listed as an advantage.”

    Pls read the article again and the sentence in context.

    Other than this, please point out which part of the article is inaccurate.


  • Jackson

    The PAP government controls all aspects of life of Singaporeans – housing (HDB), water and electricity (SP, PUB), communications (Singtel, Starhub), public transport (SBS, SMRT, taxi companies), media (Mediacorp and radio stations), food (NTUC) etc…

    Try voting them out and see what happens.

    “What to do? It has happened. Let’s move on” – quote


  • unknown sgp

    agree with angry_one

    HDB should be only for Singapore citizens, and to add that for new citizens, there should be a minimum period of stay before they too are eligible.

    I believe there will be other favourable side effects if such a move is impl.

    eg. given the current hdb policies, hdb rental units would be reduced (can’t rent before MOP and own buy private & hdb until after MOP) would imply rental cost will increase, therefore FT PR will want higher pay before considering job offer…

  • hahaha

    agree with unknown sgp totally.
    We should impose high taxes on FT, maybe 40% of income (still remember the indian FT lady in blogtv saying she wants to contribute to our country?)and waived it only if they become singapore citizens. Otherwise, all talk is cheap.


    The government ( not the same as PAP ) will not collapse, thanks in part to the PAP who have put up a good system. They cannot even ‘sar-bo” the system, where do they or their families, relatives have to go or run to, they will also suffer the consequences. It will be abit of upheavel for awhile, the civil servants will get their salaries etc, unless the new government finds the coffers next to empty or what?

  • Roy


    You are wrong. The point of Mr Leong’s argument is: why are single Singaporeans put in a disadvantaged position compared to single PR.

    Your points on high housing prices, single singaporean vs other singaporean may be valid but hardly relevant to the point Mr Leong is trying to put across. There should be a fundamental hierarchy of importance for gov policies: resolve unfairness between citizens vs Singaporeans before settling Singaporean vs Singaporeans unfairness.

    For the former, u are burning votes for the latter you shift votes from 1 party to another – no nett loss.

  • sturmtruppen

    Probability almost reaches unity that the previous incumbents and decision makers were “foreigners” themselves…

    Thus these rules were “amended” or “updated” in the past to further “assist” their former “foreigner” citizens in Singapore…

    Kind of obvious what.

    So is deliberate ‘slow and cannot be seen but creeping’ or ‘slow boiling of the frog in the pot’ which translates into “genocide” of the locals in Singapore.

    Sick isn’t it.

    : (

  • Hahaha

    Yes, it is true. At one point (in 2005), 2 single PRs (e.g. siblings) could form a family unit to buy a HDB flat downtown direct from HDB (leftovers from upgrading projects) but 2 single Singaporeans (e.g. siblings) cannot, even if one of them was 35 and above. I remember this very well, because I was eyeing a flat and imagine my shock that as single Singaporeans, my sibling and I were lower in priority than foreigners. HDB and PAP kissed my vote good-bye thereafter.

    The rules were changed since, but the essence remained… 2 single PR siblings are of high value to the PAP policies than 2 single Singaporean siblings.

  • Alor

    Unsure of where Hahaha gets his point but the HDB rules applies equally

    The Citizen/SPR Siblings Scheme allows 2 or more single siblings to buy an HDB flat from the open market “

  • Charles
    Has anyone read this?
    Anyone thinks Singaporeans do not have more possibilities to buy Resale HDB?

    Let’s take the one single case where Single PRs can buy a resale HDB:
    So in the single one case where a Single PR can buy a HDB he is equal in the access conditions to the Single Singaporean.
    The only loophole is that it maybe more probable for the 2 PR siblings not to have ther parents in Singapore, when 2 SC siblings will most probably have their parents in Singapore.
    So in effect *between 21 and 35* the govt is pushing Singaporean Siblings to stay with their parents.

    But this is only one scheme out of many and many many many schemes are only for Singaporeans and many many people are older than 35.
    But I trust TOC will be able to find more advatages for PRs: for example “they do not have to vote!”.

    The one thing that needs to be done is to severly reduce the amount of CPF money that can be put in RealEstate and to mandate that any profite made on CPF money has to go back to CPF (using a ratio between CPF money invested)

  • Charles

    “2 PR siblings may generally just need to stay in one bedroom.”

    2 SC siblings could not because?

  • Charles

    “Singaporeans, on the other hand, generally buy flats to stay without the intention to rent out rooms immediately.”

    I have hope that one day HDB will check all the adds in the newspaper and make this true.

    Yes I have seen PRs (single or otherwise) buy HDBs to rent them, but I have seen many Singaporeans do the same because let’s face it many see RealEstate as the only good investment (probably due to CPF rules).
    As long as the govt peddles HDBs as “investment” instead of a roof (and people happily jump in) we will be in deep trouble, PRs or no PRs.

