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May 04
17:37 2009


To facilitate easier access to all the reports, commentaries, pictures and videos in the Aware saga, we have consolidated all our content on Aware in this thread.

For all the videos on the saga, please visit TOC’s YouTube page here. For background stories to the saga, visit TOC’s Facebook page here.

Here is TOC’s video filmed at the event. Further videos will be up on TOC later. More videos of the Aware EGM can be viewed on TOC’s Youtube page here.


Extraordinary General Meeting

TOC “live” report: Aware EOGM – the early crowd

More than a thousand turn up for Aware EOGM

Chaos – “Shut up and sit down” (video)

Aware members demand: “Account for our money!”

Josie Lau and team resign from executive committee

Voted out but still willing to contribute

New Aware president Dana Lam’s first message to members


Other reports:

Takeover of AWARE – “Please sit up and pay attention.”

Aware’s sex education programme – the concerns

Church of Our Saviour clarifies “allegations”

“Aware belongs to you,” says Josie Lau

MOE replies to questions about AWARE’s CSE programme


TOC Opinions & reports;

DBS exec is Aware’s head

TOC Report: 150 call for vote of no confidence

Dr Thio Su Mien’s press conference

Lawyer’s key role in coup

Josie Lau’s interview leaves questions unanswered

TOC Latest: DBS “disappointed” with Josie Lau’s disregard for staff Code of Conduct

Constance Singam: “That trust is gone.”

TOC Exclusive: Constance Singam’s letter to AWARE, in full

AWARE veterans set the record straight

BREAKING NEWS: Staff sent out email asking members to vote at Aware EOGM

TOC Perspectives: Views on AWARE

Care about AWARE: Leaders we respect

For much is at stake

AWARE: Lessons from a fiasco

The government’s strategic intervention in the Aware saga


Aware EOGM – Damien Chng’s photos

Aware by Damien Chng

Kenneth Tham @ Aware – Part 1

Kenneth Tham @ Aware – Part 2

Reports from local mainstream media carried by TOC

Josie Lau’s first television interview

Letter criticises TOC for use of “divisive labels” in article

Pastor Derek Hong apologises for misusing pulpit

NCCS’ stand on Aware a “responsible” one, says DPM Wong

Police steps in to stop Aware from holding EOGM at Expo


  • bamboola

    i think it’s best if u list them according to their dates..

  • hongjun

    I second bamboola

  • David

    I hope the veterans of AWARE, after winning, can continue to be very AWARE of Josie & gang. A lesson learned must not be repeated. These insurgents have a black name in them, they should not be treated like any other member when trust is concerned.

  • Anti People who do evil in God’s Name

    We have to be careful. The placing of Thio Li An as NMP and the now revealed subversion of Aware..there seems to be a larger game at play with [b]one common denominator, COOS and Pastor Derek Hong…

    We must not forget the real puppet master, who hides in the darkness..
    From an online blog, seems he wasnt sorry at all, and was mentioned to have said.. well if the media wants an apology, I will give them an apology..

    I am not sure if it is all a concerted scheme to influence the social-political sphere to achieve their misguided intended ends..

    His modus operandi is clear. Work behind the scenes, stir up parents’ emotions through emails on appeals to do God’s work, provoke them into action via feedback or petition to the authorities.

    All civil organisations, Action for Aids, Trevvy. Fridae etc.. be AWARE.

    The Puppet Master runs free… Pastor Derek Hong.

  • Gilbert Goh

    Good coverage by TOC and its team of editors adn photographers.

    Can beat the ST flat…haha

    Keep up the good work guys and gals…

  • http://deleted obamaosamataksama

    I thought AWARE is about Women’s affair ?. Why are some men seen taking part actively ? This news coverage should be on CNN and BBC so that Singapore can be Number One World Classic !


  • an-awakened-one

    @ obamaosamataksama

    I believe there are men who cares for the women in their lives such as mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, etc… and in most cases, they have witnessed or experienced abuse and such.

  • lizardphilosopher

    I started off supporting the old guards and end up disliking both the new and old guards. The whole saga makes the word ‘inclusive’ the most overused and overhyped word of the year. The biased media can be as sanctimonious as they want but it makes no headway into the heart of the heartlanders and neutrals like me. In trying to be diverse, aware lacks focus. And i am very curious in the coming months how aware is going to be inclusive without making their agenda exclusive bearing in mind that they now have a very large lesbian base and every programme they introduced would be scrutinised. If they are perceived to be homosexually inclined, either through their programmes or funding, then they are no longer inclusive but exclusively pro-LGBT but if they try to be inclusive by encouraging all women – boring and staid heterosexual and hip and happening homosexual, then there would be fireworks, the influx of homosexual members would not tolerate a Mother’s Day where biological mother and daughter are introduced as the norm. Both christian fundamentalists and homosexual zealots have their agendas and whether we look at them as liberal or conservative, their agendas are not that different, they want to convert others to their ways of life. Neither camps came away smelling like roses, their futile effort in arguing about inclusiveness and justice lacks substance, it is about converting the already converted. But for people like us (and stop turning ‘people like us’ as exclusively gay, the term is inclusive), non-christians and concerned parents, the scrutiny is going to be more intense and like it or not, the general public are now more aware of the insidious nature of both camps.

