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“Aware belongs to you,” says Josie Lau

April 28
22:35 2009

The following is Aware’s president Josie Lau’s latest email message to members, 28 April 2009

Dear Valued Members 

Since my election as President on 14th April 2009, I have received intense media attention. A group of AWARE members has gone public with various allegations and have called for an EGM for the specific purpose of removing me and my team. We have only been in office for less than 20 days.

I am a woman seeking to serve other women in Singapore. Like you, I have struggles. I do not have all easy answers to the many hard questions that life throws up. No one does.

However, we should not be passive where we can band together to work for positive change. There are many things worth protecting and fighting for.

We want to make a positive difference to your lives and to our society. A good place to start is to help the many distressed women affected by the current economic crisis.

We are dedicated towards continuing our role as an NGO to ensure the effective implementation of CEDAW standards. We want to see abstract standards translated into meaningful policies which directly affect our lives and well-being. We will constructively engage with all interested governmental and non-governmental agencies, to progressively bring this goal to pass.

CEDAW as a women’s rights treaty belongs to all women. We are resolved to enhance widespread awareness of CEDAW standards among Singapore men and women and to provide an open forum to discuss how to better realise these standards.

We wish to honour and celebrate the achievements of first generation Singapore women and to emulate their spirit of perseverance and to learn from their experience and vision. In so doing, we connect the present to the past, as we work together for our better future.

I hope to see you at the upcoming EGM where we will present preliminary details of our programme and projects. My team and I seek your active support and participation in implementing these to serve our community.

AWARE belongs to you.

Warmest wishes

Josie Lau

  • Arthur

    For all their good intentions, I wonder if they – professional career women in banking, law and other industries know what they are doing in order to call the shots in an NGO.

  • wei chun

    Ummm… no, Josie, AWARE doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to Church of Our Saviour.

  • mr secularist

    did you know COOS is funding their members to go to the EOGM by providing free buses to support josie?

    josie really meant: My team and I seek your active support and participation in implementing these to serve our community … IN SACKING THOSE OLD GUARDS AND DISCRIMINATE AGAINST THOSE HOMOS AND SPREAD THE WORD OF OUR LORD.

  • Ravi Philemon

    “There are many things worth protecting and fighting for.”

  • SpeedWeed

    translated: “All your base are belong to us”

    the interview immortalized on youtube, the inability to give a straight answer with regards to a lesbian woman discriminated against at work due to her sexuality.

    Just goes to show how little we can really trust them to do their job, without being affected by their religious beliefs.

  • David

    I do not have confident in them doing more than what the old guards have already achieved for the past 20 years. Josie’s no substance speech is another begging for mercy to protect her from being ousted out. Her tone of reconciliation with the old AWARE contracdicted her new team doings in the past few weeks. Yup, she has been “legally” elected and for the past 20 days, much damages have been done and the trust is already lost.

    Josie’s and her team presence in AWARE will only cause more grievances to come and we know this group of consprirers who came from the same church do not possess the same degree of accomodation as the old guard. At this stage of the saga, we hope she can resign amicably without having the general public to drag her to the ground.

  • James

    “I am a woman seeking to serve other women in Singapore. Like you, I have struggles. I do not have all easy answers to the many hard questions that life throws up. No one does.”

    Come on. We all know you get your easy answers to all of life’s questions from the Bible.

  • mice is nice

    i do hope rational thinking women vote Josie & her friends out of Aware.

    a bunch of seat warmers who lack the PR skills, are blatant liers, threw a big distraction (school program promote gay lifestyle) to demonise the former Exco & no plan to champion womens’ causes from day 1. are they going to sit on that leadership post while there are women who need immediate help?

    should women who vote give them time (who knows how long) to come up with plans? the previous team are in a better position to help. stop wasting precious time, step down, be humble & learn the ropes from the previous team.

    - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

    to all women who are voting: let rational thinking prevail!! ^.^

  • WeiHan

    //3) mr secularist on April 28th, 2009 11.20 pm did you know COOS is funding their members to go to the EOGM by providing free buses to support josie?//

    This is buying votes. Can someone take down all the bus numbers if you are there?

  • Linus Chew

    From the lies and her actions right after gaining power as Aware’s president, I do not see that she has the professionalism and the right convictions to “honour and and celebrate the achievements of first generation Singapore women and to emulate their spirit of perseverance and to learn from their experience and vision”! Even from her counting of days when she first started, she KNOWS she and her team has very limited days to remain in Aware’s Exco. The whole nation will show that we will not allow infiltration of religious fundamentalists into our secular NGOs and societies!

  • charlie B

    There are a few lessons here:
    1. The Old Guards have been complacent and took for granted they’ll in the Exco forever.
    2. The New Exco , despite their religious affiliations, should be given a chance to proof themselves. After all they won through the democratic process.
    3. The only losers here are women themselves.
    4. The Old Guards should stop complaining and instead help the New Exco to deal with the many challenges women are facing. Eg. Sexual harassment, abuse, lack of opportunity etc.
    Seriously the Old Guard should grow up and lose graciously.

  • tiredman

    In the way you and your “sisters” get the positions. I doubt the intention of the new AWARE. My impression of AWARE now is none other than another religious group. No one will know the new AWARE will/will not discriminate against non-Christian women. Even if the new AWARE will do the right thing now cannot guarantee AWARE will do the right thing in the future. As long as there is not diversity of religion(s) in the management level, there is no way I can believe in AWARE will stay “non-religious” in any way.

  • mice is nice

    a religiously motivated takeover cannot gain a foothold in S’pore (IMPO, any other country). to give the new Exco time imply that other religions could do likewise to & be tolerated because its an internal issue in that particular organisation.

    i shudder to imagine the aftermath, i wonder if MHA will have enough people to keep the lid on things. it will be hard to contain the “fire” by then….

  • xlandjy

    Ms Lau,

    You should go for your own IPO. There is no need to do a hostile Reverse Take Over….

  • tc

    How does her email reconcile with her church’s views that “every woman is subject to the will of her husband, as her husband is subject to the will of the Church”? I may be paraphrasing here but that’s basically what I understand of COOS’ fundamental concept of wife-husband-Church relations. Given her flip-flopping over the last few days/weeks with each new press release/interview she’s done, it’s getting increasingly hard to take anything she says at face value anymore. It feels like the only honorable thing left for her to do is just step down (with the entire new Exco) and have a new election to really let the membership of Aware decide who should lead them.

  • JL

    “We wish to honour and celebrate the achievements of first generation Singapore women and to emulate their spirit of perseverance and to learn from their experience and vision. In so doing, we connect the present to the past, as we work together for our better future.”

    huh? meaning?

    sorry lah, their smoke screen quite abit, dont understand who are the frist generation Singapore women? little nyoya?

    does it mean that she realized the general public feel that they have hijacked AWARE, so now much quickly disclaimer : AWARE belongs to you!

    then leave gracefully, Josie Lau and team, and yes please bring along your ‘feminist mentor’

  • Abdul Salim Harun

    Frankly speaking, I think that Josie is just bull shitting her way through… Like what wei chun says, AWARE doesn’t belong to us anymore. It belongs to COOS. Just look at the new exco. Ask yourself this questions. Is it multi racial? and the answer is NO! Is it multi cultural/multi religion? the answer is again NO! in fact, some of the new exco members came from the same church with the same kind of believe!

    So how is it that AWARE now belongs to us, the people? To me, its now just another religious association, and nothing more than that. AWARE is now lead with people who have no self respect for themselves…

  • ram

    “Dear valued members”

    This is the salutation used in credit card promotion. How sincere can you get?.

  • http://yahoo Peace

    Is that all the old club has done in the last 25 years? Had not much to do that they decided to pick something to do, to add to the 25 years of work, to cover up the 25 years of nothing with glamorous issues like the gays and the lesbians. Old women, the gays and the lesbians don’t need you. They are doing quite well until you shifted the spotlight on them, you old hags.And now the predators are accusing the new comm of buying votes . These pro old hags supporters don’t realise they have chartered the whole train from the Tanah Merah to the Expo.David and James who shamelessly with christian names are their coordinators.

  • http://yahoo Peace

    17) Abdul Salim Harun on April 29th, 2009 12.22 am ,
    don’t worry COOS is running for you members who are of diverse background. MUIS will have a chance to run the club and the exco will come from the same mosque .
    But Abdul Salim Harun, what are you doing in a women’s club? Are you a gay activist? or a gay? or some mafadek?

  • smallvice585

    Did she say “AWARE belongs to you” or “AWARE belongs to You, Amen”? If so, why does Church of Our Saviour needs to mobilise voters to the extent of providing free transport?

  • mice is nice

    re 18) ram on April 29th, 2009 12.29 am
    woah!! somemore work in a “people’s bank!!” o.O

    – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

    ////“Aware belongs to you,” says Josie Lau////

    has always been (to women for all these years). now, would you & the new Exco step down graciously?