  • Hahaha

    Single true blue can stay in ARMY CAMP doing their NS- protecting PR assets.PRs no need to do NS. No army camp to go to what!

  • Disgusted Singaporean

    PAP MPs dare not offend their ministers

  • ikickedCHARLESkarchng

    Charles 16 September 2010
    “2 PR siblings may generally just need to stay in one bedroom.”

    2 SC siblings could not because?

    2 SC siblings can not stayed/shared bedroom simply because we don’t allowed
    incest..its a jailable CANNIN offences
    wherelse pr can do that in their native countries…
    anymore Qs?

  • TOC TR same same

    What a biased article. Flogging the same old horse again, foreigners are evil and what not. Singaporeans do not rent out their HDB flat? Singaporeans do not sublet rooms illegally in their HDB flat? Let’s ask the government to spot check on all HDB and find out the ratio of PR doing so v. Singaporeans. Dare to ask for that?

  • Bewonderous

    I think the reason why PRs aren’t converting to Singapore citizenship is because they obviously benefit more by staying as a PR than if they become a citizen. I mean what are the exclusive deals that you get by converting from a PR to citizenships?

    The main reason why people would want to have a citizenship, which include our forefathers, is because we live off better, mainly, in terms of economic conditions. If the country covers your economic interest, then you will consider their citizenship.

    Thus our government should be focusing on the attractiveness on being a Singapore citizen and not on being a Singapore PR!

  • Bewonderous

    Another thing is by making singapore’s citizenship attractive, local talents will not feel like migrating to other countries. And also, by having attractive benefits, foreigners would be attracted to be Singapore citizen, even if it means that they will have to go the few years of PR status.

    Therefore, Dear Ministers, please place more benefit for being a citizen than being PRs, cause ultimately, we attract foreigners wishing that they will become a permanent part of Singapore. In other words, being a Singapore Citizen.

  • crap

    Shorty Mah has been sleeping on the job!!

  • Fievel

    No opposition hence stupid rules abound

  • john

    “No opposition hence stupid rules abound”

    Even the 2 useless token opposition don’t even ask. Just read about yesterday’s Parliamentary debates on YOG and you understand
    How I miss JBJ in Parliament.

  • VoteForChange

    The recent announcement in the reduction of PRs allowed is too late: Harm is already done to singaporeans, Hurt is already felt, Our jobs already lost, Our chance to flat is already taken,Injustice to singaporeans has already been done, and Trust in the current government is already lost.

    Can we also not sense a scheme is going on?

  • Alan Wong


    I fully agree with Lucky that single PRs should not be given priority over single citizens.

    But you may have also missed my argument. If single citizens are equally entitled to apply for a new HDB flat just like any of their married peer (which should be the case if we have a fair govt), then in which case there will be no necessity to argue on this issue, isn’t it ?

    Remember while their married peers are given 2 bites of the cherry in their lifetime, why are the singles accorded none ? Doesn’t this make a mockery of PAP’s policy of giving everyone a stake in the country (with exception of single citizens)?

  • mahb

    This is a repeat of previous article from same author spreading half-truth. It is bullshit. Please go read the HDB regulations yourself. PR DO NOT HAVE ADVANTAGE. IT IS THE SAME AS FOR CITIZENS.

  • mahb

    Is this Temasek Review or Online Citizen?

  • http://toc K

    I know one Indian PR bought a 4 rm. HDB unit and rent out all the rooms while they sleep in the living room.I guess that is why the idiots in white call them FT.

  • papsupporter

    ‘mahb16 September 2010 This is a repeat of previous article from same author spreading half-truth. It is bullshit. Please go read the HDB regulations yourself. PR DO NOT HAVE ADVANTAGE. IT IS THE SAME AS FOR CITIZENS’

    Mahb16 is another supporter/dog of the lky regime! if you know the rules, why don’t you cite them here for us to see? Go on! And get out of my uncaring peasant nostrils.

  • yw

    @Alan Wong

    I agree with you w.r.t to the fact that Singapore preach about equality but discriminates against singles (putting it negatively).

    To put it nicely, Singapore is encouraging people to start or have their families (early) due to reasons we already know about which leads to bigger problems etc etc…

  • HaiGong

    Public housing is for Singaporean only period!

  • Jamal

    Let me buy a HDB flat before 35 and with the privacy, I’ll be able to manufacture babies.

  • commentator

    “Singaporeans who are single and below age 35 are not allowed to buy HDB resale flats”

    Looks like such citizens may have to rent HDB flats from the PRs! (until the former turn 35)

  • HL

    Sze Hian, tks for this well-written read, but judging from the comments, you prob did your topic, and a very valid one at that, some injustice by not providing the necessary back-ups and proofs.

    But I hope the following two links will help to clear the air somewhat:

    Regulation for single Sg citizens:

    vs Regulations for single citizens/PRs:

    It is apparent that the points made here are valid – that single PRs or new citizens can purchase resale flats with their siblings without having to show that they have “sunken roots”, while born-n-bred Sgeans who remain single, can’t.