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  • dogemperor

    And NO, nobody is going to fall on the same trick that the Devil uses in propagating his cause. Christian Right activists, stop pretending that you don’t exist. Why is Focus On The Family (FOTF) HQ is registered as a evangelical christian organisastion in the USA while FOTF Singapore is registered as a secular one? Do you think we Singaporeans are idiots?

    Actually, it’s deeper than *that*. (Full disclosure here: I’m the guy who wrote about Church Of Our Saviour’s links to NAR/Joel’s Army groups, and also do a lot of research on dominionists aka the “religious right” aka “Christian nationalists”. I am also here in the States but was originally notified about the situation re AWARE by a number of Singaporean friends of mine.)

    Focus on the Family is actually registered even more explicitly than most “Christian nationalist”/dominionist groups here in the US as a religious org–hence it’s *very* interesting to me that they’re supposedly registering as a secular nonprofit in Singapore.)

    A brief backgrounder on US nonprofit law: Here in the States we don’t have a firm separation of religious nonprofits versus secular nonprofits (they’re all in the same section of the tax code). The main difference with true churches is that they are exempt from filing tax forms at all, while all other nonprofits are required to file what’s called a “form 990″ that states how much they earned as a nonprofit and hence what is exempt. You do have subcategories (like “educational organisation”, etc.) but the main category differences deal with lobbying.

    Our main difference is that we have a category (“501(c)3″) that absolutely prohibits explicit political electioneering (you can’t say “Vote for X bill” if you’re 501(c)3) and a category that does allow limited fundraising for letter-writing to government officials on *broad* categories (“501(c)4″). Even 501(c)4s aren’t allowed to mention specific candidates or specific bill numbers, though.

    In essence, AWARE’s activities would have to legally be split among two orgs in the US–a general “educational” 501(c)3, and a 501(c)4 for writing to Congress et al. (And this is pretty much how most women’s orgs are set up here.)

    Noting this, because I suspect nonprofit law is a bit different in Singapore. Anyways…

    Most dominionist and “religious right” groups in the US quite illegally conduct electioneering (including “voter’s guides” telling people to vote for specific candidates or specific public initiatives), but tend to register as “educational category” 501(c)3 nonprofits.

    Focus on the Family is a little different . Specifically, Focus on the Family is registered with the US tax authorities as a religious and historical nonprofit–using categories normally used for history museums (for their lobbying wing) and for missionary organisations (for the main group).

    Not only this, but according to their 2007 form 990 (specifically starting on page 3) they claim to be essentially a parachurch/nondenominational ministry, and their 2005 form 990 (from about page 31 on) the full documents of incorporation of Focus on the Family as a California nonprofit religious corporation are included. (“Religious corporations” are a way where Californian groups that are not part of a standard religious denomination can get tax exemptions as a church or nondenominational ministry; FotF actually started out in California and moved to Colorado in the 80s.)

    Heck, I wouldn’t object at all if someone were to be a nice person and forward this info to the Singaporean tax authorities in charge of registration of nonprofit groups :D

  • ErniesUrn

    Some thoughts on the homophobes in Singapore being homophobes… I wonder why? Is it because they hang around plenty of bad behaving gay friends who teach them alot of gay sex that it has become so intrusive? Are gay people approaching you to join their non-profit-anal-all-day-organization? Or is this just a fear that is self serving?

    Singapore homophobes thinking process, “Can’t have anything gay ..loose face ..loose status …loose life…loose self respect…yuck!”

    Is this whole “fear” stamped from the idea of that of a straight person doing it with another straight person, which I think is what most homophobes tend to think. Which makes it repulsive to them. Because then, that would reflect ACT of homosexuality between 2 straight people, which means “unatural” to them, which is also a sin according to what their holy book says.

    To someone who is gay, that person is attracted to another person of the same sex by pure natural instinct…natural. It’s not like they were straight and then sent to a gay school, going through gay anal courses and anal lectures and then graduated with a gay master degree. They were already gay since day one.

    Well, most people tend to forget, that gay people are human beings too. Who work and pay taxes and sometimes eat at MacDonalds. There are good gay people and there bad gay people, the same for Christians – good and bad ones.

    Hmmm, so has God punished any known living gay we know by a stroke of lightning or cause him/her to spontaneously combust? Nope. I think the whole point about the fear is… your brain. And why God gave you one.

    If GOD said… “let there be light” ..I don’t think people are that stupid enough to think he meant switch on the lights but a clue that the universal started with the big bang. Big bang ..bang here bang there. Bang bang me, bang bang you. We go bang bang.

    See, this is how your thought evolves ..thanks to the Big Man. :)

    If, after reading this and you still feel that this entry sounds “pro-gay” ..or.. “encourages” homosexuality ..or… you telling me, “Since you’re okay with gay people then why don’t you go be gay too”, all these questions are the result of not using the brain.

    Because, if you are really straight, nothing in this world can make you not straight.

    The real question would be, “What will you do, if a love one of yours or a friend is gay? What will you do to them? What action will you take?”

    HATE or HUG?

    btw ..I’m straight

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