  • a reader

    Josie didn’t lie–AWARE belongs to you. who the “you”, is, though, is evidently some bizarre selective ideal of what “woman” means, which of course we’ll never know (will Josie tell us herself?) until its too late.

    here’s a question–is a transsexual person whose IC is legally amended (say, M to F) a woman? she is in the eyes of the law–but will the new AWARE be able to treat her as one? given their stance against homosexuality, there’s an inherent contradiction there–and therein lies a big problem, i think.

    if the state deems fit to allow transsexuals to have heterosexual marriages (i’m confusing myself a bit here.. but stay with me), then evidently the state considers MTF people as women. is the new AWARE going to go against the state?

    there’s a reason why feminism is inclusive (GLBT, etc). feminists may or may not champion their causes, but what a feminist understands is that “you” means Women, not Josie’s ideal of “women”.

  • Doublespeak

    “We are dedicated towards continuing our role as an NGO to ensure the effective implementation of CEDAW standards. We want to see abstract standards translated into meaningful policies which directly affect our lives and well-being.”
    When they mention in their press conference that they wanted to lay their hands on the CEDAW document I got a chill down my spine.

    Their utmost priority was not to help women’s rights, but to “fix” the problem of homosexuality being taught as normal and to stop discrimination of ALL forms (again read: includes homosexuals).

    And for the record, I don’t know what else they wish to “fix”…and it’s frightening.

    Taking over AWARE gives them the power and avenues to realize all their bigotry and exclusion of people they disagree with.

    CEDAW: The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

    This is painfully ironic. For all women indeed…I think we should start a petition that Josie and gang should not be able to use words like “for all women” when they don’t mean it!

  • vincesgp

    let there be peace in these troubled times. Looks like there is self destruction from within, when there are so much work to be done outside of AWARE. To be fair to the new committee members, have they been given a chance to work? Though they may be experienced in their respective careers, they are new to AWARE. So give them time and help them to help all women in Singapore. There is always another time to assess their performances, and another AGM?

  • Baoapei

    have never bothered but the recent events and reading here does motivated me to encourage everyone here to put into action…. by registering and joining this weekend EGM to make your actual stance.. do not be complacent like the old guard…. I’ll be joining and to kick these newbie smart aleck out even if it cost me my valuable afternoon nap!!

  • Max Chew

    I became a born-again baptized Christian at the impressionable age of 15 at Bethesda Katong. When I grew up and learn/experience a wider world, I realised life was not so simple nor simplistic. After reading the works of Bertrand Russell and other great free-thinkers as well as seeing the evil and cruelty man does in the name of religion, I simply walked out of my church and religion and am now a devout agnostic humanist.
    That religion has done more harm than good is a very true statement. Read Dawkins’ The God Delusion’ or Hitchens’ God is not great’ for more detailed exposition of this subject.

    Whatever is the outcome of the EGM voting this saturday, the “born-again” AWARE must leave out religion totally out of its activities and philosophy. We are a secular society and since AWARE is not affliated to any church, mosque or temple, it should leave religion totally out of its thinking and doing.

  • tiredman

    For people to respect you, you should first respect the others and that include yourself. How can you use words like “old hag”? Is this what your religion teaches you? Everyone in this society deserves their right to choose a path which is different from others. A path taken by one or a group is aiming to discriminate people is awfully disgusting.
    We could encourage certain action before a choice is being made by individual rather than discriminate individual when his or her choice has been made.

    Please check on your action before criticizing others.

  • gemami

    Prove to us that you have been honest, truthful and have not been telling us lies and we will consider if these words can be believed. For all we know, you could be telling another lie.

  • poops

    sigh, i only wish she speaks like how she writes. i wince everytime i listen to her speak her engrish.

  • JL

    #27 tiredman,

    i share your sentiment. but it is precisely peace that makes me realize what kind of supporters the new exco has. frankly, he has been a rather big contributing factor to my decision to join AWARE before this Sat EGM.

    so, tiredman, juzt let hm be, dont block him, let him and the other supporters of the new exco share their voice.

    the man need lots of hugs from all of us.

  • what about Li Jiawei?

    Li Jiawei, our role model has become pregnant, indulging in Pre-marital sex.

    Ms Lee Bee Wah, our PAP MP has endorsed her ‘perfect timing”

    I wonder, under Josie Lau – would that be a negative or neutral stance to take?

  • Retired Poor Man

    I agree with wei chun #2 and #20. Whatever it is, the recently elected exco members of AWARE should separate religion and in particular, the Church of Our Saviour from their agenda. Several government leaders have already commented on the issue and they should take their comment/advice seriously before it get out of hand.

  • 2-cents

    Between the old and new Exco – we know the old Exco agenda. That is historical fact.

    The new Exco has their intents. They have a year to prove it. Give them a chance, Look at what they do rather than what they say.

    One year down the road at the AGM, the members (and public, along with the press) can be the judge.

    If the new Exco cannot be deliver and this is clearly due to the interference, influence, etc of interested parties, then they will have an excuse for their “clear inability” to deliver.

    Give them a chance, some room to breathe and space to move. Let them do what they say they will do. they know they will be under scrutiny.

  • Zefly (aka Joshua Chiang)

    “Li Jiawei, our role model has become pregnant, indulging in Pre-marital sex.”

    WHAT?!!! How can! This is an outrage! Parents should be concerned! I don’t want my daughter to come home and say “Dad, my tennis couch teaches me to do other things with ping pong balls.”

    Singapore Table Tennis Association has clearly gone off course! It’s hijacked by people with ‘Other-Things-You-Can-Do-With-Ping-Pong-Balls” Agenda!

    Concerned parents and fellow agents of High Father Odin, please join Singapore Table Tennis Association and put this wrong right!

  • JL

    # 2 cents,

    let’s be clear, it’s not their abilty or inabilty which i am concerned. it is their ‘sneaky’ way of hijacking AWARE and lies after lies that i dont think they deserve any chance.

    intergrity needs to come before ability.

    we have to be very clear on this, people of no intergrity must not lead, no matter however capable they are or however ‘noble’ they claim of their cause.

  • Zefly (aka Joshua Chiang)

    I mean,’ tennis coach’. But since I talk to unicorns and hug rainbow trees, I won’t be surprised if tennis couches exist.

  • JL

    #2 cents

    ps. i am joining AWARE. i will not give them even a day, much less a year.

    pps. disclaimer : i am not a lesbian.

  • mice is nice

    re post 33) 2-cents on April 29th, 2009 11.33 am

    eh, does leadership position come with 1 year probation? to warm the seats up? that’s too long….

    btw, i have watched & listened to the 9 clips in another thread “AWARE New Exco April 23 News Conference”, there seems to be a hint of a (wadever) song in the background in most of them details. i have questions….

    can someone confirm?

  • wei chun

    mice (38): the new paper reported that there was a korean company holding a function in the next room to the press conference. you heard the loud karaoke that was going on… which made the situation almost comical.

  • JL


    thank you.

    haha. this is hilarious.

  • mice is nice

    re post 39) wei chun on April 29th, 2009 12.21 pm

    thanks for the info. i thought the new Exco was playing music to calm themselves…


  • YODI

    Hey all you guys out there, it’s have our own organisation and name it , “BEWARE”. So we have to BEWARE of AWARE cos we guys also have to have our own rights and stand up to AWARE and let them know that they have to BEWARE of us cos we are AWARE of them.

    This whole AWARE episode smells of religious intervention in some form or rather. We should always leave out any religious connotations of any sort. And everyone has th right to be who they are or what they want to be. Lets not feel we are the chosen ones to tell others what to do with their lives.

    We came into this world alone and we shall be leaving this world alone. No one is going to follow us when we leave this world. We choose and decide what we want to do with our own lives. We dont tell you how to live your life and neither should you also.


  • Hahaha

    Got email, meh? I am one of those new members, joined after the scandal broke and before 28 April 2009. I did not receive any email, leh.

  • JL

    i have just learnt that the new exco has the AWARE EGM venue moved to EXPO. incidentally, next to “Transformation Conference 2009″ co-organized by COOS and 40 other Churches.

    it makes me really very very sad. so much for AWARE belongs to you.

    there is a chinese saying – 贏了還慘過輸,meaning it’s worse off by winning.

    if the new exco really wins in the coming EGM, i cannot imagine the damage to the Christian faith.

  • cat’s poop

    “43) JL on April 29th, 2009 12.46 pm

    i have just learnt that the new exco has the AWARE EGM venue moved to EXPO. incidentally, next to “Transformation Conference 2009″ co-organized by COOS and 40 other Churches.

    it makes me really very very sad. so much for AWARE belongs to you.

    there is a chinese saying – 贏了還慘過輸,meaning it’s worse off by winning.

    if the new exco really wins in the coming EGM, i cannot imagine the damage to the Christian faith.”

    no wonder someone said there’ll be bus transportation provided by COOS. 1 stone 2 birds!

  • Amused


    Oh, we have seen what they did.
    So far, the “new EXCO” has:

    -Only have 2-3 month’s experience in the society, and 0 committee experience.
    -Stonewalled the “old EXCO” during their meetings.
    -Dissolved some sub-committees and fired the members-in-charge. (In one case, even without meeting the member)
    -Has no clear view of what they really want to do (or is hiding their agenda).
    -Been telling plenty of untruths.

    If you still think people like this can be trusted in running the society, I have an iceberg to sell you @ the North Pole.