    The rationale of this scheme could be to let less well-off PRs have a roof over their heads. But why can’t they rent, instead of buy, to accomplish this?

    Even if the scheme has its good intentions, its openness to exploitation by new PRs/ new citizens is apparent. Anecdotal experience, not just on this blog but other online forums as well, seems to be proving this.

    Charles, I think you have a long way to go now to justify your points…


    good article,TOC.

    obvious unfair and inequitable treatment of born and bred sinkies.

    sinkies are disadvantaged in their own country by their own govt.

    it makes one wonder is this a sinkie-mandated govt or are we invaded?

  • Kee Hong Kan

    Imagine two unmarried Ah Tiong hookers who are siblings. Come here on student pass, get PR in a few months, buy HDB resale flat, complete ‘course’, balek China (exuse: do degree there), rent out flat and earn rental income in a very stable currency, wait for next property rally, sell and pocket a tidy sum. Great deal yah? All thanks to the White Shirts.

  • KSKS

    This MBT should be screwed until rot.

  • thank you, mahb !

    mahb16 September 2010
    “.. bullshit.. Please go read the HDB regulations yourself. PR DO NOT HAVE ADVANTAGE. IT IS THE SAME AS FOR CITIZENS.”

    Thank you, mahb for encouraging me to read the HDB complex rules for myself. If not for you, I would never have understood why I was discriminated against in my own country, having slogged it out in NS like the rest of you.

    HDB says in

    ” The application must comprise of at least 2 single siblings whose parents are not:
    Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents, nor
    Residing permanently in Singapore ”

    It is HDB’s affectionate way of saying: this Sibling scheme is not for you original singaporeans so you may stop reading this web page right now.

    They say it in a nicer way than how mahb phrases it. More polite, but equally disgusting.

    Thank you mahb.
    Thank you HDB.
    Thank you Singapore Government.
    Now I know.

  • we all owe it to “mahb”

    this is shocking.

    Thanks to mahb’s encouragement, i realised that according to:

    a single unmarried NEW CITIZEN, which is very common nowadays, can bring along his parent from any country, get a Social Visit pass for his parent, and can buy a resale flat.

    for all you single old citizen Singaporeans out there, please, search through the old folks home of China or India, look for a parent to adopt, get him a Social Visit pass, dump your existing old citizen Singaporean parents.

    you can do the same too. no need to wait until age 35.

    anyone got a parent we can borrow? new citizen parents?

  • new fangled combos FAQ

    current combos we just discovered (i’m sure the newcomers already all know this)

    if you are a single Singaporean, please wait until age 35 or a whole head of white hair, or when HDB prices get bought up by newcomers to super-sky-high levels, whichever comes earlier.

    if you are a single PR, this is what you can do:

    Answer: grab your PR sibling. make sure your parents are foreigners in foreign land(not difficult). can buy resale. both of you age 21 – don’t wait until 35, by then the prices too high for you also.

    if you are a single new Citizen, this is what you can do:

    Answer: grab your foreigner sibling, or foreigner parent. give them a Social Visit pass. can buy resale. you are age 21. don’t wait until 35, by then new rule will say you can’t buy private forever and ever.

    if you are a single Singaporean below age 35, this is what you can do:

    Answer: pls read above paragraph again. pls take a number, a very big number. enjoy watching the Resale Price Index. by the way, are you gay? or just plain daft. why don’t you renounce your citizenship and i’ll teach you how to apply for PR.

  • Singapore singles unite

    Base on statistics, Singles will soon make up a large part of the electoral vote. If PAP continues to ‘punish’ us for our lifestyle choice(remaining single, no marriage no kids,grow old and die alone) then they will just have to face the consequences. But then of course with so many tasty treats to the PRs the originals will soon become an ancient history.

  • prettyplace

    You have caught them by the balls.

    There is one more policy, where a PR can buy a flat with his/her foreign citizen parent and still get a HDB loan.

    Here ordinary folks are sleeping in tents after exhausting 2 HDB loans, a new policy brought out by HDB to kick and keep Singaporeans out.

    I hope people understand that Mah Bow Tan, had been mahbo(drunk) during his time in HDB.
    Its time to do ‘you know what’, or should I say it again and again.

    Cannot stand this, I feel lousy as a Singaporean.





  • commentator


    The day is sooner than you think. In fact, it is already happening – just that such cases may not be known to most people.

  • Ghost

    HDB thinks PRs scare of ghost or have no more chance to marriage although they only below 35 years old lah!

    Or they can’t servive at anywhere including in their own countries, only Singapore HDB can save them so give them a house.

    So, this is PRs help Sgp people or Sgp pple help PRs?