  • T

    JL – it is called Pyrrhic victory in English…

  • HT

    The Fundie Wars continue…

    It has now been discovered that there is a charismatic christian conference on Saturday at the MAX Pavilion at Singapore Expo – where the AWARE EGM will be held. Coincidence? You be the judge! There is some American preacher there (do they need work permits for all this?)

    And look at Josie’s schweet speech…oooooh, there are ants all over my computer when I put it on screen – saccharine can’t compare…BUT …still a LIAR.

    And the “reasonable” calls to back off and let them do their thing and if not happy, can kick them out next AGM next year – I don’t buy that. This is typical fundie tactic. Add an element of reasonability..”after all, they were democratically elected even if it was unorthodox…and you can always vote them out next year…” But do you think that once these evil ones have sunk their claws in, they can be dug out so easily? Even at this EGM, it may not be possible to kick them out. But even so, we have all been warned…this is the first fundie salvo…there will be more to come.

  • JL

    #46 T,

    thank you :)

  • HT

    And you can bet your last dollar (why, even if you only have 90 cents, go ahead and place the bet) that the Fundie Sheep will be swamping the MOE with complaints about the CSE from today onwards.

    Baa Baa Fundies Have U any brains?
    No Sir No Sir All Down the Drain.

  • JL

    #49 HT,

    i am less worry about this though. cuz this sort of direct allegation needs concrete proofs and from 12 – 18 years old girls.

    unless they are able to produce such genuine victim, i dont believe anyone is that stupid to pose such accusation.

    though, there are exceptions :)

    but if there are truly 12 – 18 years victims, certainly the MOE must investigate.

    but really, they have dragged religion into this, please spare the kids, please!

  • Zefly (aka Joshua Chiang)

    Is it immoral to put condoms over bananas?

  • Saga Layman

    Very confusing but I think I know what has happened now. This is my layman understanding of the whole saga:-

    A mother (old guard) and her daughter (AWARE) were living in a quiet secular hut alone & distanced from the world outside. One fine day, a troubled lesbian knocked at the door and being kind, the mother sheltered the lesbian and helped her coped with discrimination outside. Soon another girl who was pregnant, in distress, knocked at her door. Being kind at heart, the mother took the girl in, and provided counselling with regard to her pre-marital pregnancy. Than another gay boy knocked at the door and the mother was hesitant because there were only girls in the family and asked the boy to seek shelter elsewhere. But the gay boy told the mother that he has no family to turn to and asked not to be discriminated like what others did to him. Out of kindness again, the mother took him in as a family and provided emotional support that he needs to cope with life. Soon all the children were living happily together and the family was livelier than they were secluded in the past.. It was the most rewarding moment for the mother to see distraughted childrens are feeling better under her care.

    Eventually, the aunt (the new guard) found out what have happened and silently harbored disgust. The mother should concentrate on taking care of her daughter instead of meddling with other people affairs because those sinful outsiders have bad influenced on the daughter. The mother defended that lives have improved for those who needed help and the daughter has no complain too because she continued to be the main focus under her care.

    Than the mother decided that, may be, the father should not be out of the picture because he has an important role to play in today woman’s problem by contributing their views and give viable solutions and suggestions to improve life for women & daughters who needed attention. After all, the healthy growth of these children was influenced by both fatherly and motherly love and not just single parent.

    The aunt was enraged and strongly disagreed to the father involvement in the family affairs because the care of daughter lies only with the mother, and the son with the father. However, the aunt chose to remain in the closet, quietly breeding & plotting her hate about the existing family disregarded her belief and crossed the line drawn by GOD. She chanted and prayed everyday seeking god supports and this is what follows:-

    Quietly, the aunt tried to sow discord to the closely knitted relationship between the mother and daughter. She targeted the daughter by inciting fear and making up stories to scare her and spew false allegations about her mother’s ill intention to receive people who have sinned and thus distanced her daughter.

    The aunt wanted to adopt her so that she can receive more focused care than the mother could possibly give. The daughter insisted to know what focused love she can provide that is so different from her own mother who has never failed her. This question alone, the aunt could not answer in detail, let alone in proper. Without any provened committal to the daughter, the aunt wanted the daughter to give her more time to think about it while the daughter must leave the mother immediately to be with her before she sinned further.

    If the aunt succeeded, the daughter will not only lost her father, her friends but also her real mother, If we allow the daughter to be cared by the scheming aunt, she will grow up to be defensive, self-centered, selfish, discriminative and an uncaring woman who cannot accommodate other friends or gender throughout her growing life. Under her aunt, lives will be about receiving love and not giving it which contradicted to what her own mother has displayed in the past.

    The trust between the mother and the aunt is gone because the aunt, has indeed exploited the mother’s kind heartedness openly, and quietly played the role to discord the family strong bonding and underhandedly stole their daughter away, severed her ties with the father, her friends and than locked her in (literally by changing lock) away from her mother and from the changing world outside.

    The daughter will have to decide whether to follow her strict aunt or free herself to be with her mother again on 2 May 2009 at Singapore Expo. As a secular society, let’s pray for the once happy family to unite and not fall into the hand of separatist namely The aunt: Thio, Josie and her COOS supporters.

  • theonlinecitizen

    Hi all,

    Any post with the word “fundie” – or its variations – will no longer be allowed here.


  • Daniel

    “Aware belongs to you,”
    Oh yes, I fully agree if you speaking in the mirror.

    Remind of one old fool who says “Singapore belongs to you” and end up telling Singaporean no need to know reserves, and his dynasty end up controlling citizen, media, police, army , tax-money, reserves, multi-billions business industry, trillion economy, ERP profit, etc…
    Now I know this old senile desperate man has been speaking to the mirror all along.

  • Daniel

    ” you heard the loud karaoke that was going on… which made the situation almost comical.”

    Maybe that helps to increase the climax and create the atmosphere. You know those Chinese series always have song playing in the background when certain climax is reached.

  • Tua Sian Hokkien Pian

    Thanks to the bitchy, hostile reaction of the sleeping incompetent old guard and the shrill covert support of the Straits Times journalists, AWARE is dead.

    Regardless of who will win May 2nd’s EOGM, it has no more credibility.

    The old guard will have to publicly purge their ranks of US styled liberalists/gays rights activists, and for everything they do in future, to prove that they are not pro-gay, and are capable of promoting Asian values and not merely mindlessly aping the morally decandent west..
    Thanks to the Old Guard, whatever the nerw team do in future, they will always be suspected of pushing a “Christian” agenda.

    See what a few women scorned, women with massive egos, can do in a “self destruct mode (mood)”.

  • Felt Threatened Netizen

    I fear that this may be a prelude to something else, as I see it.

    I think if I were in the ruling party, I would certainly be aware and get interested of what is happening behind the scene. Investigations into the background of people involved and the organisations behind them would be essential to bring out the real and true intent(s).

    A few years back, when I started to see huge crowds of ‘sheep’ going to those mega churches as well as the aggressive recruitments of young and tender school-going children to be their members, I had predicted that something like this would happen one day. Moreover, started off with a target of 100,000, this target was shifted to 300,000 and then recently shifted to 500,000 or1 million (?). This movement is getting bigger and bigger by the day. I think this would be a force to be reckoned with for every Singaporean.

    Whether it be spiritual, social or political, it is going to be a big threat to the status quo of our peaceful and harmonious society. It could also well be a threat to our national stability and security.

    Are those people trying to create a new ‘Israel’ in a new ‘Arab World’? A tiny red dot of 3 million Christians in a sea of overwhelming Muslims in the neighbourhood of our region? What will the governments and the people of our neighboring countries be thinking, especially Malaysia and Indonesia?

    What will the PAP cadre be thinking?

    What measures will our Government be taking to prevent a probable future grab of power through such a movement under the guise of ‘for the good of Singapore’s women’?

    I think it is time to take it seriously, instead of brushing it aside as petty politics, before it becomes too late for regrets.

    Prevention is always better than cure!

  • T

    /// 18) ram on April 29th, 2009 12.29 am
    “Dear valued members”
    This is the salutation used in credit card promotion. How sincere can you get?. ///

    ram – spot on.
    Reminds me of the Amex card campaign many years ago – member get member.
    Looks like what COOS is doing right now to saturate the EGM with new members.

  • briano


    my sentiments exactly, to the t. this is more than a bunch of fighting aunties. this is a threat tothe fine order of our nation.

  • Gemini

    #54 Felt Threatened Netizen:

    I agree with you totally. Just look at the behaviour of COOS.

    So far, the government’s response is rather muted. May be they are working behind the scene. I hope they are not taking this too lightly. Important principles are at stake, and are being tested.

  • Peiyu

    JL: do you know what time “Transformation Conference 2009″ is going on?

    I need to know if I have to start queuing up at 10am.

  • 253SA

    Why the hell has DBS not sacked this woman yet? What are they afraid of? That she’ll summon a tidal wave from Marina Barrage?

    Come on DBS!

    You can get rid of 900 hard-working (but dispensable) staff members in one ruthless sweep but can’t do nothing about this disobedient employee?!!??

    Talk about intergrity, or lack of!

  • Peiyu

    OMG the new AWARE is really hysterical lol! They just released this powerpoint presentation (that looks like the one during their Apr 23 press con), on the same day MOE released its statement.

    >> AWARE Old Guard hijacked against family values:


  • Dave K

    My gosh, is she trying to gain support now by being oh so understanding? So fake! She did not seem so cooperative in her coup! AWARE belongs to us? This really makes me laugh. Man its so funny. I think she meant “belong to me, my aunt-in-law, my husband, my daughter and the Church of Our Saviour”.

  • http://none Enigmatic

    START a CEDAG – acronym for ‘; The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Disrimination against Gays – gays herein inclusive of lesbians.
    This would place the whole bunch of yours better in the eyes of the general public.

    VERY hypocritial and histronic of you and the whole bunch of yours to delve into CEDAW ; which is about elimination of all forms of discrimintions against women – when all of you are blatantly discriminative against lesbians ; they are women like your gang members hor …….What say you leh……Better off gagging all mouths of your gang.

    BTW – you do not seems to write well in your capacity as a so -called new president of A WARE. …….this will likely encumber your incumbency – wah ! ! sitting on a rocking chair or wat…

  • alyssarae

    I think Josie you refers to an omnipresence more than the flesh beings she will see at the EGM.

    Anyway, I think this ” AWARE Old Guard hijacked against family values:
    just shows their utter lack of respect for what the old guards, who have been contributing to women’s rights for more than two decades. this powerpoint that supposedly illuminates a ‘pro-gay’ agenda is a pathetic attempt to skew the old guards’ inclusiveness to that of a ‘pro-gay agenda’. Furthermore, this documentation of a ‘changing slant’, in the new committee’s own words, by inviting gay, male speakers shows superficiality and lack of understanding of ‘feminism’. This also applies to the new committee’s slamming of the proposition to give male members voting rights.

    A man could be a feminist, and a woman could be paradoxically be antifeminist, especially if she believes that a woman should ‘marry, bear children and be in subjection of her husband’ . I think I ought to say that most, if not all of the new members of the exco are rooted in such notions.

    Expanding on the idea of men as profeminists, the inclusion of men gives equal responsibility to men to fight for gender equality and by excluding men from feminist organizations, AWARE might be labelled as sexist and narrow-minded. The myopic new exco clearly cannot see beyond genitalia, or allow for the progression of feminism.

    Well, that’s probably all for the better. Should male members be accorded voting rights, it’ll probably attract anti-feminist, patriachal patriarchs from a certain Thiology!

  • Peiyu

    Wow it’s now at Suntec:

  • mirax

    It is getting from bad to worse.

    COOS and its followers appear to be in a death struggle to hijack the EGM as well. The change of venue, next to a large x-tian conference and their behind the scenes organisation points to this. The defamatory and unpleasant PDF file excoriating the old EXCO on the AWARE website is a degeneration, though I, in my naivity thought these lot could not sink any lower.

    Ovidia Yu’s blog also reveals the Chin husband organising his daughter’s friends at ACJC – they appear incensed that homosexuality and alternative family structures were discussed at a GP class. great, now the GayFINDER-Generals will be policing all other curriculum in schools, wanna bet where this will stop? Line after line is being crossed and if the old AWARE is not regained on saturday, I as a feminist, atheist,secularist liberal WILL DECLARE WAR on these bigots and their apologists. My war will be completely non-violent but I do promise 100% commitment. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  • mirax

    Another venue change? I actually don’t even care if they hold the EGM in a park, but it must be a neutral location, not next to one of these megachurches, so the crazies can pop over at their convenience and continue with their vandalism of the civic space.

  • Zefly (aka Joshua Chiang)

    My God… what madness have they unleashed?

  • http://yahoo Peace

    64) mirax on April 29th, 2009 7.23 pm

    and if you have me in your way? nail and tooth I shall get.? to the last man, mirax , i shall oppose you, with reasons.

  • http://yahoo Peace

    Before anyone jumps to conclusion that the new AWARE is shifting the goal posts, the change to Suntec is to be fair to the OLD AWARE.
    Did you know there are 2 services going on at Expo on Saturday, by 2 mega churches? Lest the new AWARE be accused of deliberately holding the EGM there to tap on the ready supporters, it makes a lot of sense to move to a nuetral venue.
    Already there is someone crying fowl what if the new AWARE survives the the EGM there will be more tongues and tails wagging and accusation of tactically staging another coup.Please wash your eyes at the kallang river or Singapore river so that you can see truthfully instead of seeing sanity as madness.

  • Gilbert Goh

    Looks like the saga may turn ugly as MOE came in today to address the school talk issue.

    It shows that you wont win when you tackle the govt without concrete proof.

    I foresee that the new team will be ovethrown after this week EGM called by the old guard.

    When it comes to fights, women are more vicious?

  • Joshua Lung

    Revealed: Pages of AWARE’s trainer guide on sexuality education 2007


  • mirax

    Women more vicious when it comes to fights?

    Same way men are so screwed when it comes to logic. Seen the original AWARE in action? They were all jumping over the conference table to punch the livin’ daylight out of their opponents. Vicious harridans, every single one of them. Men are paragons of restraint in comparison.

  • braydenwong

    Hello TOC, just received the following email and thought you guys should know the anti-CSE group is itching to do battle:

    Dear parents,
    We need your help – and your signatures!

    Many of us are concerned about recent press reports about ‘comprehensive sexuality education’ (CSE) programmes conducted in schools by AWARE that endorse homosexuality and anal sex as ‘normal’ or ‘neutral’.

    For example some statements from the current CSE programme (as reported in “Nothing ‘sneaky’ about elections”, Sunday Times, 26 April 2009) include:

    Anal sex ‘can be healthy or neutral if practised with consent and with a condom’.
    ‘Avoid using the term ‘husband’ and use ‘partner’ instead, so it is more inclusive. For example, ‘homosexuals have partners, not husbands’.’

    If you are concerned that such programmes have been brought into our schools, and taught to our children, we would like to invite you to join us in signing the letter at

    Please do so by 10 May 2009.

    We hope to send this letter, with as many of your signatures as possible, to the good Minister for Education to express our concern about such programmes being actually conducted in our schools.

    We are confident he will give it due consideration.

    With your help, we hope that our children will get the best value-added education in our home we call Singapore. We also hope that we will all be able to work with our schools in the wholesome education of our children, not least of all in the area of sexuality education. Thank you for your support!

    K F Khoo (Mdm)

  • tew ah seow

    She is talking nonsense again, look at her face, very cunning

  • http://yahoo Peace

    72) tew ah seow on April 29th, 2009 9.29 pm

    //She is talking nonsense again, look at her face, very cunning//
    mirax? you can see her?

  • Onwards

    Josie Lau, please drop your pretence of acting righteous and victimised. From what i see, AWARE will soon become the new affiliation of Church of Our Saviour, All your unanswered and difficult questions will be answered in your own selfish christian ways.

    @Peace, stop posting meaningless and senseless comments here with the hope of clearing your favourite exco’s name because whichever venue they have changed to, it does not change the clear fact that they are monopolising AWARE with christians.

    One thing to dispute though, it was already clear why josie and her lackeys wanted to hold the meeting at the expo because those mega churches would be there to lend a voting hand but this would be too obvious under the eye of LKY that they are winning hands down because of the christian votes, so the pretence of changing it to suntec. Afterall, new exco was already exposed for collecting solely christian votes.

  • Zefly (aka Joshua Chiang)

    I have a suggestion. I hope everyone is listening. I have thought of a perfect solution that will please everyone. Of course both sides will have to compromise.

    1) New ex-co return seats to Old Guard.

    2) All those CONCERNED parents take over the Comprehensive Sex Education. But just like a GRC, The New CSEOCP (Comprehensive Sex Education Committee Of Concerned Parents) will require that it is well represented across all religions. And that includes teaching also. Means there must be four trainers of EACH of the major religion (plus one aethist) be given equal amounts of time to teach.

    Because if the quarrel is over the CSE, and you think you can do a better job, please go ahead.

    BTW, the nature of NGO is such that they work towards extinction – meaning that they work to ensure that one day they will be made redundant because society has progressed so far that the causes they fight for has been won.

    So I’m sure the Old Guard wouldn’t mind the extra time to sip coffee and take about Jane Austen while parents do the sex ed…

    How? How? I sorrid or what?! Like Solomon liddat! Yay!!!!!

  • Peiyu

    Wow that trainer’s notes really do throw out (even more) of what the new ExCo’s words out the window.

    “Homosexuality – people have difference preferences for their partners. Homosexuality is perfectly normal. Just like heterosexuality, it is just the way you are. Homosexuals also form meaningful relationships, and face the same emotional issues that heterosexuals do. The Singapore Law does not recognise homosexuality and deems homosexual sexual activities as unnatural.”

    This is really the trainers’ guide and would help to answer children’s questions. I doubt they would sprout all these without proper presentation?

    Maybe I’m biased slightly but I see nothing ‘pro-gay’ in these. Plus these are just a few pages because it’s cut here and there to show the “important points”. Nitpickers.