  • need help

    Hello folks,

    Im a local native born singaporean. I dont even have a rooftop of my own. I have been renting a room outside for almost 3 years. Im single, above 35yrs old. Govt policies forced singles singaporean cannot buy flats directly from HDB, and resale flats is ridiculously skyrocketed prices, comes along with high COV, tell me how can the singles who draws only 1 single income afford it ?? Worst still, even flats now from HDB also become unreachable liao for singaporeans to purchase, so tell me where is the hope for singles who is above 35 yrs old, male or female who will be able to receive help? Pls dun tell me to go to families or relatives. I can tell you folks here, when hard times come, even your closest ones shun away from you cos they dont want you to be stay in with them . Cos they want their own privacy with their own families that they have. That is how selfish a human can be. Even your very own ones.

  • need help

    And FYI, there are already plenty of singles singaporeans , who is age above 35 years old already renting rooms outside from PRS, that’s what i know of. We singles are the most pathetic groups where no one speaks for us here. We need opposition parties to fight for singles singaporeans to be able to buy an affordable flats directly from HDB , and not Resale market. So that we can finally have a rooftop of our own that is really called HOME.

  • need help

    Govt, please dont discriminate singles singaporeans in singapore. We do contribute to singapore society for long. We pay taxes, we own a pink i/c, we sing the national pledge, so treat us fairly, who are singles above 35 yrs old. We need a rooftop . We cannot afford to keep on renting rooms outside and stay in a stranger’ place for so long. No matter what, it is still not our own home, its still belongs to the landlord; There will be always some movement restriction staying in a rented place with the landlord together , plus other inconveniences too. We singles need help !

  • HighPriest

    Single by choice?
    If yes, gov will say – that’s your problem.

    If no, well… (They want you to know that they only want good genes to reproduce, if you can’t find a partner… Well… Blame yourself… No house? Married one already so hard to get one liao)

  • HighPriest

    Single by choice?
    If yes, gov will say – that’s your problem.

    If no, well… (They want you to know that they only want good genes to reproduce, if you can’t find a partner… Well… Blame yourself… No house? Married one already so hard to get one liao, give to single, married one how?)

    Seriously… They only think of the growth of the country, not the growth of individuals!


    ” Govt, please dont discriminate singles singaporeans in singapore. We do contribute to singapore society for long. We pay taxes, we own a pink i/c, we sing the national pledge, so treat us fairly, ”

    your Friendly PR and New Citizen can also gladly pay some tax, own some ic, sing some song and pledge (none of them can do it at citizenship swearing-in ceremony, go attend one and gawk for yourself).

    now see the Friendly PR or New Citizen’s reaction when you invite them to Pulau Tekong to enjoy some training for 2 years. You exempt them from reservist they also won’t follow you go Tekong.


    You ask Why?

    because only us old citizens got this privilege to enjoy Tekong. they will be VERY glad to ensure this privilege is enjoyed by us old citizens, and nobody else.

    Ooi PR. New Citizen. Come with me, we go Tekong.

  • the FAQ

    Dear “new fangled combos FAQ”,

    thank you for your well-explained posting.
    i see that your information is derived from the Official Government Web Pages. I have included the web pages for you to take screen shots in case, as usual, these official web pages get altered/removed/statistics deleted soon after the public realises the implications of its contents.

    if you are a single PR, this is what you can do:
    Answer: grab your PR sibling. make sure your parents are foreigners in foreign land(not difficult). can buy resale. both of you age 21 – don’t wait until 35, by then the prices too high for you also.

    if you are a single New Citizen, this is what you can do:
    Answer: grab your foreigner sibling, or foreigner parent (or foreigner wife). give them a Social Visit pass. can buy resale. you are age 21. don’t wait until 35, by then new rule will say you can’t buy private forever and ever.

    so hurry, go read it before it gets removed from the website.

    you can bet this implication in “Non-Citizen Family Scheme” and “Citizen/SPR Siblings Scheme” will never make it to the local newspapers, despite how shocking the differential treatment is. let us watch this make its rounds in EVERY website in Singapore except the Official Mainstream Media.

  • disenfranchise

    [dis-fran-chahyz] Show IPA
    –verb (used with object), -chised, -chis·ing.
    to deprive (a person) of a right of citizenship, as of the right to vote.
    to deprive of a franchise, privilege, or right.

    sounds familiar, Singaporeans?
    amazing how we let ourselves get into such a fix.