  • HT

    72) Joshua Lung on April 29th, 2009 8.49 pm

    Hi, Joshua. Good to hear from you again. Last we spoke, you were telling all and sundry how AWARE was promoting a certain lifestyle and I disagreed with you. This time, I noticed you didn’t post any allegations. Clever boy. In such a short time, you have learned the art of insinuation and innuendo.

    But seriously, come on, what’s wrong with the programme? You mean, gasp, anal sex doesn’t exist and no one in the world does it? Ssshhh….don’t mention that in front of the children. And the children will continue in their sweet innocent world, totally unaware that there is such a thing as anal sex, right?

    Don’t you think its better they learn it in a controlled environment than from the internet or from friends etc? Seriously dude, this is called education.

  • JR

    I am immensely saddened by the way the comments here have taken a tone of Christianity-bashing. I understand the frustration with the non-inclusive nature of the religion. I personally feel the new board does not have business dabbling with the organization in this way. But most importantly, I feel this issue would not be fought over in this way if it were a battle between men, and emotion is clearly getting in the way of good sense. If you disagree with the people, join the organization and make your voice heard. Otherwise, stop complaining about the issue here and bashing others. In the very least, disagree amicably rather than in a hostile, vitriol-throwing way.

  • Lyn

    Very touching piece letter written by their pastor with the aim to take the old guard down.

    A call to wage a ’spiritual’ battle for AWARE

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Lee XXX XXX
    Date: Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 10:58 AM
    Subject: Concerned Parents on Pre and Teenagers

    For those of you who are not plugged in to what has been happening in Spore in the last 1 month (esp my overseas friends), please uphold us in prayer as we wage a spiritual and moral battle for the control of a secular organisation that has been used by the liberals and gays to fight for homosexual rights in Spore.

    This group is known as AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research) and it is the leading women’s organisation in Singapore and their views are seriously taken by the govt in policy implementation.

    In the last few years, this organisation has deviated from its original noble ideals of fighting against discrimnation against women in education and workplace and instead been taking up arms to decriminalise the homosexual act, promoting homosexual ideas thru their `sex education’ programs, sponsoring talks and the screening of a movie that promotes the homosexual lifestyle as `normal’.

    At the association’s AGM about 3 weeks ago, a group of valiant women decided that `enough is enough’ and they decided to vote in people whom they knew stood for pro-family values and godly principles.

    However, this obviously has not gone down well with the `old guard’ who accused the new EXCO of being anti-gay and using religion to advance their cause.

    The old guard has powerful connections with the press (one of them was the former editor of Business Times) and I believe 3 of them are ex and present NMPs (nominated Members of Parliment).

    The Straits Tiimes in particular have `demonised’ the new EXCO and have overtly been on the side of the old guard. We know that many of the senior editors of Straits Times are either gay or very liberal.

    For those of you still standing on the sideline and think this is just a cat fight between 2 camps of `power-hungry’ women, let me tell you that this is the furthest from the truth.

    I know one of the new EXCO members personally (some of you do as well..) and I can say for a fact that none of these women wanted to have their privacy lost, their families subjected to death threats, receive hate mails and sms-es, be harassed and misquoted by the press and media…..if not for a burning conviction that they are standing for the truth and holding back the tide of wickedness from sweeping our nation.

    These women want to bring the organisation back to its original ideals of fighting for the rights of all women. This has nothing to do with religion.

    Do not let the biased media blind your eyes to the truth of the matter. If you are a Sporean woman or PR, I urge you to walk the talk. Sign up for membership (go to for online registration) and come for the EGM this Saturday to vote against the `no-confidence’ motion of the old guard.

    I have been told that at least over 550 of the OTHER camp has already signed up to vote. We are the majority, not the minority, but by our apathy, we let the minority win the battle.


    God bless you all,


  • Marcos

    How should I say, even homosexuals are sons and daughters of others, I don’t understand the need for fundamental Christians to support Focus on Family, when it should be the family concerned (with the homosexual children) itself that has to deal with the revelation themselves.

    If my son or daughter reveals to me their sexual orientation, it is up to the family (ie. myself, my wife and his/her siblings) to reconcile this fact. And if we can live happily together as a family, I don’t why we need an external organisation such as Focus on Family to meddle with my family and destroy its happiness and balance. That is not ‘family-oriented’ at all!

    Also, I read that some commentators raised that, if Singapore were to legalised homosexuality, then people might be championing for bestiality, theft etc….
    To answer that: perhaps these people could step out of the protected zone of Singapore and be more interested in world affairs? In many European countries, such as France, Switzerland, where homosexuality is not only legalised, same-sex partners can even register their partnership! But, these European countries have not experienced a surge of homosexuals, neither are there any sane person championing for the legality of bestiality, thefts etc.

  • William

    The route to hell is pathed with good intentions….

  • smallvice585

    Hi Lyn #79,

    Isn’t COOS is the evil organisation in question here. Their pastors not only promote hate speech and also support Christian militancy. The thin line between Christian fundamentalism and religious terrorism is fast disappearing. If this is not a call for alarm, what is?

  • http://yahoo Peace

    Marcos, you should bring your family to these places and expose them to the real thing instead of reading it here and talking through your ass.Talk big . How about praying that you have homo children? and see whether you still talk like a lunatic. You better don’t have a big pet in your home, your children may grow that tendency.
    What affair do you know?

  • perez hilton

    “B” & almost a “C” for MIss California…..

    Exemplary showmanship by a professed homosexual….

    perez hilton, the latino could be the hiden singaporean in our crowded streets….

  • Modernist

    no 78) Joe: but it is the church which has declared this as a:

    “spiritual and moral battle for the control of a secular organisation that has been used by the liberals and gays to fight for homosexual rights in Spore.”

    So they drew the battle lines. It is as far as they are concerned a crusade unilaterally declared not just on behalf of christians but the rest of the infidels. And their sworn enemies are homosexuals and liberals. How could they go on now sing to the rest of the world that the new Aware is not connected to their church? If they win the EOGM, let it be a phyrric victory and do not accord them any respect that they think they deserve and treat them as social pariahs, who are a menace to civic society.

  • Modernist

    Clarification on post 81) add to 1st line: Or at least someone from that church.

  • tryingtobefair

    1. “We wish to honour and celebrate the achievements of first generation Singapore women and to emulate their spirit of perseverance and to learn from their experience and vision. In so doing, we connect the present to the past, as we work together for our better future.”

    i.e. Feminist Mentor Dr Thio? The one whom the authorities have told off for making dangerous generalisations about school programmes?

    a. “Spirit of perseverance” = stubborn dogmatism

    b. “Learn from their experience and vision” = take orders from the secret matriarch

    c. “we connect the present to the past” = model society after outdated traditions and beliefs

    d. “we work together for our better future” = honest statement. But who is “our”?

    2. The problem with all this PR stuff is that

    a. They have proven themselves to be very different in real life = false advertising
    b. They have NEVER APOLOGISED for causing all this unpleasantness.

  • observer

    if “AWARE belongs to you” according to Josie, then GIMME BACK AWARE!

  • Concerned Citizen

    Quote: “I have been told that at least over 550 of the OTHER camp has already signed up to vote. We are the majority, not the minority, but by our apathy, we let the minority win the battle.” Unquote.

    Does the pastor who allegedly wrote this letter not know that in Singapore 70% are Chinese and out of these Chinese, 70% of them are either Buddhists or Taoists? What majority is he talking about?

    And whether there are “at least 550 of the OTHER camp already signed up to vote” or not, what has that got to do with a pastor of a Christian church? Why is he getting himself involved so deeply into the affairs of a women’s organisation?

    I just wonder what motives (undeclared) could he possibly have?

  • Joshua Lung

    Time to re-write Singapore’s National Pledge???

    Singapore Pledge in 1965 – We, the citizens of Singapore, Pledge ourselves as one united people, Regardless of race, language or religion, To build a democratic society, Based on justice and equality, So as to achieve happiness, prosperity & progress for our nation.

    Singapore Pledge for the future??? – We, the citizens of Singapore, Pledge ourselves as one united people, Regardless of race, language, religion or SEXUALITY,……..

    See the rest at

  • Love

    “Aware belongs to you,” says Josie Lau.

    Note that she didn’t put a full-stop so let me continue for her.

    “Aware belongs to you, my fellow christians and Church Of Our Saviour”.

    The creepy pastor know how to draw a battle line but don’t know when to draw a STOP line to discrimination.

  • mice is nice

    re post #87) Concerned Citizen on April 30th, 2009 12.50 am

    what could a straight hetrosexual male be thinking (Aware- an all women’s organisation?)? o.O

    some fantasy idol worship? just look at who John McCain of USA presidential campaign chose as running mate?

    possible anot? o.O

    *if the TOC Mods dim my post inappropriate in any way, duly remove it.

  • http://deleted ah kow

    To blame it on design is actually to blame the designer. But sometimes you just wonder why we are design like that ? Logically, it is a masterpiece, like 1 of my lecturer said. But somehow If you think non-logically, those positions we human adopt or forced to adopt to have babies can make you cry. You want to blame someone(when i was young and ignorant). I kind of shocked to see adults jerking themselve violently on one another ? But i realised later that we are designed like that and have no choice but to do that to produce babies. Anyway, we should not side track into homosexual issue. Given me a choice, i need human touch to help me when i most needed it. I want to know all the possible options that i have and make informed decision. Not narrowed to standard precription from official manuals.