  • russell007

    we recently moved into a new replacement flat (en bloc)..can i ask whether a tenant who is given a new replacement flat can rent out the whole flat without the minimum occupation period requirement? my neighbour rents out the whole flat to a group of young chinese nationals (their behaviour is quite odd, one or two don’t seem to want to be seen by the other neighbours, a lot of ducking back into the flat or stay out of sight whenever someone walk by their flat). there is also another tenant two doors down, he said he was from hongkong, he has the new flat, he said he bought the flat for his son who was planning to come over to work and live in singapore. he and his wife don’t live in the new flat..can they do that, i mean get a new flat from hdb, give it to his son to live in while he and his wife live somewhere else (not sure if they own a private property, his wife stopped him from chitchatting to me before he could say more)..there are many india nationals and chinese nationals living in our new estate, i wonder if hdb does any spotchecking for illegal rentals and so on..
    i also know of many singaporeans who are very unhappy about the present ruling party.. many of us can’t vote because of many of us live in walkover wards…seems so unfair, man! my friends’ children and their circles of friends will be first time voters, but they can’t vote..can’t even protest peacefully in case we get hauled up by the police! we don’t understand how making personal comments is deemed as a criminal offence..i mean it’s not like the ministers themselves haven’t made a few metaphors themselves, why are they above the law? can the opposition parties unite and help us ordinary joes and janes? we just want to have the citizen’s privilege to be able to cast a vote, or even have our say without been labelled as a criminal. singapore has changed drastically, not for the better. it is so sad, my parents and grandparents used to support this party, but now they just want to be given the chance to cast their votes, they haven’t been able to do that for the last few unfair man! we are peace loving people but sometimes we just feel like telling the indian, chinese or even the caucasian nationals to go back to where they come from and stop taking jobs away from frustrating! a few of my children’s friends graduated from uni last year, and they still can’t find jobs in the IT fields…some say when they went for interviews, they could count more foreigners than locals waiting to be interviewed for that same job..we do not understand the PM’s message on national day, he said that the new immigrants will bring new jobs…huh? these immigrants come here to take away jobs..unless he meant the multi national companies..but then many of these companies prefer to hire their own where does that leave us singapore citizens born and bred here, and who has, is, and will have to serve national service for this country? we shouldn’t have to live in fear, we should be able to protest in a peacefully manner if we feel we have been wronged by this or that policy, we should have a government who should have the guts to admit failed policies, and do more to help her own citizens..we worry because it seems these days the govt is favouring the foreigners more than the locals born and bred wonder we are losing our young talents…several of my frens’ children are contemplating leaving singapore for good because they do not see any future in their own homeland…too many immigrants, too cramped, can’t afford housing.. they don’t trust what the ministers say any longer..too many carrots are being dangled before election day, when election is over, more and more immigrants will come in, and less job prospects for our own..we are tired of ministers telling us to embrace immigrants blah blah blah..why don’t the ministers take public transport to work on a daily basis instead of being driven in their big cars to work, why don’t the ministers try living in a small flat with scores of chinese and indian, pakistan, etc nationals in the same estate, and see the social problems happening on a daily basis..we are fed up, man! no more excuses and stop telling us to embrace the immigrants, etc. we just want our country back, for our own citizens!



    a single unmarried NEW CITIZEN, can bring along his parent from any country, get a Social Visit pass for his parent, and can buy a resale flat.

  • Hahaha

    @Alor16 September 2010:
    Please read carefully… I wrote “ from HDB” back in 2005… Yes, DIRECT from HDB, not from resale market. If you didn’t follow the HDB rules back in 2005, please don’t anyhow hamtum.

    As I wrote earlier, the rules have since been changed. Anyway, the new rules as they still put PRs above Singaporeans. Why? Because single Singapore citizens below 35 must stay with their Singapore-based parents (cannot form family unit with another sibling of any age), but single PRs below 35 can form a family unit with another sibling of any age to buy HDB re-sale flat.

    So there, the facts stand, PRs are better-off than Singapore citizens.

  • trustworthy? after all this???

    @russell007 18 September 2010
    ‘they don’t trust what the ministers say any longer..’

    fantastic how the ministers have dug their own graves. in the last election they almost lost ONE minister. this time round, sit back and count.

    @Hahaha 18 September 2010
    ‘So there, the facts stand, PRs are better-off than Singapore citizens.’

    this is what happens when the government which wasn’t elected by the people forget who they are there to serve and end up enacting policies detrimental to the People, who in most normal countries, are the owners of their countries. we’re the exception, which is not the amazing thing.

    the amazing thing is that we have been taught to get used to it so much that we don’t find it unnatural any more.

  • commentator

    Imagine there’s a fire or earthquake that rocks every HDB flat in Singapore, those emerging from their hiding place are likely to be mostly PRs, newly grafted citizens and overstayers on social visits!

  • OMG

    Thanks for the article.

    Cant believe single SG 35 year old are penalized so badly.

    Worst are those getting married at 35, neither here and neither there.

  • Sally

    All these technical loopholes boils down to complacency.

  • Hahaha

    @trustworthy? after all this??? on 18 September 2010

    the amazing thing is that we have been taught to get used to it so much that we don’t find it unnatural any more

    Well, the sad truth is many Singaporeans don’t read TOC and other alternative sources of information. Thus, they are lulled by the MSM to believe that all that’s happening is acceptable. I shall quote one such ostrich (who still thinks the same uniquely Singaporean way after residing a few years in HK): “BTW, I don’t read the rubbish blogs of noise makers. just too many out there to waste my precious them and intrude into my personal space.”