  • YODI

    After the meeting, they will all be going to church to say their “thanksgivings” but thanking for what, well that’s left to be seen,

    Come come AWARE we BEWARE will be definietly be AWARE of what you are getting up to and you also better BEWARE!

  • Zefly (aka Joshua Chiang)

    “Aware belongs to you,” says Josie Lau

    Apparently, some people agree! watch -

  • paradoxarrow

    To the new AWARE exco that should not be

    Now this is the story that we must tell
    Some people are just playing it foul
    Lesbians, deviants, they like to name
    But who even invite them to this game?
    I don’t give a care who’s your aunt-in-law
    Don’t pull this dumb shit if she knows the law
    Women got to teach what girls need to do
    If you’re full of doubt, first go back to your school

    Let those without a sin cast the first stone
    The way we all see it you’ve usurped the throne
    Be a good employee, go count money
    Focus on your little own family
    Don’t act like AWARE is your property
    What you’re doing now we call moral felony
    Understand first, we need a free country
    Keep your tongue-speaking to church proximity
    You should have shown a little transparency
    You’re not God, so don’t fake invisibility

    So why you need to gang up silently like that
    Creeping through the backdoor just like that
    Locking the door on poor women like that
    Spider lilies what? It’s not like that

    Just listen
    The times are ahead of ya
    Our brains are ahead of ya
    We’re not afraid of ya
    Peace won’t be there with ya

    Even government would say we need a society that’s secular
    Chinese non-Chinese we speak the women vernacular
    But vision of your church is a tunnel monocular
    So back down now, before things get uglier
    Don’t get us wrong, this is not us against Christians
    Just restore AWARE to its original guardians
    We need an NGO that’s all inclusive
    Ask yourself now, who’s making this explosive
    Big men with guns toy with their weapon
    True feminists don’t force down their opinion
    Rational people can talk it out
    So get out of your hiding and talk it out
    Get out!

  • Jackson

    i tink josie lau better stay at home cook dinner for husband n kids, if any.

  • Peoni

    I don’t understand why is it so difficult for the new excos to give up AWARE seats, even at the expenses of their loved ones, lives at stakes, they don’t even have the experience to run it at all. They don’t even have a quater of the vast experience like the old AWARE excos have and it takes many years to learn, selfish fundamentalists. Just because they think it clashes with their christian values and beliefs doesn’t give them the right to jeopardize the whole nation with all their religion chao about homosexuality. Their pastor is also very evil in instigating and waging war against the old AWARE, in the Holy Bible, by staging and waging a war against others, these fundamentalists are even worse than committing the sin of being a homosexual.

  • Joshua Lung

    What’s wrong with CSE? After all students may already learned about sex from internet and friends.


    My dad and mom says it is bad.

    My friends say what’s wrong with it? It’s great. I let you try…

    There is so much gay and lesbian talks in the chat rooms.

    I am confused…

    Read the rest from

  • http://yahoo Peace

    83) Modernist on April 30th, 2009 12.21 am ,
    you have an agenda, your agenda is to see the division . You continue to stoke up the hatred against the christians. You keep repeating that the new AWARE is anti gays and lesbians and impliedly saying that christians hate the gays and the lesbians. There was never any statements made that the new AWARE is anti gay nor they are sworn enemies of the homosexuals.. You also accused the church of anti gays. The church has a ministry that cares for these people. Don’t you think that it is distorting a fact .This is not truthful.You know better as a lawyer.
    You also used words like infidels. What do you mean? Who are the infidels? Are you whipping up hatred against the chrisitans just like in the old days about 1500 years ago when christians were called infidels when they realised they were unwittingly hoodwinked to support a wrong agenda.? As a muslim, you know what I mean..
    This is getting out of hand. Who ever wins this saturday give them your blessing
    This is respecting the constitution. Both groups have good intention to serve the interest of abused and disadvantaged women . They are vieing for the right to serve and the contention is about how to best serve. Don’t fuel the religious fire.

  • HT

    #88) Joshua Lung on April 30th, 2009 1.57 am
    #97) Joshua Lung on April 30th, 2009 11.19 am

    Regarding your comments on adding “regardless of sexuality” to the pledge, you said it, no one else said it. Are you advocating for this? Isn’t this fearmongering?

    And all your sermonizing on your website, that’s well and good but you do not force your agenda onto someone else under false pretences. The ends do not justify the means. And, bottom line, that is what is so objectionable not to mention disgusting about the hijacking of AWARE.

    Do u honestly believe that a cabal of people who acted secretly and without disclosing their true intentions, and who subsequently lied to the world on television and who have a “mentor” who is pulling the strings, make good leaders and provide good moral values?

    And #97 – come on, you mean children are so dumb? “My friends say what’s wrong with it…” what friends? With this statement, you are already judging that the child is surrounded by gay friends. What about other friends who say the opposite such as religious people like yourself? Oh and how about the FAMILY and the parents? You mean they stay silent? Look, that child should either be very clear of his/her sexual inclinations and I guarantee you most of the time, its straight. If the child is really confused (a rarity) that means that that child already has issues and needs to be assured that he/she is not a freak and such things happen.

    Come on Joshua, let’s talk about verifiable facts, things that have happened (like telling lies ) and not things that might (or might not), that could have (or could have not), that perhaps maybe…..

  • JL


    i am Christian, i have never for once thought that AWARE belongs to me. at most, i will only consider that i belong to AWARE if i join it, and the first thing i will do is to kick Josie Lau and her team out.

  • Zefly (aka Joshua Chiang)

    “Preserve the Law, but don’t impose it on the Gentiles,” Paul of Tarsus to James (from the Emmy Award Mini-Series ‘Peter and Paul’.)

    Anthony Hopkins gave a really cool performance of Paul btw.

  • http://nil stephen tan

    After watching the interview on CNA’s talking Point, I do not believe you are sincere saying ” AWARE” belongs toYou”. You have given me the impression you are rigid, inflexible, biased and very evasive in answering simple direct questions. Removing all the old guards and the sub-commitee shows your high handness .Congratulations, you have changed and reformed AWARE overnight . You and your new EXCO team are the saviour ,doing Singapore women a big favour by weeding out the bad elements in AWARE.
    A good and able leader must have the ability to make the masses feels comfortable and trust in you. You have FAILED to do so.
    Your message should reads ” AWARE belongs to You” – “you” referring to your goodself and your virtuous EXCO Team.

  • Totally aware

    Questions for the new ex-co:
    1. Are the appointed law firm and PR agency working pro bono?

    2. If not, who is bearing the costs? Bearing in mind Aware is a non-profit organisation

    3. As new members of Aware, what do they know about feminism and how to advance women’s rights when old staff have been fired and advice from veterans have been disregarded

  • David

    Maureen said she is a conservatiive woman, and the new exco comittees are all conservatives women by the definition of their church. If the new exco members are all conservatives, how could they possibly represent women who are more liberal, and more opened to society of differences. If I was a reporter at the RTC conference, this question would have send them dumb. Because the new guards are going to convert AWARE back to ancient time instead of moving foward with changes in the world. At least we now saw that the old guard has more foresight than the new guard.

  • HT

    103) David on April 30th, 2009 5.00 pm

    And David, I would argue that the term “conservative” is misused as well. “Conservatism” as opposed to “liberalism” (and also that much trotted out but seldom understood term “family values”) includes a whole host of values such as honesty and the right to determine one’s own life, free from interference.

    I doubt that Maureen and Co really understand the meaning of the term “conservative”, especially the part about honesty. You know, I really wonder at how the pro-New Exco posters can figure that such people who have openly admitted to being liars, can be good shining examples to the children of Singapore as leaders of a civic society and how the fact that they lied can be reconciled with their “conservative religious” values.

  • mice is nice

    Josie Lau dun just say “Aware belongs to you” (all women), back it up with action & step down.

    tsk tsk tsk…

  • Freeman

    I seriously feel very sorry for those christians who are not involved in this clown show because fundamentalist lau and mentor thio has already smeared the good name of christianity by engaging in a petty and childish power struggle for the sole purpose of promoting their holy religion.

  • tj

    @ 97) Joshua Lung on April 30th, 2009 11.19 am


    My dad and mom says it is bad.

    My friends say what’s wrong with it? It’s great. I let you try…

    There is so much gay and lesbian talks in the chat rooms.<<

    and then teacher say normal… i is more confused liao… :p

  • Right and Wrong

    Alot of bashing on the New Guard here on this blog. We know that neither the old nor the new guard will bother reading these blogs so all these hold no water. The general belief system and reactions going around from athiests, buddhists, hindus and muslims are that they are against the promotion of warped human behaviour. But they do not discriminate them. There is a difference. Its like you love your child but do not necessary agree with their behaviour all the time. So you correct it by engaging in corrective demonstrated actions. If votes were made on “Wrongs versus Rights” as oppose to ‘New Guard versus Old Guards” or “Christians versus Secularity” we know who will surface victory. It’s very clear.