    @commentator on 18 September 2010

    You are right. It is now my time to leave. I’ll be flying out of Singapore soon. If GE happens before then and I get to vote, there is no doubt which box the “X” will NOT be in. I will definitely put in a valid vote, because an invalid vote is considered void, and thus not counted in the total results.

    For others looking for a way out, here are the immigration websites of some popular destinations.



    New Zealand


    USA Diversity Visa Lottery
    (It’s free to apply and Singapore citizens qualify because we are under-represented in their immigration demographics)

    All the best, fellow Singapore citizens!

  • Hahaha

    To forestall those smart alecks who will claim that it is fair for PR siblings (whatever their age) to form family unit to buy HDB resale, because single Singaporeans can live with their resident parents.

    Imagine a scenario of a foreign family with a parent and 3 adult-aged children (aged 21-34) who are PR and single.
    2 adult-aged children can first form a family unit to purchase 1 HDB resale unit.
    Then, subsequently, the last adult-aged child can purchase another HDB resale unit together with his/her overseas parent (e.g. on social visit pass).
    Thus, this PR family can buy 2 HDB resale units under the current HDB rules.

    Let’s compare with a Singaporean family with a parent and 3 adult-aged children (aged 21-34) who are “born-and-bred in Singapore” citizens and single. HDB rules that require that all 4 of them squeeze into 1 HDB unit, until one of them get married or reaches age 35 to buy a second HDB unit.

  • Hahaha

    Edit the last statement in the above comment:
    HDB rules that require that all 4 of them squeeze into 1 HDB unit, until one of them get married or reaches age 35 to buy a second HDB. If it is the case of one of them hits 35, only HDB RESALE units are open to his choice.

  • ahkong

    What a f**king government favouring PR single over Singaporean. Especially that f**king old man. When is he going to die?

  • VoteForChange

    PRs dont have to do NS and allowed to buy flats.
    Is this fair to singaporeans?

    we dont want this kind of government.

  • just an advice

    To all those discriminated and suffering singles, i suggest you go and see your MP. Now is the best time, because its before GE. Make sure those little LKYs & walkover MPs live up to the PM’s claim of “Singaporean comes first”. If they can’t answer, it prove that what LHL says is just another bullsh*t.

    Remember how they can suddenly be so efficientt to decide to elevate the road in the recent Bukit timah area. Its can’t be so about the reported hard work that 1 single resident did as the Straits Times may try to portray. If that is the case, alot of Singaporeans’ concern would have been acted before the current overcrowding, high HDB price, high cost of living, suppressed wages, not enough flats would have been acted on 5 years ago. Its all about citizen power and in Singapore, with the type of gov, it comes only once every 5 years and for a very limited period only. (exclude the many walkovers of course)

    After GE, it will be hopeless. Do it now. Otherwise, they may play delay tactic by passing the ball around from one agency to another, one MP to another, until after GE.

    Mr Leong – another very good insight. thanks for giving the left-out singaporeans a voice.

  • russell007

    yesterday 3000 new citizens sworn in..meaning 3000 new voters to vote for the govt..meaning cramped space getting crampier and crampier, no elbow room, more human foot traffic on every public places, more competition for jobs and housing…sigh! when will this madness end?
    singapore doesn’t have the kind of land mass like australia, uk, usa, goh recently remarked that other countries in the world take in immigrants too..there is a big difference, singapore is just a small dot on the world map, we do not have that kind of land available to accommodate so many immigrants, it is just insane to allow so many in. and the other countries have a control number system, we just allow anyone in, regardless of whether they will contribute to this nation or not..the singapore passport has become a cheap document..singapore is already bursting at the seams, and some idiotic ex civil servant said the other day singapore could expand her population to 7mil! this is just crazy..our ministers don’t feel the stress we ordinary citizens feel on a daily basis because they don’t have to rub shoulders, elbows and legs with so many immigrants in the supermarkets, libraries, buses, trains, recreational parks, etc..all the places we ordinary joes and janes go to each day..the noise and polluation are quite unbearable these days…the ministers are quite ready to tell us to embrace the immigrants and all that, they don’t don’t want to hear our unhappiness because it looks bad on them, but we feel it on a daily basis and it is seriously getting to lee tell us we need immigrants cos they create jobs..i don’t understand this does an immigrant who come in for economic reason create jobs for our citizens? the immigrants come here to take jobs away from our citizens born and bred here, they don’t create jobs, and worse still these immigrants who are in the human resource dept will employ those from their own country…unless the pm meant new companies coming in..that i can accept but then these companies should employ singaporeans first, and and if they cannot find a qualified (which i really find hard to believe) singaporean to fill that post, then they look at other options..but i really don’t think this is happening on the ground..majority of companies, and even our own civil service, are employing more and more foreigners cos it looks great for them status wise, and it would cost less with no employer cpf contributions. and it is bad when the govt start favouring foreigners over her own born and bred citizens.
    we citizens born and bred here, having served this nation, and those who are serving and will serve this nation, we complain not because we are bored, we complain and express our unhappiness because we are genuinely concerned about the future of our children..we are worried about job prospects and the housing costs…in my estate, there are more PRs than locals..i know of one PR who bought his flat (unsold new unit)direct from hdb at over 300k! how can that be? how can our children compete with that? how can a single PR buy a new flat from hdb when our own single citizen can’t? isn’t the public housing scheme supposed to house our own citizens first? how much has hdb profitted from such sales to PRs? we feel there is no transparency with this present govt any longer..
    in short, ministers please stop telling us to embrace immigrants, please put our children first the foreigners, please put in place a controlled number of immigrants coming in, and please give our children the public housing they will need at an affordable prices..we do not have millions stashed away like the rich immigrant does, we live paycheque month by paycheque month, and when we ask you to listen to our complains, it is not because we have nothing better to do, we are unhappy because we feel we are no longer listened to. please stop dangling carrots during election year, this worked in the past but we are alot wiser now..the new citizens may fall for that carrot trick, but we old citizens born and bred here, and having served you for many years and seen the drastic changes that disadvantaged us and our children, we do not fall for that dangling the carrot trick any longer.

  • need help

    Please lah…Use some brains. If seeing MP have actually help those discriminated singles in singapore got a flat of their own, ST would have advertised this great news all over the island of singapore. Hope for singles liao…

    But many have already done that, but come to nought, has this being actually revealed to the mainstream papers or not!!

  • need help

    By the way see MP also no use wan lah…becos they wont want to because of you 1 single that there million dollars paycheck will be at threat, ok? Moreover , they will not want to interfere their collegue MBT affairs, as they feel that this is belong to his ministry … So no point one lah….

    People has already done that before, but all are wayang one….it will have no difference whether it is during or not during election time. No special treatment and favor for singles singaporeans at all !!! Get it ?

  • FeelShitty

    I am a Singapore born citizen serving 2.5 years of NS when I was in my prime. I am single @ 31 years old and i really feel shitty when i read this article. Why in the first place are we being penalised for being a Singaporen.

  • Lifeobzervr

    Hopefully the notion of citizenship will be hotly debated and be a primary focus at the next elections. What is happening now is perhaps a willful plan to realise Singapore into a Hotel. Just like in any hotel, guests sleep in the best rooms on best beds with best service. For others, getting paid daily wages is deemed to be good enough compensation although it is hardly even enough to buy a meal at the hotel’s restaurant.

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  • BicCherry

    SG Foreigner Public Housing Rental Levy (FPHRL): Please return HDB to ALL Singaporeans now.

    “HDB plans and develops public housing towns that provide Singaporeans with quality homes and living environments.”

    At a time when the nation’s birth rates are being stymied by the lack of affordable public housing, how can foreigner demand be prevented from skewing HDB flat prices?


  • wait not that long long

    @FeelShitty on 19 September 2010 -
    I am a Singapore born citizen serving 2.5 years of NS when I was in my prime. I am single @ 31 years old and i really feel shitty when i read this article. Why in the first place are we being penalised for being a Singaporen.

    wait 4 more years, it’s not that long. meanwhile do 3 more high keys and 1 more low key, don’t get yourself too dirty in the mud.

    perhaps in 4 years time, when a nice unit is vacated by a PR because he is furthering his civilisation-advancement by going to a Developed Country, he can be so kind as to sell it to you instead of rent it out to other foreigners, in line with the government policy for him to use his flat as an asset.

  • Mrs Mahmood

    Dear All,

    i am singapore pr. i have one child age 3 yrs old also a pr here.
    my spouse is living overseas and he is a foreigner.

    so we r 2 PRs and need to apply for our own house. Is it possible to apply directly from HDB? can anyone help?

  • ialsoWANTadealikedthis

    Mrs Mahmood 22 September 2010
    Dear All,

    i am singapore pr. i have one child age 3 yrs old also a pr here.
    my spouse is living overseas and he is a foreigner.

    so we r 2 PRs and need to apply for our own house. Is it possible to apply directly from HDB? can anyone help?
    i really liked you mrs mahmood…
    off all the also dont 1 to marry a singaporean rather married a madeinothercountry bloke
    and yet you hav the cheek to seek for assistances tryin to rent a SUBSIDISED government housin?…
    who is goin to help you ere? only propert agents(they do it for ca$h)…

  • senior citizen

    GE is round the corner. You guys know what to do. Don’t give them a resounding victory.