  • muthnisamy

    My mum says proselytisation is bad. My friends say its ok. My teacher says its bad. Now I am really confused. Why are big christians bullying small aware? Josie doesn’t want to answer direcetly. She just say, “aware belongs to you”. Maybe after tmr, she says, “aware belong to me, to me, no one else but to me!” lol

  • JL

    #104 Freeman,

    thanks for your kind words. i also feel very sorry for myself as a Christian and my other fellow Christians who do not share the same view as COOS, the feminist mentor thio and the new exco team.

    our religion is holy, with or without them promoting it. my concern is that are they really doing it out of faith or i dont know what else. you know how human have strong desires for glory, fame and power, and some among us have stronger desires. those have nothing to do with faith.

  • shirachii

    But honestly, I believe religion should not be brought into a non-religious organisation like AWARE.
    So, the new guard had better get out.

  • socrates

    It would be an injustice if the new team is voted out. They should be given a chance. 12 months we should know what they can do or cannot for woman. Aware is for woman only. MAN don’t interfere please!

  • Max Chew

    >2,000 “warring” females are expected at Suntec City conference hall 2moro!
    As a vote of no confidence requires a 2/3 majority, I doubt the old Aware can topple the new Aware.
    But those going should not fear for their personal safety…..I was just informed that the SPF would be sending 3 troops of female riot squad cops. These fierce chabohs are well trained and have been itching to put their hard training to the test 2moro!

    So not to worry……even if a cat-fight happens. But I hope the Aware females are not sharpening their nails.

  • mice is nice

    re post # 111) Max Chew on May 1st, 2009 4.30 pm

    really, that is a good news if true, but as things are, its still better for our sane women not to take their personal safety lightly, i do not think the female riot squads are in the limited confines of the toilets.

    all women better check that the main entrance/exit cannot be locked okie!

    women, please switch on your voice recorder function in your phones if stepping into a place where there is no CCTVs, just in case “something” happen… in the eyes (& ears) of the law, audio & video recordings can make a differences between justice being served or not!

  • mice is nice

    can i add another thing, that TOC people on the ground bring more memory cards & spare batteries for their still/video cameras? if things get ugly you all have evidence to nail those perpertrators!

    all males please keep an arms length from “some” women, to avoid being accused of things you never do!!

  • Joel Low

    Do you trust a group with 24 years of experience or a group with less than 5 months of experience only…. the choice is not hard right?

    Do you trust a group who worked 24 years and too easily trust the intentions of other or a group who use lied and breached trust to get what they want ….. Not too hard either.

    Do you want a group who will help women regardless of race, religion or sexuality OR a group whose belief system is christian-based and forces they beliefs into others ….. Easy choice.

    Do you want to have a group whose intention and leadership are transparent or a group who have lied since beginning about their intention and is influenced by a non-AWARE women and have affiliation with a church….. No-brainer.


  • 2-cents

    Let me look at the other side of my coin.

    Jose and her team has an agenda of concern. they did something about it. Together with some other women who not only have a belief, they took action. They did not just talk, blog or post. As part of the due process of AWARE election and democratic process, they were elected. That is democracy (new word for some of you?) got elected.

    Indivividual, teams and groups have done similar previously to push an agenda – we hear of how clubs, membership segment, etc doing that, and usually nothing sparked off. No cat fight. Life goes on.

    In this case, perhaps the reason for the reaction is the gay, lesbian issue. Somehow, the supporters of the old guard decided to, consistently, bring in religion. Some will call it a seditious act (try substituting COOS with some religion shared by our neighbours). That they are from COOS is like saying that a political party has members led mainly from some school. I am OK if that group is more align with the national agenda.

    Let’s have some perspective. The blog boat is rather unbalanced now. Could it be that really there is truth in the silent majority, which we all know are the conservative majority?

  • HT

    #115) 2-cents on May 1st, 2009 6.38 pm

    Its not only this thread that is condemning Josie and gang. Almost every thread in every site condemns them. Of course there are still those very funny posters (*giggle*) who give themselves nicks like “Concerned Parent” who then try to argue that “I don’t want my children to be influenced…what is MOER doing blah blah” – so fake that its funny. if they were really concerned parents, they would have been following what their children were learning in school long ago and would have protested then, instead on only when the Mighty Feminist Mentor “taught” these “ignorant” people (her words, not mine, okay?)

  • mice is nice

    some people should keep their fear in check, some have the fear gripping them so tight, the brain cannot think properly…

  • N

    The way I see this whole saga is that the new team does want to bring AWARE back on track but honestly the way they handled the whole matter from the beginning is very bad. I personally feel that they could have reflected their concerns in the past year through the `right channels’ first- e.g. writing in to AWARE, MOE etc, and also exercise more wisdom and immediacy in handling media and PR matters, use more sensitivity with old guards and members. These are their failings and they need to make amends for them. On the other hand, I don’t quite believe all that the media has been portraying them – being all evil and sneaky. From observation, having followed this saga, read many comments and watched related interviews , I believe these new exco members are caught by surprise by the way and the speed which the tides have turned in just a couple of days (I think they may have expected winning a few seats but probably didn’t anticipate they will win that many) which explain why they are so unprepared with their press releases which led many to wild guesses, clumsy and unpolised ways in handling the media, people and situations properly because they didn’t expect this and make prior needful prep for smooth speeches, charming PR moves etc when they win big-time. Of course, these are no excuses for handling things badly. Hope they will do what is wise and right tomorrow to resolve and end this saga in a most amicable way for all parties.

  • mice is nice

    the new Exco had the time & brains to prepare a stealthy takeover successfully from the old guards, but no time & brains to defend their action? they have a mentor (a Dr Thio, not just any run-of-the-mill mrs or mdm) didn’t they?

    these are some smooth operators, not some fuddy duddy heartland housewives. they only thing they did not prepare is what are they going to do after the takeover (of Aware’s leadership positions). if they needed more time tell everyone including the media, that they will step down & think their plans over. ideally form their own civic group.

  • JL


    if i am a member, and have the right to vote, why would i want to vote for a team which i despise. to give them 12 months to do what, so that i can despise them more?

  • mice is nice

    1 month have passed, thats long enough. they have showed what they can & have been doing (& did), & what they cannot do.

    hahaa…. =P

  • KL

    #120, maybe the new exco can do better than the old exco. religion can be a plus when used correctly to inspire. Christianity is about freedom and love, as mentioned by Gwee guy

  • tj

    the new ex-co won’t step down without a fight la. to do so is to admit they’re wrong.

  • Ong T H

    Parents ought to control their kids. Else they may grow up to become weirdos, sinners. Dr Thio has never been more wrong about singaporeans in general. Jackie Chan too. Singaporeans need more control and regulation.

  • NeutralMan

    Very interesting to see how an organisation that once had hardly any members nor anyone interested in it has suddenly so many people joining, for obviously the wrong reasons, After this whole saga, perhaps many people might withdraw from the membership and go back to their normal lives or hitch on the next fight?

  • riseup

    Why don’t we have half the exco is old guards and half is new guard?! Kind of solves the problem ya?

  • parent

    Josie is right. Aware belongs to all of us. Everyone has a right to vote and support the wiser new guard.

  • Orchard Road

    Parent youre wrong.

  • confidentno

    go away josie, shoo! like a vultures on dead bodies. already eat until bones. still want to continue until nothin left.

  • tj

    @ 121) mice is nice on May 1st, 2009 11.24 pm

    what have they done in 1 month?

    - removed Braema Mathi as CEDAW subcomm head
    - changed the locks to AWARE office
    - terminated service of Schutz Lee, AWARE office manager
    - indirectly caused resignation of Claire Nazar, Chew-I-Jin and Caris Lim (the only 3 of the old guards among the new ex-co)
    - cast a pall over the reputation of christians who are not involved
    - gave all women in singapore a bad name over the ‘cat-fight’

    hmm… did i miss anything?

    the only good thing that came out of this is prolly parents now sit up and will (hopefully) take more responsibility over teaching their kids moral values in line with what the family believes in, instead of leaving it all to school or MOE to settle.

  • JL

    #122 KL.

    first, it is not about whether they can do better or not. it is about intergrity, the backbone of a leader, a leading group. what they did, sneakily hijack AWARE, was totally of no intergrity, to the point of low down. in fact, until this very day, they have yet to clearly address this issue.

    next, “religion can be a plus when used correctly to inspire.”, this i agree though. but how about keep it within the religious institutions, be it temple, church or mosque, or any other places where the receipient readily want and accept. the way i see feminist mentor thio, josie and the gang, they seems to be ready to stuff their plus into others’ throats without invitation. remember “if they are ignorant, i will teach them.”

    KL, i am also a Christian who believes in only one God. Christianity is about freedom and love, definitely. so do you mean i should offer freedom and love to josie and the gang? the way i look at it, we all have our freedom of choice, josie and her gang has chosen their path, they will just have to be ready for their judgement, be it with the public or with God.

    as for love, i dont usually love the people i despise. but i am still learning, so maybe someday i will.