  • suankapolian

    Mr Leong, lets not blame PRs.
    Its really that citizens are not bothered enough about issues. Are majority citizens complaining?

    So, i think your focus is off-center.

  • extremewellnessgroup

    It is time we stand up for Singapore. We must demand and make our voice heard. All PRs are foreigners. They cannot buy public housing from HDB regardless whether they are married or single. They can only buy private housing unless they converted to Singaporeans. No Dual nationality is allowed unless this previlege is also given to all existing Singaporeans. All existing PRs have to sell back their flats to HDB at the initial buy price if they give up their PR status or emigrate to other country. They cannot sell their HDB flats themselve cos they should not be allowed to profit from public housing as they are foreigners.

  • extremewellnessgroup

    New citizens who give up their citizenship before 10 years would have to give up their HDB flats at buy price. They should be made to serve the civic service for 2 years at the salary of NSmen before they can be given a Singapore citizenship. This would help them to understand and integrate into singapore as well. This would encourage loyal immigrants rather than stepping stone immigrants.

  • asd

    Some PRs also claim to be married in order to be eligible to buy a HDB, even if they aren’t, or maybe they are really married to someone in their home country, but who isn’t in Singapore.

  • russell007

    There are so many abuses/loopholes going on regarding HDB flats. Flat owners shouldn’t be allowed to buy private property, and they shouldn’t be allowed to rent out their HDB flats. Period.
    PRs and foreigners on employment passes who want to rent, rent direct from HDB. PRs who want to buy HDB flats should be citizens of this country first.
    No MOP and all that crap. Public housing should be for ordinary citizens of this country, it shouldn’t be a source of extra income for those who own private properties, nor should they become sources of income for greedy PRs who do not live in the flats but elsewhere.

  • Ano Ny Mous Sing

    y’all are whiners.. i see Singaporeans as whiners.. you are blessed with so many things here in Singapore.. but what y’all do is just whine about being unfair.. unfair this, unfair that.. if you got something to whine about, go straight to the government and not on this page! your government obviously hears you– why can’t you see how lucky you are to be here and how well-protected you are? compared with other countries (where foreigners are from of course).. everything is unfair to you.. everything works against you.. foreigners are preferred, and you blame the government for your lack of job but you can’t even haul up your ass to look for one. you see foreigners breaking the law but in fact i see very young singaporeans smoking within school hours in the basketball court, making out in the park, eating and drinking inside the bus, sitting in priority seats.. get yourself together man.. peace!

  • Jenny “singaporean”

    i noticed that foreieners who come to work in Singapore and who are IT qualified are able to rent a flat direct from JTC. Subsequently they take up PR citizenship.

    In my hdb block, they went for lift upgrading and instead of paying for the lift upgrading, JTC decided to offer these 3 room flats to the tenants for sale.

    This PR tenant bought it and rented out his whole flat immediately, legaally or illegally i do not know. he sent home his children and wife. he alone stayed in singapore but where the neighbours do not know.

    so this is another loophole we should be looking at!


  • Too easy for PRs to purchase

    The rules now make it much too easy for PRs to purchase HDB resale flats. This only makes it harder for Singaporeans to own or rent properties in their own country.

    The current HDB resale rules could be tightened.

    A new scheme can also be considered: Houseing COEs. If there are COEs for car ownership, there could be Housing COEs (just for foreigners: PRs and passholders) on flat ownership (HDB and private). Potential purchasers of flats (landed could be outside the scheme) would first have to bid for Housing COE and be in possession of one before they can complete the purchasse of a flat.

    Certain categories of foreigners will be ineligible to bid including domestic workers, construction workers, those with a criminal record, those who have lived abroad for more than 1 year out of last 5 years, and other categories which the policy makers may decide.

    The scheme can be rolled out so that it would only apply to new purchases, and PRs and foreigners who already own flats could be exempt. Of course if they decide to purchase, then they would have to bid for a housing COE.

  • poor singles

    Why can’t a single buy a new 3-room Hdb flat.The price for a resale flat is how many percent higher then the new one.
    The married one can get new one. What about those who is not married can they afford to buy.The couple who is working can easily afford it. Whereas the single alone have to take the burden.And also singaporean married a foreigner without Pr can’t get new flat.I can’t buy a resale flat if the price carry on going up like this.Hopefully can get new flat which is much more cheaper.

  • Consti

    I think government should put aside a certain % of the new flats for single to ballot.

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  • fairybird

    I am also a poor 48 years old single who can’t afford an expensive flat. Why no action was taken to care for us?

  • ck

    HDB’s new rules to curb speculation and encourage PRs to take up citizenship
    - explains why PRs have priority

    Votes man, it’s votes that matters.

    In case you are unaware, the minister in charge is Malaysia-born. He did the same with SIA.

    Guess you are right, more than 70% of HDB bought/allocated to foreigners/PRs.