  • focus on the issues

    We adults are focussed on this storm in a tea cup when the real focus should be our children. Not just the Christian children, or the Muslim children, or the Hindhu children, but ALL the children of Singapore. The rest of Asia watches us, for Singapore is a trend-setter to Asia in such areas of excellence as education. Our children are the ones affected by sex education, but they have NO VOICE in this debate!!! Because we speak for them, we are in the position of fiduciary trust. Everything we do and say for them has to be done to the utmost standards of morality and conscience. It is better we do not teach anything if we are not satisfied that the content is the best for the children. That is the issue.

  • mice is nice

    re post #129) tj on May 2nd, 2009 1.40 am

    you missed out
    - anyhow say MOE’s CSE program promote GBLT’s lifestyle.
    - divert precious time & energy being bogged down by a huge distraction, instead of helping women as Aware’s core aim.

    i do hope parents do not pass-the-buck to MOE for every thing that a responsible loving parent/s ought to do. this CSE program came about because of feedback no less….

  • Modernist

    REad Mathia Lee’s site which I quote here about the conduct at the AGM:

    “Jan to March 2009 – AWARE received around 120 new applications to be members. About 40 were on photocopied forms.
    Nearly 80 of these new members attend the AGM on 28 March 2009. They sat staring straight ahead with no expression, not responding even when older members make small talk such as, isn’t the bee hoon delicious? (I mean, how many Singaporeans you know won’t even respond to a comment about food?!). They sat equally expressionless when passionate speeches were made about needing to have some experienced members on the Exco, but then raised their hands emphatically during voting time.
    In the end 9 out of 12 Exco seats went to newcomers, 9 people that NONE of us had ever heard of, much less seen before.”

    That’s what happens when people have been brainwashed. These people who went to vote are either zombies or fembots. Shame on them. All motivated by the rallying call of their pastor or feminist mentor. They have become impervious to reason or rationailty. The sad part is that tomorrow, more of the zombies or fembots will come out to repeat the history. ANd they said the Church was not involved. I fear for Singapore’s future. If these people win tmrw, I shall seriously consider migrating. I dont want to live in a country where bigots prevail.

  • Lyn

    parent, you are so wrong…..what josie lau was trying to say is AWARE belongs to you, my dear Church of our saviour and my fellow christians!

  • DJ

    No, Josie. Stop trying to sound that you and your whole lot of henchwomen are being victimised. It was crystal clear right from the start – your bungled up press conferences and contradicting statements – all points to the untruth. And then you had to bring out the main puppeteer, the Grand Demented Feminist Dementor to salvage your own debacle. That was all very telling, and we the secular audience are not as stupid as you may like to think. AWARE was never for us as you had claimed, it now belongs to your henchwomen and henchmen at CooS. You do not deserve the support from us, the secularists, the majority in this nation. I hope God will have mercy on you for what you did, because I won’t.

  • TL

    In short, I’m all out to vote for Josie Lau to step down and stay out of Aware’s good old way. New isn’t always good….esp in this case.

  • charlie B

    My salutes to Josie and her team for stepping down graciously definitely better than those Old hens who cried & screamed for blood because they lost.
    Those silly old hens keep hammering you on your religious affiliation which I find it stupid. All I know is you and your team could have better things to do but you chose to lead the Association away from the dark side. My hats off for you.
    You have good intentions but they were misunderstood and also because the Old Hens kept playing the religious cards. I wish you and your team well.
    (BTW I’m a guy.)

  • Jeremy Chua

    honey, they did not step down graciously. i can tell you that, because i was there.

  • mice is nice

    can someone tell me Josie & fiends are very young, please?!! ^.^

  • DJ

    charlieB – so, compulsive lies and fabrication of ‘facts’ from Thioliban and henchwomen constitute “good intentions”? oh my… how distressing…

  • charlie B

    DJ, 10 years from now when your daughter decided to bunk in with her girlfriend and your son wants to marry his boyfriend, then you’ll know what “good intentions ” mean’t.

  • smallvice585

    Hi CharlieB,

    Whether your daughter will bunk in with her girlfriend has nothing to do with the CSE. She will bunk in with her girlfriend if she is a lesbian regardless of her attending AWARE’s CSE.

  • teekaybee

    Lawyers and bankers running an NGO?

    Let me see. Hmmm. $90K spent in weeks.

    On what?

    Where did they think this $90K came from? Some departmental petty cash account on Level 8?

  • mice is nice

    re post #155) smallvice585 on May 6th, 2009 9.27 am

    very true, its always easier to blame others. which is sad, because the real problem is not identified. problems may get worse over time….


    to post #154) charlie B on May 6th, 2009 8.38 am

    how much influence does CSE really have?
    compared to
    . print ads- magazines, shop displays,
    . TVCs- adverts,
    . music- lyrics & the MTVs,
    . radio- remember 98.7FM’s program where girls compete to remove their bras in the shortest time possible?
    . internet- videos, personal blogs with saucy pics, forums
    . peers who hold very liberal world views (not all but not zero either)

    setting aside more time to connect with your precious little 1s would go a long way to elevate those fears & build more trust.

    be a parent, be there for him/her/them.

  • charlie B

    My dear friends, these are impressionable kids aged 12-18. Imagine their teachers telling them that anal sex is neutral or homosexuality is fine is different from the media. Students listen to their teachers and some worship them like idols. Anyway if the CSE is ok you guys preached, why would the Gov’t just cancel it today. Think with reason not emotion.

  • mice is nice

    re post #158) charlie B on May 6th, 2009 8.29 pm

    as for why MOE cancelled the program only now, after the slew of response after a coup on a female advocacy group, shows that the deeper problem is no with Aware’s CSE program….

    yes students 12-18 are young that is why such program are taught early, in this infomation age where objectionable video clips are not too many clicks away. that peer influence should not be taken lightly, & those who mature early & have “eyeball” the cute guy or gal in school should be educated before their hormones sidetrack sane, logical thinking, leaving them to live to regret their actions.

    many at that age do not think too much, & less info puts them at a disadvantage. like, would they even dare raise such issues with their own parents if the females get pregnant? its highly unlikely for any parent to react without the slightest hint of emotion.

    parents who know that is normal fro their young children to idolise someone, be it their teachers, their seniors in school, international singing sensations or actor/esses. isn’t it a good opportunity to connect with him/her/them? but keep in mind at that age they also yearn to guard a fraction of their private space… that is the roll of parents isn’t it?

  • charlie B

    Yes I agree with you that sex education is vital for school kids because:
    1. Some parents are too shy to broach the subject
    2. Some students dare not ask about it from their parents
    3. May help prevent unnecessary teenage pegnancies
    4. In fact it can help them to make informed choices

    What I find disturbing in the CSE prog. are:
    1. Anal sex is neutral – to the kids it may mean ok
    2. Homosexual is normal ie. sex sex marriage is ok

    If these are confined to the gay groups, it’s fine with me. I have no problem with gays , lesbians or homosexual, in fact I have some friends who are like that.
    However its a different ball game if AWARE, supposedly to help women, started focusing their efforts to help this particular group, then I am definitely against the Old guards.
    Their rationale is “we are all inclusive.” So the next thing AWARE will focus on what: rapists, paedophiles, murderers, adulterers etc…..

  • mice is nice

    well, if Aware’s CSE Instructor Guide does state that Anal Sex is bad how far does it go in stopping the curious (not the poster with that nickname) from trying out? just like smoking is harmful, but i do see students in uniform smoking.

    as for homosexuals being normal. i personally will not go all out to despise them. some have linked websites with scientific research being done to prove that its not like hetrosexuals can be “converted” to homosexuals by any form of influence. that i keep an open mind, since there are instances where newer studies can prove previous 1s wrong.

    as for the possibility of Aware focusing on rapists, paedophiles, & adulterers. unless its part of educating young minds on identifying & dealing with the possibilities of being caught in such situations possible ways how to deal with it. like being cornered by 1? or how far can a doctor go in examining a patient? kids at that age can commit adultery meh?

    eh, the topic of murderers is not under sex education leh.

  • charlie B

    Hi M.I.N.
    You are quite a comedian. When I refer to “rapists, murderers etc” I meant perhaps AWARE next focus would be to include this group of people -adult males & females – to be helped. My whole point is AWARE should focus on helping women and issues affecting them: abuse, harrassment, violence , discrimination etc. Of course that includes lesbians afterall they are also women.
    But leave the “fighting for their acceptance, rights to their sexual behaviour , homosexuality etc” to other support groups which I’m sure there are plenty.
    As I’ve said earlier I have nothing against gays. I have friends, relatives and clients who are like that and I treat them equally.

  • JiaJia

    Why after the resign of Aware president that the Ministry of education take up investigation about sex education in schools. I am just neutral. They should encourage it to be conducted by Aware after all they are the one to noke their head to say it ‘s Ok.
    That show that this is a Yes and No First World country lah? That is good for this country.
    Why bother to join any organisation if you can voice out yourself to the government organsiation.

  • charlie B

    JJ, That’s why they said “Israel has 6 million people and 10 million opinions. Singapore has 4 mil people but 1 opinion ” & the priviledge belongs to the Gahment.

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